BBC to Ban Reporters Use of ‘Terror Attack’ to Describe ‘Terror Attacks’

In another example of how the world has gone nuts the BBC is about to ban reporters use of the words “terror attack” to describe…terror attacks.

Apparently the new policy will only allow reporters to describe the time, place and what happened without referring it to a terrorist attack, as the Daily Mail reports:

The controversial edict means that the BBC will no longer use the phrase ‘terror attack’ to describe the massacres at London Bridge or Manchester Arena, as the corporation did when the atrocities occurred.

Reporters would describe them as the London Bridge van attack or the Manchester Arena bomb attack instead.

But yesterday, MPs and experts accused the broadcaster of ‘failing in its public service duty’.

David Green, a former Home Office adviser and chief executive of the think tank Civitas, said: ‘If they don’t want to use that [the word terror] then they’re failing in their public service duty which is to be clear and accurate.

This has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of, and that says a lot.

How can you inform the public, if you fail to inform the public of exactly what happened?

This is yet another example of how political correctness can endanger or cost innocent lives. How can people react properly if they are missing a key piece of the story?

Former Home Office adviser Mr. David Green continues:

‘I think there is a common usage, which has some recognition in law, which if you use attempted killing or injury to a political objective, then that’s terrorism.

‘It would be misleading not to say that these are terrorist episodes if they are attempts to advance a political or ideological cause through violence.

‘The Christchurch one [in New Zealand] was someone a bit wacky but he was trying to make a political point, and all the Islamist episodes are aimed at a political outcome.’

That is exactly right. If an attack has a political objective then that’s terrorism and it should be labeled and called by the media as such.

Anything less is a dereliction of duty by the news media.

Of course we’ve all grown accustomed to the news media putting it’s preferred political narrative over actually reporting the news.

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