Satan and Demons Use 5g Occult doorways, Electronics Designed With Occult Properties

(Isaiah 14:14) “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”

Satan made that statement. Satan is using mankind to bring about this technology. We are told that the coming 5G/Tesla A.I. technology will change everything. Cellphone users won’t require a battery, so I am told. TVs, computers and cellphones are known as ‘black mirrors’ in the occult world for spirit(s) (Satan) can move freely through them.

It allows Satan to become like the Most High God; all knowing. These black mirrors are the ‘image of the beast’ for they both speak and live. The Son of Perdition will be revealed on all black mirrors; the image of the beast.

He will be extremely handsome and charismatic; almost supernatural in appearance, pulling people to him. He will convince the people of the world to give up their national sovereignty for global and no one will fight him.

How do I know he will be extremely handsome? Satan mimics all that God does but turns it upside down (Psalm 146:9 and Isaiah 29:16). In Isaiah 53 we learn that Jesus was not ‘comely’ nor did he have any ‘beauty’. That’s how I know. Time is very short to repent and have faith in Jesus Christ if you want to see the kingdom of heaven. Those who deny Jesus will be denied and sent to hell. No one can get to heaven just by being a good person.

To receive salvation is as easy as drinking a glass of water; believe! God Bless you.

Editor’s note: Anthony Patch has also explained that processor circuits are built according to divination principles for demons access.

Quantum computers is specially built to let demons posess them. Word is that Terminator style robots that can be controlled by AI or by demons is already in production, sources have claimed that a 2 million strong army of these robots is under control of the Chinese.

Given to them by the deep state, which is just another word for hidden Luciferians that has control over the world, Kabbalist Talmudic Satanist, that infiltrated everything now. The Robots is to be used for a Red Dawn invasion of USA. David Hodges has talked about that.

The Beast system is approaching, rest assured, the one thing in it’s way is the USA, that has to be taken down, all other countries already defeated or on Satan’s side. Word is that the beast rises from Iran. A secret Jewish Kabbalist will rise or has risen already to power in Iran.

Endgame is Noahide law and slaughter of the Christians. But of course, we christians know this is not the end, but the hoodwinked satanists think they going to kill God as well.

Bring on the popcorn, cause they already lost, the word of God and his prophecy’s will be fulfilled, and those following the Beast, will join it in the everlasting fire, repent and come for salvation while God can still be found.

All things can be forgiven, unless sins against the Holy Spirit. That’s the sin committed when taking the Beasts Mark, it will change your DNA, so you become a hybrid Nephilim, related to the fallen Angels and Satan himself.

Jesus died for mankind, there is no redemption for fallen Angels.

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Satan and Demons Use 5g Occult doorways, Electronics Designed With Occult Properties,