BARGAIN: Putin offers Russian passports TO ALL [Video]

Part 3 of the 2018 Direct Line with President Putin. Part 1 and 2 can be found by following the links.

Did you know, that most people living in Russia, including foreigners, qualify for a hectare of free land in the Far East? There are some conditions attached, like they cannot resell it even if they build their own enterprises on it. The difficulty is that many of these areas are not yet ‘colonised’ properly so there is little infrastructure around – the need for development is what gave rise to the law in the first place. Families of 3 children or more qualify for a plot of land anywhere, not just the Far East, which ensures their accessibility to necessary infrastructure. Russia remains one of the least populated countries in the world, in proximity to its size. The natural population decreases annually, at an alarming rate.

Vladimir Putin has held his 16th annual Direct Line Q&A on June 7th, 2018. The entire conference was 4.5 hours long and this year has included all regional governors and heads of Ministries to be available live via video conference.

In this segment, Putin addresses mainly Ukrainian citizens in their quest to obtaining Russian citizenship. It is little known that in 2014, Russia took on the most amount of refugees than any other country, as confirmed by the appropriate UN report. Over 2 million Ukrainian citizens currently live and work in Russia – which is ironic, given Russia is portrayed as an ‘aggressor’ state by Ukrainian media. The Ukraine currently has one of the lowest GDP rates in Europe, so economic migrants make sense – but also, demographic migrants.

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As Putin explains, Russia has a serious demographic problem. Despite various measures taken in recent years to improve the birth rates, such as financial assistance for every 2nd or 3rd child, and other subsidies – the problems of the past remain unworkable. In the 1990s, Russia suffered a huge drop in birth rates, which 20-30 years later result in more than a 27% drop in women of child-birthing age.

The only solution is to attract back those countrymen who left, and those who affiliate with “the Russian world” – irrespective of their original nationality. But this is not a case of mindless migration, the immigration laws are to be amended in a way that reflects the job market prognosis, and the merits and competencies of the foreigners who may be considering applying for Russian citizenship.

The irony of the situation – is that Ukraine too has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe. Coupled with the current outflow of labour power, due to its economic predicament, the Ukraine is estimated to lose a large proportion of their population in coming years. Despite all this – the Ukrainian government continues their offensive against fellow Slavic people, in the Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, which seek independence from Ukraine (relevant outtake featured at the end of the video.)



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