4Chan: Saudi Purge Tied Directly to Vegas Massacre

The Saudi Connection to the Las Vegas Masscare False Flag is getting more interesting by the day. Here is a very interesting post from a 4Chan Insider that seems to know a lot of Behind the Scenes information about the incidence. For example, this Insider claims there were over 20 Assassins in Play and there were 2 Shooters in the Room with Paddock.

No wonder the FBI and CIA are colluding to keep all of this undercover.

Crash Call About Las Vegas / Saudi Arabia Connection

This video confirms the same information about the Saudi Connection.

If this information ever got out and made it to CNN it would be the end of the someone’s career and perhaps worse.

Could this man be the Prince of Arabia himself? Gambling undercover in Las Vegas in the Tropicana? The similarities between the man in the back of the SWAT team and the Prince are eerily strange.

Prince Salman meeting with Overlord Zuckerberg


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