Magic mushrooms found to be powerful medicine that CURES depression with a single treatment … No wonder they’re kept illegal by the government!

(NaturalNews) Researchers at Imperial College London recently went to great lengths to obtain psilocybin and use it in clinical tests to investigate its medicinal value for treating severe depression. It took 32 months for the research team to meet all the licensing requirements to even conduct the trial. They also commented that the price per dose was literally 50 times more than what it should have cost in a “sane world.”
Magic mushrooms
Twelve participants with severe depression signed up to receive high doses of the banned psilocybin. They were given capsules orally and monitored closely.

The medicinal properties of psilocybin were quickly realized. In just one week, all the participants were free of depression and self loathing. After three months, there were no lingering symptoms of depression whatsoever for five of the participants.

The Beckley Foundation’s Amanda Feiling participated in the research, and praised the study: “For the first time in many years, people who were at the end of the road with currently available treatments reported decreased anxiety, increased optimism and an ability to enjoy things.”

“This is an unparalleled success and could revolutionise the treatment of depression,” she said.

Magic mushrooms are an impressive depression treatment, but they’re banned by governments around the world

Even though magic mushrooms continue to prove powerful in healing severe depression, governments around the world have made them illegal. Over 200 species of mushrooms contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin. Governments continue to prove themselves good at separating us from one another, removing us from nature, and tearing us away from all that we are. We can look to skyrocketing incarceration numbers as evidence of our separation from one another. We can look to all the violence initiated by government cartels – as they bust down doors and take innocent lives in search of illegal plants. We can look to all of government’s abuses and see how it has always been about trying to control one another and place restrictions on our natural rights as human beings.

Are magic mushrooms the future treatment for severe depression?

Psilocybin provides lasting relief from depression because it works its way into receptors in the brain, disrupting something called the Default Mode Network. This area in the brain is measurably over-reactive in people who are depressed. Psilocybin literally changes how people view themselves and their relationships with the rest of the world. It has been known to elicit a spiritual “awakening” in some people, giving them an entirely new perspective on what it means to be alive.

Still, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, from Imperial College London, doesn’t want people going around picking magic mushrooms to treat their own depression. This might even cause people to fabricate depression so that they can find a reason to eat magic mushrooms. This could cause a cycle of psychological dependence. While magic mushrooms are not chemically addictive, they can easily elicit psychological dependence, and not everyone has reported pleasant experiences.

As the research team seeks funding from the Medical Research Council to conduct further tests, they do reason that it will be extremely hard to set up placebo trial studies because it will be nearly impossible to disguise any differences between a psilocybin trip and something that’s inert. Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris noted: “Psychedelic drugs have potent psychological effects and are only given in our research when appropriate safeguards are in place, such as careful screening and professional therapeutic support.”

Since SSRI pharmaceutical “antidepressant” pills cause sleeping problems, weight gain and suicidal thoughts, magic mushrooms are just waiting to be explored as natural treatments for severe depression. With 350 million people affected by severe depression worldwide, and with pharmaceutical approaches currently not working, the resurrection of magic mushrooms as psychological and spiritual healing has never been more important.

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Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%

This technology and information can and will quite literally change the world overnight. Jim Murray needs your help to get his energy paradigm shifting information out to the public.

Jim has been a student of Nikola Tesla’s work for decades and he’s solved Tesla’s secrets to amplifying power by nearly 5000%.

Sound crazy? That’s what we thought – until we saw it work.

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James O’Shaughnessy: Long Duration Bond Holders In Trouble if Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, pioneer of quantitative equity analysis for stocks, author of multiple best selling investing books and CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, James O’Shaughnessy. James’ firm has over $5 billion assets under management. James O'Shaughnessy

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Jim Willie Issues Warning Alert: Immediate Risk of Systemic Lehman Event

The reckoning has begun…

The entire Western financial systemic, complete with USDollar-based foundation platforms, is breaking down. The breakdown is in full view, very noticeable, in almost every arena. What happened in 2008 with the Lehman Brothers failure event is currently underway with almost every single financial platform, structural entity, financial market, banking structure, and arena. In response to the Lehman killjob event, where JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs strangled the victim firm (by denying Lehman proceeds on countless asset sales), the entire Western financial system has been lashed together, tied together, and connected among its many member parts.

red alert

The main parts are the big banks, which use derivative contracts to lash themselves together. They believe there is strength in numbers, which is true to some extent.

But the consequence turns out to be that all will fail at the same time in a cascade of insolvent marred by illiquidity while steeped in corruption and market rigging. The breakdown could be described as having begun in full force, in earnest power, at the start of this 2016 year. This is the year of systemic failure, or financial breakdown, and of revelations of important crimes for the last generation or more. The revelations are against the Western power centers for their grand criminal activities. The East, by favoring a Gold Standard, has put the West on notice for exposure, if not prosecution. The gold weapon has power in its arbiter role in commerce, banking, and economies. No nation will be spared from the urgent nasty effects of being forced to achieve trade balance.

Bill Holter issued red alert warning: this is your last chance! Extreme distress and disruption is coming to the united states economy, businesses, politics, society, and community affairs. Bill Holter is associated with JSMineset, alongside Jim Sinclair. He is formerly from Miles Franklin, where he might have become too controversial in his very appropriate but unconventional views. Holter offers an extreme warning for people of the United States, that a series of nasty events is coming. Holter warns that the events will be so disruptive and historical without precedent, that recovery will be extremely difficult without proper preparation. This warning is the latest in a long string of such detailed specific warnings, as a result of the systemic breakdown and urgent official actions to come. The Jackass agrees with 97% of his message, a true red alert warning.


A shocking $100 billion in Glencore debt has emerged, linked to commodity derivatives. The next Lehman has been spotted in the commodity trading arena, if not the gold mining sector. Similar exposure is cited for other large players, to reveal a potential half $trillion hole in energy finance. The global financial crisis is set to endure a redux of Lehman in a systemic event, as commodity derivatives reveal a major hole in the financial picture. The huge gaps of insolvency have nothing to do with mining project shutdowns, except perhaps indirectly. They are more directly related to lower commodity prices, in an immediate effect.

Bank of America has done an extensive analysis to break down Glencore’s true gross exposure. Glencore PLC is an Anglo–Swiss multinational commodity trading and mining company headquartered in Baar Switzerland, with its registered office in Saint Helier Jersey Isle. Here is their conclusion. “We consider different approaches to Glencore’s debt. Credit agencies such as Standard & Poors start with normal net debt, i.e. gross debt less cash and then deduct some share (80% in the case of S&P of RMIs, the Readily Marketable Inventories). These are considered to be cash-like inventories (working capital) in the marketing business. At the last results, RMIs were about US$17.7 billion. Giving full credit for RMIs plus a pro-forma for the equity raise and interim dividend, we derive a Glencore Adjusted Net Debt of about US$28 billion. On the other hand, from discussions with our banks team, we believe the banks industry (and ultimately regulators) may look at the number, i.e. gross lines available (even if undrawn) plus letters of credit with no credit for inventories held. On this basis, we estimate gross exposure (bonds, revolver, secured lending, letters of credit) at around $100bn. With bonds at around $36bn, this would still leave $64bn to the banks account (assuming they don’t own bonds). Over US$100bn in estimated gross exposures to Glencore.

We estimate the financial system’s exposure to Glencore at over US$100bn, and believe a significant majority is unsecured. The group’s strong reputation meant that the buildup of these exposures went largely without comment. However, the recent widening in GLEN debt spreads indicates the exposure is now coming into investor focus.” Debt default comes very soon, complete with huge fallout effects and contagion within the energy sector.

In other words, counting all exposure beyond ordinary debt, like derivative exposure, Glencore is mired in a $100bn hole. The Zero Hedge group of analysts is on the job, as always. They reported recently a change in the finance winds, making it more difficult to support the debt and other related exposure. Bond market spreads imply a non-investment grade rating. ZH reported the following. The group’s bond spreads imply a rating in the single-B range and a rollover cost of funding over 200 basis points (bps) above the cost of debt outstanding. We believe banks have gross margins on their exposures that are below the Glencore group’s average funding cost, with drawn financing at spreads around 50bps and undrawn lines materially below this. The cost of hedging exposure is currently over 600bps. Thus, the profit & loss (P&L) dynamics for banks are difficult.

This implies that banks may increase the challenge for the business model of commodity traders. This implies that banks may increase the cost of and reduce the availability of credit to commodity traders, thus challenging their business model. TCK refers to Teck Resources, in deep shiitte. Ooops, errr, deep sneakers! Glencore is in red, in severe trouble also. One must recall that Glencore is a major commodity trading house, and not an active business with tangible product in its activity. The chart given has a mix of trading firms and mining firms. All are at tremendous risk of failure.

Not only Glencore is cause for deep concern in bank exposure. Very likely the rest of the commodity trading space is in the same vulnerable position. Their combined gross exposure blows up to a simply stunning number. Among these unique firms, Glencore might not be the only exposure in the commodity trading space. Other entities such as Trafigura, Vitol, and Gunvor could become a new perceived risky feature on bank balance sheets as well. Think $100bn exposure, times four. A ripe half $trillion in very highly levered exposure to commodities is a very real prospect. The oil & gas price declines triggered this sector crisis. Bear in mind, the energy asset class has been crushed in the past year. According to the derivative desks, the Glencore 5-year Credit Default Swap tightened by 85 bps in a recent single day to around 640 bps.

Bank of America does some solid analysis. Here is their conclusion in summary. 1) Comparisons are being made with some financially leveraged companies during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. 2) If credit is downgraded, banks could lower their exposure to Glencore. 3) The high yield market is small and therefore expect to see temporary dislocations in a scenario in which GLEN is downgraded to junk. 4) Bank stress tests could start to include commodity trader distress. This could lead to less credit availability and more expensive bank funding of traders. Credit to Zero Hedge for excellent analysis on an ongoing basis.

One can combine the energy sector debt distress with the commodity derivative exposure, to see a systemic Lehman event on the near horizon. The many factors are lining up to force a systemic failure event, a massive financial crisis globally with numerous sectors in failure mode. The energy sector has been well detailed for its debt risk to the big banks. The legal prosecution with heavy fines and penalties remains a big risk in the mortgage sector. The Emerging Market debt exposure, triggered by both currency risk and economic decline, has also been well detailed. The market rigging cases grow by the month. Finally, with cases like Glencore, the commodity derivative risk has entered the picture. The Jackass has been recounting the risk and building the case for a major systemic Lehman type of event in the very near future.


The destruction of the European Union is a project well along. It began with the Russian sanctions after the US & Israel worked their magic in orchestrating and engineering a coup d’etat in Kiev Ukraine. Thousands of amphetamine vials helped the event along, as did hired rooftop snipers, all funded by the US and EU darlings. The Western propaganda machinery immediately fulfilled their role in painting the Russians as villains, even though the Western Fascist Axis was responsible. The Kremlin was quick to rush in and to secure their naval port in the Crimea, a valuable Russian Naval facility. The local population voted over 95% in favor of being annexed by Russia, a major point omitted in the Western dutiful dog-like press. In recent months, it has been clear that the Kiev crew, led by Washington, have violated the Minsk Agreements, not the Russians. In recent months, some sordid human organ trafficking, complete with vast fields of organ-less cadavers, has been exposed for the Kiev Regime. For the USGovt to be closely associated with war criminals, human rights violaters, and perpetrators of mini-nuclear bomb events in the Western Ukraine region is abominable. Yet many mindless observers in the West continue to view Russia as the villain. They read the New York Times and watch CNN far too much, like robots with a sub-Bush IQ.


The motive has been to cut off Russia from Western Europe with respect to energy supply, in particular with natural gas supply. The Washingon Neocon Neo-Nazis would prefer that Western Europe purchase more expensive natgas from the Gulf Region and Arab friends. The entire Syrian War is another blockade or cheaper natgas supply for the Western European Economy and its market. The Iranian Gas Pipeline would provide natgas even cheaper than Russian Gazprom, and the USGovt does not want that!! The USGovt, led by fascists and advocates of endless war, are working feverishly with war and sanctions and bank pressures and undermined coalitions and and contract bribery and heavy propaganda to prevent the unification via trade between Europe and Russia, and between Europe and Iran. They will fail on all fronts. The Eurasian Trade Zone, its economic union plus Silk Road, will continue to enjoy buildout and infra-structure projects on a vast scale. It will construct the Gold Standard in trade, banking, and currencies. Commerce will trump war. Gold will win.



The saturation of Western Europe with Arab and Moslem refugees will be told as the most unique contamination event of the modern era. It matches the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico by Halliburton and the spread of Corexit chemicals. It matches the attack and ruin of Fukushima by the Bush Crime Family, after Japan began work with China on a regional currency. The radioactive contamination has reached the West Coast of the United States. It matches the widespread water table contamination by fracking projects, under the ruse of energy production. Gold Ole Halliburton got away with over one billion gallons of contaminated water dumping from fracking operations into the California water table, with the USGovt EPA nowhere to be seen. The refugees from North Africa and Syria are invited by the Western Govts. The first indication of foul play and vile motive was detected by the Jackass when questions arose on how the passage across the Mediterranean Sea was being paid. Poor people cannot pay for food, especially for ship passage. The Austrian Govt security agency confirmed it was largely via the Soros NGO groups. The stench of planned contamination at the social level was clear. The crime level, the fear level, and disorder level, have all increased. The effect on the Western European Economy has been clear, powerful, and devastating. Few people think in similar wavelengths.


The dilution of their society, the rise in their crime level, the dissolution of their borders, and the ratcheting down of their economy, these are all critical elements toward establishment of the European Union fascist state. Lord Rothschild is pleased, enjoying the destruction in typical Satanist manner. In keeping with the dumping program on many fronts, Turkish leaders have been bribed into cooperating with the contamination. The $3 billion bribe paid to Erdogan was not to offset the costs incurred for accepting Moslem refugees. It was to send them to Europe, where EU member nations would be forced to absorb them without proper channels followed. Erdogan will enjoy his retirement soon, but it might be in a pine box. The likelihood of a Turkish Military coup rises with every passing week.


Turkey plans to lift visa requirements for travel to the European Union, including Cyprus. Erdogan has provided a jet assist to the Moslem dumping into Europe. The plan is disruption and further economic degradation, along with a dilution of their society. Turkey has decided to lift visa requirements for all EU citizens, including Greek Cypriots. The move comes following a report stating that the European Commission will propose the easing of visa requirements for Turkey. Visa free travel for 28 EU member states was adopted by the Turkish cabinet recently, a decision published in the country’s Official Gazette. Although visa requirement will be lifted for all Greeks in Cyprus, a Turkish official told Reuters that Ankara does not recognize Cyprus, a certain odd source of confusion. The gesture does mean the recognition of Cyprus. On the current status, Greek Cypriots can already travel to Turkey.


Reuters had earlier reported, quoting sources close to the Brussels-Ankara negotiations, that the European Commission will propose easing visa requirements for Turkey. The reports come after Turkey threatened to back out of the landmark migrant deal. Reuters cited a diplomatic source as stating that Turkey’s visa free demands will be met when the European Union’s top executive body announces its proposal to ease visa requirements for Turkish citizens during an upcoming meeting (maybe past by now). Another source said that the committee’s preparatory meeting already expressed support for the proposal. The European Commission is scheduled to issue an official report as to Turkey has met the benchmarks for visa free travel. An EU official speaking to Reuters claimed that Turkey has fulfilled as many as 65 requirements, meaning it doubled the number of satisfied conditions in less than two weeks. As of the end of April, the Turkish Govt had reportedly met less than half of the conditions required.


In April, Ankara threatened to back out of the migration agreement with the EU, unless travel rules were relaxed for Turkish citizens when entering the 28-nation union.  According to the deal, Ankara has promised to accept repatriated refugees from Greece with no EU entry permits, in exchange for sending the same number of vetted Syrian refugees. In return, Turkey would be given up to EUR 6 billion in European funding over the next five years.


Furthermore, as a diplomatic reward, Turkey has brought to the table its desire for the EU to fast track its application to be included in the visa free Schengen zone travel as early as June. The EU has provisionally agreed to consider Turkey’s bid, putting up a list of 72 conditions it must fulfill, including the use of sophisticated biometric passports and stricter border controls. The migration deal between Ankara and the EU went into effect on March 21st. Even though the EU seems eager to keep the deal with Turkey, the agreement has been highly criticized by human rights groups, who question whether Turkey is a safe place for migrants. Moreover, the human rights concerns have increased after Amnesty International revealed that Turkey has returned thousands of Syrian refugees to the war-torn country since mid-January. Also, Turkey has been accused of murdering numerous refugees at its borders.


In time, expect an eventual refusal by Eastern producing nations to accept USTreasury Bills in payment for trade. The IMF reversal decision assures this USTBill blockade in time, and might accelerate the timetable. The United States Govt cannot continue on five glaring fronts of gross negligence and major violations. These violations have prompted the BRICS & Alliance nations to hasten their development of diverse non-USD platforms toward the goal of displacing the USDollar while at the same time take steps toward the return of the Gold Standard. The violations are:

1) to import finished goods and crude commodities, paying with IOU coupons

2) to commit multi-$trillion bond fraud in its big banks, done without legal prosecution

3) to do QE bond purchases in applied hyper monetary inflation, monetizing debt

4) to rig all major financial markets in favor of the primal USDollar

5) to engage in numerous regional wars to support the USDollar.


The New Scheiss Dollar will arrive in order to assure continued import supply to the USEconomy. It will be given a 30% devaluation out of the gate, then many more devaluations of similar variety. The New Dollar will fail all foreign and Eastern scrutiny. The USGovt will be forced to react to USTBill rejection at the ports. The US must accommodate with the New Scheiss Dollar in order to assure import supply, and to alleviate the many stalemates to come. The United States finds itself on the slippery slope that leads to the Third World, a Jackass forecast that has been presented since Lehman fell (better described as killed by JPM and GSax). The only apparent alternative is for the United States Govt to lease a large amount of gold bullion (like 10,000 tons) from China in order to properly launch a gold-backed currency. Doing so would open the gates for a generation of commercial colonization, but actual progress in returning capitalism to the United States. The cost would be supply shortages to the USEconomy, a result of enormous export increases to China.


The colonization has already begun, with secret deals galore. It is very unclear what deals are being struck in order to arrange for the USGovt to have a proper gold reserve hoard, for backing a new legitimate USDollar. Meetings at very high level are in progress, with little if any popular representation, only elite members present. Failure to produce a legitimate bonafide gold-backed currency would mean the United States must proceed with the New Scheiss Dollar, an illegitimate fake phony farce of a currency. It would be subjected to a series of devaluations. The result would be heavy powerful painful price inflation from the import front. The effect would be to reverse a generation of exported inflation by the United States. The entire USEconomy would go into a downward spiral with higher prices, supply shortages, and social disorder. However, the rising prices would come from the currency crisis, and not so much from the hyper monetary inflation. That flood of $trillions has been effectively firewalled off.


As Ron Paul has stated, one cannot blame capitalism for the current failure, since we have had almost none! He can take credit for the independent audit conducted on the US Federal Reserve itself in 2009. From the audit, it was learned that $23 trillion in near zero cost loans were granted to the USFed owners, by the banker cabal to itself. The US population remains largely asleep and steeped in ignorance on the entire financial crime scenes. They must prepare with reduced paper wealth held as assets, and more Gold & Silver bars & coins held instead as assets. The reckoning has begun.


The Gold price will find its true value and price over $10,000 per ounce. The Silver price will find its true value and price over $300 per ounce. In reaching these levels, the ratio will return to the 30-1 range. Several steps have been laid out by the Hat Trick Letter toward the return of proper price to precious metals. The major upcoming events will be exciting to watch unfold, one after the other, in an inevitable sequence away from fascism and concentrated uni-polar power, with a strong movement toward freedom and equitable systems with distributed power. The steps will each involve a quantum jump in the Gold & Silver prices. The process will take a few years, but might be breath-taking in speed once the process is begun. The steps involve:


  • the critical mass of rejected USTBills in trade settlement, citing its corrupt roots and illicit monetary policy as foundation
  • the return to the Gold Trade Standard and introduction of Gold Trade Notes as letters of credit, in replacement for a fair tangible payment system (no more IOU coupons)
  • the recapitalization of the global banking system with Gold as primary reserve asset, so as to relieve the grotesque stagnation, insolvency, and dysfunction
  • the seeking of equilibrium in Supply vs Demand in the new fair uninhibited market, with exclusive control removed from London and New York, and placed elsewhere like in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore.
  • the seeding of BRICS gold & silver backed currencies from participating nations within the Alliance (likely several with slight variation in features)
  • the re-opening of the gold mine industry with some blue sky, and relief from the Evergreen element at Barrick
  • the remedy toward owners of over 40,000 tons of rehypothecated and stolen gold in bullion banks across the world (primarily in Switzerland.

“As a Golden Jackass subscriber, I greatly enjoy listening to your interviews because it really lends a sense of passion that lies behind the tremendous body of information and formulation that goes into your monthly research. Though I must admit, it scares the hell out of me most of the time. Still, I will not miss it for the world. I feel that having a truly objective insight from your research, in depth analysis, and accurate forecasts gives me and my family an important life saving advantage. And I mean that sincerely.”

(MichaelS in Ontario)

“I have continued my loyal patronage of your excellent commentaries not so much because of my total agreement with your viewpoints, but because you have proven yourself to be correct so often over the years. When you are wrong, you have publicly admitted it. You are, I suppose by nature, an outspoken and irreverent spokesman for TRUTH against power, which differentiates you from almost all other pundits on world affairs.”

(PaulR in Hawaii)

“For over five years I have been eagerly assimilating any and all free information (articles, interviews, etc) that Jim Willie puts out there. Just recently I finally took the plunge and became a paid subscriber. I regret not doing this much sooner, as my expectations were blown away with the vast amount of sourced information, analysis tied together, and logical forecasts contained in each report.”

(JosephM in South Carolina)

“Jim Willie is a gift to our age who is the only clear voice sounding the alarm of the extreme financial crisis facing the Western nations. He has unique skills of unbiased analysis with synthesis of information from his valuable sources. Since 2007, he has made over 17 correct forecast calls, each at least a year ahead of time. If you read his work or listen to his interviews, you will see what has been happening, know what to expect, and know what to do.”

(Charles in New Mexico)

“A Paradigm change is occurring for sure. Your reports and analysis are historic documents, allowing future generations to have an accurate account of what and why things went wrong so badly. There is no other written account that strings things along on the timeline, as your writings do. I share them with a handful of incredibly influential people whose decisions are greatly impacted by having the information in the Jackass format. The system is coming apart on such a mega scale that it is difficult to wrap one’s head around where all this will end. But then, the universe strives for equilibrium and all will eventually balance out.”

(The Voice, a European gold trader source)


Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 25 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at


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How Will America Trade With WORTHLESS DOLLARS & NO GOLD? — Bill Holter

Bill Holter from JS is back to help us document the collapse for the fourth week of May, 2016. And as physical gold and silver moves East and into the strong hands of more than a billion Chinese, and as foreign banks publicly settle global trade in the Yuan,

Bill reminds us that “Every step forward by China, is one or two steps backward for the US and the Dollar, that’s what’s happening. For instance, if the Yuan is backed by gold, then why would someone accept the Dollar in lieu of the Yuan if the Dollar’s not backed by anything?

The build out of the infrastructure for the world to move completely away from the Dollar is almost complete. You have been warned.



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Bill Gates of Hell: Windows 10 Hijacking Computers

Within the last week, four news editors on WND’s small editorial staff have had their computers forcibly taken over by Microsoft and left unusable for up to 90 minutes while the software giant upgraded the computer’s operating system, without user permission, to Windows 10.

Microsoft has turned “nasty” in its campaign to coerce hundreds of millions of customers to upgrade to its Windows 10 operating system, a program critics condemn as privacy-invading, data-swiping and “brimming with freemium services and ads.”

Microsoft has been trying to lure computer users into its new operating system for months, bombarding them with unending pop-up screens. But many users are comfortable with the systems they have, have no interest in learning new operations and have simply clicked the “X” to get rid of the unwanted solicitation.

You can’t do that anymore.

Microsoft changed the coding on the “X” so that clicking it now instructs MS to “upgrade” your computer to Windows 10. Yes, really.

In fact, the two options on the page, “OK” and “Upgrade Now,” do the same thing as the “X.”

To avoid the forced “upgrade,” a user has to go into the fine print.

Inside a logo box in the ad is a scheduled date for a mandatory upgrade. The user must look in the tiny type just below that line and find where it says “here” and click on that to avoid the upgrade.

“Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality,” marshals the terrifying evidence to show the world of Big Brother is much closer than we want to admit.

Tech world reaction has been strongly negative to what one analyst called a “deceptive” action.

But is Microsoft concerned? Not really.

Multiple requests from WND for answers to pertinent questions were met with links to company promotions for Windows 10.

Then there was Microsoft’s offer several times to go “on background” to answer questions, an offer WND declined. It apparently would have been information a reporter is supposed to hear about Windows 10, but not the general public.

What do YOU think? Sound off on Windows 10 ‘hijacking’ U.S. computers

PC World addressed the issue under the headline, “How Microsoft’s tricky new Windows 10 pop-up deceives you into upgrading.”

Senior editor Brad Chacos explained what ticked him off.

“This morning, the unthinkable happened: My wife, an avowed PC user who long ago swore to never touch an Apple device, started shopping around for a Mac Mini. And it’s all thanks to Windows 10. Or rather, the nasty new way that Microsoft’s tricking Windows 7 and 8 users into automatically updating to Windows 10.”

He said he already was no fan of Microsoft’s “strongarm” tactics, writing several months ago when Microsoft said buyers of Intel’s Skylake processors “have to upgrade to Windows 10 in the next 18 months, or forgo all but the most critical security patches – and those will be available to Windows 7 and 8.1 users only if said patches don’t ‘risk the reliability or compatibility’ on non-Skylake systems.”

Chacos called the news a “bombshell.”

“Making sure new hardware works with old operating systems no doubt consumes valuable time and resources, and hardware and software are intertwined now more than ever before, but aggressively forcing users (including businesses) to upgrade to Windows 10 before the end of the operating system’s initial stated support cycle ends is unprecedented in the Windows world,” he said.

“That nasty trick resulted in my wife’s beloved Windows 7 PC being sneakily upgraded to Windows 10 this morning. Sure, she has 30 days to roll it back to Windows 7, but she feels so betrayed – like Microsoft forcibly removed her control over her own PC – that she’s strongly considering embracing the Dark Side and buying a Mac, instead.”

BBC technology reporter Zoe Kleinman explained how Microsoft’s decision to force users to upgrade has “caused confusion.”

Microsoft, he says, essentially changed the “X” from “close window and begone” to “I agree to your company taking over my computer for an indefinite period and installing whatever you want and then I further agree to be subjected to a bombardment of ads as well as pilfering of my private files.”

At InfoWorld, Woody Leonhard wrote: “Microsoft has ratcheted up its Win10 upgrade efforts, going from an irritating advertising campaign to ‘reserve’ an upgrade (reserving free bits – what a marketing concept) to ‘accidentally’ forced upgrades to increasingly dicey signup notices (‘Upgrade Now/Upgrade Tonight’) to hidden folders with 3GB to 6GB of unwanted downloaded data to GWX processes that automatically restart themselves. Those are the more noticeable dirty tricks.”

He posted an explanation on how users can roll back if they’ve already been upgraded, but he warned, “the rollback can take many minutes or even hours.”

“Note that rolling back may not keep new files you’ve created, depending on where they’re stored.”

While he said he uses and likes Windows 10, “this forced updating is, in my opinion, the most customer-antagonistic act Microsoft has ever undertaken.”

Chacos left no doubt about his thoughts: “So after more than half a year of teaching people that the only way to say ‘no thanks’ to Windows 10 is to exit the GWX application – and refusing to allow users to disable the pop-up in any obvious manner, so they had to press that X over and over again during those months to the point that most people proably just click it without reading now – Microsoft just made it so that very behavior accepts the Windows 10 upgrade instead, rather than canceling it.

“That’s gross.”

He went back to his wife’s issue.

“Thanks to the deceitful new update, there’s a very high chance that my wife will be a new OS X convert by the end of the day. You may have ostensibly achieved another Windows 10 upgrade to pad your adoption stats, Microsoft, but you very well may have lost a lifelong PC user who swore she’d never switch to Apple. Which means that may have to learn how to troubleshoot Macs.

“Dammit, Microsoft.”

Microsoft did send WND some comments it thought would be “helpful.”

“As we shared in October, Microsoft has been helping customers who received the Windows 10 upgrade as an ‘Optional’ (and now ‘Recommended’) update, to schedule their upgrade. Once a customer’s upgrade is scheduled, they will receive a notification that states the time their upgrade is scheduled for, with options to reschedule or cancel if they wish. If the customer wishes to continue with their upgrade at the designated time, they can click ‘OK’ or close (‘X’ out of the notification) with no further action needed.”

That’s from the ubiquitous “Microsoft spokesperson.”

What do YOU think? Sound off on Windows 10 ‘hijacking’ U.S. computers

Wayne Williams wrote at BetaNews, “Even if you like Windows 10, you should be angry at Microsoft.”

The “relentless pushing” from the software company is “scummy behavior, totally unbefitting of a company of Microsoft’s size and reputation.”

“The latest trick … should have people brandishing pitchforks and flaming torches and marching on Redmond, but it doesn’t. Why?Because Microsoft’s s—– g tricks are now what we expect from the company which doesn’t care in the slightest about its customers.

“Microsoft wants to get Windows 10 on a billion devices, and it’s going to hit that target even if Satya Nadella has to smash his way into your home and install it on your PC while you sleep. Sure, your computer might not work afterwards, but who cares, right? Certainly not Microsoft.”

He wrote: “Type ‘Windows 10 is’ into Google and the autocomplete suggests, among other things, the operating system is ‘bad’, ‘slow, ‘spyware’, and a ‘virus’. Bing pulls even fewer punches, saying Windows 10 is ‘rubbish’, ‘crap’, ‘awful’, ‘horrible’, and ‘slow’. Neither search engine suggests anything positive about Windows 10.

“Microsoft says once the free period expires on July 29, the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app will be removed from Windows 7 and 8.1 machines which have survived the bombardment, but will that be the end of Microsoft’s dirty campaign tricks? Somehow I doubt it.”

Want to give Microsoft a piece of your mind? Post a message on Microsoft’s Facebook page and the Windows Facebook page, call Microsoft’s headquarters at (425) 882-8080 or fax (425)706-7929.

Microsoft makes it nearly impossible to email the corporate office with user feedback, so hundreds of angry customers have flooded its Facebook page in the last 24 hours with complaints about the forced Windows 10 “upgrade,” including the following:

  • Hey Microsoft nerds. Back in high school, when a girl said no to your advances, she meant no. Same goes here when users tell you no they do not want Windows 10. I know high school was tough on you, but learn from it. No means no. – Abraham Yang
  • I am writing my congressional officials. This practice has got to stop. For Microsoft to take over people’s computers is an outrage! – Judy DeTuccio
  • Major class-action lawsuit incoming regarding forced Window 10 upgrades. Will be in the billions. – Jake Rappoport
  • SLAMMED BY MICROSOFT! I have patiently declined the offer to “upgrade” to Windows 10 each day for several months. This morning Microsoft slammed all of the machines in my office without my permission. The process took more than 2 hours out of our work day to reverse, which equates to several thousand dollars of lost productivity. This is an unacceptable business practice by a company I had come to trust and respect. When telephone companies employed similar practices, they were sued and criminally prosecuted! Restitution should be made to me and other impacted businesses who have suffered from this insane action on the part of Microsoft! Shame on you, Microsoft!!!! – Rick Biers
  • NO, NO, NO Microsoft!!! We don’t want automatic upgrades to Windows 10, and you have NO RIGHT to alter software we have paid for, on machines we own!!!! – Al Freeman
  • This whole Windows 10 update thing is really shady. Shame on you, Microsoft. My next OS will be Linux. – Derek Davis


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Bosnian Pyramids are the Largest and Oldest in the World

Did you ever think to wonder the true purpose of the Pyramids?
It is completely ignorant of us to take what we are told at face value as fact,
I mean, we can all think for ourselves, Right??
This World is absolutely jam-packed full of secrets from a forgotten age, From Northern Scotland to  Easter Island and even spreading to Australia and the most remote parts of Russia there are structures that pre-date modern history, in fact there are structures on this Earth so old that they are standing in plain sight and have never even been noticed..

That is just crazy right?
But it’s true, we are only now in this Century beginning to awake to the idea that there was a massive global empire on this Earth 10s or even 100s of thousands of years ago
Most archaeologists and historians agree that the modern human civilization only emerged some 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Yet many researchers have drawn attention to artifacts and various other evidence and structures of advanced civilizations that is dated long before this, even millions of years earlier.
The sheer scale of the Ancient Empire and their technologies are only now beginning to be uncovered, but we have not yet even scratched the surface.
We theorize that this Ancient global civilization was wiped out by an Ancient catastrophe about 12,000 years ago, it devastated the Earth causing sky high Tsunamis and City killer Earthquakes.
This almost ended the Human race and of course a lot of technologies and structures were completely lost forever.
But some of these structures survived, in Egypt, China, South America etc.
Very little clear cut evidence remains, but little by little we are uncovering the Hidden History of our World
Today we are going to discuss the Pyramids of Bosnia.
Oh you heard me correctly, I said BOSNIA!
Wait till you hear this.



Discovered in 2005 a cluster of what was previously thought to be natural hills in central Bosnia are the largest human-made ancient pyramids on Earth.
The site came to international attention in October 2005 and excavations were opened in 2006 which revealed that the hill on the Pyramid was in fact a stepped pyramid covered over by very dense vegetation for thousands of years.
There are at least 5 Pyramids at this location which have been identified by Satellite.
The Larger Pyramids of the Sun and The Pyramids of the Moon and Dragon along with the smaller Pyramids of the Earth and Love.
In 2007 a report by Egyptologist Nabil Mohamed Swelim was publicised by the Archaeological Park which said that the Pyramid of the Sun was the world’s largest known pyramid.
After two visits to the site, he released a report in which he concluded, “Arguments in favour or in disfavour have no effect on the fact that the pyramid concept and the properties are there for everyone to see”
How blind have we been not to notice The Pyramid of the Sun before now? It is just crazy to think generations of people have lived in that region for thousands of years and never even comprehended it as anything but a hill side.
Well … maybe that is a bit harsh! I guess if they had nothing else to compare it to then the thought would not even enter their minds..
Mainstream Archaeology choose to completely ignore the Bosnian Pyramids but there has been a few excavations that are currently ongoing that proves there is a labyrinth of tunnels and solid stone features that Dwarfs even the Great Pyramid!


Opposing researchers point to the fact this region would never have been capable of such an undertaking, but with a hypophosized timeline of construction at 30-50 thousand years ago, you have to wonder how much longer the educated World can choose to ignore that this is another site on Earth that proves what we have been led to believe is nothing short of global misleading.
The pyramid of the Sun is oriented with respect to true north with an error of only 12 seconds of arc!  This orientation is far more accurate than that of the Giza Pyramid which has an orientation error of about 3 minutes of arc, 15 times greater!  The other pyramids are also oriented with respect to true north.
Does that not just completely blow your mind?
This pyramid complex is the oldest known man made structure in the world.
Massive stone blocks found at the site are estimated to each weigh up to and over 1000 tonnes.
The quarry site is yet to be determined!
A radiocarbon date on a fossilized leaf found under one of its concrete slabs indicates an age of at least 33,800 years.
There is also a great electromagnetic energy found at the peak of The Pyramid of the Sun which has been observed to be affected adversely by weather and further investigations are to be carried out.
It has been suggested that an access chamber has been identified in and around the labyrinth of tunnels so it would appear we might just be on the brink of one of those discoveries that changes the way we look at our Ancient past.
As of this moment the Bosnian Pyramids are not recognized by the International archaeological community but there are a few break away supporters of further investigations including that of the Bosnian government.
Just like the Pyramids in China, the Bosnian Pyramids are much older and larger than the Pyramids in Egypt or south America, it can’t be denied forever.
We may not have all the answers, but at least we have the questions
Little Shock waves can have a huge impact after all.


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An Inside Look at the World’s Biggest Paper Gold Market

Every day, there are a whopping 5,500 tonnes ($212 billion) of gold traded in London, making it the largest wholesale and over-the-counter (OTC) market for gold in the world.

To put that in perspective, more gold is traded in London each day than what is stored at Fort Knox (4,176 tonnes). On a higher volume day, amounts closer to total U.S. gold reserves (8,133.5 tonnes) can change hands.

How is this possible?

The infographic below tells the story about gold’s foremost trading hub, as well as the paper gold market in London, England:

Gold's Secretive Price Discovery Market: Inside London's Vaults

Image courtesy of: BullionStar

London is dominant in global price discovery for gold.

In 2015, it accounted for roughly 88% of gold trade – most of which occurs between banks on behalf of their clients. Further, 90% of London trade is spot trading, which further emphasizes London’s importance in price discovery for gold markets.

While the high-level details of the market are visible, the individual mechanisms behind the London gold trade are less clear. There is very little detailed information provided on physical shipments, outstanding gold deposits or loans, allocated or unallocated gold, or clientele types. Trade reporting also breaks down at a more granular level, and datasets on the GOFO (Gold Forward Offered Rate) were also discontinued in January, 2015.

Almost all gold (95%) traded in London is unallocated and without legal title. This makes it easier to trade, but it also raises concerns about a market that is opaque to begin with. There are 5,500 tonnes of paper gold exchanging hands on paper each day, but there are only 300 tonnes of gold vaulted in London outside of the reserves for ETFs or the Bank of England.

What would happen if there was ever even a small rush to get the physical asset behind the paper? Is there a system in place for such an event, and how does it work?

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World’s 16 biggest banks, including RBC, ordered to face Libor lawsuits in ruling court warns could ruin them

Sixteen of the world’s largest banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc. must face antitrust lawsuits accusing them of hurting investors who bought securities tied to Libor by rigging an interest-rate benchmark, a ruling that an appeals court warned could devastate them.

The appellate judges reversed a lower-court ruling on one issue — whether the investors had adequately claimed in their complaints to have been harmed — while sending the cases back for the judge to consider another issue: whether the plaintiffs are the proper parties to sue, in part because their claims, if successful, provide for triple damages that could overwhelm the banks.

“Requiring the banks to pay treble damages to every plaintiff who ended up on the wrong side of an independent Libor‐denominated derivative swap would, if appellants’ allegations were proved at trial, not only bankrupt 16 of the world’s most important financial institutions, but also vastly extend the potential scope of antitrust liability in myriad markets where derivative instruments have proliferated,” the U.S. Court of Appeals in New York said in the ruling.

Bank of America Corp., HSBC Holdings Plc, Barclays Plc, Credit Suisse Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Royal Bank of Canada and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc are also among the banks sued in Manhattan.

Libor Fines

About a dozen firms have paid almost US$9 billion in fines to resolve government investigations around the world into rigging of the key benchmark. Libor is used to set interest rates for trillions of dollars financial instruments. The ruling by a three-judge panel opens the possibility the banks may have to pay billions more.

This is far from a home run for the plaintiffs. But it does allow them to go forward with the case.”

Michael A. Carrier, a professor at Rutgers Law School in Camden, New Jersey, said the ruling was “extremely important” because of the threat to the banks. Any kind of price manipulation by competitors is treated very seriously under U.S. antitrust law, he said.

The 24-company KBW Bank Index fell 0.3 per cent Monday, bringing its decline for the year to 6.1 per cent.

Antitrust Claim

The appeals court overturned a 2013 ruling by U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald who said the investors had failed to show that they were harmed in a way that would permit them to sue under U.S. antitrust law.

In their lawsuits, the plaintiffs claim that beginning in 2007 the banks colluded to depress the Libor rate to minimize the amount they had to pay out on investments linked to the benchmark. The Libor-tied investments included asset swaps, collateralized debt obligations and forward rate agreements.

Buchwald may still throw out the cases if she determines the plaintiffs aren’t the appropriate parties to sue — or, as antitrust law puts it, “efficient enforcers.” That could be because their potential damages are too speculative or too hard to calculate or for some other reason. The court also highlighted the risk that civil litigation could duplicate the fines and settlements imposed by government regulators.

“This is far from a home run for the plaintiffs,” said Carrier. “But it does allow them to go forward with the case.”

Government Enforcement

The ruling was unanimous, although only two appeals cåçourt judges joined the portion that instructed Buchwald to consider whether the plaintiffs are appropriate parties to sue. The two judges pointed to numerous enforcement actions involving Libor as they returned the case to the lower court.

“There are many other enforcement mechanisms at work here,” the two said in an opinion written by Judge Dennis Jacobs. “In addition to the plaintiffs in the numerous lawsuits consolidated here, the banks’ conduct is under scrutiny by government organs, bank regulators and financial regulators in a considerable number of countries.
Lawrence Grayson, a spokesman for the Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America; Andrew Gray, a spokesman for JPMorgan; and Danielle Romero-Apsilos, a Citigroup spokeswoman, declined to comment on the ruling. Representatives of HSBC and RBC declined to immediately comment.

The case is Gelboim v. Bank of America Corp., 13-3565, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (Manhattan).

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