Antarctica: Secret Base Hidden in Mysterious 150-Mile Anomaly (Video)

(Before It’s News)

A theory of a secret Nazi UFO base has arisen after the discovery of a mysterious anomaly in the Antarctic.

A team of UFO hunters claims that Nazis created secret bases in Antarctica that were designed for UFOs during World War 2.

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The so-called anomaly stretches around 150 miles across with an estimated depth of 850 meters. It is discovered in Wilkes Land, a frozen wasteland in Antarctica.

SecureTeam10 said there’s something alien-related thing buried deep under this thick ice shelf and scientists have no idea about it to this day. They further stated that the continent had been covered in mystery for years now.

In their video, the team claimed that images are showing several entrances designed with a saucer shape and at a very high altitude in the side of the mountains. It seems that these openings were intended for something that could fly with a saucer shape.

The group also shared the possibility of the US Navy leading a mission to look into the anomaly. They claimed that the mission was called Operation High Jump, which they believe an attempt to discover an entrance to a hidden world beneath the Earth.

The NASA satellite imagery first discovered the strange shape beneath Antarctica in 2006. Some researchers suggested the anomaly was the result of an asteroid impact twice the size of the one that made dinosaurs extinct.


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