Analysis – Multiple Wounds In Multiple People Further Expose The Las Vegas Lone Nut Shooter BS Regarding – Multiple Wounds Put The Lie To Lone Nut Shooter Theory – Las Vegas Massacre

By Rick Rystrom


Dear Jeff,

Here is research on the number of people who were shot two or three times at the Las Vegas concert.

A simple internet search shows 15 people shot two or more times. It is unlikely someone firing a bump fire weapon in the dark at moving targets 400 yards away could hit a man sized target twice.

Statistically, if we set the probably of a person in the crowd being hit once at 100%, and hit the second time at, say, 1/600, (600 being the number of people killed or wounded) then the chances of 15 people being shot more than once could be 2.1 x 10 -42. That is about 1 out of 4.7 with 41 zeros. ( (1/600) ^15)

A statistics expert could do a better job with this.

In their zeal to draw attention to the gun, the news media have put the lie to the lone nut shooter theory by describing so many people shot more than once.

Statistical evidence supports close shooters chasing people as some have described.

Also attached is an LA Times article featuring Arthur B. Alphin, retired Army lieutenant colonel. This describes the trigonometry of the Mandalay Bay to concert venue and how difficult it would be to maintain firing into the concert venue. (See image below)

Richard Rystrom

List of names

Angie Gomez
Rob McIntosh
Ashley Quiocho
Brian Wills
Danae Gibbs
Dana Gardner
Deputy Joe Owen
Jeffery Koisher
Jon Smith
Justin Burton1
Katrina Hannah
Malinda Baldridge
Sgt Andrew Dahring
Sheldon Mack
Unnamed Faith Lutheran Alumnus

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