A total of 1183 sealed government indictments as of Wednesday morning?

A Google “.xlxs” file recently posted online reveals that the Russian investigation and surrounding events could be coming to a head in Washington sooner than later

A list of a total of 1183 sealed indictments and their jurisdictions was posted to the Innerweb over the past few days and the number keeps growing.

The “.xlsx” file posted to Google Drive reveals as of Wednesday 172 of the sealed indictments are to be issued in the Central District of California, 108 are to be issued in the District of Colorado, 99 in the Northern District of California, 35 in the District of Columbia, and the list goes on.

Although the districts in which the indictments will be issued and the number of indictments in each district are listed in the file, the indictments remain sealed at this time so there is no way of telling who or what entity is being indicted and what the person or entity is being indicted for.

However, it is anticipated that the indictments revolve around the Russian investigation into 2016 election meddling and/or possibly the Uranium One scandal that was heavily exposed by Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas.

You can view the listings for all 1183 of the sealed indictments which were released:



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