1000% Iron-Clad Proof of Vegas Crime Scene Cover-up They Won’t Want You to See!

Asking real questions because we want real answers.  In honor of our fallen brothers and sisters in Las Vegas and in the spirit of honest journalism and devotion to individual liberties…I bring you another censored, demonetized video.

It should be pretty obvious by now that the reason YouTube, facebook, Google and Mainstream media continually censor content like this is because they have no interest in uncovering and delivering truth.  What they want, is to spread across this land, a politically charged, divisive narrative which further drives a wedge between human beings.  They want us to continually bicker among ourselves about black, white and brown; they want there to exist a division based on party affiliation and they promote an atmosphere which strengthens the chains of our oppression by feeding us half-truths, concocted reports, official stories and blatant lies.

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