2018 Doom Predicted 30 Years Ago! How To Survive!


2018 Doom Predicted By Economist Magazine! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo

The above picture is from the Economist magazine in 1988.  It predicted the coming doom of the world’s currencies by 20181  An economics researcher on the Youtube channel, “Financial Turmoil Explained” explains why he believes the Federal Reserve is about to begin the plan to destroy the world’s currencies later this year!   In this video he explains why he’s so sure of what is to happen later this year!  It really makes sense they will take down the stock market in a huge way prior to the mid term elections.  The evil ones want to damage President Trump to attempt to take control of Congress from the Republicans.   You’ve seen nothing yet when it comes to down days on the stock market.

The stock market will go down and create a panic selling for cryptocurrencies also.  People will want cash in their hands during this phase.  Silver and Gold will be good during the down cycle which we are already in.  When the economy bottoms out, the Fed will be injecting so much cash into the economy it will bounce fast and hard!  Cryptos, gold and silver will be the place to be since cryptos will be at their bottom and hyperinflation will begin.   Nobody will want cash at this point.  This will be the phase where the world’s currencies are burning as shown on the 1988 Economist cover!   This will be when they come out with FedCoin or some other Federal Reserve crypto coin to track everything and maintain control.  If you don’t have your debts paid off before the transition to this FedCoin, you’ll be destroyed.

I think he’s right about what he predicts here.  We know they would love to crash the market in the fall, right before the mid terms.  If I was evil I would do it in October for maximum effect on the elections.  God revealed to me last year they would crash the stock market to hurt Trump but it wouldn’t be as bad as the evil people wanted.  We haven’t had this crash yet so this fall would be a prime time for it.  This is basically what this man is saying in this video.  He says the economy will really turn around fast after this crash but it will lead to massive price inflation due to the Fed’s actions.  When the bounce off the bottom happens, this will be a huge boom time for cryptocurrencies, silver and gold.  Fortunes will be made for those who make the right moves.


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