Bush Family Exposed

It began with Bloodline Princess Harriet Fay , descendant of Morgan Le Fay and mother of Samuel Prescott Bush
her son Samuel Prescott Bush joined Skull and Bones and his family stole the skull of the leader Geronimo to use in a satanic ritual . Samuel Prescott Bush became involved in politics through skull and bones and had a son named Prescott Sheldon Bush
Prescott Sheldon Bush was a satanist and made friends with other satanists .
He was a dark occultist and in the 1920s he began a friendship with an aspiring german occultist named Adolf Hitler . Prescott Sheldon Bush would later become a united states senator and Adolf Hitler would later become dictator of Germany . Prescott would fund Hitler’s holocaust through Fitz Thyssen corporation . He would also hatch a plot with SS General Gustaz Schwarzeneggar to overthrow FDR and establish himself as fascist dictator of america in 1941 . The plot would be foiled by Smedley Butler . Franklin D Roosevelt would later pardon Prescott Bush but would exile General Schwarzeneggar back to Germany . However , Gustav Schwarzeneggar’s son , Arnold Schwarzeneggar , would later be invited to america and become a hollywood member and the governor of california.
It was the plan of the elite for the american faction of the illuminati , led by Roosevelt , to be infiltrated by an even more corrupt form of the illuminati , the “new world order” illuminatis , as opposed to the “old world order” illuminatis . This “new world order illuminatis” were the nazis .
So the Nazis began their plan of infiltrating america
Hitler had a nazi named George Scherff . George Scherff’s son , George Scherff II , was sent to america in 1944 and adopted by pro-nazi senator Prescott Bush . He was given a false identity , “George HW Bush” . In 1945 , he had a meeting with his Fuhrer , Adolf Hitler . Adolf Hitler revealed that he was secretly the son of Aleister Crowley , and that Hitler had a sister who was also the daughter of Aleister Crowley . This sister was named Barbara Pierce . In 1945 , George Scherff II began a relationship with Barbara Pierce , his Fuhrer’s Sister . Barbara Pierce then became Barbara Scherff . Publicly they were “George HW Bush and Barbara Bush” . They had a son named George Scherff III in 1946 , fake name “George W Bush” .
In 1947 , George HW Bush secretly created the CIA and then brought all nazis to america and gave them positions in nasa , monsanto , and the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries . George HW Bush began to be more involved with his cia in the 1960s
In 1963 , The Illuminati ordered president John F Kennedy to be assassinated . The order went down to the head of the American Illuminati , the repossessed corpse of Aleister Crowley . Crowley with the assistance of the Vatican and the Mafia orchestrated a conspiracy to assassinate John F Kennedy . The final details were then given to Lyndon B Johnson
Lyndon B Johnson then made a conspiracy to send the CIA , the Mafia and a group of socialists over to assassinate kennedy . It was all overseen by George HW Bush , he was the ultimate overseer , and it was George W Bush who pulled the trigger to kill president John F Kennedy . Oswald a patsy was then blamed . The repossessed corpse of aleister crowley then seized control of america and turned the president into a puppet post . Lbj became crowley’s first puppet . That is why Crowley’s daugher Candy Crowley monitors the presidential debates , she is choosing a puppet for her father .
Crowley turned america socialist through taking away gold and silver under nixon in 1973 . HW Bush thought nixon wasnt neoconservative enough though . So he impeached him . It was at this time that HW Bush was head of the orginization he created , The CIA
When Carter was president he started a conspiracy with HW Bush to make the muslim brotherhood control iran in a dictatorship so that there would be excuse for war in the middle east . Also at this time W Bush began an oil corporation with the memeber of a scion of the saudi royal family , the bin laden family , who were oil magnates . The member was named Salem bin Laden . W Bush and Salem bin Laden then formed bush and bin laden oil company . Salem bin Laden mysteriously died in a plane crash though and all his money went to W Bush . It then became Bush oil corporation .
HW Bush made himself vice president in 1981 . He then realized reagan wasnt neoconservative so HW Bush got his friend John Hinckley to shoot reagan . Reagan then agreed to be a neoconservative puppet for Bush. So he was made to llve
As vice president George HW Bush made a plan for creating a dictatorship in america . It would need an enemy for the people to rally against so the dictatorship would look like it is saving them . But they needed to create an enemy . So they decided to create an enemy but make it appear like a hero first . So in the 1980s HW Bush met his son’s oil partner’s brother , Osama bin laden , and began making him a “soviet resistor” and trained him as an “anti soviet” cia asset . Osama then became a puppet for the CIA and the bushes . After ruling as president and admitting the new world order , hw bush sold the presidency to clinton and the governorship of texas to his son George W Bush . W then seized control in 2001 and continued clinton’s agenda , which was to start to portray cia asset bin laden as a enemy so that the government could begin dictatorship . Bush then orchestrated 911 and used bin laden as a patsy and created an overly powerful government and killed millions of people in wars .
the bushes also were responsible for the death of Tesla .
So the bushes had a role in the JFK Assassination , The Holocaust , the murder of Nikola Tesla , 9/11 , Iran Contra , Project Paperclip , Psychiatric Corruption , Monsanto , The Alien Agenda , Drug Smuggling , The Shooting of Reagan , The Nixon Impeachment , The Creation of Islamic Iran , The War in Iraq and Afghanistan and instability and chaos in the middle east , the seizure of american’s liberties , The defaming of Geronimo’s grave , and the rise of the new world order.
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