5G Will Devastate Humanity – Barrie Trower



Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy microwave expert who is now educating the world about the affects of 5G, wifi and all forms of microwaves on the human body.  This is a very good interview with Richie Allen where he goes over the scary truth about 5G.  The scary part about 5G is we can’t get away from it!   When it rolls out, there will be millions of transmitters!   There will be 5G transmitters inside our homes and all over our neighborhoods.  We will literally be swimming around in an ocean of 5G with no escape!  Barrie says it will devastate humanity genetically and it won’t even be tested!  The people behind 5G believe they are above the law!   Please spread the word about this technology and tweet Trump at @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him to stop deployment and do independent testing!

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