5G Kills Bees Now, Will Sterilize Entire USA for Chinese!

5G Kills Bees Now, Will Sterilize Entire USA for Chinese!, Totalrehash.com

5G is killing bees now!  See the proof in the video below.

I’ve already decided that I will never own a 5G capable phone.  It’s my line in the sand since we now know from the following interview that Eric Schmidt did a deal with the Chinese where the 5G would be used to sterilize everybody in the USA and then the Chinese would send in his indestructible Atlas robots to take our guns.  This plan has NOT been stopped by Trump.  There is no “good” version of 5G!   I urge all patriots to let their carriers know that they won’t be buying any 5G phone or paying for any 5G services.  

If you buy a 5G phone and don’t warn others, you’re the reason we keep getting abused by these demons!    If you’re not willing to go without 5G then just join the Illuminati!

Here the plan by Eric Scmidt to rule the world after the 5G sterilizes the USA for the Chinese and they take our guns with his Atlas robots! Click for Video on link below.


5G fires a pencil sized beam of microwave radiation at high power right at your phone and it goes right through your head, your body, your baby or anything between the tower and the 5G phone!  

Pencil sized beams of death are firing at 5G phones in areas they’ve installed it but if you have a 5G phone they will be firing directly at you ALL the time!  If your family has one in the house it will be firing at your family!  Sterilziing and giving cancers and other diseases to be sure!  Why do you think all those airport workers got cancer?  They were working next to the body scanners and it’s the same type of microwave radiation!

Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google) plans to sterilize our country with 5G and then the Chinese will send in the Atlas robots he GAVE them to take our guns!   He did this because he’s been blackmailed with poison.  If he or his remaining daughter don’t get the antidote to the poison the Chinese used on him and his daugther they DIE!   He already lost one daughter to the poison because he didnt’ do exactly what the Chinese said one time.  Trump is right to pull ALL business away from China!  

Get this information out to all patriots!  It’s the most important information we all can share right now.  We must not let 5G be installed without 5 year rat studies where the rats are sitting right between the transmitter and the 5G phone!   They’ll NEVER do that because the rats would be dead in days or weeks!    Tweet this story to Trump and wake up that guy @potus and @realdonaldtrump!   Wake up President Trump!  Whoever told you 5G was safe was a LIAR and a TRAITOR!  

If you read this story and then don’t look into this and ask for safety studies right NOW then God holds you responsible for the damage it will do!   Everybody around you is a LIAR.  No Red Flag laws and NO assault weapons ban.  You’ve already put in more gun control garbage than Obama the illegal fraudulent President who wasn’t born here.

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5G Kills Bees Now, Will Sterilize Entire USA for Chinese!, Totalrehash.com