5G Means Death of Humanity

Preston James and Deborah Tavares (www.stopthecrime.net) did an excellent recap on the dangers of the new 5G cellular network they are going to use to mind control and literally fry our DNA!   It’s about controlling our minds and literally killing us as early as they can!  Their goal is to give us diseases so they can make money on us while they kill us.

Dr. Preston James retired from a private practice in psychology.  During this time he had many contacts with people in law enforcement and Intel agencies.  He learned a lot from these men and women who wanted to get stuff off their chest!  Preston is very knowledgable about how they are using many things to mind control us.  Everything from signals through power lines,television, computer monitors, cell phones, WIFI and cellular phones.

According to the LA Times, the US became the first country to allocate a large swath of airwaves for 5G.  It even admits that 5G shows an increase in tumors in rats!  And it get worse!  Even they admit they will need exponentially more transmitters because the signals don’t travel as far.

“It’s unclear how many smaller base stations would be needed for 5G service. But it’s widely believed that there would need to be exponentially more because of the limited distance the signals can travel. One researcher estimated a station would be needed for every 12 homes in a dense urban area.”

“Desiree Jaworski, executive director of the Center for Safer Wireless, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the potential hazards of wireless radiation, said 5G signals will be harder for people to avoid.”

“Right now, you don’t have to live next to a cell tower. If you’re concerned about it, you can move away,” she said. “But once they have these cell antennas everywhere, you won’t be able to do that.”


In the interview above, Preston James says he was told that depending on how you are classified in their computers will determine how much damage they do to you!  If you’re a “problem” they will try to target you more for mind control and to create illnesses!   The people setting up this 5G have no idea what is going to be used for ultimately.  It will be controlled by a quantum control called Vesuvius in Bluffdale Utah according to James.  He says if you answer your phone and nobody is there then that is the AI checking on you!  I get those calls all the time!  Also Preston says that if you say something the people running things (less than 20) they will just cut your phone call!  I’m sure some of you have this happen to you also.  It happens to me all the time!

It’s Time We Take the Fight To the Next Level!  Let’s Do It Together!

We have to fight back!  Alex Jones is not going to save us!  He’s not going to do anything but gatekeep, make money for himself and protect his Zionist dual citizen masters.  Alex Jones and Drudge could literally win this fight in 6 months by putting out all the truth on Drudge and mobilizing Jones’ 20 million man army going door to door with truth on Chemtrails, GMOs etc but he won’t!  I already challenged him to do this and had thousands of other patriots ask him to do it.  He would make $100 million on product sales to WIN this fight but he refused because he’s fake and an Illuminati “Agent In Place” as depicted in the Illuminati Card Deck.  It’s sad really.  I’m so glad MegaAnon just outed him to put the heat on that fraud!

MegaAnon says Alex Jones is compromised to do nothing in the fight!

We must ALL take action massively in 2018 and aim it all at Donald Trump’s twitter account!

Operation: Help Us Trump! BEGINS

The fake news will never report on this so it’s up to us!  I’m going to do a lot of articles this year and I hope you will join my newsletter so you get them first.  What I propose is that every time somebody writes an article on a topic that Donald Trump is not talking about such as GMO, 5G, ending the Federal Reserve, Facebook censorship etc that we all Tweet him the article to @potus and @realdonaldtrump with hashtag #helpustrump so it creates a page of ALL the things we expect him to address.  There’s power in numbers and we have the numbers to get his attention if we all do it!   Twitter is the ONLY way to reach Donald Trump and if every patriot tweets things to him daily that he’s never talked about such as Chemtrails then we’re going to eventually reach him!   Not only will we reach him but people that watch his twitter will see them too so we can wake them up with the #helpustrump page on twitter!  We’re going to expose the Illuminati evil directly to Donald Trump with millions of patriots!  I will do my best to create these types of articles and videos that can be shared to Trump because he’s the ONLY hope we have of fixing anything.  If they get rid of Trump before he drains the swamp, we’re doomed!  We must fight like there’s no tomorrow because there isn’t!  I’m not going to take it anymore.  I’m going to to nuts this year like never before!

So I’m starting Operation Help Us Trump and asking for all your help!  So many of you have supported me this past year and I thank you for this!   I’m nobody special of course.  I’m just a guy who is sick of this new world order scum trying to kill us and control us!  It’s time we get organized and act as a unit to make our voices heard so Trump hears us!   We need to advertise the #helpustrump hashtag when we go to rallies so everybody is fully aware of the evil against us!   Everything Trump is not addressing needs to be tweeted to @potus and @realdonaldtrump with hashtag #helpustrump as the place where we educate Donald Trump on the things we expect him to address!  No need to address the Swamp, the Fake News or the wall on this hashtagl.  We know he’s working on this.  I’m talking specifically about ALL the things President Trump is not addressing such as chemtrails, the dead holistic doctors, vaccines, fluoride, Federal Reserve being against our Founders wishes, CIA running the drugs!  You get the idea!  Alex Jones and Roger Stone claim to have the President on speed dial but Alex never talked to Trump about these issues when he came on his show one time.   I heard Roger Stone actually tell a caller one time that Donald Trump didn’t know about Chemtrails!   Well Roger, why didn’t you tell him about them!  We’re dying here and you didn’t think you should mention it to him!  It’s outrageous!    We can’t trust Alex or Roger to get the message to Trump or win this fight for that matter.  We have to do it ourselves collectively.  If Trump isn’t talking about a topic then we will pound him over and over again until he DOES start talking about it!  I’m not going to be a slave to these scum without going down without a fight and I know you aren’t either!

Donald Trump is a great man but I think he’s just naive to many things most of us already know because we’ve immersed ourselves in the topics.   We know the swamp is full of alligators but we have to let Trump know we’re not satisfied until these real issues are addressed and studied by real scientists not bought and paid for by George Soros and other scum!   Some people say Trump is one of THEM but I don’t buy it!   I think Donald Trump is real but just doesn’t know as much as some of us who are fully awake and have studied this stuff hard for decades in some cases!  He’s surrounded by evil who gatekeep all truth from him also so Twitter is the ONLY way to reach him!  I know we have power in numbers to influence him!   Donald Trump loves to be the hero so let’s make him one!   If Donald Trump starts responding to our tweets and addressing things like 5G, GMOs, Vaccines, spying on Americans, the Federal Reserve scam, Chemtrails, weather modification etc then we change the future!  Will Trump be the hero or will he ignore us for the next 3 years!  I think he will notice us and take some action!   What have we got to lose at this point?

So if you’re with me on Operation Help Us Trump then fire truth torpedos daily at Trump!   This needs to be something that is done very day by as many patriots who share truth out there!   By the way, if you’re not sharing truth or don’t have a twitter then get one!   This is a sustained effort!  When you see an issue Trump isn’t talking about Tweet it to him with the #helpustrump hashtag.  We’re going to start making some real noise out there.  I’ll do my best and I hope you will help me!  I will mention this operation at the bottom of all my posts in the future so everybody can learn more as we go!

If you like this article and agree Donald Trump has not addressed this topic tweet it to @potus @realdonaldtrump and put #helpustrump at the end and let’s create the biggest hashtag on the planet this year!   This is the people’s voice and it’s called Operation Help Us Trump!

Join my list so you get my articles first and email me at glenn@nsearch.com if you’re with me!

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