The Shadow Government—Deep State Secret Intelligence Operations in America

Since 1945, intelligence agencies and their covert operations have grown exponentially until, today, America is being ruled behind the scenes by unknown personages. The Shadow Government murdered President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and has carried out assassinations and murders in countries across the globe. The Shadow Government is feared by politicians, its “black budget” is kept secret, it runs criminal cartels and employs terrible secret tools and methods (Vault 7). It employs tens of thousand of employees and agents. More recently it has threatened President Donald Trump. Discover the secrets behind the men who run the CIA, NSA, DIA, NRO, FBI and other Deep State agencies and bureaus.

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The Synagogue of Satan 1992~2001

Author Andrew Carrington Hitchcock reads the pages 310-346 of his updated, expanded and uncensored “The Synagogue of Satan” (2012), March 29, 2017.
Website Andrew Carrington Hitchcock:
Playlist The Synagogue of Satan:…

Image result for Synagogue of Satan

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Adopt These 10 Habits to Stop Dementia or Alzheimer’s Before it Starts

There are things you can start doing today to lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The most common signs of dementia include depression, psychological problems, difficulty remembering names and events, apathy and so on.

Dementia can occur in various forms including Parkinson’s disease, vascular dementia, but most of its cases are Alzheimer’s disease. Note that this condition gets worse if the cause is not treated.


Luckily, there are a few things you can do to lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Here they are:

1. Adequate vitamin B intake

B vitamins play a vital role in the body. For one, they reduce, homocysteine, a molecule that can ruin your vascular system. High levels of this molecule can increase risk of heart disease and stroke.

2. Keep your brain active

Research shows that elderly people who speak different languages have a lower risk of dementia than those who speak one language. So find ways to challenge your brain like crossword puzzles or learning new languages.

3. Quit smoking

Studies show that smokers have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s compared to ex-smokers and non-smokers. Quitting smoking will also help lower risk of cancer.

4. Get enough vitamin D

Research shows that there’s a link between vitamin D and dementia. People with vitamin D deficiency have higher risk of dementia. So make sure you get enough exposure to sunlight and eat foods rich in vitamin D: eggs, fish, and liver.

5. Reduce or cut alcohol intake

Excessive drinking of alcohol can increase risk of dementia. Lower alcohol intake or give it up altogether.

6. Stay social

Not interacting with others can have a negative effect on your cognitive abilities. Talking to family and friend will also help keep your brain active.

7. Avoid head injuries

Don’t put yourself in situations where you may suffer head injuries. Remember to wear a helmet when riding a bike or when playing physical sports.

8. Keep an eye on your numbers

Make sure you track your cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar levels and so on. Conditions like hypertension can increase risk of dementia.

9. Exercise regularly

Being physically active can prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s. Exercise at least 3 times a week and walk every day.

10. Avoid processed foods

Studies show that processed foods can cause diabetes which will consequently increase risk of dementia.

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Bioactive Compounds in Cucumbers That Fight Heart Disease and Cancer

We all know that cucumbers are good for weight loss. They contain fiber, lots of water and are low in calories. But did you know that eating cucumbers regularly can help fight cancer and heart disease?

Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of cucumbers. They are one of the most cultivated veggies in the world. And recent studies show that cucumbers can help treat different diseases. Even though they don’t contain lots of vitamins and minerals, they’re rich in bioactive compounds that have been proven very powerful.


According to research, these bioactive compounds have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, anticancer, radioprotective , antimicrobial, antioxidant, antihyperlipidemic, antihyperglycemic, and antihypertension properties. These properties enable cucumbers to fight diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Here are the bioactive compounds in cucumber and how they fight diseases.


These are polyphenols which are usually found in veggies such as cabbage and Brussels sprouts. And now research shows that they can also be found in cucumbers. The 3 lignans in cucumber (pinoresinol, secoisolariciresino, and lariciresinol) haven been proven to fight different cancers such as ovarian, prostate and breast cancer. And they can also improve cardiovascular health.

One study found that these compounds can improve heart health and circulation since they reduce vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels.)


These compounds can hinder growth of cancer cells. In fact, curcubitacins are so effective that researcher speculate they could be used as an anticancer drug in the future.

Cucurbitacins B can fight pancreatic cancer. This study shows that this compound can kill up to 80 percent of pancreatic cancer cells without significant signs of toxicity.

Legend has it that curcubitcans were traditionally used to fight diseases. These compounds can also be found in mushrooms, marine mollusks and so on.

96 percent of cucumber is water. The fact that cucumbers contain lots of water will also help keep you healthy. You have to be properly hydrated for organs to function properly.

And if the above benefits are not convincing, here are other benefits of cucumbers you may not know.

Benefits of cucumbers: flush toxins, improve skin health, reduce heat, enhance weight loss, and fight diabetes.

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Mexican Attorney General Charged With Drug Trafficking at San Diego Border

An attorney general from a Mexican state was arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border south of San Diego for allegedly smuggling and trying to distribute drugs over a period of years, according to charges filed by the state of New York in early March.

The State of New York filed drug trafficking charges against Edgar Veytia, Nayarit’s state prosecutor, on March 2, which led to his arrest on Monday, according to the indictment and authorities.

Veytia was taken into custody Monday at the Cross Border Xpress bridge, which links Tijuana Airport to the United States, U.S. Customs and Border Protection representative Ralph Desio confirmed.

Veytia, also known as “Diablo,” “Eepp,” and “Lic Veytia,” was indicted on charges including international conspiracy to illegally import, manufacture and distribute heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine.

A lawyer for Veytia told NBC News he was just learning about the case and couldn’t comment. Law enforcement sources told NBC News that Veytia was on their radar for some time and he was arrested as soon as possible.

Veytia allegedly smuggled the drugs between January 2013 and February 2017. The indictment, filed in the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York, links Veytia with at least one kilogram of heroin, five kilograms of cocaine, 500 grams of methamphetamine and 1,000 kilograms of marijuana smuggled into the country.

During that same, Veytia allegedly knew of and would attempt illegal importation of those drugs outside the U.S. as well.

Federal prison records show Veytia remains in a San Diego lock-up, with a hearing scheduled Aprill 11 for removal to New York.

If convicted, the U.S. would seek at least $250 million from Veytia in property linked to drug manufacturing and distributing, according to the indictment.


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‘Pooper-scooper’ drone cleans up dog poo so you don’t step in it: Aerial craft searches for animal waste then sends a rolling robot to collect it

A Dutch startup is set to release a fleet of ‘drones’ to combat the 220 million pounds of dog droppings left on the Netherlands’ streets each year.

Called Dogdrones, the vehicles will work together as a team to detect and scoop up the poop.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Watchdog 1 (pictured), uses a camera and thermal imaging to scan the environment for canine waste

The aerial drone is fitted with cameras and thermal energy technology that transmits GPS coordinates of the feces to a rolling robot on the ground that immediately leaves its hub to clean up the waste.

Scroll down for video

A Dutch startup is set release a fleet of 'drones' to combat the 220 million pounds of dog droppings left on the Netherlands's streets each year. Called Dogdrones, the vehicles will work together as a team to detect and scoop up the poop

A Dutch startup is set release a fleet of ‘drones’ to combat the 220 million pounds of dog droppings left on the Netherlands’s streets each year. Called Dogdrones, the vehicles will work together as a team to detect and scoop up the poop


Watchdog 1, uses a camera and thermal imaging to scan the environment for canine waste.

The thermal imaging will then crate a heat map showing the location, which is translated into GPS coordinates and sent to Patroldog 1 – the ground robot.

The GPS coordinates act as a command for Patroldog 1 to dispose of the droppings.

However, during tests, the team discovered that the ground drone needs more development, as it is unable to collect past a certain amount.

Dogdrones is the brainchild of Gerben Lievers and Marc Sandelowsky, who met at an event for entrepreneurs and has since started Tinki.

According to Tinki, there are 1.5 million dogs in the Netherlands, each one poops 2.3 times a day and leaves behind 3.5 ounces of material.

Although some dog owners clean up after their pets, a majority of them ignore the issue, leaving the streets polluted with dog feces.

‘In the Netherlands, every year 100 million kilos [220 million pounds] of dog poo are not disposed,’ Lievers explained.

‘Especially with the rising temperature in spring, dog poo can seriously endanger people’s health.’

‘Dog poo contains bacteria, viruses, parasites and worms that are especially harmful for children.’

‘Adults and other dogs are at risk, as well. Parasite eggs can survive for years and result in a danger of infection if dog poo is not properly disposed.’

‘We talked about drone technology and the possibilities and solutions that are made possible through new developments in the drone world.

‘During the conversation we got talking about a huge problem in the Netherlands – dog poo.’

‘We have more than 13,000 followers on Facebook, mostly people who own dogs themselves.

‘They are frustrated about owners that do not clean up the mess of their dogs as well.’

‘In the beginning we were just joking around, but then realized that we can solve a huge problem’.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Watchdog 1, uses a camera and thermal imaging to scan the environment for canine waste.

However, this technology only lets the drone spot dog poo at body temperature – meaning there is a limited amount of time before it will go undetected.

The aerial drone is fitted with cameras and thermal energy technology (pictured) that transmits GPS coordinates of the feces to a rolling robot

The aerial drone is fitted with cameras and thermal energy technology (pictured) that transmits GPS coordinates of the feces to a rolling robot

The thermal imaging will then create a heat map showing the location, which is translated into GPS coordinates and sent to Patroldog 1 (pictured) – the ground robot. The GPS coordinates act as a command for Patroldog 1 to dispose of the droppings

The thermal imaging will then create a heat map showing the location, which is translated into GPS coordinates and sent to Patroldog 1 (pictured) – the ground robot. The GPS coordinates act as a command for Patroldog 1 to dispose of the droppings

The thermal imaging will then create a heat map showing the location, which is translated into GPS coordinates and sent to Patroldog 1 – the ground robot.

The GPS coordinates act as a command for Patroldog 1 to dispose of the droppings.

However, during tests, the team discovered that the ground drone needs more development, as it is unable to collect past a certain amount.

It is currently too small of a device to gather large amounts of dog feces, but the firm is in the process of developing larger models – they are also researching ways to ‘find a smart solution to recycling the poo’.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Watchdog 1 (pictured), uses a camera and thermal imaging to scan the environment for canine waste

‘In the Netherlands, every year 100 million kilos of dog poo are not disposed,’ said Lievers.

‘Especially with the rising temperature in spring, dog poo can seriously endanger people’s health.’

‘Dog poo contains bacteria, viruses, parasites and worms that are especially harmful for children.’

‘Adults and other dogs are at risk, as well. Parasite eggs can survive for years and result in a danger of infection if dog poo is not properly disposed.’

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Pedogate: Dutch Media Cancels Dr. Phil Show After Exposing Elite Pedophilia Ring

The timing couldn’t be any more suspicious.

One week ago, celebrity psychologist Dr. Phillip McGraw became one of the first individuals to expose the world of elite pedophilia on mainstream television. In a segment with a woman going by the name of “Kendall”, he and the rest of the world learned that she was literally born into – and grew up in – the world of elite sexual slavery.

Kendall explained that she was “born” to be a sex slave, as her parents intentionally had her to be ‘pimped’ by the trafficker she calls her “owner.” Since then, she has serviced some of the world’s most powerful and elite. In one instance, Kendall describes being passed around groups of rich and prominent men and women so they might “take turns” with her for sadistic sexual pleasure.

The information is damning, as the woman admits she was forced to rape children as young as 5-years-old. Additionally, she was forced by her “owner” to kill a baby. When asked when she was first raped, Kendall said it was “before I could talk – I was used to it by the time I was 2.”

Until recently, the theory that there is an elite pedophilia ring has been chalked up to being nothing more than a conspiracy theory. The segment which aired on mainstream media exposed the truth, however, which might be why Dutch company RTL pulled the plug on the Dr. Phil show which has aired since 2002.

A translated quote from Dutch Media RTL says the Dr. Phil show was canceled because of “difference choices in programming.” Because the show has been airing for almost 15 years and because the elite pedophilia ring was exposed last week, the timing is curious.

The Netherlands has come under fire in recent years for pedophile activity at the highest levels in society. According to English-speaking Dutch media NL Times, political leaders – including a mayor and justice official of the Netherlands – have been summoned to court by alleged victims of child sex-trafficking. Additionally, a Dutch pedophile society sought to challenge a Supreme Court ban on its organization in 2014, claiming the ban is a violation of their freedom of speech.

The elite pedophilia ring extends worldwide, which is why information concerning the matter needs to be exposed. While there is no evidence proving the Dr. Phil show was canceled by higher-up members of society in the Netherlands, the timing is questionable, nonetheless.

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Vitamin D Prevents Infections and Slashes Cancer Risk

Vitamin D has some pretty extraordinary achievements under its proverbial belt, not the least of which is disease prevention. Skin exposed to the sun produces this “sunshine vitamin,” which helps prevent osteoporosis and promotes strong bones and teeth.

It’s known to be advantageous and even crucial in several areas of your body, as a deficiency has been implicated in such problems as macular degeneration, lupus, bowel diseases, multiple sclerosis and chronic heart failure.1

sunshine-vitamin-d-cancer-disease-prevention vitamin d

That’s not all. Vitamin D is also tapped as possibly inhibiting infections and complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema, and has been shown to improve “nonspecific chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain (CWP),” according to Health Day News.2

Recently, the benefits of vitamin D went even further with the emergence of new research revealing it to be powerful against breast and prostate cancers, and useful for treating deadly respiratory viruses, according to research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.3 Daily Mail reported:

“Elderly patients who had high doses of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ were 40 per cent less likely to develop lung infections. Pneumonia, bronchitis and influenza are known to have higher death rates among older people because of their weakened immune system.

But because they are viruses, antibiotics are often not prescribed due to them being ineffective. However, experts believe vitamin D helps to reinforce the first line of defense as people age to prevent acute respiratory infections.”4

The Problem With Using Antibiotics Against Viruses

Scientists say taking vitamin D could help drastically reduce incidences of lung disease fatalities, especially those prevalent in older adults in nursing homes.

Professor Dr. Adit Ginde, lead study author at the University of Colorado, sees the link as a potential life-saving discovery. He acknowledges that doctors possess very little power to battle acute respiratory infections (ARIs), especially since most are viral, making antibiotics ineffective.

Worse, the high rate of doctors prescribing antibiotics for viral infections may be contributing to the growing crisis of antibiotic resistance. In fact, superbugs resistant to drugs are projected to cause 10 million fatalities by 2050, says Quartz.5

Vitamin D, however, may prevent such infections, including illnesses such as flu, pneumonia and chronic bronchitis.

Vitamin D and Certain Cancers: Here It Comes to Save the Day

Among 107 nursing home residents with respiratory ailments (averaging age 84), 55 received high-dose vitamin D for a year, while the rest took lower amounts. Those in the first group had a 40 percent decrease in ARIs.6

According to Ginde, “Vitamin D can improve the immune system’s ability to fight infections because it bolsters the first line of defense of the immune system.”7 Another new study found that women with high levels of vitamin D are more apt to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer.8

Scientists reported that when women upped their D dosage, they were nearly one-third more likely to survive it, particularly for premenopausal women. The mechanism is its ability to stop the reproduction of cancer cells.

Researchers examined 1,666 women with breast cancer and found that the more 25-hydroxyvitamin D (250HD, a blood biomarker for vitamin D) they had, the better their chances of survival. Medical Daily added:

“While the results are exciting, the researchers emphasized that the study was not designed to establish causality, meaning that women with cancer should not be flocking to the beachside based on this research alone. However, extra vitamin D can’t hurt, as it’s been proven to be essential for bone health.”9

Testing Vitamin D Levels May Help Prevent Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Another important review came out recently linking low levels of vitamin D and aggressive prostate cancer. Knowridge reported research from Northwestern Medicine disclosing that:

“Deficient vitamin D blood levels in men can predict aggressive prostate cancer identified at the time of surgery. The finding is important because it can offer guidance to men and their doctors who may be considering active surveillance, in which they monitor the cancer rather than remove the prostate.”10

This is particularly true in men with dark skin, such as African-Americans, low sun exposure, and/or low vitamin D levels.

One of the crucial things to note is that low vitamin D levels were found via blood tests before any sign of prostate cancer showed up, so checking vitamin D levels beforehand could be life-saving, and a much better alternative to begin taking it a problem is discovered.

In fact, “All men should be replenishing their vitamin D to normal levels,” said Dr. Adam Murphy, Ph.D., a urologist and assistant professor of urology at Northwestern University, whose research showed African-American men in regions with low sunlight are up to one-and-a-half times more likely to have vitamin D deficiency than Caucasian men.11

The study noted, “Adverse pathology was defined as the presence of primary Gleason 4 or any Gleason 5 disease.” A low Gleason score reflects cancerous tissue as similar to normal, while high numbers is “very different from normal” and more likely to spread.

“It’s very hard to have normal levels when you work in an office every day and because of our long winter,” Murphy, a Chicago resident, said.

The Institute of Medicine recommends 600 international units (IU) of vitamin D per day,12 but he advises men in northern or colder regions of the country to get 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D per day.

However, even this is far lower than is likely necessary. As a general guideline, research by GrassrootsHealth suggests that adults need about 8,000 IUs per day to achieve a serum level of 40 ng/ml.

Inflammation Alleviated Via Vitamin D

Researchers investigated specific signaling events that vitamin D suppresses in order to inhibit inflammation. Research published in The Journal of Immunology called it the “inflammatory cascade;” low D levels, found in millions of people, incidentally failed to inhibit the cascade, while adequate levels did the job.

Currently, U.S. guidelines suggest that individuals maintain at least a 20 nanograms/milliliter blood serum level of vitamin D, but that has been under debate.

Lead author Elena Goleva, Ph.D., assistant professor of pediatrics at National Jewish Health, said higher levels would be better (to maximally benefit from vitamin D, you likely need a level of 40 to 60 ng/ml):

“Patients with chronic inflammatory diseases, such as asthma, arthritis and prostate cancer, who are vitamin D deficient, may benefit from vitamin D supplementation to get their serum vitamin D levels above 30 nanograms/milliliter.

It outlines a clear chain of cellular events, from the binding of DNA, through a specific signaling pathway, to the reduction of proteins known to trigger inflammation.

This newly identified DNA-binding site for the vitamin-D receptor, and the specific pathways inhibited by higher levels of vitamin D provide a plausible mechanism for many of the benefits that have been associated with vitamin D.”13

Vitamin D Shown to Improve ‘Chronic Widespread Pain’

Almost simultaneous to that investigation, recent research in Turkey, reported in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, goes even further with the report that chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain, or CWP, is improved with vitamin D.14

Fibromyalgia sufferers and other patients with CWP were given 50,000 IU/week oral vitamin D3 for three months. Afterward, scientists found a marked increase in 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels and decreases in pain, fatigue upon awaking, lack of energy, tender points and depression.

Significantly, there were 30 fibromyalgia patients at the beginning of the study and only 20 at the end, and 85 percent of the total reported satisfaction with the treatment. The researchers concluded:

“Vitamin D replacement treatment in patients with nonspecific CWP has provided improvements in musculoskeletal symptoms, level of depression and quality of life of patients. Patients with CWP should be investigated for vitamin D deficiency.”

How Much Vitamin D Supplementation Is Recommended, and Food Sources

You should strive to optimize your vitamin D levels via sun exposure, supplements and food, to maintain a healthy blood level of 40-60 ng/ml year round. The length of sun exposure and/or supplemental dose needed by each individual to achieve this optimized level varies. To find out your vitamin D levels, I recommend getting your blood tested regularly to ensure optimal overall health.

Sensible sun exposure (and delaying showering to maximize absorption) is the best way to access this amazing nutrient. While it’s difficult to maintain optimal vitamin D levels from food sources, it is found in some foods, including:

Sardines Wild-caught Alaskan salmon Beef liver
Organic pastured egg yolks Cheese Grass-fed butter
The Role of Vitamin D in Disease PreventionA growing body of evidence shows that vitamin D plays a crucial role in disease prevention and maintaining optimal health. There are about 30,000 genes in your body, and vitamin D affects nearly 3,000 of them, as well as vitamin D receptors located throughout your body.

According to one large-scale study, optimal Vitamin D levels can slash your risk of cancer by as much as 60 percent. Keeping your levels optimized can help prevent at least 16 different types of cancer, including pancreatic, lung, ovarian, prostate and skin cancers.

How Vitamin D Performance Testing Can Help Optimize Your Health

Is it any wonder then that no matter what disease or condition is investigated, vitamin D appears to play a crucial role? This is why I am so excited about the D*Action Project by GrassrootsHealth. Dr. Robert Heaney is the research director of GrassrootsHealth and is part of the design of the D*action Project as well as analysis of the research findings.

GrassrootsHealth shows how you can take action today on known science with a consensus of experts without waiting for institutional lethargy. It has shown how by combining the science of measurement (of vitamin D levels) with the personal choice of taking action and, the value of education about individual measures that one can truly be in charge of their own health.

In order to spread this health movement to more communities, the project needs your involvement. To participate, simply purchase the D*Action Measurement Kit and follow the registration instructions included. (Please note that 100 percent of the proceeds from the kits go to fund the research project. I do not charge a single dime as a distributor of the test kits.)

As a participant, you agree to test your vitamin D levels twice a year during a five-year study, and share your health status to demonstrate the public health impact of this nutrient. There is a $65 fee every six months for your sponsorship of this research project, which includes a test kit to be used at home, and electronic reports on your ongoing progress. You will get a follow up email every six months reminding you “it’s time for your next test and health survey.”

Internet Resources Where You Can Learn More

Where Do We Go From Here?

GrassrootsHealth is now undertaking a new project entitled the Protect our Children NOW! (POC) project. The aim of this project is to acquire participation of at least 500 pregnant women in a community, and to increase their serum levels to the suggested level of at least 40 ng/ml based on the clinical trial by Hollis & Wagner.

In addition, the project will take these results in two years and “march” on the various institutions in the state/government/to the March of Dimes, to demand that action be taken to protect the world’s next generation.

Among other items, the projects expected impact is likely to be a reduction in preterm births, (in some cases up to a 50 percent reduction). The project already has the blessing of the scientists, the physicians at the Medical University of South Carolina (which are implementing it in their practices) and even the insurance company.

Any community can implement this and make a difference for themselves and others. For further information contact Jen Aliano, Project Manager, at

The post Vitamin D Prevents Infections and Slashes Cancer Risk appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

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Most Leave voters want death penalty restored after Brexit, poll reveals

More than half of Leave voters want to see capital punishment reinstated after Brexit, a new poll has found.

According to a YouGov survey, 53 percent of people who voted for the UK to leave the bloc back in July’s referendum would like the death penalty brought back.

Most Leave voters want death penalty restored after Brexit, poll reveals

The poll also found that more than 40 percent of Leavers want corporal punishment reintroduced in schools. That is in stark contrast to the mere 14 percent of Remainers who would want it restored in a post-Brexit future.

Among other findings, 30 percent of Leave voters would also like traditional light bulbs to return to shops. The European Union abandoned the use of the bulbs as they are thought to be inefficient. Although the drop in the use of the bulbs cost the EU economy up to €10 billion, carbon dioxide emissions were cut by 15 million tonnes.

The findings were released on Wednesday, the same day Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, formally announcing to EU officials the start of the two-year process to get the UK out of the bloc.

The poll surveyed 2,060 people on the 21 and 22 of February, 810 of whom voted for Britain to stay in the bloc. According to the findings, up to 20 percent of Remainers would also back the death penalty.

People could be executed for committing murder in Great Britain until 1965 and in Northern Ireland until 1973. Despite the penalty being abandoned thereafter, votes on whether to reinstate it were held every year until 1997.

The survey also found that 52 percent of those opting to exit the EU would like blue passports –used in the UK before it turned to the dark red, scannable document used within the European Union – to return.

By contrast, only 16 percent of Remainers want the blue passport back in distribution.

The findings also reveal that 48 percent of Leavers want imperial units reintroduced, where goods were sold in pounds and ounces. But just 11 percent would like smoking in pubs and restaurants to be permitted again.

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall last year said he would call for a referendum on bringing back the death penalty if “enough” people sign a petition for it.

Nuttall told Sky News he thought death penalty was the appropriate sentence for “killers” of children.

“I’ve been quite open that I believe in capital punishment for the killers of children, for Ian Brady, which is what the majority of the British people think,” he told the program.

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‘Convert to Islam or face murder conviction’ – Pakistani prosecutor reportedly tells Christians

At least 42 Christians accused of murder in Pakistan were reportedly told they’d be acquitted if they embraced Islam. The accused face the charges after the lynching of two men following twin suicide blasts at churches during Sunday mass.

Prosecutor Syed Anees Shah initially denied telling the accused he could guarantee their acquittal if they converted. However, he later admitted he did, when told by Pakistan’s Express Tribune that the accused had a video recording of what he said.

‘Convert to Islam or face murder conviction’ – Pakistani prosecutor reportedly tells Christians

“He asks them if they embrace Islam, he can guarantee them their acquittal in this case,” rights activist Jospeh Franci, who is involved in the legal proceedings, told the Tribune. Franci claims all of the accused remained silent following the offer, except one who appeared to say he would rather be hanged than embrace Islam.

The trial of the accused is taking place in an anti-terrorism court in Youhanabad, Lahore following the lynching of two men on March 15, 2015. The men were suspected of being involved in the planning of two suicide blasts at churches in Youhanabad on the same day, which left at least 14 people dead.

Counsel for the accused, Naseeb Anjum Advocate, told the Tribune that the prosecution’s offer was not new, saying it was offered around six months ago.

“The government should get rid of such elements that bring [a] bad name to the state by such acts,” he said, claiming the prosecution was “blackmailing” the accused.

Islam is the state religion of Pakistan, with Christians the second largest minority, accounting for about 1.6 percent of the population.

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