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MK Ultra Trainer Reveals End Game

A Youtuber by the name of “Sage Wanderer” has an amazing and shocking story to tell!   About 10 years ago he met a woman who used to be an MK-Ultra trainer and she spilled the beans about everything including the end game of the Illuminati!  She had escaped from the Illuminati and had come to know Jesus.  About a year after she told her story she disappeared and hasn’t been seen again.  Either her Illuminati husband found her or she went into hiding.

Here’s some of the highlights of the story.

This MK Ultra trainer said she was born into the Illuminati and was direct bloodline of Bavarian Illuminati.  She went to private schools and at the age of 13 was taken to the catacombs under Rome.  She was taken to a round satanic cathedral with an altar and 13 thrones.  The 13th throne was reserved for the Devil.  The 12th throne was for the current head of the Illuminati.  In the 11 other chairs were the dead bodies of the past leaders of the Illuminati!   According to this woman, the last human leader of the Illuminati is in power now!  When he dies, the Devil will take the 13th throne and then their little party gets started!  The current leader was called “The Master”.

She was put on the altar and impregnated by the Master.  Her resulting son was always very special to the Illuminati because he was the son of the Master. The following year she was married to an older man at the age of 14 in another country.  She was trained to be an MK Ultra trainer and did this with her husband for many years.  How it worked was that her phone would ring in the middle of the night and a trigger word given.  She would then wake up the kids and go to the meeting place usually under white tents where she would teach weapons, martial arts and firearms training.

She said they were thousands of MK Ultra controlled soldiers in every country and they would overthrow all governments at the same time and create a one world government.  She said this plan had been carefully followed for hundreds of years and it will happen very fast.  There will be an event or series of events that create so much chaos most of the police will just stay home!  In the chaos you’ll see a force appear all dressed in black and looking very official.  They will be driving black SUVs and will say they are now in charge and part of a new government created to deal with the event.  The police would either work with them or be quickly eliminated!

As I was listening to the story, I realized two things. First this matches up exactly to other MK Ultra stories I’ve heard such as Cathy Obrien and others who said all the training was done in the dead of night.  Secondly this force sounds EXACTLY like the “The Colony” TV show.  They are called the “Red Hats” in this show and were used as a ruthless police force when the aliens took over.

When the aliens initially attacked, most of the cops scattered but eventually these Red Hats showed up and the old cops filtered back in and worked with them to maintain order.  They all wore black SWAT gear type uniforms and drove matching black SUVs. The Illuminati always love to put out truth or their dreams in movies and TV shows as most of you know.

I believe this testimony is accurate and is indeed the plan of the Illuminati.   Only God knows if or when this plan will be attempted and if it will be successful or fail.  The Bible is 100% truth so all believers in Jesus know the end of the world is coming – we just don’t know when this happens.  Only God knows when the end comes and this is why it’s very important you get out of the occult and all other demonic activities such as interest in “aliens” who are all demons.  Aliens aren’t going to save you or bring you free energy as is being told by David Wilcock.  Aliens are really demonic beings and they are here to deceive and destroy.  That’s why Christians can stop all alien abductions in the name of Jesus!   Jesus has the power over all evil!   Your only savior is Jesus Christ.  If you don’t realize this yet it’s because the demons are winning in your life at this moment.  Luckily for you, your story can end the way YOU choose.  You can keep denying Jesus or you can accept him today.  Watch for my next article – it will be very interesting to all who believe in God.  A boy died and was given a vision of these demon aliens and the end of the world!

Why You Should Replace Sugar with Honey

Overconsumption of sugar is one of the fatal flaws of the Standard American Diet.

Natural sugar sources—such as fruits, juices, and high-sugar vegetables like carrots and beets—are an essential and healthful part of a balanced diet. After all, glucose (the type of sugar naturally found in the foods you eat) is a primary energy source for your body and brain’s cells.

But sugar can also pose serious risks to your health, especially when consumed in the form of refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and other modern monstrosities. As we’ve covered in a past article, refined sugar hides behind many names, so always check the ingredient labels of packaged foods carefully.

The most well-known effect of sugar overconsumption is weight gain—as evidenced by the fact that a whopping 37.9% of American adults are obese.[1] And sadly, obesity is just the beginning of sugar’s ill effects. Research shows that sugar worsens high blood pressure, leaches nutrients from the body, and suppresses the immune system. And because sugar is highly inflammatory, it has been linked with the development of nearly every major disease, including cancer,[2] heart disease,[3] diabetes,[4] liver disease,[5] high cholesterol,[6] and more.

The good news is that there’s a perfectly sweet alternative to sugar that’s far more healthful: honey. While moderation is still always a good idea, the simple act of replacing sugar with honey will work wonders for your health.

Let’s take a look at what makes honey so different from sugar.

Whole foods are always best

It’s easy to lump all sweeteners in the same category, but remember: honey is a whole food made by bees, while sugar is an extract of the sugarcane plant (the isolated component is technically called sucrose).

We’ve written a lot in the past about the folly of trying to isolate variables in complex systems—it’s what makes allopathic medicine so short-sighted and side-effect-riddled, and it’s why whole foods are superior to individual compounds. Things are nearly always best when left in their natural form.

Sweeteners are no exception. Honey is a remarkably complex substance made up of hundreds of different compounds—macronutrients and micronutrients, prebiotics and probiotics, enzymes, and various components of which we barely have an understanding. It even has twenty-five different kinds of “sugar,” including sucrose, glucose, and fructose, as well as more complex sugars like melezitose and erlose.

For reasons that researchers haven’t yet fully deciphered, the “sugars” in honey don’t have the same negative health effects as isolated sucrose, as long as they remain an integrated part of honey’s complex chemistry. In fact, honey has actually been shown to improve some of the very health conditions that consuming sugar can cause.

For example, one double-blind, randomized clinical study demonstrated that, contrary to sugar, honey had a positive effect on appetite hormones (ghrelin and peptide YY), as well as glucose response.[7] Another study published in The Journal of Medical Food compared honey to both dextrose and sucrose, and found that honey consumption can lower C-reactive protein, homocysteine, and plasma glucose, even in diabetic and hyperlipidemic individuals.[8] There’s even reason to believe that honey can reduce triglyceride levels, weight gain, and fat accumulation.[9]

How to get the most out of honey

As miraculous and healthful as honey can be, it’s important to remember that not all store-bought honey is equal. Here are a couple principles that will help you get the most out of honey.

Always choose raw honey. As we’ve already mentioned, whole foods are always best when left in their natural, unprocessed form. When honey is heated, processed, or filtered, a large percentage of its beneficial nutrients and components are destroyed or altered.

When left in its raw form, honey is packed with enzymes that can heal the immune system and boost disease resistance, as well as beneficial bacteria that can help balance your digestion and microbiome health. Researchers have demonstrated that the replication of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria (both of which are centrally important for healthy microbiome composition) is increased up to 100 times by honey (compared to sucrose).[10]  

Eat local honey. If you’re interested in honey’s famed allergy-healing benefits, be sure to eat local honey, which will contain traces of the pollen from local allergenic plants. In addition to providing homeopathic exposure to allergens (thus fortifying the immune system and decreasing allergic reactions in the future), honey also contains an enzyme called diastase, which some researchers and experts believe will help fix the immune dysfunctions associated with allergies.

Try Manuka honey for extra healing benefits. As we covered in a past article, some varietals of honey have particularly powerful antimicrobial properties—and Manuka honey is the king of them all. It’s been shown to destroy over 250 different strains of bacteria (including MRSA),[11] as well as a wide range of viruses and harmful fungi.














SCREECHING HALT: China Declares War on USD!

Remember This Day: Volatility has been so low throughout 2017 that we became accustomed to waking up every morning and seeing our portfolios gaining in value on a daily basis.

Last year was the most uneventful in history in terms of swings for the S&P 500. The VIX, which is the fear index, broke record lows. Analysts across the board began saying that we could be entering a massive rally phase for the U.S. equities in 2018-2019 and many are now bullish, calling for a blow-off top and another 60% move to the upside.

In fact, the American Association of Individual Investors surveyed the most bullish sentiment since the Dot.Com bubble.

If you want to see rookies in action, notice that of all things, now, after the S&P 500 has already risen to its highest level in history for 9 consecutive years (a 217% return), over 60% of investors are bullish on the stock market all of a sudden.

This 60%+ mark is a critical psychological barrier, which doesn’t occur too often. Therefore, I suggest you tighten the belt with any investments you’re considering in the broad economy. Buying an index today means you’ll be joined by amateurs, not the smart money.

In fact, two of the world’s best bond traders – billionaire Bond King, Bill Gross and billionaire Bond God, Jeff Gundlach, are both bearish on stocks. On top of that, they see bond yields rising from here, which means they are calling the end on the longest-standing bull market ever – U.S. Treasuries.

Wealth Research Group has discussed this intimate correlation between the yield of the FED Funds rate (1.25%), the yield of the 2-yr (1.97%), the 5-yr Treasury (2.34%), and the yield of the S&P 500 (1.75%) at length.

The numbers to track closely are the FED Funds Rate compared to the 5-yr Treasury, because when the central bank raises rates above the 5-yr bond, the stock market peaks, historically.

Secondly, both the 2-yr and the 5-yr bonds are yielding more than the S&P 500, which means that when stocks go through their next dip, institutional money will prefer to buy bonds, instead of buying the dip – this is a major change compared to the fact that investors had no alternative for income for close to a decade, other than stocks.

The economy is at a tipping point and what happened yesterday was a knife stab right to the heart of the U.S. economy.

I’m talking about China, who holds the world’s largest foreign-exchange reserves, at $3.1 trillion.

After you’ve had two meaty steaks, the 3rd one doesn’t taste so good, even if it’s free.

The Chinese have accumulated over $1.2T of bonds (2 meaty steaks), which the Federal Government has issued in order to pay for deficit spending and the lavish lifestyles of far too many parasite politicians and officials in all ranks of government.

President Trump has shown his cards to the world by cutting taxes and relying on new debt issuance to pay for the budget over the coming years – China sees the opening and signals to the U.S. that nothing gets done, unless they come to the auctions and gobble-up the newly-issued bonds (the 3rd steak).

This is propaganda warfare – China is telling the world there’s a new sheriff in town.

The announcement from China is that they’ll reduce, halt, or even sell, from now, treasury bonds that they own.

For years, even decades, the Chinese have built up a large gold reserve and a vibrant mining production – today marks a nail in the USD coffin. It means that the standard of living for every American is at risk, effective immediately.

I’ll have a full update for you on Sunday, but I can tell you that as of now, commodities have historically been the best performers in similar past scenarios, and if we get a confirmation tomorrow, with the release of CPI numbers and soon the GDP data, the rally could rival what we saw in the early 2000’s.

2 friends of mine, 15 years my senior, now 48, were in their early 30’s at the time, and it took them 6 years to turn $10,000 into over $1.3M by investing with the right mining plays.

This is the potential at hand and we could be weeks away from seeing the birth of this rally.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Gold & Silver: Things To Come In 2018 – Mike Maloney

Join Mike Maloney for his latest report on what he expects for 2018. Bitcoin, stocks, gold and silver are all covered in this in-depth look at today’s financial climate…strap in because this is not going to be pretty – unless you are a precious metals or crypto investor. Here is the link to the article Mike was referencing:…

If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike’s bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:…


Is Your WIFI Destroying Your Health?

Can a tiny household electronic device make every single cell in your body age FASTER?

At first we were skeptical and thought this sounded NUTS.

But now we are second guessing the wifi-extender we added to our house just a few months ago 🙁 “There’s NO way a simple wifi router — found in 71% of all US households (1) — can harm your health, impair your sleep, or age you prematurely”, or so we thought.

But as we started reading this brand new, doctor-acclaimed book exposing the pernicious ways electromagnetic radiation can disrupt human health, we realized the unfortunate truth…

Wifi Routers Might Be Handy, But The Radiation They Emit Stresses Your Body On A Cellular Level…

Wifi radiation — one of the many kinds of electromagnetic fields, or “EMFs” we’re exposed to these days — has now been confirmed to be
a major stressor to the human body.

It’s not that surprising that EMF signals can disrupt your body’s ability
to function normally. After all…

– Your nervous system
– Your heart
– Cell-to-cell communication
– Your brain
– Your muscles
– Your retina

…they all run on ELECTRICITY!

If you ever fracture one of your bones, the only way they’ll ever be
able to glue back together is by generating low-level electric shocks — which will trigger healing. (2)

The point is this: your body is a bio-electrical machine which can,
and does get disrupted by foreign EMFs signals, like those coming
off your wifi router.

Fortunately, there are easy solutions you can start applying today
to protect yourself:

==> How to Clean Toxic EMFs OUT of Your Home

But It Gets Worse. This Cellular Stress Induced By Wifi Radiation Can Even Break Your Very DNA.

Wifi radiation might just be aging you faster than DNA-breaking,
cancer-causing X-RAYS.

In one German study, researchers looked at how much 24 hours of
cell phone radiation damages human DNA when compared to x-rays.

The results were horrifying… (3)

What you’re seeing above is a renowned scientific research technique called the “Comet Assay”, which is used to identify substances or signals that are harmful to the human body because they break your very DNA.

The more something breaks your DNA, the longer the “tail” of the little comets you see above will be.

The conclusion? Researchers have found that 24 hours of cell phone exposure can damage your DNA as much as 1,600 chest x-rays.

Is This Nothing But A Crazy Scare Tactic?

The French government doesn’t think so.

In 2015, they passed national laws to ban the use of wifi in nurseries — over the fear that this new kind of EMF pollution would impair children’s growth. (4)

The inconvenient truth is — EMF pollution might just have become the #1 toxin you have to worry about at home… way before glyphosate, the kind of paint you put on your walls, or any other environmental contaminant.

The Good News (finally!): Cleaning EMFs Right Out of Your Home Can Be Cheap, And Dead Simple…

Our colleague and Investigative Health Journalist Nicolas Pineault recently released this revolutionary guide where you’ll find simple and dirt-cheap solutions you can use to clean the worst sources of radiation right out of your home environment.

– How to automatically turn off your wifi at night using a device that costs less than 9 bucks on Amazon

– How to talk on the phone without increasing your risk of brain cancer, disrupting your blood-brain barrier and suffering from headaches

– How to safely use your laptop without blasting your hormone-producing organs with disruptive radiation, causing leaky gut or putting you at risk for autoimmune diseases

– Exactly where you should put your wifi router to make sure it doesn’t destroy your entire family’s sleep quality

– What to do if your home is near a cellphone tower, high-voltage power lines, or has one of those EMF-emitting “smart” utility meters installed

We understand this does sound “doom and gloom”, but the best you can do before tech companies are finally FORCED to create brand new, safer wireless devices is to take action.

Learn how to protect yourself today.

You can get started in a matter of seconds.

===> Reduce Your EMF Exposure By 95% — And Experience Slower Aging, Better Sleep and Incredible Mental Clarity

5G Means Death of Humanity

Preston James and Deborah Tavares ( did an excellent recap on the dangers of the new 5G cellular network they are going to use to mind control and literally fry our DNA!   It’s about controlling our minds and literally killing us as early as they can!  Their goal is to give us diseases so they can make money on us while they kill us.

Dr. Preston James retired from a private practice in psychology.  During this time he had many contacts with people in law enforcement and Intel agencies.  He learned a lot from these men and women who wanted to get stuff off their chest!  Preston is very knowledgable about how they are using many things to mind control us.  Everything from signals through power lines,television, computer monitors, cell phones, WIFI and cellular phones.

According to the LA Times, the US became the first country to allocate a large swath of airwaves for 5G.  It even admits that 5G shows an increase in tumors in rats!  And it get worse!  Even they admit they will need exponentially more transmitters because the signals don’t travel as far.

“It’s unclear how many smaller base stations would be needed for 5G service. But it’s widely believed that there would need to be exponentially more because of the limited distance the signals can travel. One researcher estimated a station would be needed for every 12 homes in a dense urban area.”

“Desiree Jaworski, executive director of the Center for Safer Wireless, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the potential hazards of wireless radiation, said 5G signals will be harder for people to avoid.”

“Right now, you don’t have to live next to a cell tower. If you’re concerned about it, you can move away,” she said. “But once they have these cell antennas everywhere, you won’t be able to do that.”…

In the interview above, Preston James says he was told that depending on how you are classified in their computers will determine how much damage they do to you!  If you’re a “problem” they will try to target you more for mind control and to create illnesses!   The people setting up this 5G have no idea what is going to be used for ultimately.  It will be controlled by a quantum control called Vesuvius in Bluffdale Utah according to James.  He says if you answer your phone and nobody is there then that is the AI checking on you!  I get those calls all the time!  Also Preston says that if you say something the people running things (less than 20) they will just cut your phone call!  I’m sure some of you have this happen to you also.  It happens to me all the time!

It’s Time We Take the Fight To the Next Level!  Let’s Do It Together!

We have to fight back!  Alex Jones is not going to save us!  He’s not going to do anything but gatekeep, make money for himself and protect his Zionist dual citizen masters.  Alex Jones and Drudge could literally win this fight in 6 months by putting out all the truth on Drudge and mobilizing Jones’ 20 million man army going door to door with truth on Chemtrails, GMOs etc but he won’t!  I already challenged him to do this and had thousands of other patriots ask him to do it.  He would make $100 million on product sales to WIN this fight but he refused because he’s fake and an Illuminati “Agent In Place” as depicted in the Illuminati Card Deck.  It’s sad really.  I’m so glad MegaAnon just outed him to put the heat on that fraud!

MegaAnon says Alex Jones is compromised to do nothing in the fight!

We must ALL take action massively in 2018 and aim it all at Donald Trump’s twitter account!

Operation: Help Us Trump! BEGINS

The fake news will never report on this so it’s up to us!  I’m going to do a lot of articles this year and I hope you will join my newsletter so you get them first.  What I propose is that every time somebody writes an article on a topic that Donald Trump is not talking about such as GMO, 5G, ending the Federal Reserve, Facebook censorship etc that we all Tweet him the article to @potus and @realdonaldtrump with hashtag #helpustrump so it creates a page of ALL the things we expect him to address.  There’s power in numbers and we have the numbers to get his attention if we all do it!   Twitter is the ONLY way to reach Donald Trump and if every patriot tweets things to him daily that he’s never talked about such as Chemtrails then we’re going to eventually reach him!   Not only will we reach him but people that watch his twitter will see them too so we can wake them up with the #helpustrump page on twitter!  We’re going to expose the Illuminati evil directly to Donald Trump with millions of patriots!  I will do my best to create these types of articles and videos that can be shared to Trump because he’s the ONLY hope we have of fixing anything.  If they get rid of Trump before he drains the swamp, we’re doomed!  We must fight like there’s no tomorrow because there isn’t!  I’m not going to take it anymore.  I’m going to to nuts this year like never before!

So I’m starting Operation Help Us Trump and asking for all your help!  So many of you have supported me this past year and I thank you for this!   I’m nobody special of course.  I’m just a guy who is sick of this new world order scum trying to kill us and control us!  It’s time we get organized and act as a unit to make our voices heard so Trump hears us!   We need to advertise the #helpustrump hashtag when we go to rallies so everybody is fully aware of the evil against us!   Everything Trump is not addressing needs to be tweeted to @potus and @realdonaldtrump with hashtag #helpustrump as the place where we educate Donald Trump on the things we expect him to address!  No need to address the Swamp, the Fake News or the wall on this hashtagl.  We know he’s working on this.  I’m talking specifically about ALL the things President Trump is not addressing such as chemtrails, the dead holistic doctors, vaccines, fluoride, Federal Reserve being against our Founders wishes, CIA running the drugs!  You get the idea!  Alex Jones and Roger Stone claim to have the President on speed dial but Alex never talked to Trump about these issues when he came on his show one time.   I heard Roger Stone actually tell a caller one time that Donald Trump didn’t know about Chemtrails!   Well Roger, why didn’t you tell him about them!  We’re dying here and you didn’t think you should mention it to him!  It’s outrageous!    We can’t trust Alex or Roger to get the message to Trump or win this fight for that matter.  We have to do it ourselves collectively.  If Trump isn’t talking about a topic then we will pound him over and over again until he DOES start talking about it!  I’m not going to be a slave to these scum without going down without a fight and I know you aren’t either!

Donald Trump is a great man but I think he’s just naive to many things most of us already know because we’ve immersed ourselves in the topics.   We know the swamp is full of alligators but we have to let Trump know we’re not satisfied until these real issues are addressed and studied by real scientists not bought and paid for by George Soros and other scum!   Some people say Trump is one of THEM but I don’t buy it!   I think Donald Trump is real but just doesn’t know as much as some of us who are fully awake and have studied this stuff hard for decades in some cases!  He’s surrounded by evil who gatekeep all truth from him also so Twitter is the ONLY way to reach him!  I know we have power in numbers to influence him!   Donald Trump loves to be the hero so let’s make him one!   If Donald Trump starts responding to our tweets and addressing things like 5G, GMOs, Vaccines, spying on Americans, the Federal Reserve scam, Chemtrails, weather modification etc then we change the future!  Will Trump be the hero or will he ignore us for the next 3 years!  I think he will notice us and take some action!   What have we got to lose at this point?

So if you’re with me on Operation Help Us Trump then fire truth torpedos daily at Trump!   This needs to be something that is done very day by as many patriots who share truth out there!   By the way, if you’re not sharing truth or don’t have a twitter then get one!   This is a sustained effort!  When you see an issue Trump isn’t talking about Tweet it to him with the #helpustrump hashtag.  We’re going to start making some real noise out there.  I’ll do my best and I hope you will help me!  I will mention this operation at the bottom of all my posts in the future so everybody can learn more as we go!

If you like this article and agree Donald Trump has not addressed this topic tweet it to @potus @realdonaldtrump and put #helpustrump at the end and let’s create the biggest hashtag on the planet this year!   This is the people’s voice and it’s called Operation Help Us Trump!

Join my list so you get my articles first and email me at if you’re with me!

Trump’s Hurricane On The Swamp! Storm Updates!

The above video does a great job of going through some of the updates from the Q sources.

The Lord answered all our prayers when he stopped Hillary’s steal of the election and we elected Donald J. Trump! And just as he promised, the swamp draining has begun. Tom Heneghan reports he cannot get full confirmation that the Bushes were taken to GTMO but nobody has seen them! Last known locations of the Bushes were in their roach nest at Kennebunkport Maine. Some people have said they are in GTMO but Tom like myself wants full confirmation on this before we get excited. We’ve seen how slippery these demons are so don’t get excited until we know 100% that the Bushes are going to be put on trial for their treason. Obama, the Bushes and the Clintons must be fully exposed as the criminals they are for America to become free again! The fake news must be 100% destroyed for their support of these monsters.

Tom Heneghan does say there is no doubt Hillary has the military boot on her leg and has been classified as a threat to national security. She’s not going anywhere without everybody knowing about it.

Stew Webb was told by super spy Otis Johnson this past year that the wheels of justice were going to grind down these Bush Clinton scumbags. They killed Otis last year using a satellite weapon to cause him to have a heart attack! He was one of the most brave and respected spies our country has ever seen! He was dropped over Russia and had to take photographs of a facility and then get out by stealing cars and anything else he needed! When Bush Sr had Otis Johnson killed, it was the last straw from what Stew was told. Stew had spies and military men tell him that they were going to get the SOB’s who did this to Otis no matter what the cost!

Stew was also told by Otis that FBI Robert Mueller would be put in jail if he didn’t walk the tightrope and drain the swamp! The white hats are watching Mueller like a hawk! He’s going to help drain this swamp as part of the deal he was given by Trump or he will go to prison for a very long time! He’s been given one chance to do the right thing. I personally don’t trust the Mueller demon but we’ll see what he does over the next couple of months. He’s in a box for sure and now Congress is screaming for documents that were withheld from them! They’ve run out of cards to play and delays aren’t working anymore!

Congress is not going to tolerate the FBI or DOJ not handing over documents any longer! The entire house of cards is about to come crashing down! It’s a glorious time to be an American. I believe the next few months are going to be AWESOME! Remember, pray against the evil every day. Pray ALL their evil is exposed and pray for Donald Trump to have the wisdom and guidance to drain the swamp and destroy his enemies that have looted America for trillions and killed millions in their wars for profit!

Leaked Emails Mention Aspartame Causing Holes in the Brain

WikiLeaks has released a John Podesta email that sheds light on the artificial sweetener aspartamethat is anything but sweet. Besides pointing out how gravely dangerous NutraSweet is, the leaked email also shows the treachery involved in getting the adulterant approved as a food ingredient. According to Wise Mind Healthy Body, an email chain was forwarded to Podesta by a Wendy Abrams, in which she writes, “I also have a friend who worked for the researchers at University of Chicago (which has a top rated neurology dept) and the doctors there said when they gave nutrasweet to lab mice, it literally blew holes in their brains. They said they will tell a pregnant woman to drink any amount of alcohol before touching a sip of nutrasweet, it is that bad.”

In back and forth emails between Abrams and a man named Don Kennedy, the latter explains how aspartame came to be legalized:

“He explains that the day after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, January 21, 1981, Searle – the original developer of aspartame – applied to the FDA for approval to use aspartame in food sweetener for a second time [aspartame was previously banned]. Arthur Hayes Hull, Jr., Reagan’s newly appointed FDA commissioner, proceeded to appoint a 5-person scientific commission to review the board of inquiry’s decision. When it became clear that the panel was going to uphold the ban with a 3–2 decision, Hull placed a sixth member on the commission so the vote would become deadlocked. Then Hull personally broke the tie in aspartame’s favor.”


If aspartame is unfit for human consumption, why is it added to thousands of products?

Mission Possible World Health International is a comprehensive resource on the subject of aspartame. Its founder, Dr. Betty Martini, has dedicated many years to exposing the dangers of this ubiquitous chemical. Here is a sample of the information available on the website:

1. An FDA report lists 92 documented symptoms of aspartame ingestion, including depression, anxiety, memory loss, fatigue, headaches, vertigo, irritability, insomnia, weight gain, palpitations, sexual dysfunction, loss of taste, weakness, joint pain, numbness, dizziness, tinnitus, blurry vision, rashes, seizures and blindness.

2. Conditions associated with aspartame use include multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Grave’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, mental retardation, lymphoma, lupus, DNA damage, birth defects and even death.

3. Aspartame is an addictive, neurotoxic, teratogenic, carcinogenic and excitotoxic substance that has no rightful place in our diets.


Life is not all ‘rainbows and moonbeams,’ and bad people do bad things

It is easy to understand that greed and corruption are sufficient to explain why our food supply is loaded with poisons like aspartame. Collusion between Big Government and Big Pharma is a fact of life. A case in point: Donald Rumsfeld, who has held high posts in successive administrations, was chairman of Searle at the time the FDA approved NutraSweet. But is there a deeper, more sinister layer to the controversy? After all, if the powers that be can get us to gladly and willingly pay for chemical-laden foodstuffs that ruin our health and damage our brains, our source of reasoning power, would that not be a way to more easily control the populace to comply with a globalist agenda? A sick and weakened people dependent on external support is what we have become, but a healthy and robust people that is self-reliant and can forge their own path, a people that can resist the pressures of collectivism, is a people to be respected and feared. There is no doubt of that. After viewing the documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, hopefully you will swear off aspartame for good.

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Sweden data breach: 82 per cent of people sent to prison for gang rape are foreign born

Swedish newspaper Friatider says a large amount of data from the Criminal Data System was secretly provided to a far-right nationalist group called “Nordfront”. Together with sex crime website “Gang Rape Sweden” they decided to publish the leaked judicial database on Friday.

The leaked data discloses: Decision date, name, social security number, court, destination number, date of judgment, period of imprisonment, region and place of investigation for the prosecution of suspects.

Files of 168,000 sentences that were given between 10 May 2004 and 8 January 2015 were published. Of the 83,656 individuals involved, 37,735 (or 45 per cent) were foreign born, Nordfront writes. Of the people sentenced to 9 and 10 years in prison, 70 per cent and 68.8 per cent were foreign born.


Among gang rape cases, 118 of the perpetrators, or 82 per cent, are immigrants. The overrepresentation for immigrants is 18.2. The investigation also claims that the direct costs of immigrants’ crime is well above SEK 20 billion (2 billion euros) a year.

According to Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen the data is probably reliable:

“I’m very certain it is legit. See the article on Friatider. Since they are being sued for publishing this info, it must mean it is correct.”

The Swedish police are certainly not happy with the data transparency. According to them it is a serious breach of the Personal Data Act (PUL).

Swedish mainstream media seemed not happy as well: For example newspaper SVT published an article about the fact that this is one of Sweden’s biggest data crimes.

The incident is another proof that Sweden rather keeps its migrant crime data away from the public eye: Publishing migrant crimes is a ‘bigger problem’ than the crimes themselves. While a lot of people all over the world already know what is really happening in the country, its politicians prefer to avoid reality.


We’ve talked with a representative of “Gang Rape Sweden”, here’s their short reply:

“Yes, it’s verified information sentencing decisions by the prison system basically.”