BOOM: RED ALERT: the latest that happened to the FBI will most definitely result in a massive terror attack on American soil. Heads up folks, this is BIG.

Someone got pissed about the latest remote control car murder of two Vegas witnesses (compliments of the FBI) and DOXXED THE FBI.
This is legit and is getting wiped everywhere. And all I can say is it won't be wiped here, because I have no ads to lose, and this server is in a country where no one will care.

UPDATE: Now known: just like on 911, with Fema showing up a day early, the Las Vegas shooting was preceeded by 30 OF THE FBI AGENTS ON THIS LIST CHECKING INTO THE MANDALAY BAY 2 DAYS BEFORE THE SHOOTING, to coordinate the shooting and keep the subsequent reporting cinched down to a phony monologue. This was revealed by intel Hub, and the fat boy is now doing a gran mal rant about it over at Infowars. Maybe he had crap on Vegas at first, but it seems he's pulling for all of us now.

A nice solid DOXX of a totally corrupt agency was just what the doctor ordered! It made finding out what really happened in Vegas possible - 30 of these bastards were at the Mandalay for the shooting. FIGURE THE ODDS.

This could lead to an extremely dangerous situation, because the shadow state is now cornered, and their solution could well be another 9-11.

UPDATE: 4chan was completely taken offline when this got posted to make sure it was bleached. It is legit folks!

Unlike 4chan, I could care less about the will of traitors to this nation, and I'd have this posted with photographs of each agent if that could be done. It is time to say enough is enough, and hunt these bastards down. So says the 590 murdered and injured in Vegas (and the now building list of people who are victims of a subsequent clean up!) The FBI can take their phoney Russia investigation and projectile vomit it up Hillary's *ss. The feel good wore off on that fake piece of work the second the first hit was directed at Manafort. That right there proved Hillary will be off her crutches soon.

This hit piece on Buzzfeed reporters is just too funny.

This report is not humor, it ended up being real. The Daily Wire managed to get the testosterone levels of several male reporters from Buzzfeed, and in the results, found the perfect explanation for why they report the way they do. As it turns out, the one with the highest testosterone still tested out lower than an average 85 year old male, and less than half of what his age group should be(690), with the lowest of the 4 testing out at below 30 percent of what he should have, at a little over half the level of an average 85 year old man. see this.

And here's the punch line: Rather than take a hint that they might be messed up because they have a significant abnormality, they instead blamed conservatives and posted this:

That really fits.

The latest was a remote control car crash

This has gotten a lot of interest. There is very little info about what model of car it was, but one reference said it was a 2010 Mercedes, which would confirm remote control, and an incredibly high speed possible (All U.S. released Mercedes sedans will hit 135 mph with some limited at 155 mph) which would explain how the daughter heard the crash from inside the house at 10:40 PM when the crash happened a half mile away. the car had to have been going absolute max, which for a Mercedes can be quite high. There is no way any driver would go that fast so close to home when it would take longer than a half mile to slow down from such speeds.

Some people are wondering how the remote can be disabled. It cannot. All cars after 2004 have a mandatory 3g connection built into the engine control computer. No MSM source is admitting this now, but it was well announced in 2004, and explains why if you have a late model car, the repo man can take it while you are at wal-mart, the days of the repo man having to search for it are over.

Cheverolet started all of this with onstar in the late 90's. Yes, Onstar has GPS but all the commands for the car come in over the cell network, there is no "satellite uplink" they unlock your car with to save fifi from a steam bath without breaking the windows when you lock your keys in it. It is all done via the cell network and GPS.

Here is how you avoid a hijack -

ha ha ha, lots of screen deletes while doing this, but I got it done.

1. Make sure the car does not have antilock brakes, OR
2. Make sure the car is manual and has a clutch that is not electronic, and actually releases with a cable when you push on it, OR
3. Make sure the car has a mechanical key that does not require the computer to turn on an ignition relay with - in other words, the car has to be possible to steal via a hot wire job.

Those three things will discourage someone from hijacking it because they want you dead, not with a runaway engine that was allowed to blow while you held the clutch in and hit the emergency brake, or simply shut off with the key and then lived to talk about it.

Unfortunately, virtually all cars, if not all cars in the U.S. are now either fully automatic or have an electronic clutch with no direct link to the driver, and an electronically controlled transmission with no link to the driver, plus antilock brakes and a fully electronic key. That means they can be hijacked, and you are nothing but dead meat in a seat. You can't turn it off by taking the key out, putting it in park wont work, hitting the brakes wont work, it will all just be a death ride. Here is what you do then. If you don't do this BEFORE you need it, enjoy the ride.

Here is how you bypass a remote car hijack without voiding your car's warranty.

Put two switches on your dash board. One goes to the fuel pump, and one goes to the ignition system. A remote hijacker won't know those switches are there, so you will still get hijacked, but if the car suddenly takes you for a death drive hitting those two switches will stop it cold. They can be added to the system without voiding the warranty by putting a blown fuse in the fuse box, with wires soldered to the two testing tabs on the fuse. Run the hot side of the testing tab to another equal fuse, then to a switch, and then the other side of the switch goes to the dead side of the blown fuse, that is plugged into your fuse box. When you turn the switch on, the dead side will go hot, as if a good fuse was in the fuse box, and the fuel pump (or ignition system) will work. During a hijack, simply flip the switch to simulate a blown fuse, and the car will stop. Since you will not cut any wires in the car and not make any modifications to accomplish this, you won't void the warranty.

OK, so now onto the main report, where two vegas witnesses were without a doubt murdered via a remote controlled car crash. There is no way out of it, this one is case closed.


Now the total that is known of is 8, and it looks like this one was a remote control car crash. The papers are being careful to not say what they were driving, but they died when their vehicle "crashed into a metal gate near their home and burst into flames". That means 100 plus MPH impact because the car had to be cut all the way back to the gas tank.

How do you crash into a metal gate on your own street that you drive by every day when there was no weather to cause it? How do you hit it so fast you blow your car up into a fire ball? Good questions to be asked here, and none are asked, See this

Folks for the above, I just got the key piece of information that proves this was a remote control car crash:

The fox news report that has the capture above is HERE

And the full audio of an FBI remote carjacking resulting in the death of a Sheriff who was a witness they wanted killed is here. Obviously they explained this crash as a "stuck floor mat" but you can't tell me a Sheriff was too stupid to figure that out, plus take the keys out, plus putting it in neutral! A late model lexus like the one he was driving has all those decisions, including even key out, decided by software that can be over ridden by remote.

Here are the first two pages of the Manafort indictment

All 31 pages are here

There are three main theories circulating on this. I suspect number 3. 1. Manafort is a song bird, and he will sing, and hang everyone.

My comment: If that was the case, Mueller, who is going to hang with the Clintons if they go down, will not put himself in jail. He is very much the wrong guy to have in charge of any investigation. Take #1 and trash it.

2. The Clintons knew everything in this indictment and used it as blackmail material against Manafort, to force him to join the Trump campaign and subsequently ensure it would fail. Since Manafort worked a lot more for the Clintons than he did for Trump, this is plausible.

3. Most likely: They are going to use Manafort's real ties to Russia (which Trump most likely did not know about) to destroy Trump, and completely ignore the fact that Manafort worked for the Clintons for years, rather than a couple months in only a campaign. They will take Trump out with this, and Hillary, Mueller and Podesta will ride off into the sunset.

Of all people who could have been busted first, Manafort is far and away the wrong one if this so called investigation is going to go the right way for America. I doubt it will.

But then again, Bloomberg had this. this morning, right after the Manafort indictment was released.

"A former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, George Papadopoulos, secretly pleaded guilty as part of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Papadopoulos had suggested that Donald Trump meet with top Russian leaders during the campaign. He pleaded guilty to making false statements during an interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

My comment: So that, on release so close in timing to the Manafort indictment, does give a ray of hope. I would not hold my breath waiting for an answer for where they are going to take this though. .










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