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CERN: Project Blue Beam and The Portal to Hell (Video)

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The name CERN is derived from the acronym for the French Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, a provisional body founded in 1952 with the mandate of establishing a world-class fundamental physics research organization in Europe.

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that claims that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming.

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CERN Finds Beasts Inside Their Machine (Video)

Every now and then, our friends at CERN produce a strange article that seems to hide a cryptic message hidden behind it. Futureman19 attempts to decode this message.

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The name CERN is derived from the acronym for the French Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, a provisional body founded in 1952 with the mandate of establishing a world-class fundamental physics research organization in Europe.

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Time Travel Experiments Gone Wrong – Astounding Documentary

A Ship vanishes during a secret time travel experiment gone awry. When it re-appears, observers were astounded when they saw crew members embedded in the deck and steel of the ship. During a sea trial, the ship vanishes and travels through time setting off a number of events that continue today.

It’s not Science Fiction, it’s Science Fact! You’ll hear firsthand from the people who at the original experiment and about more recent projects based on the same technology. Learn how the time travel technology allows ships, planes and people to travel through time.

Men with intimate knowledge of the strange and incredible events that took place and may very well be STILL taking place now. Learn how technology they helped develop and test is being used to change the future.

time trav·el
ˈtīm ˌtravəl/
  1. (in science fiction) the action of traveling through time into the past or the future.


Bombshell! Here’s Why CERN is Meeting Just Days Before September 23. The Revelation 12 & Sistine Chapel Connection. Why We Should Be Very Concerned (Videos)

What on Earth does the Sistine Chapel have to do with NWO and Agenda 21? Check it out, this will blow your mind!
Did CERN have a hand in the recent devastating hurricanes? In-depth research from both of the following Youtubers that is STARTLING! A must see and share!

CERN Meets DAYS Before September 23, 2017 (Revelation 12 Sign, Predictive Programming)

She get’s really going at approx 11:50   Then the Sistine Chapel – Vatican & judgement at approx 18:00

For an unprecedented analysis of CERN this is a MUST SEE!

You Better Watch This Video Before Sep 23rd 2017


The Alberino Analysis – CERN: Occult Conspiracy

In this analysis, Timothy Alberino breaks down the origin, activity and potential occult conspiracy behind the European Organization for Nuclear Research (a.k.a. CERN) and its Large Hadron Collider. The physicists and engineers working at CERN are ostensibly “probing the fundamental structure of the universe” in order to discover what it is made of, and how it all started. But is there a deeper and darker agenda percolating in occult shadows behind the scenes? Is someone trying to tear the veil of the material world and open a gate to a forbidden realm? One thing is for sure, mankind is about to step over a threshold that has not been trespassed for thousands of years. We may be getting ready to open a “pandora’s box” that was sealed long ago for our own protection. Although a great deal of information regarding CERN is covered in this presentation, it only manages to scratch the surface.

There is a vast amount of data relating to specific experiments occurring inside the Large Hadron Collider (each with its own potential ramifications) that had to be forgone in the interest of time. For more in-depth information on this subject, visit the CERN section of Steve Quayle’s website:… and the see the fantastic research of Anthony Patch: Special thanks to Darrin Geisinger for helping me research this boundless and complicated subject.

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Taking quark-gluon plasma for a spin may un-break a fundamental symmetry

Researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s RHIC particle accelerator have determined that an exotic form of matter produced in their collisions is the most rapidly spinning material ever detected. The material is called a quark-gluon plasma, and it provides us an opportunity to study the state that all matter was in immediately after the Big Bang.

The fact that the quark-gluon plasma spins provides us with an opportunity to study some theoretical ideas about the behavior of the strong force, one of the fundamental forces of nature that’s responsible for holding together the matter that we see around us.

The force is strong in these collisions

Brookhaven’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and CERN’s Large Hadron Collider are the only facilities that can reach energies high enough to produce a quark-gluon plasma. Quarks are the building blocks of the heavier components of atoms; both protons and neutrons consist of three quarks bundled together. Gluons are the particles that hold them together in that bundle. Their interactions are governed by the strong force, and the rules of those interactions are described by a theory called quantum chromodynamics (often simply called QCD).

Those rules dictate that the only stable combination involves three quarks. We’ve generated other particles with two, four, and even five quarks, but they all decay rapidly.

Collisions with heavy ions—typically gold or lead—put lots of protons and neutrons in a small volume with lots of energy. Under these conditions, the neat boundaries of those particles break down. For a brief instant, quarks and gluons mingle freely, creating a quark-gluon plasma. This state of matter has not been seen since an instant after the Big Bang, and it has plenty of unusual properties. “It has all sorts of superlatives,” Ohio State physicist Mike Lisa told Ars. “It is the most easily flowing fluid in nature. It’s highly explosive, much more than a supernova. It’s hotter than any fluid that’s known in nature.”

While confirming that the quark-gluon plasma existed was a major accomplishment, studying it can provide fundamental insights about the basic properties of matter. “The quark-gluon plasma, fascinating though it is,” Lisa said, “is a tool to try to understand quantum chromodynamics, which is the theory of the strong force.”

Put a spin on it

We can now add another superlative to the quark-gluon plasma’s list of “mosts:” it can be the most rapidly spinning fluid we know of. Much of the study of the material has focused on the results of two heavy ions smacking each other head-on, since that puts the most energy into the resulting debris, and these collisions spit the most particles out. But in many collisions, the two ions don’t hit each other head-on—they strike a more glancing blow.

Because the two ions are traveling in opposite directions at nearly the speed of light, the resulting quark-gluon plasma should inherit a great deal of off-axis force. And that, in turn, should send the plasma spinning.

But a logical “should” doesn’t always equal a “does,” so it’s important to confirm that the resulting material is actually spinning. And that’s a rather large technical challenge when you’re talking about a glob of material roughly the same size as an atomic nucleus.

To make their measurements, the Brookhaven researchers relied on what happens as the quark-gluon plasma expands and cools. As it does, its quarks and gluons condense into familiar particles, including protons, neutrons, and various unstable quark combinations. These particles all have spin, and that spin will be inherited from any spin possessed by the quark-gluon plasma that’s producing them.

Quick, figure out what the spin of that particle over on the right is.
Enlarge / Quick, figure out what the spin of that particle over on the right is.

Of course, those particles come out of the quark-gluon plasma as a chaotic, energetic spray, so measuring their spins would be a serious challenge. Conveniently, there’s a type of particle called a “Λ hyperon,” which is essentially a proton with one of its up quarks replaced by a strange quark. The strange quark can decay in a way that converts this into a proton, which can be spotted using the detector hardware at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Conveniently, any protons produced by this process tend to be emitted along the same direction as the spin axis of the Λ hyperon. So, by tracking these protons, the team behind Brookhaven’s STAR detector was able to get some measure of the quark-gluon plasma’s rotation.

This measure, called the vorticity, provides a measure of how rapidly a fluid is rotating. And, for the quark-gluon plasma, the answer is “very.” The answer the researchers came up with is 1021 per second. For comparison, the vorticity of tiny droplets of a superfluid tops out at about 107 per second. Something like a supercell tornado only reaches 0.1 per second. So the quark-gluon plasma is a staggeringly large step up in terms of vorticity.

Probing QCD

Not only is that measurement an achievement in its own right, it provides us with a new chance to study quantum chromodynamics, the rules that hold together most of the matter around us. One of the ways to study this is to look at how the rules change when matter undergoes a transition, like the one from protons and neutrons to a quark-gluon plasma.

The spin of the quark gluon plasma can provide another opportunity to study a transition between different sets of rules of quantum chromodynamics. Under quantum chromodynamics, there would be a fundamental symmetry between left- and right-handed quarks (the handedness relates to the combination of their spin and momentum). But the symmetry is broken if the quarks have mass—which they do.

Since we can’t make a massless quark, there’s only one other way to restore the symmetry: raise the quarks to a higher energy. “If the temperature is high enough, regions of space can transform from one configuration of gluon fields to another,” Lisa told Ars. He said many scientists think that the energies reached in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider are high enough to explore what are called quantum chromodynamics’ chiral symmetries.

There are two symmetries. The chiral magnetic symmetry will be accessible if the quark-gluon plasma has a magnetic field—something that it’s thought to likely have, but hasn’t been measured yet. The other route is the chiral vortical symmetry, which requires that the plasma be rotating. We now know that, provided the collision isn’t fully head-on, it is. “The transition from one [set of rules] to another is highly exotic and exciting—it would tell us something fundamental about QCD,” Lisa said.

And the implications are large. Not only would it help us understand quantum chromodynamics better, but for a brief moment of time, the entire Universe was at high enough energies for this other set of rules to apply. In effect, we are repairing a symmetry that the Universe broke as it emerged from the Big Bang.

Steve Quayle-There Is Advanced Alien Technology Buried in Antarctica

Author Steve Quayle contends, “Black physics is beyond the PhD level, and we are seeing this with CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research). What is so critical for people to understand is, as more activity takes place at CERN, the occult rituals associated with it are so in your face you can’t dismiss this stuff anymore as being the ranting’s of this fringe or that fringe. Something is happening, and the Antarctic is critical. It’s my contention that because of the advanced technology of the

Image result for Alien Technology

Third Reich . . . that they went under the ice, so to speak, and came into contact with beings, sentient beings that Wernher von Braun and others have made reference to many times before they passed away. So, all this is a matter of record. When you put all the records together, it points to this: There is some entity or group of entities that are thinking and have advanced technology and, basically, give orders to the religious and political leaders of our day.”

The history of the world is not what it is. It is what the powers that be pretend it to be. For the record, all of the world’s leaders never believed that Hitler died in the bunker.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle, author of “Empire Beneath the Ice.”

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Full Disclosure, The Coming Deception & Alien Abductions — LA Marzulli

L.A. Marzulli joins Anthony Patch on The Anthony Patch show for a fascinating discussion that covers topics including full disclosure of alien life, a coming deception, alien abductions & so much more!

L.A. Marzulli is an author, researcher & film maker and you can visit his websites here….

You can view part one of this 2 hour show here….…

The Next-Gen D-WAVE Computers REVEALED! — Anthony Patch

Image result for D-WAVE Computer

Kev and I reveal the facts on the Next-Generation of computers from D-Wave. A complete paradigm shift in computing. Plus, proof positive confirming my publication in 2014 within my book: 2048: Diamonds in the Rough of qubits arranged in tetrahedrons and comprising D-Wave’s non-public prototype “Universal computer” as a reality, and using my model of the Universe; the 600-cell tetrahedron. Many paradigms changed as well throughout our show!



Occult Rituals, True Quantum Entanglement & What Is Time? (Anthony Patch Show #20)

Quantum Entanglement and Time. The definitive explanation of true quantum entanglement of not two, but three particles forming a single tetrahedron, the geometry of the Singularity, and AI. Time does not exist, at the quantum, or cosmological scale.

Kev Baker and I reveal the actual 3-strand construct of human DNA/RNA, as well as that of the human brain at the quantum scale, where time does not exist.



In the first segment of the show I get into the May Day celebrations set to take place across Europe & beyond as people take to the streets. May Day – or ‘Labour Day’ – is observed all over the world on the first day of May to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers and fight for labourers rights.

However, its not just protesters that are out celebrating at this time of year. On April the 30th witches worldwide will take part in festivities to mark Beltane – The Witches Sabbath. Beltane festival is celebrated starting on April 30th, and is the final celebration before May Day. It is the halfway point between the spring equinox and summer solstice, and considered one of the four big annual occult festivals. This holiday marks the beginning of the summer season and bonfires would be started as a ritual for protecting crops and people, and the flames were symbolic of the sun.

With the occult in mind, we get into a discussion on the show about the recent spate of owl symbology turning up movies & modern culture.

Margaret Keane painted children with big eyes during the 50s – Netflix now running movie on her life called “Big Eyes”

The owl is now the logo that Google are using for something they are calling Project Owl. This is Googles attempts to stop searches returning results that they deem to be “fake news”, but its the symbology again, they are hiding their occult ways in plain sight.

Tony gets into how the owl is said to represent Moloch, the Biblical name relating to a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice. The name of this deity is also sometimes spelled Molech, Milcom, or Malcam.

The elites are openly showing us just who it is they worship & this in itself shows that they are far down the road in their plans.


In the past couple of weeks Facebook have started to unveil their plans for a brain interface that will literally read you mind. Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies are saying how this will improve your ability to send messages or type quicker, just by using your mind.

This comes on top of the “neural lace” that Elon Musk is creating as his attempt to save humanity from Artificial Intelligence – not my language, its what Musk himself says!

All of these new innovations that involve brain enhancements are window dressing to keep you away from looking at just what is going on here. This is not about our convenience, its all about control. The elites are determined to take us into an artificial matrix of their making & its all about being able to control us remotely once we are in it!

Again, Hollywood is preparing us for all of this. In Tom Hanks most recent movie “The Circle” we see a fictional representation of the real world “Sentient World Simulation”. The SWS is a virtual world in which we are all represented by “nodes” and is used to map & predict human behaviour. It is quite literally a virtual matrix with 7 billion “nodes” all feeding data back into the quantum computers that run it.

Purdue University‘s Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations, or SEAS, is currently being used by Homeland Security and the US Defense Department to simulate crises on the US mainland.[1] SEAS “enables researchers and organizations to try out their models or techniques in a publicly known, realistically detailed environment.”[2] It “is now capable of running real-time simulations for up to 62 nations, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and China. The simulations gobble up breaking news, census data, economic indicators, and climactic events in the real world, along with proprietary information such as military intelligence. […] The Iraq and Afghanistan computer models are the most highly developed and complex of the 62 available to JFCOM-J9. Each has about five million individual nodes representing things such as hospitals, mosques, pipelines, and people.”[1]

SEAS was developed to help Fortune 500 companies with strategic planning. Then it was used to help “recruiting commanders to strategize ways to improve recruiting potential soldiers”. In 2004 SEAS was evaluated for its ability to help simulate “the non-kinetic aspects of combat, things like the diplomatic, economic, political, infrastructure and social issues”.[3]

Sentient World Simulation is the name given to the current vision of making SEAS a “continuously running, continually updated mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action.”[4]

Wikipedia – Continue Reading HERE!

In the trailer for the movie “The Circle” we see a tech genius talking up the advantages of being able to see everything, knowing everything & even the chance to beat disease – exactly how the real world version will be sold to us, or is being sold to us at present.

The mistake that most people make is that they think all of this new technology & medical advancements are for the elites. Its not, its for all of us.

The elites see themselves as evolving beyond what it means to being human. They see themselves cheating death and becoming an entirely new species, Human 2.0, while the rest of us are plugged into their matrix where every aspect of our lives can be controlled.

Scientists are studying how brains sync between people on the same college courses right now & this data will be used to improve the ways that the elites literally sync our minds together in the “hive mind” they desire.

The literally want to quantum entangle our minds!


Quantum entanglement – its a term that has gained popularity in recent years with the explosion of quantum physics & is often used by new age types as well, but what exactly is it? What does it mean? And further more, are we being told the truth?

When we talk about quantum entanglement we always think of two particles, but what would happen if we introduced a third particle?

Anthony Patch says…

Look at the Zero in the centre. That is the Singularity.

In most discussions of Quantum Entanglement, only 2 particles are employed.

If you bring in a 3rd particle, we’d say the entanglement would be broken because it would be interfering with the entanglement factor between the first 2 particles.

However, if the 3rd particle functioned as a detector/measuring tool, and it too were entangled with the first 2, then no interference would result. Only an enhanced state of entanglement between all 3.

The numbers here represent a specific state of a particle. As a whole number (+) or a non-whole number, (-).

The “0” is the balancing of all the (+) and (-)’s here. It’s a sum of pluses and minuses. All states in balance.

If you want to substitute up and down spin, up quarks, down quarks, etc. then do so. Waves can be used as well.

Now, we can apply the 3 particles and their states to a geometric configuration.

  • (a) Represents, a Tetrahedron with each of the 3 particles, one at each point V1, V2, V3. V in the center is equivalent to 0, the Singularity.

  • (b) Shows multiple Tetrahedrons as a Sphere.
  • (c) Is the same as (a)


Now, if you add all of the 1’s they total 6, ignoring the (+) and (-) for the sake of this discussion.

Add in the 3 circles = 9

At the start, you begin with 3 circles.
This is 3, 6, 9

The right side of this graphic is another set of 2 circles, and a partial 3rd, which is the detector/measuring tool, also quantum entangled.

This demonstrates that when employing 3 particles, arranged as a Tetrahedron, rather than the typical 2, resulting in Stable Quantum Entanglement.

This is how and why quantum bits, known as qubits are arranged as Tetrahedrons. These result in the 600-cell quantum computer (see next page), with each Quantum Entangled qubit fully entangled, without experiencing the decoherence (errors resulting from broken entanglement) of quantum particles.

© Anthony Patch

Quantum particles maintain stability when they are triple entangled. There has to be that trinity for there to be coherence, no errors.


At the start of the third segment we deliver a message to Elon Musk & urge him to turn his attention away from tunnel making & actually spend his billions on something that will better humanity! Elon Musk is one of the game changers that turn up from time to time throughout history, with the likes of Di Vinci, Einstein & Tesla to name but a few, so why not do something that will improve the lives of all of us, not just the billionaires that can afford a ride on his rocket!


We have talked about how the elites are determined to hack and tinker with DNA. Just how do you start to play about with DNA? Well this is where CERN comes in. The detectors are no different to MRI machines in hospitals, and what they are doing is mapping how DNA is built from the quantum scale up. The detectors are working out the spin of the particles so that they can then flip it and build DNA from the quantum scale up.

This is nothing new, as this is old news. This goes back to the 1500’s and the letters & alphabet given to John Dee by demonic entities. They were being given the math but had no way, no technology, to do anything with it. But not now, as we have quantum computers more than capable of completing this task.

So, at CERN they are mapping the spin of quantum particles and that is then fed into the computer. The computer then uses the data to build models of new DNA from the quantum scale up.

After that, the detectors will flip and instead of mapping the quantum spin, they will use microwaves to add the correct spin. It will act as a biological 3d printer at the North Area of the main ring of CERN & build the computer generated DNA sequences from the quantum scale up.

The detectors are even arranged in a similar fashion to the workings of master occultist John Dee.

Dee “Watch towers” – just like the set up of detectors at CERN!

So, this is the process of building literal synthetic, emmm, im hasten to say humans. This is literally Human 2.0, and furthermore, they will act as hosts for the spirits of the entities that will be released when the portal to the abyss is opened.


What is time? Probably the one question that has been asked over the ages, and we are still none the wiser.

Anthony says imagine the tetrahedron that was the singularity. Forget “big bang” right now, just think of that initial tetrahedron & an expansion there after.

We are told that nature abhors the vacuum, so what happens is the tetrahedrons replicates outwards in all directions simultaneously and we experience that movement, that explosion, as time.

Look at the image above. The 3 circles represents quantum entangle particles with the overlapping region, 0, being the tetrahedron singularity at the start. From there it replicates to fill the vacuum and it is our perception of that replication that gives birth to what we call time.

But there is no time, for its just our perception of all of the above.

Hey, im no Mr Patch, listen to his far better explaination of something that makes my mind hurt just to think about it.


Please remember  to check out the work of Anthony Patch to keep up to date with all the latest coming from the world of science & beyond. Tune in to Anthony’s show every Friday on Truth Frequency Radio from 10pm UK – 5pm EST – 2pm PST!