Russian nuclear firm wins contracts to clean up Fukushima

Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom will help Japan in handling the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant (NPP) and will be engaged in the nuclear control plan, according to the company’s CEO Aleksey Likhachev.

“We have been engaged by Japan to implement the nuclear accident management plan at the Fukushima NPP. We have won two tenders and are going ahead,” Likhachev told Russia-24 news channel.

In September 2017, Rosatom’s First Deputy CEO Kirill Komarov said that Rosatom offered their Japanese counterparts assistance in cleaning up at the Fukushima NPP and in decommissioning other unsafe nuclear power plants.

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That followed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that Russia and Japan will start joint efforts to clean up after the accident.

The decommissioning of the wrecked Fukushima reactors could take several decades and cost $200 billion. Japan plans to restart 16 out of the 45 Fukushima-type reactors, while the others will be mothballed. The country intends to reduce the share of nuclear energy from 29 percent in 2011 to 21-22 percent by 2030.

The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant occurred in March 2011 when a massive tsunami triggered by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake overwhelmed the reactor cooling systems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in northeastern Japan. It caused reactor meltdowns, releasing radiation in the most dangerous nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986.

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Happy Toothpaste Recipe That Will Put Dentists Out of Business!

Honey, himalayan salt, baking soda, boron. (Feel free to swallow it, unlike conventional fluoride toothpaste, recommended by dentists, that could literally kill a small child if they ingest too much… it is hard to believe in this day, that dentists still recommend people brush their teeth with rat poison… fluoride, placing that industry itself into it’s own special hazard to public health and wellbeing.)

You can try equal amounts of the first three ingredients, followed by sprinkle of boron… then again, most people are deficient in boron their entire lives, soooooo…. 😉

By the way… the boron will make your teeth so hard (in tandem with alkalinity and minerals of the honey)….no more brittle teeth… your dentist might not be able to afford the lavish lifestyle for much longer… darn eh?)

Maybe you have heard baking soda is too abrasive for teeth… It is the alkalinity that is needed to protect enamel… brushing teeth is basically a gentle job, it is not like scrubbing floors to get them clean, it is more akin to wiping the counter. One Pleiadian Commander said he never brushes his teeth ever… only rinses. 😉

Honey: Chock full of minerals… and will help create a HEALTHY BIOFILM… something chemicals do not do. Realize that any toothpaste that does not put in a natural biofilm on the teeth, is not going to help you to naturally rebuild the enamel.

Himalayan salt: One of the great mineral salt sources for human health… spend the extra money and get the extra minerals.

Baking soda: Look at it this way… an acidic mouth means softer teeth, that will dissolve the teeth slowly but surely… an alkaline mouth means harder teeth.

Boron: From what I hear, the workers at the largest boron mine, remain healthy… no cancer, which is unusual for industrial mining. Also, have ever heard of someone dying from boron poisoning? Have you ever heard of boron building up in toixic amounts in the body? It doesn’t…. however simply just use a tiny bit if this is of concern, and continue to do research, so that you are comfy with what you are doing. 😉

How I do this?: I dip my tooth brush in honey… then I add sprinkle a premix of himalayan salt, baking soda, and boron… easy and it is fresh everytime.

What about coconut oil? While great for oilpulling, I do not like my toothbrush having an oily film on it, which doesn’t feel clean…. so leave the oil for the oilpulling.


Boron helps keep your teeth and gums healthy through reducing inflammation and improving bone and tissue repair. There’s an interesting study that came out in 2013 that found boron would helps the tooth building cells in such a way it’s believed thatboron could be used in bone and tooth tissue engineering.

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Robots Rising: How Artificial Intelligence Will Leave Many Human Beings ‘Obsolete’, Stealing Jobs And Leaving Them Impoverished, Homeless & Dying From Starvation

But then we would be faced with another problem, one we have failed to really think about. Automation, robots, AI (artificial intelligence) threaten to make most people obsolete, stealing their jobs and leaving them unemployed and impoverished, and, ultimately, homeless and starving. Eternal optimists assure us that robotics will eliminate menial, unpleasant, low-paying jobs but will somehow create other jobs. This is true up to a point, as robots will require computer software designers and maintenance people.

Also, automation will allow our companies making running shoes in Bangladesh to bring their factories back to the US, eliminating shipping costs, and replacing the foreign workers with robots and at least a handful of Americans to program and service the machines. But for every new job created, most available to the small subset of the population capable of mastering the required skills, several jobs will be lost…after all, that is the whole purpose of robotics, to save money for corporations by eliminating all those payrolls.

So far we have seen industrial robots assembling and welding, replacing workers on assembly lines, and computer filing and word-processing technology has replaced many clerical workers and secretaries. Old style telephone operators were replaced long ago by automation. One of the most available jobs today is driving vehicles, including delivery trucks, taxis, buses, trains, or big rigs, and driverless vehicle technology is advancing very, very fast.

Even for aircraft, fly by wire technology can evolve into real robot aircraft, even airliners. Automated tellers have replaced many human bank tellers. Stores and fast food restaurants are beginning to evolve into high-tech super vending machines, needing no clerks, cooks, dish washers, or waitresses. Farmers will have self-driving tractors and combine harvesters, and even jobs requiring sight, a delicate sense of touch, and precise hand movements, from picking fruit and vegetables to cleaning chicken or fish, will soon be automated.

It is all very well to say that these were often stressful, dirty jobs, often performed under poor working conditions, and it is true that human beings are not designed to perform menial, repetitive tasks for hours on end. We seem designed to do a variety of things with minimal supervision, the sort of work done by hunter-gatherers or subsistence fishermen, or to be writers, musicians, and artists. But there will not be a lot of paying positions in these fields. And we are clearly not designed to be idle.

Parasites are degenerate life forms; I spent years as a Social Security Claims Representative and a Welfare Department Eligibility Worker, and, believe me, fourth generation welfare recipients are parasites, and they are degenerates. If everyone had a guaranteed income with no work required, most people would go downhill rapidly. This is the “moral hazard” of a guaranteed minimum income. And could we, as a society, even afford to pay everyone enough to subsist on? I am assuming that simply allowing eighty percent or more of the population to fall into poverty and then starve to death is not an option. (And if they did, who would buy all the products churned out by the robots?)

Looked at one way, the costs would be astronomical. But our economy for many decades supported a thriving middle class. Our productivity is greater than ever, so it is obvious that we still can. But what entity will provide the funds, subject to what conditions? Almost certainly the government would have to do it, bringing us back to the socialism many of us wanted to escape. As the saying goes, a government that can give you anything can take everything. With most of the population dependent on the government, freedom could soon be lost. And whom would the government tax, if most citizens had no independent income?

At least part of the funds would have to come from increased corporate income taxes, another socialist relic many of us would like to abolish. Perhaps, as I have suggested previously, the government could do, officially, openly, and subject to strict limitations, what the major banks in the Federal Reserve system have been doing all along…create fiat money out of thin air. Like the present system, this would devalue the currency and act as a tax on everyone, only paid to the (presumably federal) government, not the banksters.

To reduce the moral hazard, to prevent the people from degenerating, perhaps government at every level could simply hire the people unable to get the few remaining jobs in the private sector…in other words, the overwhelming majority of the population. To do this, it might be necessary to make many workers do menial jobs like street cleaning or working in recycling centers and deliberately not automate the work. Others might become administrators. They might be required to work only ten or twenty years and then be retired on a pension equal to their pay while still working.

The idea is that they would have to do at least something to earn it all, and, hopefully, develop a work ethic and the habit of self-discipline. But this could as well be developed by hard study, home schooling or private schools. Young people would have to pass a difficult battery of tests to be granted an income. Perhaps people with higher scores, the equivalent of advanced academic degrees in real subjects, could be granted more income. Obviously, all such programs are vulnerable to fraud and to creeping political correctness and identity politics. Black militants and their leftist enablers would claim that objective tests are “racist.”

Even if such programs could be made to work, and massive expansions of government power, power that would inevitably be abused, could be avoided, the result would be a society very different from the present one, and having no real historic precedent. It is likely that the system could only afford to pay most people a minimal subsistence income. This might force grown children to do what many are already doing…continue to live with their parents.

But this might not be altogether a bad thing if they contributed both income and work to the household. And here may be a solution to the moral hazard, for people would be forced by hard economics to do much of their own home maintenance and grow part of their own food via intensive gardening. Thomas Jefferson envisioned an America comprised mainly of small farmers, largely independent and self-sufficient. Perhaps this might become a reality…sort of.

But there may be another way to finance a guaranteed minimum income, although it is illegal and we would have to have a revolution first. It has become increasingly obvious in recent years that most of the world’s super-rich billionaires, people like George Sauron and Bill and Melinda Gates, support every hard left policy imaginable. This includes the banksters and the CEOs and principal stockholders of corporations like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon…Jeff Bezos, famous for abusing his workers, owns the Washington Pest, a left wing rag.

About six major companies control most of the slimestream media, which preach the gospel according to Saint Marx. These fabulously wealthy people advocate an end to private property (just not their property) and the redistribution of income (except for their own income). But why not take these hypocrites at their word? Confiscate all their stocks in these companies and redistribute them evenly to ordinary citizens, who can then be paid the dividends. After all, it’s what the billionaires say that they want.

Robots And AI: The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk [Automation, Pt. 1] | AJ+ Docs

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Cancer affects all of us. Its growing pervasiveness forces us to think hard about the current state of health care and the future of medicine. Have any of these questions weighed on you? What is the cause of all cancers? What is cancer—a mutant cell, a virus, a mold or an acidic liquid? Is cancer a noun or is it actually an adjective that explains what’s happening to the body cells? Are tumors bad or good? These questions have certainly weighed on me.

Most of the last 30 years of my cancer research has been focused on what is happening to the cells as it pertains specifically to the environment around those cells. Because medicine should not solely focus on the diagnosis and treatment of a disease but also endeavor to prevent illness by the promotion of health and fitness. Why? Because disease is an illusion! In reality, what we call disease is the manifestation of the body struggling to prevent over-acidification/fermentation/breakdown of the body’s cells, tissues, organs or glands. Disease is the body in preservation mode straining to maintain the homeostasis of its internal, alkaline fluids.

Cancer and an alkaline body are often brought up in the same sentence. The question that always follows is can cancer survive in an alkaline environment.

All cells in the body have an optimal ph which is acid alkaline and an optimal temperature at which they function. If your body were to cool down to between 90 – 92 degrees you’re not going to be moving around.

Our bodies function best at a ph of 7.4 and when you get up to a ph of 7.5 or 7.6, cancer cells just can’t do their thing. Part of a cancer cells requirement is acid production and in an alkaline environment they can’t produce those acids.

As an example, remember when trying to stick your head out of the car window and the wind is pounding you in the face as you’re going 60 mph and you can’t breathe so you have to turn your head to the side. It’s the same thing for cancer cells, it’s too much alkalinity and they can’t handle it.

So What Is Cancer?
Cancer is the body attempting to maintain alkaline homeostasis. Cancer is the body in preservation mode trying to maintain its natural healthy alkaline design. So first, you must understand that cancer is unequivocally not a disease, but a symptom, or better yet an effect of gastrointestinal, respiratory, environmental and metabolic acids that build up in the blood and then thrown off into the tissues poisoning and suppressing our immune system, making it increasingly difficult to maintain the alkaline pH of the internal fluids of the body.

Cancer is not a cell, but an acidic, toxic liquid that spoils and degenerates the body cells that make up our tissues, organs and glands. This happens when toxic acidic waste products are not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination, which are urination, perspiration, respiration, and defecation.

Your body is like a car. You’re motor runs 24/7, which requires energy. And when energy is being used, a waste product is produced. Just like a car produces exhaust, your body produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, lactic acid, or uric acid when it uses energy. So acid is constantly being created by the body cells, which has to be eliminated. If not, it will cause cancer!

When energy is being used to think, to move, to breathe, at the same time an acidic waste product is being created. If the acid is not eliminated, it is pushed out into the connective tissue. It is your connective tissue that becomes the ‘acid catcher’ in order to maintain the purity and alkalinity of the blood. The blood has to maintain its purity and alkalinity. If the blood varies even just one-tenth of one point, from its healthy pH of 7.365, you can have ill effects. When the blood pH starts dropping or if it starts going up, the body will do whatever it can to maintain its delicate pH. This is very significant in order to understand the cause and treatment of cancer and why it’s not a cell but the spoiling of the cells by dietary and metabolic acids, which have not been properly eliminated through normal elimination. When you are enervated or fatigued you do not have the energy to move the acidic waste products out of the body to maintain the purity of the blood. When this happens the blood pushes these acidic waste products out into the connective and fatty tissues in order to preserve its alkaline 7.365 balance.

For example, when acidic waste elimination takes place through the mucus membrane of the nose, it is called a cold—catarrh of the nose. And when this crisis is repeated for years, the mucus membrane thickens and ulcerates, and the bones enlarge, closing the passages. At this stage hay fever, then asthma develop. When the tonsils or any other respiratory passages become the seat of the crisis of acidity then we have tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and finally cancer. You see, it’s progressive. It’s the same disease at different levels of acidity. All of these symptoms are happening in different progressions from the same thing—varying levels of acidosis.

Hence all cancerous conditions are the expulsion of acids from the blood and then the tissues, organs and glands and are essentially the same character evolving from the same cause, namely systemic acidosis—a crisis of toxemia.

Cancer is not a noun but an adjective expressing the process of cellular transformation. Sugar is the waste product. In fact, that’s why a banana gets sweeter and sweeter as it ferments. So sugar cravings are the body’s signal that the body needs more sustainable energy. However, sugar stimulates and gives the body a deceptive quick-fix—an illusion. Whereas salt provides the matrix of life and gives your body the rise in sustainable energy, over a longer period of time, without the high and extreme lows that come from eating an acid—whether it be sugar or any other acidic food or drink.

How Do I Fight Cancer?
If you don’t want cancer, if you want to prevent cancer, you have to eliminate your acidic wastes through defecation, urination, respiration or perspiration. Because cancer is not a cell, but a poisonous acidic liquid. A cancer cell is a cell that has been spoiled or poisoned by this acidic liquid—the metabolic, respiratory, environmental and/or gastrointestinal acids that are produced internally, or may be taken in via the lungs or skin. When this condition develops within us, the body will go into the preservation mode. One preservation tactic the body employs is to form fibrous materials, which cross-link, to encapsulate the spoiled cancerous cells, thus forming a protective tumor. Hence, the tumor is the body’s protective mechanism to encapsulate spoiled or poisoned acidic cells which have not been properly eliminated—isolating them from healthy cells that make up the tissues, organs and glands of the body.

So, the tumor is not the problem. Let the tumor go. Let it do its job. The focus must be placed not on the tumor but on the internal environment around the tumor, which is full of acidic cells. Think of any cancerous condition as a systemic acidic condition that affects first the weakest parts of the body.

The composition of our body fluids, that bath the outside of our cells, must be controlled very carefully from moment to moment and day to day with no single important constituent varying more than one percent. The good news is that this condition of health can be controlled and you can do it yourself!

All conditions of cancer potentially can be reversed if the treatments are focused on the fluids and not the cells of the body. Therefore it doesn’t matter what the cancerous condition is, because cancer is not the cause but the effect of an over-acidic lifestyle and diet which is the cause of cancer. You do not GET cancer, you DO cancer with your daily lifestyle and dietary choices!

The future is here and NOW. My hope is that The pH Miracle for Cancer will expand your knowledge and protect you from the acidic condition medical science calls cancer.

The pH miracle program follows the COWS protocol, which is.

C – Chlorophyll
O – Oils
W – Water
S – Salts

How much weight does the alkaline water trend really have in the medical world? Let’s take a closer look.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if all you had to do to avoid getting cancer was crack open a bottle of your favorite alkaline water and start chugging?
Jorge J. Nieva, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center of Keck Medicine of USC for his expertise insights.

The internet rumor is that cancer is caused by extra acidity in your body, and that by drinking alkaline water you can “neutralize” your body’s acidity. While we wish cancer prevention was that amazingly simple, science comes down on the side of “not very likely.”

Here, we dive deep into the reasons.

pH and Your Body

Healthy bodies have a pH of about 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. (In liquids, 7 is neutral, anything lower is acidic, while anything higher is alkaline or basic.) Your body is really good at maintaining that pH of 7.4. It has to be. “Your body’s PH is not going to change from 7.4 to 7.6, explains Dr. Nieva. “If it changes much out of that range, you’re in the ICU.”

“Your lungs and kidney don’t let your PH change; that’s what they do,” he explains. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most common acid in your body and is a constantly being produced by your cells. When you produce CO2 in excess (for example, after an intense workout), your body is designed to eliminate it. Your blood carries the acid away from your organs and you breathe the excess out of your lungs. That is why you breath faster when you exercise, it is to keep your body’s pH normal and remove the excess CO2. Your kidneys also get in on the act, eliminating acid in the urine, but at a much slower rate than your lungs.

So where did the idea come from that alkaline water can prevent cancer?

Cancer cells can’t live in a high alkaline environment and the immediate areas in your body surrounding the cancer cells can become acidic. The thinking follows that if your body is more alkaline, you won’t get cancer.

Wait, that sounds like fans of alkaline water may be onto something. They aren’t?

While cancer cells can’t survive in high alkaline environments, neither can any of the other cells in your body.

And while the tissues immediately surrounding the tumor are more acidic, it’s a result of the way it use oxygen and create energy, not because the tumor itself is inherently more acidic. Researchers don’t know exactly why this process happens and are studying it, as it may lead to the discovery of more effective cancer treatments.

Now onto alkaline water…

Everything you eat or drink goes straight your stomach, where it is greeted by your stomach acid, which has a pH of 3. It sounds redundant, but your stomach acid naturally has to be acidic to break down the food that you’ve eaten or liquid you’ve drunk. The acidity also makes your food sterile so that you don’t get infections from the bacteria on the surface of foods. From there, it’s onto your intestines where the whole mix gets neutralized back to slightly alkaline by your pancreatic secretions and enzymes. Your intestines are the great leveler and everything you eat ends up at the same pH, regardless of the pH it had while still on your plate or in your glass.

If you’ve been chugging alkaline water by the gallon, you’ll just pee it out in the end, anyway. “You take in alkaline water, you make alkaline urine,” Dr. Nieva says. “That’s all you’re going to do.”

Your body is an efficient machine and it’s designed to maintain a safe, slightly alkaline level of 7.4. The good news is, that unless you have a kidney problem, you’re not doing any harm by drinking alkaline water.

There’s so much information surrounding cancer and diet that it can be hard to separate the myths from the facts. That’s especially true when it comes to trendy diets.

The alkaline diet is one such trendy diet that often comes up in conversations about both cancer treatment and prevention.

What is the alkaline diet?

The alkaline diet is based on the theory that eating certain foods can change the body’s acid levels, also called the pH levels. Some believe that changing the body’s pH levels can improve your health and help you lose weight or even prevent cancer.

But there’s no way the foods you eat can alter the pH level of your blood. The body’s pH is a very tightly regulated system. If you change your diet, you may see changes in the pH of your saliva or urine because these are waste products, but there’s no way you could ever eat enough that it really impacts your blood.

What is alkaline water?

While we can’t comment on specific brands, most alkaline water is just like bottled water with different mineral content. Alkaline water also can’t change the pH of your blood.

What is the link between the alkaline diet and cancer?

Some studies have shown that acidic environments help cancer cells grow. So the idea is that a diet high in alkaline foods (high pH) and low in acidic foods will raise the body’s pH levels (make the body more alkaline) and prevent or even cure cancer.

It should be noted that these are studies of cancer cells in a dish and do not represent the complex nature of how tumors behave in the human body. And food cannot change the pH of your blood.

What should cancer patients know before changing their diets?

Research shows that there’s no one diet or food that can cure cancer. But proper nutrition can help you feel your best during cancer treatment – or at any time.

That’s why it’s so important to talk to a doctor or a dietitian before beginning a new diet. This is true regardless of whether you have cancer. Different diet plans work for different people, and your doctor or dietitian can help you determine if a new diet will help you reach your health goals.

Ask your doctor here to refer you to a clinical dietitian. Each clinic has an assigned dietitian who is available to help patients at all stages of cancer treatment.

Your dietitian can assess your nutrition and talk with you about your nutrition goals, which may change at different stages of treatment. Your dietitian can help limit your diet’s adverse effects on your treatment, minimize side effects and help you cope with new food sensitives that you’ve developed since your diagnosis.
Now, the most important piece is how to you make all the cells in your body alkaline. Well, you do that in a number of ways and the first place to start is nutrition and the food you’re putting in your mouth.

The more food you consume that is alkaline, the healthier you will be. Also, remember there are some foods that are acidic but once consumed become alkalizing in the body like lemons.

Alkaline Juice Cleanse Recipes

Our alkaline juice cleanse recipes provide a good way of helping your body to maintain a slightly alkaline state. Alkaline diet theory is gaining more and more attention every day and nutritionists are starting to take it much more seriously.

Our natural healthy state is a ph balance of 7.35-7.45, which is slightly alkaline. It’s known that when your body starts veering towards an acidic state it has to work extra hard to bring it back into a state that is slightly alkaline. One of the ways this is done is by sapping calcium reserves, as well as other minerals out of our bones in order to help buffer this imbalance.

Some nutritionists now, as well as many others are also seeing a link between acidity in our bodies and many poor health conditions that are plaguing our modern world. Many chronic health conditions are being connected to this acid/alkaline balance, and while there is still debate as to what the absolute truth is. There are many that are convinced that this imbalance is at the bottom of a myriad of health problems.

The alkaline juice recipes below use a good mix of vegetables and fruit that are known to be highly alkalizing for your body. Many alkaline juice recipes use fruit that is higher in sugar, which according to the top researchers in this field are acidic due to this sugar content. In keeping in tune with this, I have done my absolute best to use only alkaline ingredients that are lower in sugar and that are also found in the lists of the top authorities relating to this field.

Carrots and coconut juice have been found by many authorities in this field to be among the few types of fruit and vegetables with sugar to have an overall alkalizing effect once inside of the body. For this reason I have chosen to include them in some of the alkaline juice recipes that are listed here.

(If you are looking for a way to get alkaline more optimally, you should really consider The Complete Guide To Doing A 7 Day Juice Cleanse. Our eBook provides a whole lot of value, and will give you all of the information you need to do a good alkaline juice cleanse.)

If you have any questions or comments at all please feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

For specific instructions how to prepare your produce for our juice cleanse recipes click here!

Recipe #1.

Tropical Alkaline Breeze

Simple recipe.

1 Young thai coconut
8 Carrots
2 Stalks Celery

If you want something more precise.

Young thai coconut juice= 11 ounces juice
(4 and 1/2 cups carrots chopped) Carrots= 9 ounces juice
(1 and 1/2 cups chopped) Celery= 4 ounces juice

Yields about 24 ounces of juice.

This alkaline juice cleanse recipe makes a moderately sweet juice that is just awesome! When using the young coconut you do not juice any of the actual flesh. You simply open the coconut and then pour the coconut water into your juice mix. Happy juicing!

Recipe #2.

Refreshing Green Energy

Simple recipe.

1/2 Bunch (7 leaves) Kale
1 Large handful Basil
1 Cucumber
2 Stalks (bulb part leaves included) Fennel
4 Large Carrots
1 Knuckle Ginger

If you want something more precise.

(2 and 1/2 cups chopped) Kale= 2 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Basil= 1 and 1/2 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Cucumber= 6 ounces juice
(1 cup chopped) Fennel= 3 ounces juice
(3 cups chopped) Carrots= 7 ounces juice
(1 and 1/2 inch square) Ginger= under an ounce of juice

Yields about 20 and 1/2 ounces of juice.

When it comes to the fennel in this juice you want to cut two stalks including the bulb part on the bottom. This will give you the stalks, leafy part, and the bulb part. This recipe is among the alkaline juice cleanse recipes that creates more of a vegetable juice, which is not really sweet at all. The flavors do balance each other out well though and this juice is lower on the glycemic index. This juice is also very alkalizing and makes a great addition to an alkaline diet.

The kale we used when creating this recipe was a curly variety of kale, but you can use whatever type of kale you like.

Recipe #3.

The Green Cooler

Simple recipe.

3 Ounces fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice
1 Juice of Coconut
1 Large Cucumber

If you want something more precise.

3 ounces fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice
8 and 1/2 ounces coconut juice(water)
(2 cups chopped) Cucumber= 6 and 1/2 ounces juice

Yields about 18 ounces of juice.

This alkaline juice cleanse recipe makes a juice that’s not really sweet, yet you can taste the coconut and wheatgrass juice through the cucumber. Young coconut juice generally is much better than the typical coconut juice, but I did not have access to that when I made this juice. Whatever type of coconut you have will work as it will still contribute to the alkalinity of this juice recipe when it comes to alkaline juice recipes and also juice cleanse recipes in general. You have to be creative as you want to keep them lower in sugar, yet also tasty enough to enjoy. I compiled a start to finish picture below of my little adventure on the morning this juice was made. I just love making myself a nice tall alkaline juice in the morning! What a way to start the day!


Recipe #4.

The Mini Super Alkaline Juice!

Simple recipe.

1/2 Large Cucumber
4 Stalks Celery
1/2 Large Lemon (or 2 small lemons)

If you want something more precise.

(2 cups chopped) Cucumber= 6 ounces juice
(2 cups chopped) Celery= 5 ounces juice
(3/4 cup chopped) Lemon= 1 and 1/2 ounces juice

Yields 12 and 1/2 to 13 ounces of juice.

As far as alkaline juice cleanse recipes go, this one definitely has a lemony juice taste to it. The cucumber, as well as being very alkaline, helps to level out the flavor though and makes this an easy juice to enjoy. When juicing the lemons, use the entire lemon (peel and all)!

Cucumber, celery, and lemon alkaline juice cleanse recipe


Recipe #5.

Leafless Alkaline Salad Juice

Simple recipe.

3 Heads Broccoli
8 Carrots
3 Stalks Celery
1/2 Large Cucumber

If you want something more precise.

(5 cups chopped) Broccoli= 8 and 1/2 ounces juice
(4 cups chopped) Carrots= 9 ounces juice
(1 and 3/4 cups chopped) Celery= 5 ounces juice
(1 and 3/4 cups chopped) Cucumber= 4 ounces juice

Yields about 26 and 1/2 ounces of juice.

Alkaline juice cleanse recipes need to tie together nutritious alkaline ingredients in a way that is palatable. This juice makes a very nutritious alkaline blend and is also easy to drink.

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Ask Me Anything With The Real Q! Interview with Defango and Dreamcatcher

I’m Sorry to all the people that got suckered in to the Q anon phenomena. As could have been understood earlier, it all turned out to be a a psychological operation. Meet the perpetrators in this interview.

This is a reupload of the interview myself and Dreamcatcher did on Pulse change! The backup channel for We are change. This is what was going down today in defango land. We finally passed all the good information and evidence to Jason Burmans and he’s going to ask us about Q.

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No-Touch Microwave Torture by Electronic Harassment—New Socio-Criminal Problem of Global Proportions

Open the Video This is the full version of the presentation that Dr. Matthew Aaron gave at the 1st Annual Unity & Hope Conference for Targeted Individuals in Boston, MA, Oct. 21, 2017. Dr. Aaron’s talk considers electronic harassment, an atrocious crime that can manifest itself as a within-community form of high-tech terrorism. Electronic harassment (EH) involves the use of energy-emitting devices to inflict discomfort and pain, and sometimes, severe physiological effects on targeted individuals (TIs). EH can be carried out by a single perpetrator, acting alone. However, like organized stalking (OS), EH tends to relentlessly follow a victim, so it seems to be generally carried out by an organized group of perpetrators, who conspire to single out and harm their targeted victim.

There is a large degree of consensus in the TI Community that EH is facilitated by two types of enabling technologies: directed-energy weapons (DEWs) and through-the-wall surveillance (TWS) technology. Dr. Aaron’s presentation is organized into four parts: (1) possible technologies, criminal actors, and motives behind EH; (2) bio-effects of EH; (3) costs to society of EH, economic and otherwise; (4) key issues related to how we might start counteracting this new crime. Part 1 highlights include: Review of so-called sonic attacks on U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Cuba; and summary (and photos) of alleged black-market drywall with embedded EM transmission medium / waveguide system, which is allegedly used for painful and debilitating microwave attacks in hotel rooms and rental apartments in Vancouver, BC, Canada (this illegal material was encountered in: Apt. 1501 at 1189 Howe Street; Room 2209 of the Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites, 1763 Comox Street; and the apartment of a Maison d’Etre employee living in Hornby Court Apts., 1330 Hornby Street).

Part 1 also shows the likely organizational structure of an OS/EH network, and a conceptual map of the growth and interconnections of local and regional organized crime groups involved in OS/EH. Part 2: List of most often-reported bio-effects of EH, indicating alleged bio-effects with and without support from the biomedical literature; photos of 12 different radio wave/microwave injuries (on 7 different victims), including burns, bruises, inflammation, swelling, and apparent connective tissue damage; photos of perpetrators / domestic terrorists in 1190 Hornby Street (members of the Vancouver Microwave Terror Organization); details of 2 directed-energy attacks (from a large, witnessed beam weapon – likely a high-power microwave generator) into 1501-1189 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada on December 20, 2015, showing schematic of beam cross-section after-image burned into victim’s visual field and waveguide impressions dielectrically flash-burned and frozen into solarium window; scientific explanation of the microwave auditory effect and V2K; scientific hypothesis for visual perceptual effects from harassment with modulated radio frequency energy; and scientifically based discussion of why EH is not capable of remotely injecting thoughts directly into the mind, or extracting thoughts from the mind.

Part 3: Discussion of the general costs to society imposed by OS/EH. These include: lost work productivity and ruined careers; destabilized families; huge cost of suicides; tremendous costs of racketeering activities facilitated by OS/EH; costs to taxpayers of unnecessary psychiatric holds; lost confidence in police, healthcare, and government; opening of a gateway to pervasive corruption; subversion of the rule of law and the Constitution; and the tacit endorsement of sadistic, criminal behavior, and violence.

Part 4: The biggest hurdles on the road to exposure and justice are: the failure of modern psychiatry in relation to the rapid expansion of technology; the lack of traditional types of forensic evidence; the intrinsic double-sided deniability of directed-energy assaults; and the complexities and nuances of the “wicked problem” that EH has become.

Dr. Aaron explores these important issues. He encourages government to take swift and decisive action to counteract this problem (or pay the much greater cost of addressing the problem down the road). Organized stalking and electronic harassment pose existential threats to the rule of law and even the security and stability of modern democratic countries.

The only viable solution is deterrence. After introducing Glendon Scott Crawford (KKK member) and Eric J. Feight, who were sentenced to federal prison for trying to build a DEW from an industrial-grade X-ray machine, Dr. Aaron discusses how OS/EH will never slow down, unless the criminal leaders and orchestrating perpetrators know the threat of extreme criminal penalties (lengthy prison sentences and forfeiture of assets).

Strong counter-action like this will serve as an effective deterrence for would-be perpetrators (Lunney, Podmore).

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Dining with Leviathan The Feast of the Beast with David Carrico 1 18 2019

Where is Leviathan and what are the Kabbalists planning?

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Retired climate scientist-turned-skeptic says global warming narrative is completely bogus

(Natural News) It isn’t a popular position to take these days, but that doesn’t seem to bother Dr. Anastasios Tsonis, a retired professor of climate studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who contends that so-called “global warming” – at least in the way that climate fanatics tend to talk about it – is largely a myth.

In his view, accepting the official global warming narrative hook, line, and sinker is rather foolish because the issue is far too complicated to pigeonhole as an entirely human-caused phenomenon that can only be stopped by restricting people’s personal freedoms and taxing them to death.

A recent essay he wrote explains some of his reasoning for rejecting the prevailing climate change positions held by others in his field, which largely posit that too much carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are rapidly priming the planet for a global warming catastrophe in the very near future.

“Climate is too complicated to attribute its variability to one cause,” says Dr. Tsonis. “We first need to understand the natural climate variability (which we clearly don’t; I can debate anybody on this issue). Only then we can assess the magnitude and reasons of climate change.”

Be sure to follow the latest climate news at
No, the science isn’t settled on climate change

Despite claims by NBC News and others that the “science is settled” on climate change – as well as completely absurd claims that natural CO2 is somehow a “pollutant” – Dr. Tsonis reveals that this is hardly the case.

If science were settled, then we should go pack things up and go home,” Dr. Tsonis writes, explaining how there’s a multitude of factors that influence climate fluctuations – many of which are completely independent of human influence.

“It is my educated opinion that many forces have shaped global temperature variation,” he contends.

“Human activity, the oceans, extraterrestrial forces (solar activity and cosmic rays) and other factors are all in the mix … We should be skeptical of claims that the science of a complicated and unpredictable system is settled.”

For more news about global warming, be sure to check out
Man-made climate change is still just a theory, not irrefutable fact

It’s important to note that Dr. Tsonis isn’t necessarily claiming that human activity has no effect whatsoever on climate conditions. But if humans are causing the planet to warm in any way, this impact is minimal at best, as science has yet to definitively prove that CO2, cow “farts,” cars, or any of the other bogeymen are substantially impacting global temperature averages.

He also stresses that consensus, or the idea that simply having a large number of scientists in agreement about man-made climate change, is not the same thing as science.

“Very often, when I talk to the public or the media about global warming (a low-frequency positive trend in global temperature in the last 120 years or so), they ask me the unfortunate question if I ‘believe’ in global warming,” Dr. Tsonis writes.

“And I say ‘unfortunate’ because when we are dealing with a scientific problem ‘believing’ has no place. In science, we either prove or disprove. We ‘believe’ only when we cannot possibly prove a truth.”

This is an issue not only pertaining to climate change and global warming, but also to many other areas of science – including so-called science that pushes all vaccines as safe and effective when there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary.

“I am a skeptic not just about global warming, but also about many other aspects of science,” says Dr. Tsonis.

“We may form an opinion based on the existing scientific evidence in hand, current knowledge, possible theories and hypotheses … The fact that scientists who show results not aligned with the mainstream are labeled deniers is the backward mentality. We don’t live in medieval times.”
Science has been seriously compromised by the climate change agenda

Dr. Tsonis believes there are essentially three schools of thought when it comes to climate change – those who believe mankind is causing it, those who don’t, and those who are merely skeptical – and that all of the infighting between these variant schools of thought has compromised the totality of science on the matter.

“I usually don’t bother with pseudo-scientists, media and ignorant people abusing the freedom of the Internet by writing and posting nonsense comments,” Dr. Tsonis says.

“But I have grown wary of what is going on with the debate on the overblown and misdirected issue of global warming – a case in point being ‘Meet the Press’ host Chuck Todd saying he will no longer give time to global warming ‘deniers’ and also that the ‘science is settled.’”

Be sure to read Dr. Tsonis’ full analysis of the climate change debate at

You can also read more about how climate fanatics are trying to “fix” global warming by spraying our skies with “chemtrails” at

Sources for this article include:

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Hilarious: Scientific study of fake news RETRACTED because it was found to be fake science

(Natural News) In yet another embarrassing and ironic example of fake science going viral, a study published last year in the Journal of Human Behavior that claimed too many people these days are spreading fake news on social media was recently retracted after it was discovered that the paper contained fake data, presumably aimed at perpetuating the false narrative that fake news influenced Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential win.

The researchers behind the now-debunked study tried to claim at the time that people’s short attention spans, as well as “information overload,” both contribute to an epidemic of fake news being shared on social media platforms like Facebook – which, as we reported around the same time, is itself guilty of spreading fake news in the name of supposedly trying to fight it.

According to reports, major errors in the retracted study led co-author Filippo Menczer, a professor of informatics and computer science at Indiana University, and his colleagues to falsely conclude that the spread of fake news on social media is much more problematic than it actually is – in effect debunking the mythical rumor that then-candidate Donald Trump somehow “stole” the election by employing Russian bots to spread fake news online.

“Last spring, the researchers discovered the error when they tried to reproduce their results and found that while attention span and information overload did impact how fake news spread through their model network, they didn’t impact it quite enough to account for the comparative rates at which real and fake news spread in real life,” wrote Lilly Dancyger in an article for Rolling Stone that was also published by the New York Post.

“They alerted the journal right away, and the journal deliberated for almost a year whether to issue a correction or a retraction, before finally deciding on Monday to retract the article.”

When asked to comment about the discovery, Menczer told Rolling Stone that it was “embarrassing,” but also tried to claim that “errors occur,” and that “of course when we find them we have to correct them.” He went on to insist that, despite the errors resulting in his paper’s retraction, the findings are still somehow true, simply because he says they are.

“The results of our paper show that in fact the low attention span does play a role in the spread of low-quality information, but to say that something plays a role is not the same as saying that it’s enough to fully explain why something happens. It’s one of many factors,” Menczer is quoted as saying.

Menczer further told Rolling Stone that he and his colleagues are planning to conduct another study evaluating the role that bots play in the spread of fake news on social media – as if his previous paper’s failure wasn’t embarrassing enough.

“We found that bots can play a very important role in amplifying the spread” of fake news, Menczer insists, adding that their purpose is “specifically to spread low-quality information.”
Another study published more recently found that fake news isn’t as common as “resistance” claims

Meanwhile, another study published by Science Magazine just a few weeks ago came to the exact opposite conclusion of Menzcer’s, revealing that fake news really isn’t as problematic as the resisters claim it is.

This particular peer-reviewed paper found that misinformation campaigns online are not as prevalent as some people claim, and that “[t]he vast majority of Facebook users in our data did not share any articles from fake news domains in 2016 at all.”

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DARPA Proposes Giving Life To An All-Seeing Artificial Intelligence “THAT CAN MONITOR THE ENTIRE WORLD”

DARPA already has a reputation as the mad scientist lab of the defense industry (even if they try to deny their work on metahumans or cyborgs), but their previous projects pale in comparison to the sheer scope of their newest artificial intelligence proposal: KAIROS, short for “Knowledge-directed Artificial Intelligence Reasoning Over Schemas.” Its purpose? To gaze at the reams of information coming in from all corners of the world to identify patterns and trends that could lead to terrorist attacks, fiscal crises, or other large-scale cataclysmic phenomena.

Many companies (and state intelligence agencies) have dealt with the rise of “Big Data” by utilizing artificial intelligence to sift through all the noise to find useful information.

Unfortunately, AI still has trouble seeing the big picture, especially when it comes to patterns that are obvious to humans. As DARPA program manager Dr. Boyan Onyshkevych describes it: “The process of uncovering relevant connections across mountains of information and the static elements that they underlie requires temporal information and event patterns, which can be difficult to capture at scale with currently available tools and systems.”

So KAIROS is going to have to teach itself, first by learning what “schemas” are. In this case, schemas are like little narratives that help organize different events into recognizable patterns, like the process of going to the store and buying milk because you’re thirsty. After building up an archive of recognized schemas, KAIROS will then need to start applying its knowledge to new data, eventually learning to recognize schemas and predict outcomes. Of course, the “new data” that it will be shown could be nearly anything, even seemingly random information.

If KAIROS does its job correctly, however, it should be able to make sense out of the chaos and pick out any hidden patterns, essentially allowing it to get a finger on the pulse of current events… Or even predict what will happen next.

You can read the official DARPA press release here.

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Tycoons want to convert Russian strategic bomber into a supersonic business jet Wealthy businessmen from the Middle East, Australia, and Greece, have asked Russian aerospace and defense company Tupolev to turn the Tu-160 strateg...
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