Austrian UN Massacre Video Leaked


Somebody leaked this footage to investigators at Austrian’s Falter Weekly and it’s very sickening.  This incident involved Austrian UN soldiers allowing a massacre to happen and it’s all caught on tape.   It happened in 2012 at the Golan Heights inside Syria.   These men are pure evil and should face murder charges!  This is what happens when people get away from God.   We are living in a world getting more evil all the time.  Jesus is the only thing that can save us in the end.  If you haven’t figured this out yet then you’re right where satan wants you.   Satan’s biggest lie of all is that God doesn’t exist and you can do whatever you want!

Nobody but people under demonic control would allow what you will see in this video!

The Austrian UN soldiers see the gunmen setting up for an ambush and they joke about what will happen when they wave the Syrian police through their checkpoint without telling them of the waiting ambush!  They even admit they did not tell the Syrian police of the ambush.  One was worried and said if only one survives they will shoot us!

In the video one Austrian peacekeeper is heard saying: “Normally we should tell them [the Syrian police]“.

Seconds later, as the police pickup truck nears the ambush, another Austrian says: “It’s about to start, you’ll see.”

The lack of concern by these Austrian monsters is telling of just how much more evil our world has become in even my own lifetime.  Everybody in the vehicle dies and it was allowed to happen by these Austrian UN soldiers!  They basically laughed about it all!  Thank God some brave person leaked all the footage!

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