Cancer Cured In Weeks Like Star Trek!


Judy Perkins had aggressive breast cancer impossible to treat by conventional therapy.  She had massive breast cancer and tennis ball sized tumors in her liver and secondary cancers all throughout her body!  She chose an experimental treatment option we must now demand be made available to all!

Her cancers were completely eliminated within just weeks by injecting 90 billion of her own super charged white blood cells into her body!  They reproduced these super charge white blood cells outside her body in massive numbers.

“She told the BBC: “About a week after [the therapy] I started to feel something, I had a tumor in my chest that I could feel shrinking.

“It took another week or two for it to completely go away.”

She remembers her first scan after the procedure when the medical staff “were all very excited and jumping around”.”

They were able to locate her white blood cells already working against the cancer but losing the battle and then reproduce them in massive numbers!   They then sent in these supercharged white blood cells like the cavalry to save the day!   This is one of the technologies that will be aided by President Trump’s “Right To Try” legislation that lets terminal patients choose experimental procedures.  President Trump once again proves he knows our medical system is a complete scam and has hidden many cancer cures from us!  I show proof of this in the video too!

Even in the article they do as they always do when they’re about to disappear the treatment from us!  How many times have we heard a similar phrase about not getting too excited right at the end!

“At lot of works needs to be done, but the potential exists for a paradigm shift in cancer therapy – a unique drug for every cancer patient – it is very different to any other kind of treatment.”

In the video I start out with a brief clip from Dr. Dunegan who was told in 1969 they had all the cancer cures locked up in the Rockefeller institute because they wanted to kill as many as possible!   Then I show this new personal cancer cure technology as well as another one.  Please share this information with as many people as possible so we can destroy the lies of the medical system.  We have a doctor who was told by the head of planned parenthood in 1969 they had the ability to cure almost all cancers at the time!   Please let everybody know about this using the share buttons so the evil ones can’t stop it!



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