200 US Military Killed In Syria! 1800 Private Contractors! Censored By Washington! Video!


Two hundred American military troops have reportedly been killed in Syria along with approximately 1,800 American Private Military Contractors (PMC’s)  by Russian air strikes, according to reports from two Russian news outlets: iarex.ru and wh24.ru   The dead Americans were “revenge” for the Russian guys who died as a result of the American shelling reported in US media at the end of February.

The American Troops and Contractors were allegedly participating in Rebel activities to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, but were killed by fifth generation aircraft SU-57 air strikes on the east Ghouta area outside Damascus.

THAT is allegedly why the “White Helmets” – a group allegedly run by the “Army of Islam” and allegedly funded in part by George Soros – concocted an allegedly  phony “Chemical Weapons attack” to give the US a public excuse for bombing Syria says IAREX.ru.  

NEWSWEEK reports that Mike Pompeo, the CIA director nominated to be secretary of state, told lawmakers Thursday (April 12) that the U.S. killed up to 200 Russians in airstrikes conducted against forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in February.

Prior to Pompeo’s statement U.S. officials had remained silent about the number of casualties inflicted by a coalition assault on pro-Syrian government fighters that the Pentagon claimed opened fire on Syrian Democratic Forces in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor. Both a U.S.-led coalition and the Russia-backed forces supportive of Assad are battling the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in the region, but recent tensions have produced fears of a conflict erupting between Washington and Moscow.

But American mass-media has remained silent about AMERICAN casualties inflicted by Syria and Russia in revenge for those dead Russians, says news outlet wh24.ru in Russia.

In March, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov strangely commented  ”The time of negotiations has passed, the time of retribution has come.”  No American media outlet could explain what Lavrov meant by those comments at the time.  Now, with information about 200 dead American troops and 1800 dead American PMC’s, we have an idea what he meant.

Russia IAREX.ru reports:

“Russia does not intend to tolerate the antics of the United States either in Syria or elsewhere. And believe me, now in Gut more abruptly than in Stalingrad. From there, no live American soldier will leave.”

Over the past week, since the alleged “Chemical Attack” in Syria, the US has been publicly saying it would conduct missile strikes upon Syria over the purported use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians.  But it is now becoming clear that the real reason for desiring to attack, is the deaths of 2,000 Americans.

Perhaps if our people were not over in Syria trying to forcibly overthrow its government, they wouldn’t have been killed.


Below is video from Russia showing the Russian air strikes on east Ghouta which allegedly killed the Americans:



It now appears the powers-that-be here in the US, want to send more of our people to get killed, to avenge those deaths while we were doing something we never should have been doing in the first place.

There is no legal authority for US troops to be in Syria and no US national security interest for the US to have troops in Syria.  This entire debacle is a leftover from the adventures of the failed Obama Administration.

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