Alex Jones is Tied To Israeli intelligence operation “Black Cube” and FBI secret counter intelligence group “#5”

Tom reports is that the military flag officers are looking into Alex Jones for his ties to the Israeli Black Cube intelligence operation as well as Alex’s relationship to FBI #5 which was sent into patriot groups to set them up!

FBI #5 is one of the FBI’s most secret groups and is involved with counter intelligence. Alex Jones promoted Ted Gunderson who was an FBI #5 operator! Tom reports Alex Jones is now being tied to the Israeli black cube and FBI #5 division!

Tom reports the military tribunals are looking into his relationships. He’s a target now because it’s very clear he’s never been in the fight to win. He’s lied about Lee Wanta and has acted as a limited hangout or controlled opposition.

Ted Gunderson infiltrated patriots such as Dave Hinkson who he setup and put in prison for life on a bogus murder charge! Ted Gunderson married into the satanic Lavey family also and Stew has reported he was actually fired from the FBI for conducting satanic ceremonies in his FBI office!

Mike Adams

After he was fired Ted continued to operate for the FBI and was on their payroll! When Gunderson was sued for libel by Art Bell he used his FBI insurance policy to pay him off even though he told everybody he no longer worked for the FBI! Gunderson ripped off little old ladies and tried to frame Stew Webb on several occasions.

He was seen sneaking into Stew’s trailer he had just moved out of the previous day in the middle of the night! Was this an assassination plot? One thing is on the record. Ted Gunderson was a very nasty operator who framed patriots, covered up crimes for the deep state and even called in a SWAT raid on Stew Webb! Jones pushed Ted Gunderson the entire time and said he was a hero.

Gunderson bragged to Stew that he caused a black panther to die by writing a letter to one of them and lying and saying a love triangle situation existed which caused one black panther to shoot another one!

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