7 Alternative Types of Search Engines You’ve Never Heard Of

Google already makes up approximately 40 percent of the internet.

It is by far the most popular search engine. And yet, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only search engine.

A growing number of people have become fed up with the monopoly of Google. That’s why people want to know about the other types of search engines which are available.

If you want to learn about alternative search engines, read the blog post below. Here we go!

  1. Ecosia – the Eco-Friendly Search Engine

The rate of deforestation is horrifying if you care about the environment. There is more than one soccer pitch of forest lost every second.

Deforestation contributes to global warming and destroys the habitats of a wide variety of wildlife. Therefore, we should everything we can to plant more trees.

That’s what the search engine Ecosia does. The ad profits generated by the search engine are invested in programs planting trees everywhere from Peru to Indonesia.

This is a search engine which has the capacity to do good for society like no other. Ecosia is available on either your desktop, laptop or your smartphone (both iOS and Android) as an app.

  1. Qwant – the Privacy Search Engine

Over three-quarters of Americans report privacy concerns during online activities.

Even though Google has made efforts to improve user privacy data access, Qwant takes this more seriously than most of the other search engines. As they put they are “the search engine that respects your privacy.”

You’re provided with numerous privacy tools to manage your data. Of course, your searches are not tracked either. Qwant uses Microsoft Bing technology.

You can search according to music, shopping, images and more, which provide an efficient and convenient search experience.

Even when you register with Qwant, cookies won’t track your browsing activities. If you cancel the account, the data is automatically deleted.

  1. SearchTeam – the Collaborative Search Engine

Even though there are many essential tools provided by Google for collaborative and team efforts, the search engine does not facilitate teamwork.

When you’re working together as a group to search for the same (or similar) information, then tracking your shared search history makes for a more effective search.

Are you planning a vacation together as a family? Are you running a project with your work colleagues? SearchTeam is an excellent alternative search engine for such niche tasks.

However, the disadvantage is that you have to pay for it, unlike other search engines. If you’re interested, you can enjoy a stripped down trial version before paying to subscribe.

  1. Kiddle – the Child Safe Search Engine

Over 76 percent of parents are concerned about child safety online. Google allows users to add safe searches. However, Kiddle is a dedicated child safety search engine.

If you want to know your child can’t access inappropriate material through a search engine, then Kiddle is perfect for you. It’s also got kid-friendly visuals, such as big fonts and bright colors.

Even when you search for complex “adult” subjects, such as Brexit or Healthcare, child-friendly answers come up. This makes Kiddle great for child education too.

  1. JustWatch – the Streaming Search Engine

Everyone knows the feeling. You’re searching through Netflix, then Amazon Prime and then HBO to find something to watch.

By the time you’ve found something to please everyone, you can’t be bothered to watch anything anymore.

You would never think to turn to a search engine to solve this problem. But JustWatch provides you with everything you need to know about what’s streaming right now.

How can I watch season 4 of The Wire? Can I stream 1981’s the Raiders of the Lost Ark?

You can discover this and more on JustWatch. The niche search engine also allows you to set your preferences according to your genres of choice and ratings.

You download the app for your smartphone or tablet on Andriod and iOS as well.

  1. Yippy – the Organized Search Engine

Are you a neat freak? If you feel overwhelmed by the search engine results provided by Google.

Then, Yippy may provide you with an organized results page which you can really get the heart of what you’re looking for.

Yippy – previously known as Clutsy – combines the power of several search engines to produce results which can be categorized.

For example, when you search the word “house”, you’ll be suggested categories which include; white house, house prices, and neighborhood.

Learn more about alternatives to Google services and products beyond the search engine.

  1. Giphy – the GIF Search Engine

Around 63 percent of Americans are GIF users. Sometimes GIFs can say what you want to say better than any words could. They’re also a lot of fun!

However, do you ever struggle to find the perfect GIF for the occasion? Do you worry that your GIF game isn’t always up to scratch?

Mad at your friend’s stupidity? So excited about your birthday? Whatever you’re feeling, there’s a GIF out there for it.

Giphy is a dedicated GIF search engine. If the GIF exists, then you can be pretty confident that you’re going to be able to find it on Giphy.

More Types of Search Engines

Are you sick and tired of always turning to Google when you need an answer?

Whether you’re concerned about your privacy or you want to live more ecologically, then there are many types of search engines for any need.

We don’t just love alternative search engines. We’re all about the weird, wonderful and alternatives at Weirdomatic.

Want to read more blog posts like this one? Check out these alternative sports which you need to see to believe.

Weirdomatic is the place where all weird things come to life through the amazing world of photographs – a corner of our wild imagination or the whimsical face of the reality?

Source: https://weirdomatic.com/7-alternative-types-of-search-engines-youve-never-heard-of.html

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Venezuela – Journalists Doubt Guaidó’s Legitimacy – Regime Change Plans Continue

On February 23 the U.S. created a ‘humanitarian aid’ stunt at the border between Colombia and Venezuela. The stunt ended in a riot during which the supporters of the self declared ‘president’ Guaidó burned the trucks that where supposed to transport the ‘aid’. Even the New York Times had to admit that.

The riots also marked the day that Guaidó lost the legal argument he had used to make himself ‘interim president’.

Guaido also lost his original legal position. He claimed the presidency on January 23 under this paragraph of article 233 of the Venezuelan constitution:

    When an elected President becomes permanently unavailable to serve prior to his inauguration, a new election by universal suffrage and direct ballot shall be held within 30 consecutive days. Pending election and inauguration of the new President, the President of the National Assembly shall take charge of the Presidency of the Republic.

That the "elected President becomes permanently unavailable" was never the case to begin with. But if article 233 would apply Guaido would have had 30 days to hold new elections. The 30 days are over and Guaido did not even call for elections to be held. He thereby defied the exact same paragraph of the constitution that his (false) claim to the presidency is based on.

The hapless coup plotters in Washington DC were finally put on notice that the issue creates a legal problem for them. During a March 15 press briefing Elliott Abrams, the U.S. Special Representative for Venezuela, was asked about the issue:

QUESTION: [C]ould you explain to us the article under which Mr. Guaido declared himself president? It is said that it has expired last month. Could you explain that to us? What is the --

MR ABRAMS: As to the Venezuelan constitution, the National Assembly has passed a resolution that states that that 30-day period of interim presidency will not start ending or counting until the day Nicolas Maduro leaves power. So the 30 days doesn’t start now, it starts after Maduro. And they – that’s a resolution of the National Assembly.

A resolution of the National Assembly, which the Supreme Court of Venezuela holds in contempt over the seating illegally elected persons, can change the country’s constitution? That does not sound convincing to me. The journalists in the briefing were equally curious of how the rules could be changed like that during the ongoing game:

Q: When did they – they did that after he --
A: They did that – this is roughly a month ago. We could try to find the date for you.
Q: When he was – when he was – took the mantle of interim president, that wasn’t there.
A: Yes, when – that’s correct. And so people --
Q: Can you do that ex post facto like that?
A: When people ask a question how do --
Q: That seems to be like saying I was elected for four years to be president, and then two years in you change the rules so that your term didn’t start – hasn’t even started yet. How does that happen?
A: Well, you don’t get a vote because you’re not in the National Assembly.
Q: Well, you don’t. You’re not in the National Assembly either.
Q: If it matters, does the U.S. view that as constitutional under their system?
A: Yes. I mean, we’re taking the – the National Assembly is the only legitimate democratic institution left in Venezuela, and their interpretation of the constitution, as you know, is that as of the date of this alleged term for Maduro, the presidency is vacant. But they have also said that that 30-day period starts when Maduro goes.
Q: So Juan Guaido is the interim president of an interim that doesn’t exist yet?
A: The 30-day end to his interim presidency starts counting. Because he’s not in power, that’s the problem. Maduro is still there. So they have decided that they will count that from when he actually is in power and Maduro’s gone. I think it’s logical.
Q: So then he really isn’t interim president, then?
A: He is interim president, but he’s not --
Q: With no power.
A: -- able to exercise the powers of the office because Maduro still is there.
Q: So their interpretation is that until and unless he actually has the power to run the country, he’s not actually the interim president?
A: No. Their interpretation is that the constitution requires a 30-day interim period, but it – those 30 days should not be counted while Maduro is still there exercising the powers of his former office.

Here is a video of the exchange. (Abrams seems to be lying about the alleged National Assembly resolution.)

The legal argument Abrams produced lacks logic and clearly contradicts the wording of the constitution quoted above.

The elected president has not become unavailable. Maduro was sworn in for his second term on January 10. If the underlying argument is that Maduro was illegally elected to his second term, Guaidó should have declared himself 'interim president' on the day Maduro's first term ended, January 10, not some random 13 days later.
The constitution says that an election shall be held within 30 days after the elected president becomes unavailable. If the argument is that Maduro was illegally elected to his second term, the 30 days started on January 10. If the National Assembly changed that "roughly a month ago" it must have been after the time had run out.
In the constitution the election within 30 days is the precondition for the existence of the 'interim president', not the other way around: "Pending election and inauguration of the new President, the President of the National Assembly shall take charge ..."

With no election pending within 30 days there can be no ‘interim president’ – with power or without.

The legal subterfuge Abrams is using would not convince any serious court. It is of course well known that Abram’s has little regard for the law. He was convicted for lying to Congress in two cases. But the issue will matter.

The U.S. seized Venezuelan assets, especially the Citgo refineries which are in financial trouble. The U.S. is trying to move all the valuable assets towards Guaidó to finance the next phased of its ‘regime change’ plan. Bondholders of Citgo will likely contest these impoundments and transfers of assets in court. There the argument Abrams made is not going to be a winning one.

The first round of the U.S. ‘regime change’ change attempt in Venezuela failed but it is far from over. The State Department alone foresees to spend $500 million more on it:

The Fiscal Year 2020 budget request includes funding to support democracy in Venezuela and provides the flexibility to make more funds available to support a democratic transition, including up to $500 million in transfer authority.

The CIA and the Pentagon will have made much larger budget requests even while an invasion of Venezuela continues to be unlikely.

In August last year so called Venezuelan army defectors attempted to kill Maduro with drones carrying explosives during a military ceremony. CNN talked with them. The men say they trained in Colombia and met at least three times with U.S. officials. It is likely that such assassination attempts, undoubtedly organized by the CIA, will continue.

In preparation of the ‘humanitarian aid’ stunt the U.S. had asked Brazil to use military force to bring in the ‘aid’ into Venezuela and to allow a U.S. presence at the border. The far-right President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil supported that but the military of Brazil, which holds significant power in the cabinet, vetoed it (in Portuguese).

Bosonaro is currently in Washington to meet President Trump. He also made an unusual visit to the CIA headquarter likely to review plans for future operations in Venezuela:

A senior U.S. administration official briefing reporters on condition of anonymity, noted that Brazil has a close relationship with Venezuela’s military and may be able to serve as a go-between with the security forces that continue to support Maduro.
“We have to sort Venezuela out,” Bolsonaro said. “We cannot leave them the way they are. We have to free the nation of Venezuela.”

That a Brazilian President visits the CIA, the agency responsible for violent coups and brutal dictatorships in Latin American is disgusting. Many people in Brazil will dislike it. Supporting a CIA coup in a neighboring country is worse. It’s hard to sink any lower.

The government of Venezuela is preparing to resists the next phase of the U.S. regime change attempt. It will export more of its oil to Russia which continues to be willing to pay for it.

After the large electricity outage and other sabotage attempts the situation in Venezuela is back to normal. No one is starving even as prices are high.

President Maduro asked his cabinet to resign. The new government and its tasks will be re-configured to resist better to U.S. pressure and the upcoming additional sanctions.

This will be a long fight.

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NZ Mosque Shooting Vid An SFX Production Why The Video Is Now Poison And Being Deleted

The ‘live mosque shooting’ and video was a False Flag event made with the extensive use of SFX and CGI.

The people in the mosque were killed (or posed) before airing the ‘live event’ either onsite or off-site.
This ‘Blair Witch Project’ sort of short film is a COINTELPRO production. The video was intentionally filmed
In a ‘First Person’ gamer style to give the viewer a dynamic and dramatic ‘gamer’ feel to the video.

The ‘live event’ was likely shot in front of green screen aided by SFX CGI editing software which explains
how ejected brass casings VANISHED before hitting the ground! This stunning proof was discovered by a
sharp video analyst and posted today. Unfortunately, the Supreme Soviet has already forced many postings
of the ‘vanishing brass’ video to be removed from the net.

A second video taken from in front of the ‘woman’ NZ Prime Minister walking toward the cam shows, unequivocally,
that PM Ardern has a large, pronounced bulge of MALE genitalia protruding from his-her groin area. Like Michelle Michael Obama
…we have yet another Tranny. Take a look!


It’s a Tranny World and don’t forget how John Podesta was in New Zealand just 4 days before the mosque shootings.
He actually called NZ ‘A JUICIER TARGET’ for terrorists. Here is that video of Pizza Podesta…note the shot of Podesta’s wildly
FIDGETING hands while he is making his statement…at 1:18 into the video…

John Podesta’s Creepy New Zealand Statements

Another, earlier, smart phone video placed on an 8chan board clearly showed two additional shooters running away.

Look at it the Rense analysis of the 8chan video and see for yourself !!!


DARPA’s Lifelog 2.0 – aka Facebook – was the official broadcaster of the event which is why the ‘live feed’ was never interrupted.
After the video was out in the public just long enough to get the desired effect on the human psyche, the internet-wide AI
scrub of the video commenced and FB alone removed over 1.5 million posts of the shooting video.

The support of the videos after their release was given to the now, obvious, transexual NZ PM who has been given
the supporting role of his lifetime. The NZ PM gives legitimacy of the event. To help aide in the fastest coverup possible, the
transexual PM immediately ordered totalitarian Soviet STASI measures to punish with 10-15 YEARS in prison for anyone who
who simply HAS a copy of the film on their computer! Or, apparently, for anyone who challenges the authenticity of the video.

Transexual PM Ardern will oversee the complete totalitarian gun confiscation over all New Zealand under the threat
of EXTREME imprisonment…and might possibly have police shoot to kill a few gun owners to make examples out of anyone who resists.

The Tranny PM will also use the ‘live event’ to push through implementation of new totalitarian, draconian hate speech laws.

Such new laws will no doubt ban ANY form of criticism of Islam, Zionism, minorities and LGBTQ people under the threat of long term prison sentences, leading to eventual death sentences in the future.

Who won’t be protected by any new hate speech laws? Whites and especially White Christian Men and Women. Whites are NEVER included in any form of protection laws because doing so runs counter to the worldwide white Christian genocide ethnic cleansing agenda now taking place under the supervision of World Zionism.

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