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Video: Invasion USA: Google to Sterilize USA With 5G, Take Guns With Robot Army for Chinese

This is without a doubt the most important story any patriot can share because it details the treason Eric Schmidt has done against the United States!  The whislteblower giving this information is 100% an insider!   Listen to how she talks, the companies, organizations and people she is familiar with.  This is no made up story that’s for sure!  It’s real and connects all the dots!  It must go mega viral if America is going to continue!

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Eric Schmidt (Google) blackmailed to give the Chinese EVERYTHING they wanted!

The most hardcore and shocking truth is that Eric has been blackmailed by the Chinese to deploy 5G (which Trump is pushing too!) in order to sterilize the entire USA population!   Then Eric and the Chinese will use the DARPA Atlas robots to go house to house and confiscate all the guns!  These Atlas robots are undefeatable robot warriors!   America will no longer exist!

How has Eric Schmidt been blackmailed to commit this treason?  

He has been poisoned by the Chinese so that if he doesn’t get the antidote every so often he dies!   He has given them everything!    They did this to his daughters, Alison and Sophie also!   According to his former mistress, one time Eric didn’t do exactly as the Chinese wanted and they didn’t give Alison the antidote and she died!  He covered up Alison’s poisoning by saying she died of a long term illness according to the whistleblower.

Here’s just some of the topics covered in this mind-blowing testimony.  It’s imperative all patriots around the world share this article with everybody they can.  The truth most go viral!  Send to all people on email, social media, and tweet Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump.   Tell Trump we will NEVER accept 5G without testing!  We don’t need the speed and we will not sit by while it destroys our future!

Tell your cell phone company by writing to them at their website that you will NEVER buy any 5G enabled phone and will in fact get rid of your cell phone if 5G is not stopped immediately!  We must organize against 5G and rage against Trump until he sees we are serious.   If we can force studies to be done by real independent people, 5G will be exposed as a kill and sterilization grid!   I want 5 years of rat studies with it blasting right next to them and THEN tell me it’s safe you LIARS!  We need petitions, we need people taking shifts with signs in front of the White House!  We need patriots at Trump Rallies saying “We Love Trump but 5G is a kill grid!  Research and boycott!”   We need patriots sending articles to Trump’s Twitter and through the Whitehouse website and Trump’s own website where he wants ideas from us!   If every patriot hits Trump every week it can change things!

Email Alex Jones and tell him to report on this or No More Product Sales!

Email Alex Jones at and ask him why he has censored this story and still refuses to interview the patriots of American Intelligence Media who have broken all the truth on Senior Executive Services, SERCO running the US Patent office and so much more!  Why is “Tip of the Spear” Alex Jones running from this story and censoring American Intelligence Media when this woman will probably be killed for getting this information out and he brags he can get anything to Trump?

Here’s just a few highlights you’ll learn in the Video.  It’s a must listen and SHARE!

Over 1.5 million Chinese Muslims have died being re-programmed thanks to Eric Schmidt giving them the technology they used to identify these people for re-education camps!

Eric gave the N. Koreans the Google Android software and they immediately claimed they invented it themselves!

Eric believes the Chinese will rule the world in 10 years, but he plans to rule the world in 20 years with his DARPA Atlas robot army!

If Eric doesn’t give the Chinese everything, he dies and his daughter dies!  This must be investigated immediately!

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PayPal founder Peter Thiel demands FBI and CIA investigate Google as he claims it’s been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence and slams firm’s ‘treasonous decision’ to work with Chinese military and cancel US defense contract

The billionaire founder of PayPal has called on the FBI and CIA to investigate whether Google has been infiltrated by China.

Tech investor Peter Thiel, 51, made the comments during a speech at the National Conservatism Conference in Washington.

Thiel, a Facebook board member who supported Donald Trump in 2016, slammed Google for working with the Chinese military while refusing to renew a contract with the US Department of Defense.

He even suggested that Google’s actions were ‘seemingly treasonous’. 

Thiel also said that American agencies should ask Google three questions, to determine whether it had been infilitrated by Chinese intelligence services. 

The billionaire founder of PayPal Peter Thiel, 51, has called on the FBI and CIA to investigate whether Google has been infiltrated by China
The billionaire founder of PayPal Peter Thiel, 51, has called on the FBI and CIA to investigate whether Google has been infiltrated by China
Thiel is the biggest supporter of Donald Trump in Silicon Valley and donated to his campaign
Thiel is the biggest supporter of Donald Trump in Silicon Valley and donated to his campaign

The questions are: ‘Number one: How many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI (artificial intelligence)?

‘Number two: Does Google’s senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence? 

‘Number three: Is it because they consider themselves to be so thoroughly infiltrated that they have engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military.’

Thiel is the most high-profile supporter of the Trump administration in Silicon Valley. 

He contributed $250,000 to the Trump Victory Committee in October and was involved in the transition following the President’s election victory.

Thiel, who spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention, hadn’t made a donation to the committee since the 2016 election. 

The billionaire also praised Trump’s foreign policy on Sunday, in particular his trade efforts in China, which he termed a ‘signature achievement’ of the administration. Thiel suggested the 25% tariff on Chinese goods should be thought of ‘as a floor and not a ceiling.’ 

Thiel said that American agencies should ask Google three questions, to determine whether it had been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence services
Thiel said that American agencies should ask Google three questions, to determine whether it had been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence services

Google has faced criticism for its work on the controversial ‘Project Dragonfly’, a censored search engine for China.

The company admitted last year it had been looking at options to build a specialist search engine in China, but that it had no plans to launch it.

The firm said it had ‘effectively ended’ the project, with CEO Sundar Pichai assuring US Congress in December that it had ‘no plans’ to release the software.

Who is PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel?

Peter Thiel, 51, is an American entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal, Palantir Technologies and Founders Fund. 

He has a net worth of $2.2 billion, and was 328th on the Forbes 400 in 2018, with a net worth of $2.5 billion.

Thiel was born in Frankfurt. 

He moved with his family to the United States as an infant, and spent a portion of his upbringing in South Africa and Namibia before returning to the United States.

Thiel became Facebook’s first outside investor when he acquired a 10.2 per cent stake for $500,000 in August 2004. 

He sold the majority of his shares in Facebook for over $1 billion in 2012, but remains on the board of directors.

Thiel is seen as Donald Trump’s biggest supporter in Silicon Valley. 

During the 2016 election campaign, he came out in support of Trump, to the surprise of many, and gave him legitimacy in Silicon Valley. 

He contributed $250,000 to the Trump Victory Committee in October and was involved in the transition following the President’s election victory.

Thiel, who spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention, hadn’t made a donation to the committee since the 2016 election

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The Rapid and Frightening Rise of… SOVIET AMERICA

The disturbing story of how a once small group of radicals tricked America into advancing their agenda. Now, the American Soviets are about to trigger a chain of events that will destroy the core of what it means to be American.

According to New York Times best-selling author Doug Casey, everything you’ve worked hard for—including your freedom—is at stake.

Dear Reader,

A major coup is about to unfold on U.S. soil…

And almost nothing can stop it.

Deeply connected and powerful cartels within Washington, New York, and Silicon Valley… who have major influence on financial and political policies…

… Have finally crafted a foolproof conspiracy to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency…

And replace it with a new type of “socialist state.”

  • Where the incoming government will have full control of everything, including your money and your assets…
  • Where immigrants will rush into this country, at will, to take what you’ve worked hard for…
  • Where food and medication will be controlled by the state and rationed among citizens and immigrants alike…

It will be a new kind of America, with a new vision and new policies.

And first on the agenda to establish this new socialist America is…

To take Trump out…

For the first time in our history, we’re about to witness the most devious plot against our country and a sitting U.S. president…


It’s no secret…

The “establishment” hates Donald Trump and everything he stands for.

They did everything possible to stop Trump from taking office. None of it worked.

Right now, he’s got loads of enemies in Washington and—unfortunately—even within his own cabinet.

Trump is constantly fighting the media… established Democrats and Republicans… top intelligence personnel…

He’s also fighting China’s influence… the Iranians… the Russians… you name it.

To make it worse, Trump is unconventional (that’s how he gets things done).

  • He’s anti-BIG government.
  • He’s a populist
  • He’s a nationalist
  • He takes BS from no one.
  • He’s not a part of Washington’s circle.

And he stands in the way of the “elite establishment”… a connected group of powerful individuals who control the decisions of elected officials…

…Powerful men and women with the attitude of the old Soviet communists.

They dislike Trump and his policies, especially since he reversed several of Obama’s.

They’re pissed and they’ve had enough…

And they’re ready to take back their turf from Donald Trump, the outsider, by any means necessary…

The First Presidential Coup on U.S. Soil

That explains why these mysterious and powerful bureaucrats cooked up the most outrageous government takeover on U.S. soil.

But it won’t be the kind of coup you’re used to seeing in some third world country.

Not a single bullet will be fired. Not a single gun will go off. And no, the president will not get arrested…

Invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment will not be the weapon of choice to remove President Trump from office either.

That’s way too civil and timid… especially for a powerful group of this kind.

But rather, it’s a coup that uses a much more powerful and destructive weapon, one that will affect every American in ways unimaginable.

And to the best of my knowledge, no one is talking about this specific plot—or even knows it’s about to unfold.

But once Trump is out, the incoming socialist government will emerge as the new messiah… with a “new hope” and “new deal” for the American people…

  • They’ll peddle free healthcare for all. (It’s already drafted on paper.)…
  • Cancel all student loan debt and implement free college tuition. (A blueprint is already archived in Washington.)…
  • Initiate Universal Basic Income (UBI) for lazy Americans and immigrants, which is already in motion in Chicago and California…
  • They will take from seniors and boomers to give to millennials who live in their parents’ basements. Part of the plan to fund all this spending could include cutting Social Security and Medicare.
  • To further fund their socialist agenda, a 70% wealth tax is proposed by junior congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a card-carrying member of the group I call the American Soviets. Fellow socialists—and 2020 presidential candidates—Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren both support it… Just imagine giving back the vast majority of your income every year—just because you were successful.
  • They’ll cut military spending and make America vulnerable to enemy nations like North Korea and Iran.
  • They’ll completely abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and leave our borders as wide open as a highway so anyone could flock in (even enemies too).

But perhaps what’s even more dangerous…

They will deceive and blind-side Americans at the same time with the fake prophet of socialism.

And they will use these handouts to bribe millennial and immigrant voters and hold onto power beyond 2020.

Just like Castro did in Cuba in 1959.

Just like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela in 1992.

And just like the Soviets did in 1917.

But like every socialist state, there will be serious repercussions.

Expect to see widespread poverty and lawlessness… and a bankrupt government that will seize every penny from hard-working Americans…

…All in the name of spreading the wealth.

It’s my sincere hope this will not come to pass.

It’s through solid work ethics and patriotic values that America became the great nation that it is.

But, sorry to say… the economic progress we made over the last two centuries is now all in vain. It will be wiped out within months by a socialist uprising.

I can assure you I am not trying to scare you.

Only, it’s my duty to keep you informed… so you know how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and everything you’ve worked hard for…

In other words, this impending catastrophe doesn’t have to catch you by surprise… as it could for thousands of Americans.

How We Uncovered a Shocking Coup Against a Sitting U.S. President

I am Nick Giambruno, chief analyst at Casey Research, and Doug Casey’s right-hand man.

Doug Casey is a legendary economist, serial investor, multi-millionaire, and best-selling author who has dozens of political and financial connections with some of the most powerful people on every continent.

He’s met with 12 presidents, governors of central banks, and intelligence operatives… and boasts a cadre of resource and business insiders on speed-dial.

He’s even met with notorious scoundrels like Fidel Castro and the Governor of Zimbabwe’s Central Bank.

Our firm, Casey Research founded by Doug Casey, is one of the largest financial research firms in America.

And while our research firm has a track record of correctly forecasting major financial and political catastrophes based on research and hard intelligence…

We’ve NEVER been more confident of any stock market, political, or economic forecast than the one we’re making today…

And that’s saying something, because Doug was emphatic about a number of major predictions—most of which have come true.

Doug predicted the Savings & Loan collapse…

The fall of the Soviet Union…

The dot-com crash…

And 9/11 (two months before it happened).

“Doug Casey, one of the greatest prophets of all time.”

– Robert Ringer
#1 best selling
financial author

“Doug Casey has never been wrong on one of his major predictions.”

– Simon and Schuster
Publishing Corp

Doug even predicted which direction gold would move in during that period.

Anyone who followed Doug’s prediction could have pocketed a 407% profit.

Doug warned readers of a coming credit and housing bubble in October of 2006, long before the 2008 meltdown.

And during that meltdown of 2008, Doug and his team made several recommendations that would later soar 405%… 234%… and 102%.

Doug also forecasted Brexit long before it came to a vote… and he’s long written about the socialist direction of the European Union.

Now he sees the same beast – socialism – is about to explode, here in the U.S.

What I’ll reveal today is the most confident Doug Casey has ever been on a forecast.

And Doug has rarely been wrong about something this big.

Look, Doug actually predicted Donald Trump would win the presidency even before he became the Republican candidate.

I think unless Trump’s actively defrauded, he’s going to be the Republican candidate. And he’s going to win,” – Doug Casey, April 21, 2016

But I hate to tell you this…

Just as Doug predicted the rise of Donald Trump, Doug is now forecasting the fall…

The Secret Weapon to Take Trump Out

It’s so malicious, dangerous, and historic… I sincerely wish we were wrong about this devious plot against a sitting U.S. president…

But this powerful, shadowy group has an “ultimate weapon” that no one will see coming…

Part of that secret weapon is the stock market.

In short, our research points to a “doomsday conspiracy” by this mysterious group…

…To crash the U.S. stock market and the American economy down to “ground zero” before the end of 2019…

Then pin the blame on President Trump, to sabotage his presidency and re-election.

The market drops we saw last October and December when the Dow shed an average 500 points were just the warning sign.

Based on our intelligence… you can expect to see further drops in the Dow through 2019.

…And a major crash thereafter…

Once the market collapses, it will be blamed squarely on President Trump by the aggressive opposing media…

The socialist state will win the souls of Americans and establish their policies.

The average American will be looking to the government for a bailout or a handout…

Much of which is already in the works, thanks to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

Once Trump is out, a major retirement crisis will emerge as well…

But socialist policies come with a huge price. Just ask Venezuela…

America will bleed to death with debt and chaos. Our way of life… our freedom and financial well being, will vanish before our eyes…

Soon, there’ll be nothing left for our children and grandchildren to live on.

Or, even worse, there’ll be a violent free-for-all with corrupt leaders ready to gun down citizens looking for food… just like in Venezuela.

Hopefully that never comes to pass. But with socialist states, it always ends up going in that direction.

Like you, I love this country dearly and appreciate the values that made it the greatest nation on earth.

Which explains why I can’t sit idly by and do nothing. Doug Casey and I felt an urgent need to get this message out to you as quickly as possible.

To help you make sense of it all…

I’ll expose what’s been happening since Donald Trump won the presidency…

You’ll get details on those rogue bureaucrats who hold major influence over policy and politicians…

 …And who have allies on both sides of the political aisle… within the intelligence community… the military… industry and the media.

Sit tight. I’ll name names… and take you “inside” their conspiracy to topple a sitting president.

You’ll see how a stock market collapse is virtually locked-in, and what mechanism they’ll use to trigger sudden drops in the DOW as we saw last December…

And how they’ll set up a socialist agenda as America’s new deal.

And best of all, I’ll show you what I am personally doing to protect myself and my family, and even grow my wealth quietly.

I can’t promise you’ll emerge from this crisis completely unharmed…

But I can just about guarantee you’ll be a lot better off than those who don’t follow these simple steps.

Because once the market crashes and socialism is implemented… a whole new wave of Americans in their 50s and 60s will be unable to retire.

Retirement accounts and 401(k) plans will be wiped out instantly or seized. Social Security and Medicare payouts will be halved…

The value of your home will be slashed too…

Foods like milk, butter, eggs, sugar, and medications will be rationed and controlled by operatives of the incoming socialist government…

Of course, the question is, can a stock market crash really take down president Trump and what are the implications for folks nearing retirement?

At first I had doubts…

Until Doug and I began putting together the pieces of our research, like a giant puzzle.

And the plan to take out President Trump through a stock market crash is as fool-proof as anything I’ve seen.

And respected economist and investor Peter Schiff agrees with Doug’s forecast…

“What we’re about to experience will be a bigger bust than what we had in 2008 and, unfortunately, Trump is going to get blamed for that as will all of the Republicans.”

– Economist Peter Schiff

After all, this powerful group we call the American Soviets knows what it’s doing.

To understand the magnitude of it all, I have to reveal something here that you may have NEVER heard anywhere else…

See, while various stock market crashes in the past have never been intentional (not until this one we’re expecting).

History has proven that no political party, or president, regained power after a market crash.

For example, Jimmy Carter was the little-known Democratic Governor of Georgia. But in 1976 he won the presidency as a Washington outsider and reformer…

Within two years the Dow lost 20%, thanks to rising interest rates. A recession hit. And 1.3 million Americans were out of a job.

Carter lost re-election while Americans found new leadership in Republican Ronald Reagan.

The same scenario played out during the reign of George H.W. Bush.

The Dow dropped 18% in three months. That recession lasted nearly a year.

President Bush paid the price when Bill Clinton, a Democrat, won the presidency.

Then look what happened late in Clinton’s second term.

The dot-com bubble exploded and stocks lost $5 trillion in total market value.

No surprise Americans elected a Republican, George W. Bush, to the helm at the height of the crash.

But no one can forget the financial crisis of 2008. It was the bloodiest modern-day financial disaster to hit the U.S. under a Republican president.

John McCain, a beloved war hero—respected on both sides of the aisle—wasn’t enough to keep a Republican government in the White House.

Instead, America voted for liberal newcomer Barack Obama (who—though out of office—is aiding the new socialist movement in America).

Trump himself knows how closely presidential fortunes are tied to the stock market.

He’s routinely claimed credit for the roaring market of his first two years in office—as he should.

But he’s also a student of American history.

And he knows the most alarming example is that of President Herbert Hoover.

Like Trump, Hoover was a successful businessman, and a Washington outsider who became president in 1929.

Just after Hoover took office, the Roaring 20s bubble began to pop. Banks were running low on cash.

By October 8, 1929, panic set in. The stock market completely crashed… which ushered in the Great Depression of 1929-1933.

Americans who saved their entire lives for retirement discovered they had no money left.

Now while Hoover didn’t cause the Great Depression… he took the fall for it…

Franklin D. Roosevelt became president as the new “messiah.” He had an aggressive socialist agenda that led the Democrats to a stunning four presidential victories.

A twelve-year reign.

When history is rewritten, there are two presidents who will be remembered for the worst reigns… due to stock market crashes and recessions…

  1. Herbert Hoover, the scapegoat of the 1929 great depression.
  2. Donald Trump, the victim of the plotted 2019 stock market crash and recession.

But there’s One Major Difference Between Trump and Hoover…

The Great Depression of 1929 was not orchestrated…

But Trump’s fall from grace—triggered by a stock market crash—will be the FIRST planned political coup on U.S. soil.

Some Washington politicians know something big is about to go down…

Some folks believe the Justice Department is the origin of this deeply connected group that will fully take down President Trump.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is on record saying he believes “a bureaucratic coup” led by enemies of President Trump is taking place at the Justice Department…

And Lindsey even asked that a new special counsel be appointed to investigate.

I doubt very much this will happen…

Others like former Trump advisor Steve Bannon recently told Reuters, “There is a cabal of Republican establishment figures who believe Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. This is a crisis.”

By all means, there’s hush-hush speculation as to where this plotted coup will originate, and who’s behind it.

Again, most of this speculation is really just… speculation.

But Doug Casey and I have done more research on this secret group than anyone I know of…

While some may call this group the “American Soviets” because they’ve got the attitude of the old Soviet mafias…

Doug, and renowned author and economist Bill Bonner, calls this group the “Deep State” or “The Shadow Government.”

And this group operates according to its own compass regardless of who is formally elected to office.

Let’s get down to the meat of this planned coup… plus details of this next stock market crash… and the retirement crisis that will follow…

Including what you can do to protect yourself.

White House Take-Over

You see, the “Deep State” has a life of its own, like the government itself.

It’s a “state within a state” that’s hiding in plain sight, and made up of top personnel…

…Including directors of important regulatory agencies… Silicon Valley… the media… high-level bankers, presidents, and professors at top universities (which act as Deep State recruiting centers)…

Not forgetting long-term congressmen and senators… the NSA, military and intelligence operatives, according to Doug Casey.

The Institute for Policy Studies cited names like…

Former CIA head Michael Hayden…

Former FBI chief James Comey…

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice…

And, Justice Department official Bruce Ohr…

Other sources have indicated H.R. McMaster was another high-ranking Obama operative who tried to destroy Trump’s “America First” policies, by approving the continuation of security clearances for Obama-era personnel.

Also I am not surprised billionaire George Soros—a colleague of H.R. McMaster—declared the Trump phenomenon will “disappear” in 2020, calling Trump’s presidency a “danger to the world.”

According to Soros, “My personal goal in the United States is to help re-establish a functioning two-party system.”

Think of it: That’s Soros’ personal goal?

Which begs the question: Who is George Soros… what’s his role… and is he the “Godfather” of the United States of America?

You see, all the anti-Trump operatives are held together by power, money, propaganda, and their secret agenda to implement anti-American and socialist policies…

Policies that are embraced by politicians you already know.

Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… and Democrats running in 2020 like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris.

In fact, these politicians seem like they’re “marked” to carry out the socialists’ policies of the Deep State, once Trump is out.

And a stock market crash and recession seems to be the strategy to take down Trump once and for all.

Question is: What will trigger this market crash? How will it happen? And when?

Take a look at this chart below.

Look carefully at the red circles at the various peaks.

These red circles are utter bad news.

Every time a red circle appears, a precipitous drop and market crash follows.

As an esteemed businessman, I expect Trump is aware this is the weapon that will be used against him.

And while Trump seems like a fearless warrior who’s energetic and tough… these red circles represent his worst nightmare.

He recently complained about the peaks marked by these red circles. I believe it’s key to the fate of President Trump and America.

As you may have guessed, these red circles are initiated by powerful members of an established group that President Trump says is his “biggest threat.”

I’m referring to the most powerful bankers in America and possibly the world: The Federal Reserve…

In short, based on our research, Doug Casey forecasts that the Deep State will use the Federal Reserve to take down President Trump.

Let me explain…

I hate to tell you this, but the Federal Reserve (The Fed) is NOT part of the U.S. government. The Fed is independent. 

The word “Federal” in the name is nothing but a smokescreen to throw you off from knowing their real goal…

Which is to manipulate the American economy and stock market at will.

The Fed is nothing but 12 mere mortals playing God with an economy of 326 million Americans.

And if they take the actions I expect they will, hard-working middle-class Americans will become poor when the stock market crashes… and Trump is out.


Through this orchestrated financial coup I’ve been telling you about.

I have no doubt, intelligence and military personnel of the “Deep State” would love to take down President Trump by force…

But that would make them look bad in the eyes of Americans.

Instead, they’ll settle for a more subtle, yet powerful and extremely dangerous financial coup to achieve both objectives…

  1. Take down Trump
  2. Win the hearts of Americans.

The weapon: Interest rates.

“…All modern rate hike cycles have resulted in a recession, financial, or banking crisis”

– Forbes

You see, interest rates, set by the Feds, can make or break the economy…

Take a closer look at the chart I showed you earlier…

Every circle represents interest rates hike from 1921. And after every interest rate hike, see what follows…?

A market crash or recession… many of them you’ve lived through…

And many of them Doug Casey forecasted long before they wiped out the fortunes of hard-working Americans.

…The stock market crash of 1987… the Savings and Loan crisis of 1990… the 2000 tech bubble… the financial crisis of 2008…

How is it possible for the Fed to derail the economy using interest rates?

When interest rates are low, borrowing money gets easier.

It’s cheaper to buy a house, a car, or take a loan. Consumers have more money to spend too. Businesses expand. Profits rise. The economy is happy.

But the opposite is dangerous.

When the Fed raises interest rates, your mortgage becomes more expensive. You have to pay more for your car loan.

Consumers have less money to buy bread, milk, eggs, electronics, or go out to dinner…

Businesses can’t expand. Profits fall. Stock prices tank and the economy comes to a screeching halt.

“[If the] interest rate goes up 2, 3, 4 points […] We don’t have a country”

– President Donald Trump

Remember how everyone said the economy looked good under President Obama?

Well, Obama had help from the Fed. Throughout Obama’s two terms, the Fed kept interest rates super low at near 0%.

But look below at what happened once Trump won the presidency.

The Fed began an aggressive interest rate hike cycle which sent the markets into a tailspin… causing Trump to say, “I’m very unhappy with the Fed because Obama had zero interest rates.”

The first rate hike for 2018 was announced on March 21…

Then the second hike was on June 13…

And on September 26, the Fed raised the rate to 2.25%.

Shortly after the hike, the Dow slipped 800 points. And President Trump remarked, “The fed has gone crazy.”

By October the stock market lost nearly $2 trillion.

But that didn’t stop the Fed from hiking interest rates to 2.50% in December 2018.

The market went nuts.

The Ghost of the 2008 Recession is BACK to Haunt Americans…

December—which is usually the best month of the year for stocks—saw the Dow losing a staggering 1,863 points within a month…

…Making it the worst December for the market since the great depression of 1931.

$2.3 trillion vanished.

$155 billion in 401(k) and IRA savings EVAPORATED within days.

Across the country, American families were getting panic attacks…

According to Daniel Milan, a managing partner and investment adviser at Cornerstone Financial Services in Birmingham, Michigan…

“Two clients called and said they wanted to get out of the market completely

“Both investors said they couldn’t ‘stand the pain’ of seeing the Dow fall more than 500 points in a single day and watching their account balances shrink. They said they would rather ‘cut their losses.’” 

Across the world, the markets in Hong Kong, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, Germany, India, Mexico, and London were headed for the pits.

Even the White House was in turmoil.

Trump’s treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, frantically called Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo…

Just to see whether they had enough cash on hand to finance normal operations.

It was as if the “recession ghost” of the 2008 financial crisis came back to haunt us…

…Similar to when then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson called these same banks ahead of Lehman’s collapse.

Not the kind of nostalgic feeling you want…

But, mark my words, all this is happening simply because the “Deep State” and the socialists want to get rid of Donald Trump and reclaim the running of the United States.

This isn’t over.

If the Federal Reserve takes interest rates to 3% over the next few months, the stock market could lose more than 50% of its value.

The Trump Administration will owe over $1 trillion in interest on the country’s $21 trillion debt…

…Which will cause serious strains on the economy and take it to recession mode.

And the folks who’ll feel it the most?


In fact, Americans, 50 years and over, won’t have peace of mind.

And here’s why…

Baby Boomers and Seniors Won’t be Able to Retire When Everything Crashes

Boomers are expecting to claim their Social Security and Medicare over the next few years… after decades of contributions.

I’m sure you’ve paid into this system since your first job as a teenager. You deserve to get your money back.

But there’s one BIG problem that no one has ever mentioned to you.

You see, around 2008, the country’s overall debt consumed 65% of the government’s yearly income… which economists call the GDP.

…While the remaining 35% of the country’s income was reserved to make Social Security and Medicare payouts.

Now, for the first time since World War II, the U.S. debt level is at 100% of its income.

That means the debt will consume all of the country’s income. So where will the payments for Social Security and Medicare come from?

When American retirees will be looking for their rightfully earned payouts over the next 5 years, all hell will break loose.

Can you imagine what will happen when the market collapses and Trump is out of office?

Can you imagine what would happen when the socialist government begins to expand welfare programs with every cent it has on the books?

Can you imagine when the socialist government says they will need your money to help “spread the wealth” equally?

Month after month, Social Security payouts will decrease until you can no longer feed yourself because of vastly inflated food prices.

In fact, as we speak, retail prices are headed one way. And that’s UP…

Kellogg’s, who own cereal brands that are a staple for American families, has increased prices by 12% for certain foods.

Major food giants like Mondelez, The Hershey Company, Nestlé, Unilever, and Coca-Cola are reportedly hiking prices this year.

That’s exactly how it began in socialist Venezuela.

Next thing you know… people have to wait in line to buy even the smallest amount of food.

But it’s not just higher food prices you need to watch to see the cracks in the economy…

Real estate in the U.S. is down by as much as 10%.

In Seattle for example, home prices are down as much as $80,000. Same story in Chicago, Denver, Austin, Washington, Nashville, San Francisco…

Insiders are literally bracing for the worst!

Real estate website Zillow and research firm Pulsenomics surveyed more than 100 real estate experts and economists…

Nearly 50% of the experts surveyed expect the next recession to begin by 2020. That’s next year.

In other words, as economist Peter Schiff puts it, “the market will collapse as a result of interest rate hikes.

Expect a long, drawn-out bear market with the cost of living rising to dramatic levels. This bear market is not going to end quickly”.

It will be the most ferocious, most unforgiving, and most destructive economic calamity this country has ever seen…

Like 2008, over 9 million Americans will be on the breadline… looking for work. Even retirees will petition Walmart for jobs.

And that’s exactly what the incoming Democratic socialist government wants…

To have Americans in bondage… and to offer sympathy in the form of socialism.

It’s a brilliant plan, dangerous and new—at least in America.

Get Ready for Full Blown American Socialism

But the coming recession isn’t the only thing that will take down President Trump…

There’s something else that ensures socialist politicians will get elected to office, anointed as the country’s new “messiahs” ASAP.


They’re a dangerous group of young Americans who seem clueless and don’t have the faintest idea what the first 5 Amendments are…

…And who spend needless days on Facebook and Instagram.

Yet want free healthcare… free college… free housing… free guaranteed income… free EVERYTHING.

And you can bet millennials will get all the “free stuff” they want…


Because in the 2020 presidential election… millennials will call the shots. And you and I know they will NEVER vote for Donald Trump.

Let me explain…

Over the last 40 years, baby boomers (ages 52 to 70) have been the largest voting group in the U.S.

In the 2016 elections, baby boomers were still the largest voting group at 74 million strong, according to the Pew Research Center.

They were critical of President Trump’s rise, and kept FOX News afloat.

But by next year’s presidential election, boomers will slide down to 72 million…

At the same time, millennials will take over and become the largest voting group topping 73 million, based on projections from the U.S. Census Bureau.

In a nutshell…

Donald Trump Will Be Your Last President

By that I mean, he will be the last “culturally American” president for the remainder of your lifetime.

Because America is about to witness a 40-year millennial voting rule that will keep the Democrats and socialism in America for a very, very long time…

Beginning as early as this year.

It will be an unprecedented and disastrous time for America. A period you’ll be forced to live in…

Because millennials are a generation that aren’t used to being responsible…

And now?

They’re about to inherit the United States.

And they’re as anti-Trump as you can get. Anti-American even…

It’s such hypocrisy, because…

The very same capitalist and “culturally American” system that Democrats hate so much is what made America such a great nation, with vast resources and wealth.

All of which millennials now want for free.

If this country was a socialist nation from the signing of our Constitution… today we wouldn’t exist.

But these days socialism is chic and hip.

And it’s made its way to Congress with the likes of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar…

…Ayanna Pressley and radical “superstar” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who—a millennial herself—seems clueless about foreign policy, taxes, and the economy…

But don’t be surprised if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes the president of the United States… soon.

She’s got the support and “Robin Hood” image that young Democrats love, after all.

But the established Democrats running in 2020—Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris—are equally dangerous.

There’s a 90% chance one of those socialist politicians will be the next president of the United States come November next year.

And once Trump is gone… here are some socialist policies your retirement money is expected to pay for.

Here’s What the Socialist Government Plans to Do With Your Money by Next Year

Socialist Scheme #1:
Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Once the socialist government comes in, it will dole out free money to everyone, including immigrants. They call it Universal Basic Income (UBI).

I call it madness.

But you bet UBI is supported by Silicon Valley billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook co-founder and billionaire Chris Hughes is on record telling CNBC that America should implement UBI immediately.

In Chicago, for example, lawmakers recently proposed legislation to provide 1,000 families with a $500 monthly stipend—no questions asked.

And just recently, the 27-year-old mayor of Stockton, California, Michael Tubbs, introduced a local UBI pilot program.

How much will UBI cost, and where will the money come from?

It would cost taxpayers $3.8 trillion a year, according to a new study done by investment management firm Bridgewater Associates.

That’s already 78% of all the taxes collected for social programs.

Any increase in taxes would require you to pay a level of taxation that would exceed anything in U.S. history, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The only thing standing in the way of making UBI law is—as you guessed—Donald Trump…

Which is why Trump’s days are numbered.

But it gets worse…

Socialist Scheme #2:
Free-for-all Health Care:

It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders is the godfather of American socialism.

He received more millennial votes than Trump and Clinton combined.

And his ambitious free-for-all health plan is a disaster.

The Urban Institute and The Mercatus Center, both social and economic policy think tanks…

…Recently revealed that Bernie’s plan will cost the government $32 trillion over the decade.

The Tax Policy Center also ran the numbers. Bernie’s health care plan would, if unfunded, add a further $3 trillion a decade, in interest costs alone.

These are big numbers that make your head spin, I know. But the Democrats are embracing this plan as is.

But that’s not all…

Socialist Scheme #3:
Free College for
All and Forgive All Student Loans:

How about we magically pull out $1.4 trillion from somewhere to clear all college loan debt?

If you’re thinking, other people’s money will pay for it…

Then you’re right. It’s your money that will pay for it.

It will cost another $807 billion for Democrats’ free college scheme over the next decade.

Sad thing is… all the socialist presidential hopefuls for 2020 support free college for all.

This next one is a direct copy-cat from former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s book.

Socialist Scheme #4:
The Largest Takeover of Private Wealth in Human History

Have you heard of the proposed Accountable Capitalism Act?

Here’s the long and short of it.

It’s a plan that’s been called a “federal takeover of the U.S. economy.”

And it gives the federal government the right to dictate how U.S. companies should manage their money…

And how to distribute profits too…

Just imagine… businesses that traditionally pay dividends to retirees… like Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Johnson & Johnson…

And retirement-friendly assets like Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and employee stock repurchase plans…

Including 401(k) plans, IRAs, and other retirement accounts that are invested in stocks… all subject to a socialist government’s meddling.

Basically the government can “count your money” before you yourself touch a cent.

If successful, it would constitute the largest redistribution of private funds in American history.

Isn’t it funny how politicians can’t seem to balance a budget, or avoid a government shutdown…

Yet want a big say in running corporations.

In case you didn’t know, the Accountable Capitalism Act is Elizabeth Warren’s baby…

She is the same woman who’s running to become a socialist president in 2020. I hate to tell you this, but she could win.

Once Donald Trump is Booted Out of Office Next Year, These Major Threats Will Displace Families and Create Poverty

Add it all up and socialist policies will cost us a solid $40 trillion.

That’s more than the GDP of China, Russia, Germany, Canada, France, Brazil and Japan, combined.

Question is: How are they planning to fund these socialist programs..?

We all know how: More debt. More taxes. Cutting military funding. Abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department. Stealing from Social Security and Medicare…

Just take your pick….

No one said it better than former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.”

In this case it will be YOUR money they’re coming after…

Prepare for…

Higher taxes on working-class Americans:

According to the Congressional Budget Office, one option for raising $34 trillion would require seizing over 70% of all corporate profits… including over 60% of all family income.

That could mean higher taxes on your 401(k)… even if you withdraw after 70 years.

With nearly 50 million Americans holding 401(k) plans, that’s a nice money pool for the socialist government.

But don’t think a 60% tax bracket is far-fetched or impossible…

Unless you’re living under a rock, I am sure you’ve heard of the Green New Deal…

It’s a set of expensive new policies for the “New Socialist America”…

…Pushed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is now on the finance committee of the House.

And a proposed 70% tax threshold for top earners is the only way to pay for it.

An opinion piece in the Washington Examiner reports this Green New Deal “is one of the most dangerous and extreme proposals offered in modern U.S. history. It’s the sort of thing you’d see in the Soviet Union, not the United States.

In short: Your money will be confiscated and disguised as a “tax.”

Your assets will be confiscated:

Don’t for a second think that asset confiscation is impossible.

It happened in 1933 when socialist president FDR forced everyone to turn in their gold at $20 an ounce…

Then they turned around and set the price at $30 an ounce. That’s 10 bucks on every ounce.

But let’s talk about today…

Do you know there’s a rule called Civil Asset Forfeit?

Under this rule, the state of Wyoming confiscated $91,800 from a musician named Phil Parhamovich… but never charged him with any crime.

Similar situations arose in Texas and elsewhere causing a federal judge to remark, “It’s victimizing innocent citizens who’ve done nothing wrong.”

Just imagine what will happen under a socialist government who’s looking to take from seniors to give to millennials…

Without warning, you could be locked out of your bank account, locked out of your brokerage account, locked out of your business, and even locked out of your own home.

And that comes with another burden…

Greedy lawsuits:

Any socialist government no doubt creates an environment where everyone thinks they’re entitled to your money.

With over 70% of the world’s lawyers operating in the U.S., expect lawsuits to be on steroids.

Imagine being sued for saying anything “politically incorrect” to someone, or just because you speak the truth.

Or because someone slipped in front of your house, even if they trespassed.

Or because you’ve held on to what’s rightfully yours and that, my friend, can be seen as an “injustice against the poor.”

Believe me, the socialists will find multiple ways to get your money.

Think of it.

There’ll be two major “devils” you’ll have to deal with.

The coming recession that could wipe out your savings… and socialism that will ensure hard-working Americans give up their own money… for a very long time.

Your payouts from Social Security and Medicare will also be slashed to fund other welfare projects for young voters.

Medication, food, everything will be controlled by government hacks… such as a socialist Democrat like Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris…

Who, by all accounts, could win the presidency as early as next year.

It’s time for you to prepare.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself and Actually Make Money

So what can you do… to protect and possibly even grow your wealth through this crisis?

As I said earlier, my name is Nick Giambruno. I am Doug Casey’s chief analyst.

Doug Casey and I are constantly working to provide the very best market insights and asset protection practices to our followers.

In fact, we’ve outlined several simple steps you can take right now to protect yourself and your family.

These are steps Doug has already taken to safeguard his family’s well-being over the next few months and years as well…

First off…

You’ll need to make sure there’s a “safe” location you can go to when socialist riots hit your neighborhood.

Make sure you’ve got enough food, water, and medication. Also keep all important documents in a sealed bag.

The next step is to grow your wealth to sustain your survival over the long haul.

It’s important to get exposure to some of the most valuable assets on Earth, especially during a crisis.

Modern economies can’t run without huge amounts of oil, coal, copper, platinum, uranium, corn, rice, lumber, and iron ore.

These natural resources are so important, they’re often a matter of national security.

In fact, I’ve seen Doug and our readers pull gains like 656%… 800%… and 4,329% from some of these assets.

And while investments do carry risk and nothing in the market is guaranteed, you’re looking at the chance to stash away convenient extra cash for rainy days.

The next thing you’ll need is a perpetual income stream. That means setting yourself up to collect predictable income from specific businesses, according to law.

But not just any business… there are a handful of businesses that actually increase payouts during a recession or crisis…

Not forgetting…

You’ll also need to protect the purchasing power of your money from currency devaluation…

That would mean getting specific assurance with physical gold and silver.

Gold is a must-own asset through any financial crisis. Its value doesn’t depend on the health of the U.S. or any other economy.

For example, right after the financial crisis of 2008, gold soared from $732 to nearly $1,837 an ounce making some people rich.

The great thing is even if you store your gold locally, you can still participate in the global economy regardless of economic conditions at home.

Again these are simple steps you can take to safeguard your livelihood and grow your wealth at the same time.

Your best defense is to be prepared when everything comes crashing down…

Which is why Doug Casey and I wrote a comprehensive survival blueprint for concerned Americans.

It’s aptly called Casey Research’s Survival Handbook: Sidestep and Profit from America’s Socialist Financial Crisis.

And I’d like to send you a copy absolutely free.

Armed with this blueprint, you’ll have the resources to help you not only survive this coming crisis…

But also to prosper—under the radar—so your assets and wealth are safe and untouched.

Inside you’ll find details on…

  • How to legally open a foreign investment account that gives you exposure to some of the best assets abroad. (You don’t ever have to leave your house to open this account.)
  • The easiest and legal way to open a foreign bank account that protects your wealth from confiscation and out-of-control government hacks. You’ll be shocked to know which specific foreign banks to avoid, and which ones to use.
  • A specific U.S. account loophole that can be used to store investments away from prying eyes… in case the government makes a grab for retirement savings.
  • How to buy and store gold so that you can use it to survive, regardless of the economic condition at home. And how you can also use that gold as money when the dollar drops mercilessly.
  • How to participate in healthy overseas markets, without leaving your home, and much more.

Some Americans are still recovering from the perils of the 2008 financial crisis… yet we’re on the brink of another one…

Throw in socialism which will suck the lifeblood out of the country… and you have what could possibly be the end of working-class Americans.

The urgency to protect and find a clear path to long term survival is as important as breathing air…

Again this survival guide is yours absolutely free.

But that’s not all I will send you today. You’ll need…

Your Perpetual Income Stream, Even During a Crisis

If you believe in financial independence…

If you believe in expanding your wealth quietly, without flaunting it…

If you believe that a man has a right to his wealth, then by all means you need extra income in times of uncertainty…

How’s that possible?

One of the key ways to build your “empire of wealth” has been the same for centuries: owning enduring, high-quality assets that can pay out steady income over and over…

We’ve identified a “safe” way for you to quietly collect regular payments from $500 to $1,500 or more depending on the size of your position.

It’s an income source that’s been making payouts for—and get this—over one hundred years…

And this source even increased its payouts by 20% during the 2008-2009 recession.

Another of these iconic income sources has increased its payouts every year for over 40 years… regardless of what happens in the economy.

Just last year it set aside $14 billion to return to investors.

That’s the type of income source you want to own… so when the markets turn south, you’ll have a steady stream income coming in.

Think of it as your personal “goose” that lays an ever-increasing number of golden eggs.

Doug and I have established a “Proprietary Radar” to locate these income opportunities on your behalf.

And we’ve found two of the best payout streams you can tap into.

You’ll know how to begin collecting within weeks through a second survival report called: Casey Research’s Perpetual Income Streams.

Just like your first research guide, this second guide is yours free when you claim your survival package.

In fact these are the same survival guides I’m sending to members of our premium research service, The Casey Report.

It’s our flagship research service here at Casey Research.

Legendary Research Service Designed to Build and Protect Wealth

In the world of finance, stock picking, and asset protection, The Casey Report is as legendary as Doug Casey himself.

Let me explain…

Over 30 years ago Doug Casey wrote a book called Crisis Investing.

Doug’s book spent 10 straight weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. Doug also appeared on David Letterman, Larry King, Charlie Rose, and Regis Philbin…

Not surprisingly… Doug’s work was also featured in TimeForbesThe New York TimesBarron’s, and The Washington Post. Doug also made appearances on every major network you can think of… from CNN to C-SPAN to NBC.

And Doug’s been called “America’s most controversial millionaire” many times through his life… because he’s never afraid of speaking his mind. For instance…

  • Doug called the Democratic Party a “cesspool”…
  • He once refused to shake Dick Cheney’s hand and then went on explaining why he despised the former vice president right to his face…
  • He believes that America’s “civil war” wasn’t really about slavery and that there’d be far less racism today had the South been allowed to leave…
  • And he thinks that political correctness is ruining America…

“A wave of political correctness has washed over the world like a tsunami of raw sewage… it’s dangerous, dishonest, and destructive” – Doug Casey

But it’s Doug’s uncanny knack for forecasting and turning any crisis into a way to profit, that’s made him so popular with investors and hard working Americans.

In other words, Doug always makes the “big money calls” with near financial precision.

For example, in February 2001, during the dot-com bust, Doug told Casey Report subscribers that silver would enter another bull market.

At the time it was trading for $5 to $6 an ounce. By April 2011, it hit $51 an ounce—a near tenfold increase!

Doug even predicted which direction gold would move after the dot-com crash…

Those who followed Doug’s prediction could have pocketed a 407% profit.

And during that meltdown of 2008, Doug and his team made several recommendations that would later soar 405%… 234%… 102%.

How We Recommended Multiple Triple-Digit Gains from One Trip

Another example…

It was 2013. Cyprus was on life support with a banking crisis. Its stock market was down 98%.

I hopped on a plane, along with Doug Casey, to check out the situation and found opportunities most investors couldn’t see…

The result? Our readers saw two triple-digit winners and three double-digit gains from ONE TRIP to a crisis zone: A total 533% gain.

Of course it’s not from crises or recessions alone that we look for opportunities…

Doug and I help our readers understand how to make money whether the market is up or down… through boom times and down times.

It’s easy to see why some readers have sent us notes like these:

One of Doug’s readers named Carl L. recently told us, “I bought and just cashed out with a 3,100% profit. My mortgage is now paid off. Thanks, Doug.”

Linda C., who made 3,420% on one of Doug’s recommendations, wrote in to say: “I thought that your publication was for the rich. I was right, for it turned an ordinary dependent divorced woman into a financially independent woman.”

And Russell says, “The Casey newsletters are hands-down the most valuable of many newsletters I’ve sampled or subscribed to” and that they “provide an invaluable insight that cuts through the noise of so much other information I sift through on a daily basis.”

Like you, these readers value their freedom, and the right to build their wealth. But this right is about to be taken away, bit by bit…

Today, you’re a target because of your core values as a hard-working and cultural American.

It will only get worse once Trump is out.

Millions of Americans will lose their retirement and will barely get by in a socialist state…

You need Doug’s guidance more than ever.

That’s why I am ready to send you our survival report Casey Research’s Survival Handbook: Sidestep and Profit from America’s Socialist Financial Crisis and Casey Research’s Perpetual Income Report.

And they’re yours free of charge when you take a 60-day trial to The Casey Report.

In fact, I’d like to do better and add another report to your survival kit.

Here’s why…

Mount Your Defense and Profit at the Same Time

You need to get defensive right now because we’re also forecasting another financial storm that will wipe out millions of pension plans across the country.

It has to do with corporate bonds, which are about to burst wide open as the Fed raises interest rates.

The way a corporate bond works is simple: You loan money to a company; the company pays you back your original amount, plus interest.

So here’s what happened…

When interest rates were low, U.S. companies offered endless bonds to pension funds and investors…

Thinking they’d be able to pay back those bonds and the interest easily.

Soon it will be payback time…

And nearly $4.9 trillion of corporate bonds must be paid in due time.

But with interest rates rising towards 3%, and an economy heading towards a recession, it means one thing:

These “broke” companies won’t be able to pay back those pension funds, investors, and retirees who loaned them the money…

In other words, these bonds are now “high-risk.”

It’s only a matter of time before the bond market explodes, which will make this next recession even more catastrophic.

Let’s get defensive… AND also try to make some profits along the way.

There’s a simple and convenient way to do this in 10 minutes with the click of a mouse.

Doug and I will reveal the full profit details to you.

It’s all laid out in a third survival guide called: Decisive Profits from the Collapse of Bonds.

It can be yours free of charge just like your first two guides: Casey Research’s Survival Handbook: Sidestep and Profit from America’s Socialist Financial Crisis and Casey Research’s Perpetual Income Report.

You may have noticed by now, that one report compliments the other. That’s by design.

After your assets and savings are protected from prying eyes during the coming financial turmoil…

You’ll need a steady income stream to secure your financial peace of mind. Plus you need to get defensive when everything goes to hell.

Again, these reports are part of your “survival kit” that comes to you free of charge, when you try a subscription to The Casey Report, risk-free for the next 60 days.

Question is…

Why is The Casey Report Your Most Important Resource?

You see, these reports tell you exactly what protective steps to take now, plus the specific recommendations that could maximize your profits.

But you’ll also need to know when Doug and I recommend you exit those investments.

And you also need to know what defensive and survival measures to take on a timely basis because America is rapidly evolving into socialism… something we never thought we’d see…

You need to be constantly assessing the situation with forever evolving markets.

To survive peacefully, you must stay ahead of the curve. That’s where The Casey Report comes in.

Every day Doug Casey and I monitor the market… the economy… and the political landscape in and out of the U.S.

We do all the work on your behalf. And report directly to you through The Casey Report.

Each monthly issue gives a quick market overview and recommends exactly what and when you should buy, and when to sell for profits. And it includes any other intelligence you need immediately.

Should there be a move you need to make before the monthly issue comes out, you’ll get a quick email alert.

It’s all written in simple plain English, easy for anyone to understand regardless of investing experience or net worth.

You see, at Casey Research, we believe in personal independence and intellectual freedom.

We believe everyone deserves the right to come to their own conclusions about their personal finances and livelihood…

And that’s exactly what we want to help you achieve by doing all the work on your behalf.

It’s all reflected in what our readers have to say. Check this out…

Admiration for Doug:
“Made 500%. I admire what Doug’s done with his life, and what a guide he’s been to me.”-J. Bordner

Doug Helped Me Retire:
Doug’s picks have made me tons of money over the years, enough so that I have been “retired” since 1992… I “work” at home sitting in a recliner… My life consists of enjoying myself to the max. It may sound strange to some, but I have found my calling in life because Doug Casey showed me the way to do it.” Robert O.

5,800% Retirement Security:
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By the way, Will’s gain was more than 5,800%! That’s enough to turn $25,000 into $1,475,000!

At this point you are probably thinking The Casey Report is expensive.

And it should be…

After all, had you followed Doug’s call before the 2008 financial recession, not only would you have watched the financial bloodbath from the sidelines…

But you could have banked gains like 405%… 234%… and 102% months later.

Something else that’s worth mentioning…

Many other newsletters out there just provide stock picks. But they won’t alert you to a financial catastrophe that could wipe out your retirement account or 401(k) within minutes…

Or give you hard intelligence that will protect and grow your wealth during a crisis.

The Casey Report does all that and more.

In short, The Casey Report is a valuable survival guide to you and your family.

Based on the timely research we provide, we could easily charge upward of $5,000 for a full year of The Casey Report.

I’ve seen many financial newsletters go for much more.

Yet, you won’t pay anywhere near $5,000 for The Casey Report.

That would be against our mission of showing as many people as we can how to gain financial freedom and protect their savings especially when they need it most.

Which is why we charge a lot less for The Casey Report.

In fact you may be surprised at this deal. And I’ll get to that in a bit…

But before I tell you about it, there’s something else you need right away.

It has to do with a fourth survival guide I’d like to send you.

The 500% Gold Investment

You see, socialism by itself is just one problem. With it comes with an even bigger headache: inflation.

Just ask Venezuela. It costs $150 for a dozen eggs over there. And $703 for a carton of milk as reported by the Business Insider.

It’s worse in Venezuela’s own currency.

Basic medication that normally costs 16 bolivares is now 1,500 bolivares.

Why such high prices?

It happens when a country expands its money supply to pay for social programs and welfare…

In the U.S., inflation has been on the rise for a very long time. Today $1 buys less than 20 cents did back in 1962.

Do you know the dollar has lost 97% of its value through your lifetime?

It will only get worse. And when that happens, just imagine the effect inflated prices will have on seniors and retirees in America.

Remember: Kellogg’s, Nestlé, and other food companies are hiking food prices already…

The cost of rent, medical insurance, and basic cost of living expenses are rising faster than wages…

Just imagine what will happen when the next recession hits… when Trump’s gone… and the socialist government takes over.

That’s where an “inflation-proof” investment comes in. And it has to do with gold.

Gold is the ultimate form of wealth insurance. It has preserved wealth through every kind of crisis imaginable.

It will preserve wealth during the next crisis, because gold prices historically soar as the dollar loses value.

Over the last 3 months alone we’ve seen gold prices jump from $1,206 an ounce to $1,319.

Today we’re letting you in on one of Doug’s “safe” gold secrets that returned over 500% within a 3 year span.

It’s one of those under-the-radar gold investments.

But the great thing is you can participate in this gold secret with the click of a mouse.

Everything is laid out in your fourth survival guide: The 500% Gold Investment.

And it’s yours free when you sign up for a 100% risk-free trial to The Casey Report today.

Now of course your four survival guides are hardly all you’ll get.

Designed for your added protection and convenience, you’ll also receive…

  • 12 Monthly Issues: The Casey Report arrives in your inbox every second Thursday of every month. Each issue includes a stock pick, market analysis, and portfolio updates.
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  • The Casey Report Investor Manual: This compendium breaks down Doug Casey’s strategy in simple words and helps you get started in no time.

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Bonus Report#1: Casey Research’s Survival Handbook: Sidestep and Profit from America’s Socialist Financial Crisis
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Your 401(k)… your retirement savings… your house… Medicare and Social Security, could all be taken away.

Bread, milk, sugar, and even medication will be controlled by BIG government.

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April 2019

P.S. Just the other day Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was asked, about her new tax plan on the wealthy.

She said with a straight face: “If you’re successful, part of the deal is you pay back.”

That’s clear confiscation in disguise.

A socialist government is coming in this country folks. You must act quickly to protect your wealth.

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Deep State Tech Revealed: This Is Palantir’s Top-Secret User Manual

Palantir is one of the most significant and secretive companies in big data analysis. The company acts as an information management service for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, corporations like JP Morgan and Airbus, and dozens of other local, state, and federal agencies. It’s been described by scholars as a “secondary surveillance network,” since it extensively catalogs and maps interpersonal relationships between individuals, even those who aren’t suspected of a crime.

Palantir software is instrumental to the operations of ICE, which is planning one of the largest-ever targeted immigration enforcement raids this weekend on thousands of undocumented families. Activists argue raids of this scale would be impossible without software like Palantir. But few people outside the company and its customers know how its software works or what its specific capabilities and user interfaces are.

Through a public record request, Motherboard has obtained a user manual that gives unprecedented insight into Palantir Gotham (Palantir’s other services, Palantir Foundry, is an enterprise data platform), which is used by law enforcement agencies like the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center. The NCRIC serves around 300 communities in northern California and is what is known as a “fusion center,” a Department of Homeland Security intelligence center that aggregates and investigates information from state, local, and federal agencies, as well as some private entities, into large databases that can be searched using software like Palantir.

Fusion centers have become a target of civil liberties groups in part because they collect and aggregate data from so many different public and private entities. The US Department of Justice’s Fusion Center Guidelines list the following as collection targets:


Data via US Department of Justice. Chart via Electronic Information Privacy Center.


A flow chart that explains how cops can begin to search for records relating to a single person.

The guide doesn’t just show how Gotham works. It also shows how police are instructed to use the software. This guide seems to be specifically made by Palantir for the California law enforcement because it includes examples specific to California. We don’t know exactly what information is excluded, or what changes have been made since the document was first created. The first eight pages that we received in response to our request is undated, but the remaining twenty-one pages were copyrighted in 2016. (Palantir did not respond to multiple requests for comment.)

The Palantir user guide shows that police can start with almost no information about a person of interest and instantly know extremely intimate details about their lives. The capabilities are staggering, according to the guide:

  • If police have a name that’s associated with a license plate, they can use automatic license plate reader data to find out where they’ve been, and when they’ve been there. This can give a complete account of where someone has driven over any time period.
  • With a name, police can also find a person’s email address, phone numbers, current and previous addresses, bank accounts, social security number(s), business relationships, family relationships, and license information like height, weight, and eye color, as long as it’s in the agency’s database.
  • The software can map out a person’s family members and business associates of a suspect, and theoretically, find the above information about them, too.

All of this information is aggregated and synthesized in a way that gives law enforcement nearly omniscient knowledge over any suspect they decide to surveil.


An instructional flowchart showing how to search for people tied to a specific vehicle or license plate.


Most of the Palantir guide is written in the company’s technical language, so it can be hard to parse if you haven’t used the software or aren’t familiar with it. Here are the important terms to know:

OBJECTS: Any piece of data. This data could be a name, address, phone number, bank account number, etc.

HISTOGRAM: A chart. Specifically, a chart that looks like a web and makes connections between things. This feature kind of looks like the “detective wall” trope from TV and movies, but since it’s digitized, it’s much more fast, powerful, and dense.

ALPR/AUTOMATIC LICENSE PLATE READER: A camera that takes pictures of cars and license plates. They’re usually located at toll booths, or intersections on heavily trafficked roads, though police also have mobile versions of them and massive databases of license plate information. Each city in California has different ALPR privacy policies about how the information can be used and shared.

HEATMAP: A map that shows how many things there are in a particular area. A higher concentration of things is usually shown in a darker or richer color. Palantir advertises Gotham as a tool that transforms huge amounts of data into actionable maps for police investigations.


Search results showing that a single license plate can be tracked around the state using Automatic License Plate Reader data.


All data points in Palantir are referred to as “Objects,” and these objects can be practically anything. But they boil down to three main categories: Entities, Events, and Documents. The possibilities of these categories are shown below.

Chart of object types

Image: Chart of Object types based on document acquired by Motherboard.

The “Person” Entity Type doesn’t just include a person’s name. It also includes their emails, bank account numbers, phone numbers, current and previous addresses, social security number(s), and driver’s license data such as height, weight, eye color, and date of birth. (The email address example shown in the user guide is

Zoomed-in screenshot from the Palantir user guide.

Image: Zoomed-in screenshot from the Palantir user guide.

There’s also “Property Types”—which basically list different traits that can be attributed to Objects, or data points. The different Property Types are:

  1. Label
  2. Data Source
  3. Agency
  4. Address
  5. Data Range and Location
  6. Date
  7. Incident Type
  8. Geographic Area
  9. Incident Number
  10. Incident Disposition
  11. Incident Status
  12. Cross Street
  14. Phone Number
  15. Location Name
  16. Name
  17. License Plate
  18. Gender

The Palantir guide shows that this data is pulled from several different management systems at once. For instance, a Palantir screenshot included in the guide show that the NCRIC lets police pull from the record management systems of the San Mateo and Palo Alto Police Departments. This exemplifies Palantir’s selling point: the system can synthesize enormous amounts of data from various sources. Palantir can also make connections across that data, making it accessible for users in a way that would be extremely time-intensive to do manually.

Zoomed-in screenshot of the Palantir Object Explorer section of the user guide.

Image: Zoomed-in screenshot of the Palantir Object Explorer section of the user guide.

In order for Palantir to work, it has to be fed data. This can mean public records like business registries, birth certificates, and marriage records, or police records like warrants and parole sheets. Palantir would need other data sources to give police access to information like emails and bank account numbers.

“Palantir Law Enforcement supports existing case management systems, evidence management systems, arrest records, warrant data, subpoenaed data, RMS or other crime-reporting data, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data, federal repositories, gang intelligence, suspicious activity reports, Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) data, and unstructured data such as document repositories and emails,” Palantir’s website says.

Some data sources—like marriage, divorce, birth, and business records—also implicate other people that are associated with a person personally or through family. So when police are investigating a person, they’re not just collecting a dragnet of emails, phone numbers, business relationships, travel histories, etc. about one suspect. They’re also collecting information for people who are associated with this suspect.

Zoomed-in screenshot of the Palantir Object Explorer section of the user guide.

Image: Zoomed-in screenshot of the Palantir Object Explorer section of the user guide.


The guide explains how to make two types of searches: people record searches, and vehicle record searches.

With the people record search, police can start out with a person’s name. Police can also input a phone number (with or without area code), a license plate number, or the dates of cases associated with that person. The name that the Palantir guide uses as an example is “John Badguy Smith.”

“The results that appear are from LAPD and LASD data sources,” the Palantir guide says, “and include person records linked to crimes, citations, and arrests.”

Palantir person search section of the user guide.

With the vehicle record search, police start by entering a license plate number. The results spit back any and all relevant information about that vehicle, and Palantir gives police the option of mapping or visualizing this information.

“The results show if the vehicle appeared in any crimes, arrests, field interviews, incidents, or citations, across both LAPD and LASD sources simultaneously,” the Palantir guide says.


The Palantir user guide also explains how to use three types of tools: the Histogram tool, the Map tool, and the Object Explorer tool. These tools all let police graph, map, visualize, and connect dozens of different types of data points. So, police can chart the relationships between individuals. Police can click on an individual on this chart and see everything about them: their email addresses, their bank account information, their license information, etc. Police can also put current addresses, previous addresses, locations of a suspected crime, work locations, family addresses, and travel history (as captured by ALPR-cameras) on a map.

Histogram Tool

The Histogram tool, as stated by the Palantir guide, helps police find “correlations” and “trends” between different Objects, or data points. This can help police decipher a person’s behavior. Police can also create “Virtual Dossiers” at the end of their investigations, which centralizes their analysis into a single place.

Palantir Histogram Helper section of the user guide.

Image: Palantir Histogram Helper section of the user guide.

Map Tool

The Map tool lets police do three things: complete “Geosearches,” create “Heatmaps,” and search an Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) database.

Geosearches lets police see Objects, visually, within a certain radius on a map.

“The purple radius, polygon, route, or recent buttons allow you to draw a shape and search for objects/properties that are within the search area,” the Palantir guide says.

Heatmaps show the concentration of Objects on a map. Using a Legend tool, police can adjust the coloring and display of objects on the map.

Palantir Heatmap Helper section of the user guide.

Image: Palantir Heatmap Helper section of the user guide.

The ALPR search, meanwhile, lets police view license plate data captured within a certain search radius on the map. Police have to first enter a search purpose, which can be a “a DR or case number,” according to the guide. Then, police have to enter the center of their search radius, and a license plate number they want to search. Police can, optionally, select a date range they want to search.

The results show images of the license plates as captured, the car associated with the license plate, time stamps, and the location that the license plate information was captured (Image of this is near the top of the article.)

Object Explorer

The Object Explorer is a comprehensive analysis tool that lets police filter, sort, map, analyze, and export dozens of different data points. A huge part of the Object Explorer is visualizing data, which can be done in four main ways: numeric charts, histograms, timelines, and pie charts. The Palantir guide explains that depending on which Objects police are analyzing, the appropriate visualization tool may vary.

Palantir “Timeline” tool in the Object Explorer.

Image: Palantir “Timeline” tool in the Object Explorer.

The document obtained by Motherboard for this story is public and viewable on DocumentCloud.

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How to Hide from The AI Machines

CV Dazzle is a response. It is a form of expressive interference that combines highly stylized makeup and hair styling with face-detection thwarting designs. CV, or computer vision, Dazzle is an updated version of the original dazzle camouflage from WWI, which was used to protect warships from submarine attacks.

Like the original dazzle war paint, CV Dazzle is an unobvious style of camouflage because its eye-catching patterns and colors draw attention instead of hiding from it. As decoration, CV Dazzle can be boldly applied as hair styling or makeup, or together in combination with accessories. As camouflage, this facial markup works to protect against automated face detection and recognition systems by altering the contrast and spatial relationship of key facial features. The variations are limitless.

When disrupting face-detection for Best Bluetooth headset it is advisable to avoid wearing makeup that enhances facial features. For example, emphasizing the darkness around the eyes with eye shadow or eyeliner would make your face more visible to face detection algorithms. Ideally, your face would become the anti-face, or inverse. In the animal kingdom, this inverse effect is known as countershading. A similar effect can be achieved by creating a partial inverse that targets key areas of the face.

For example, darkening or obscuring areas that normally appear light, such as the nosebridege area or the upper cheek. Areas that vary widely, such where facial hair grows, are lower priority. Since eyeglasses are commonly worn by many people, they are not typically considered obfuscations. Results will vary. The CV Dazzle protocols were developed to thwart face detection by OpenCV, which uses the Viola Jones method. The looks shown here were also tested and validated against Facebook’s PhotoTagger, Google’s Picasa, and eblearn.

These videos visualize the detection process of OpenCV’s face detector. The algorithm uses the Viola Jones method of calculating the integral image and then performing some calculations on all the areas defined by the black and white rectangles to analyze the differences between the dark and light regions of a face. The sub-window (in red) is scanned across the image at various scales to detect if there is a potential face within the window. If not, it continues scanning. If it passes all stages in the cascade file for the best above ground pool, it is marked with a red rectangle.

But this does not yet confirm a face. In the post-processing stage all the potential faces are checked for overlaps. Typically, 2 or 3 overlapping rectangles are required to confirm a face. Loner rectangles are rejected as false-positives.

Here are several guidelines to follow when creating your own looks:

  1. Avoid enhancers
    They amplify key facial features.
  2. Partially obscure the nosebridge area
    The region where the nose, eyes, and forehead intersect is a key facial feature.
  3. Partially obscure the ocular region
    The position and darkness of eyes is a key facial feature.
  4. Remain inconspicuous
    For camouflage to function, it must not be perceived as a mask or disguise.

NB: Wearing masks or disguises can be illegal in some cities, including here in NYC

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What Life Will Be Like When the Democrats Win the 2020 US Election

You have to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em. This is an issue that many Americans will have to grapple with should the Democrats win the 2020 Election in both houses of Congress and the Presidency as well.
How the Democrats Will Win the Presidency and Both Houses of Congress in 2020

There are many avenues to voter fraud in the upcoming 2020 Election. Below, is a brief summary of some of the methods that the Democrats will employ to win the 2020 Election.

The majority of Americans are conservative and respect the Constitution, but increasingly, the young people are socialist and the radicals of the Democratic Party hold promise for our young adults who are too lazy to compete in the world. In short, they want something for nothing. Those that embrace socialism always end up with nothing. However, most of these people are ignorant of economic trends and the history of the world.

In many sanctuary states and cities million of illegals are eligible to obtain a drivers license. And when they obtain a drivers license, they automatically are registered to vote. Millions of illegitimate votes will be cast for the Democrats.

In 2016, voter fraud was often estimated at garberubg at least 7 million votes . Many people voted in multiple states under multiple ID’s.

Then there is the matter of the George Soros voting machines. According to a Stanford University study, the only reason that Clinton won the 2016 Democratic Primary is because of the massive voter fraud in the 16 states the employed Soros voting machines. In each case, the exit polling did not match the counted electronic votes. Yet, when paper ballots were used, the exit polling, which favored Bernie Sanders, always matched the final vote total. Look for increase in this type of voter fraud.

The potential for voter fraud has never been greater.
When the Democrats Win

With no legal obstacles, the Democrats will be free to implement whatever they desire. The radical Democrats running for President are amazingly consistent in what they are calling for. Here is a short list:

Confiscation of privately owned vehicles. 
Extreme climate change taxes placed upon the people. These taxes will be embedded into existing and future homes and when the homeowner cannot afford the taxes, they will forfeit their property. This will create the nation's largest slush fund in which the Democrats will fund single payer health care and free health care for all illegals. 
We will see the reintroduction of preferential hiring for minorities in new affirmative action plans. Only this time around, the country will pay homage to illegals as they will go to the front of the line. It is about to get very expensive to be a citizen. 
Free health care for illegal aliens unaffordable Obama style health care for citizens. 
Free speech prohibitions and there will be no criticism of the government allowed. Violators will be imprisoned.  Florida Rep Wilson is already calling the arrest of online Congressional critics. 

Google will implement its Chinese-based social credit system and people will be denied freedom on the net. And just like in China, people will be prosecuted for their online expressions of freedom and liberty. 
Extreme limitations will be placed upon Christians and where they can practice their faith and what the pastors are allowed to say.
A planned economic collapse will be implemented in order to gain total control over the economy. 
Holding precious metals will be outlawed as it was under Franklin Roosevelt. 
Employment will be tied to loyalty to the existing regime. 
The new carbon credit system will lower the average American's lifestyle to those living in 1890. Refer to The Hunger Games movie for a visual depiction. 
After free speech is squelched, gun confiscation will begin. A false flag, or a series of false flag events will occur prior to gun confiscation in order to give it legitimacy. Those that resist will be sent to re-education camps, or will simply be killed resisting the confiscation. 
Public education will continue down the same path and will consist of little more than lifestyle perversion education coupled with the full emergence of the modern day version of the Hitler Youth who will be trained to tattle on their parents. 

And this was only the short version.

The man who launched Obama’s political career, Weathermen Underground leader, Bill Ayers, once told FBI Special Informant, Larry Grathwohl that if he won, he would imprison 50 million Americans into re-education camps and murder more than half of them. Ask yourself a question America. Have you created a footprint that is loyal to extreme liberalism, or not. IF you haven’t your life, and the lives of your family are in danger. Ayers visited the White House several times during the Obama administration. If you are unconvinced, perhaps you should read Executive Order 13603 and FM 39.4. And then read a history book about the rise of Hitler, Mao and Stalin because this is the period we are entering.

Gun confiscation resistance will give the new regime an excuse to imprison anyone not fully on board with the new regime. Salem with trials will be the order of the day. Uncooperative journalists will be accused of encouraging hate crimes and anti-governmental activity. The targets of the crackdown will go to FEMA camps and they will never come out. Bystander apathy on the part of the masses, which teaches, someone else will do it, will eventually prove fatal to millions if the Democrats win the 2020 Election. History is an excellent teacher.

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Patriots Will Raise the White Flag After the 2020 Election! Will the American Viet Cong Emerge From the Ashes?


It is abundantly clear that the globalists are escalating their timetable to establish a New World Order and they are in a hurry to achieve this goal. The globalists found a formula that worked when they stole the 2018 Midterm Elections. The Republicans, and especially Trump, have done nothing to counter. The emboldened globalists are intensifying their 2018 approach and the 2020 Election has already been decided.

The globalists are winning on every front. Our pastors are compromised, the MSM and social media are controlled, business and banking are controlled, our leaders have forsaken the people and Donald Trump has changed his goal from Making America Great Again to Making Himself Safe Again. The freedom fighters of America are on their own with no visible means of support from anyone in a position of power. And despite the fact that the Globalists are controlling every aspect of America with all of their perversions, they are discovering what this nation should have learned from the Vietnam War. You can win every battle, but that does not mean that you will win the war. However, American Patriots must realize that we have entered a generational war and this will be made clear as continue reading this article.

There are some of us who will never quit until we draw our last breath. There are an estimated 5-10% of this nation that will never submit to the satanic tyranny we are witnessing everyday in America. This is a major problem for the global elite. Mark my words, they will be resorting to some very draconian tactics in an attempt to eradicate the resistance. Detention camps and genocide is likely in our future. Refer to Bill Ayers comments on this topic.

The Globalists Are In a State of Panic

Speaking to those of you who are awake, you must realize that the odds favor the fall of America and the total and tyrannical takeover of the nation by Godless and very evil forces. The 2020 Election has already been stolen by Google and social media minions along with the millions of illegal aliens who will cast votes and I did not even mention the corrupt voting machines. America, you have already lost the election and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can decide if you are going to fight or capitulate.

The hope of a decisive victory over the globalist takeover of America under the leadership of Trump is gone. We need to think of ourselves as the new and modern-day version of the Viet Cong who did not know the meaning of the word, quit. We have entered into a generational battle for the control of our lives. Can the Tribulation be that far off?

The major reason that the globalists must speed up their takeover is due to the fact that the an increasing number of people who are waking up to their tyranny and their ultimate agenda which consists of establishing a neo-feudal society which is autocratic, decidedly satanic, devoid of personal liberties, practices 100% control over all essential resources (e.g. gold, guns, ammunition, food, water, energy, medicine) and a 90% reduction of the existing population. Unfortunately, America there are not enough of you who are awake and therefore, our numbers are insufficient to stop what is coming. Google and social media are determined that this will never happen. Thus, extreme censorship is the present globalist weapon of choice. This is why we must begin to recognize ourselves for what we are becoming, a guerilla resistance force. We occupy no land, no political position, we pass no laws, our elections are coronation ceremonies for the selected, not the elected. Google has set themselves up to steal every election. Your Christian faith will soon put a big target on your back. And this is the short list.
The Price of Capitulation

If you are one of the 10% selected few designated to survive in the coming globalist purge, you will own nothing, not even the clothes on your back, and you will control nothing. Like many of your Middle Ages ancestors, you will not travel, only be functionally educated and you will only reproduce when allowed to do so and with whom is selected for you. The survivors will become the globalist breeding stock. You will have no autonomy over career choice. Your future will consist of nothing but a predetermined and shortened life-span of misery as the selected elite expand their lifespans through Transhumanism. . This is the America our children are going to inherit. So, I ask you, what are we celebrating on the 4th of July? We are celebrating the fact that we have survived to fight another day. We have not yet been exterminated. Resistance is obedience to God.

On July 4, 2019, we are celebrating that we have survived another day to keep the fight for humanity going. We are losing, but we are awaiting reinforcements. Unfortunately, the reinforcements arrival is as of yet, unannounced as we do not yet know the hour of the day that the Lord Jesus will return and set things right. Therefore, my fellow Americans, we, the honorable and good people of this country, have been relegated to guerilla warfare where it is a victory to survive and fight another day in the name of liberty and Jesus.

The Accelerated Timetable

Back in 2011, Brzezinski stated “that it is easier to kill million people than to control a million people”. Brzezinski was one of the most brilliant, albeit evil, minds in the modern era, In his book, Between Two Ages: The Technotronic Era (1970), he accurately foresaw the coming free trade agreements and the subsequent economic decline of America.

I have often wondered why sites like mine are allowed to exist. After all, the Independent Media is hitting home runs in terms of exposing the nature and character of the Deep State. I believe that sites like this continue to flourish because at the end of the day, it will not matter. The Globalists have already figured that they have already won and they are engaged in mop up operations. Google’s censorship, election meddling, constitutes the ultimate mop up operation.

The Fourth of July

You may have seen on Fox and CNN that the Left has taken the gloves off and have attacked our celebrations in honor of the 4th of July. The Left is beginning to claim victory and how dare we celebrate such civil pornography as freedom and the Bill of Rights. We live in the midst of the greatest charade in American History. For example, before every sporting event we trot out these brave soldiers as a symbol of, not American bravery, but of globalist-driven Imperialism. Now we labor under a President who has chosen to go into hiding on the critical issues.

The Bill of Rights

One surface examination of the Bill of Rights will tell America just how far we, as a people have fallen.

1st Amendment- Any time an American expresses their opinion related to the repeated violation of Constitution by the globalists who have seized control of our government, that person is labeled as a conspiracy theorist, a promoter of fake news, a Russian subversive, a racist, and disloyal to the country. Everyday, people are losing their jobs for expressing their views. The First Amendment is headed towards extinction and Google is leading the charge towards a genocidal existence as facilitated by the Democratic Party.
There is a continual assault on the Second Amendment. California passed a bill that outlawed gun magazines that hold 10 bullets or more. Now California is conducting background checks on the sale of bullets. Why does the government so desperately want to remove the right to own guns? The answer is simple, when it comes time for the Deep State to separate the desirables from the undesirables, it would be time to defend oneself. However, the government wants to take that away. Remember, the University of Hawaii conducted a Democide study (ie death by government) and in the 20th century, far more people were murdered by their government than died in wars. That makes your government your number one enemy.
The Third Amendment has to do with the Quartering Act in which Americans were forced to share their homes and food with British soldiers. There doesn't seem to be a threat to this Constitutional prohibition. However, in times of declared national emergency, FEMA can commandeer any resource they want including your home. Please be aware, when the socialists takeover in 2020, you will own nothing, including the home you now live in. 
The Fourth Amendment has to do with prohibiting improper, warrantless searches and seizures of our persons and our property. Every time you fly, and the TSA puts their grubby hands on our bodies without and probable cause and commits second degree sexual assault, we have had a our rights violated. No knock raids upon our domiciles are also unconstitutional as are drunk driving checkpoints because the presume guilt without probable cause. The mere fact that the government, usually in the form of the NSA can listen to every phone call and read every email, speaks to our his right was obliterated beginning with President Bush and the Patriot Acts.
The Fifth Amendment has to do with the government following due process. The amendment states that a citizen cannot be deprived of life, property or liberty with the government following due process of law. The Fifth Amendment is gone. The NDAA permits the government, based on the say-so of the President to snatched off of the street and held indefinitely without legal counsel or anyone knowing where that citizen is.
7. 8. These amendments have to do with a speedy trial, avoiding cruel and unusual punishment and the right to a speedy trial as well as being granted a jury trial. Again, the NDAA takes care of these rights as well.

The last two Amendments have to do with the preservation of local political power. These Amendments are gone as well. IF these amendments were still in place, we would not have the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the EPA, the FDA and the Department of Education.


This article will not be popular among some of the patriots who still believe in the pie-in-the-sky. Some need to worship super leader who will swoop in and save the day. The Trump experiment, that I admit I fully supported, is over. If Trump was truly in control, we would have one million soldiers on our southern border and Pelosi, Feinstein and Clinton would be in prison.

Name one thing that Trump is presently doing to save this country? Don’t tell me “it is all in his plan”… The 2020 campaign has kicked off. Trump is out of time. Weren’t you supposed to stop believing in Santa by the age of 8? Our borders are collapsing by design and under the supervision of the Democratic Party. We are being invaded by millions who know nothing of our Constitution, culture, and way of life. Our economy is in a state of near collapse. We have domestic terror groups like Antifa, that carry out their evil with absolute impunity. Ike and JFK would have sent in the troops to Portland and arrested the communist, criminal mayor along with the Antifa thugs. We see the Democrats calling for the imprisonment of anyone who speaks out against Congress. Tens of thousands of troops are being amassed on our southern border awaiting orders. Those would be the troops facing NORTH. Where is the President? America, we are on our own. Perhaps you should read the Book of Revelations.

To those who are awake, keep fighting the fight America, but realize you have been relegated to being a guerilla fighter. You are represented by nobody and nobody in power truly supports your silly notions of liberty. The globalists are laughing at you! When you seriously reflect on this comment, will it cause you to fight with more resolve, or will you be sending your future political donations to the Democratic Party? Thomas Paine would have called many of you liberty imposters, “sunshine patriots”.

Those of us that choose to cross the line drawn at places like the Alamo, you should realize that most guerilla forces perish. The Vietnamese people lost 4 million people, but they refused to quit. Will we, who are quickly being relegated to a guerilla force, have the same resolve? Help is on the way, can you persevere?

What am I going to do? I am going to fight like hell. My life may end like Jim Bowie, bedridden, fighting Mexican soldiers at the Alamo or its equivalent. But at least Bowie and myself will have died like men, not like the collaborators in Congress and the entertainment industry whose lives will end like the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany.

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Does America’s next civil war begin in Oregon? Gov. Kate Brown orders state police to round up Republican lawmakers at gunpoint

(Natural News) This story is getting very little coverage in the legacy media for obvious reasons. Just like California, Oregon has gone full authoritarian in trying to force its fake science “climate change” agenda on everyone. Over the last few days, Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown has ordered the gunpoint rounding up of Republican lawmakers in order to force a vote on a climate change “cap and trade” scheme (HB 2020) that only enriches corrupt Democrat insiders.

As reports, the Oregon Three Percenters appear to be getting involved to protect the citizens of Oregon from the authoritarian tyranny of the corrupt Democrats:

The Oregon Three Percenters, who participated in the armed takeover of a wildlife refuge in 2016, was one of many groups to support the Republican legislators’ defiance. Apparently this, along with support for the legislators by other right-wing groups, was unsettling to law enforcement. The State Capitol was closed Saturday “due to a possible militia threat,” according to a spokesman for Senate President Peter Courtney.

The real threat in Oregon, of course, is the tyrannical governor and her authoritarian Democrat jack-booted thugs (i.e. the Oregon State Police) who are now hunting down Republican lawmakers at gunpoint in order to shove their destructive law through the legislature. As The National Sentinel reports, “Raising the cost of production and doing business (cause) will have predictable effects: Loss of jobs, loss of revenue, higher prices, higher energy costs. And for some in Oregon — farmers, truck drivers, loggers — the law would decimate their industries. And worse, there is no real consensus that human activity is causing the climate to change. In fact, the Left’s predictions of doom and gloom are routinely debunked by reality. In particular, Republicans say that gas prices alone would rise 22 cents a gallon almost immediately, and much more over the long haul.”

Does the Oregon citizens’ militia have a duty to arrest Gov. Kate Brown?

It all begs the question: If the radical left-wing governor of Oregon is willing to dispatch armed hunting squads to round up Republican lawmakers at gunpoint, don’t the citizens of Oregon have the right (and possibly the duty) to arrest Gov. Kate Brown and charge her with abuse of power and making threats of violence against lawmakers? Dispatching armed police to round up your political opponents is surely a crime. Is it a crime that will be tolerated by the citizens of Oregon?

This question will likely be debated in the days ahead as things continue to heat up across the political landscape. Just today, is now reporting that left-wing radicals at UT Austin are threatening to dox students who join conservative groups like Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT). As Breitbart reports, the organized threats are coming from a blog reportedly run by radical left-wing Antifa-class terrorists. The blog is called “Austin Autonomedia.”

The blog goes on to actively encourage the harassment of conservative students, stating that it is “extremely important to get organized early, while this [TPUSA] group is in its infancy.”

This is just one of many such hot spots across the country where deranged, lawless Leftists are increasingly resorting to terror-style tactics to enforce their demands for absolute obedience to their left-wing agenda that’s rooted in hatred and bigotry.
The day is coming when left-wing radicals will be engaged across America

Unbounded by anything resembling morals, ethics or the rule of law, the radical Left in America today increasingly resembles a runaway terror train driven by deranged clowns who nave never been told “No!” in their entire lives. Since childhood, they’ve whined, manipulated and crybullied their way into everything, collecting “participation trophies” and perfecting the skills of victimhood while simultaneously bullying everyone around them. All the while, they’ve been indoctrinated with a dangerous cocktail of authoritarianism and Marxism, and with the censorship of all conservatives by the evil tech giants, radical Leftists now feel emboldened to enforce their Nazi-style obedience demands by threatening everyone who opposes them. This is exactly what’s playing out at UT Austin and across nearly every liberal college campus in America.

I predict it’s not far off now before the lunatic left-wing terrorists (Antifa and other groups) are met by hardened, determined patriots who are fed up with their country being overrun by pathetic libtard snowflake Marxists. After a single engagement, the left-wing terror pushers will very rapidly come to understand the meaning of the word, “No!”

For many, it will be the first — and possibly the last — time they will have ever been disciplined by anyone. And it’s a lesson that left-wing radicals desperately need to be taught. Apparently, their parents never had the backbone to set limits on anything, so they’re going to have to be taught another way.

As it stands right now, America is just one trigger event away from all-out open warfare in the streets of places like Portland, Austin or Seattle. The tyranny, lawlessness and pure evil of the lunatic Left is so out of control that even once-skeptical Americans are now fully convinced that the radical Left must be stopped if we are to have anything resembling America still remaining in a few years.

The upcoming 2020 elections will likely be the final spark that ignites the real war. If Democrats win the election, it can only have been accomplished by vote rigging, coordinated censorship racketeering and massive voter fraud by illegals. Conservative Americans will simply not accept the fraud. On the other hand, if Trump wins re-election, Leftists will escalate their insanity to a whole new level of mind-boggling mass mental illness that makes The Joker from Batman look like a Boy Scout. Imagine an uprising of rainbow-painted transgender terrorist pedophiles wielding spiked baseball bats and pink dildos, demanding the mass executions of conservatives and Christians in the name of “tolerance.” That’s no longer a bizarre fictional scenario, especially when we’re already living in a society where Leftists self-identify as “transgender queer clown nuns.”

Seriously, the left-wing media is now pushing “transgender queer clown nuns” as the new progressive American family. Here’s a partial picture of what they look like:

As you ponder the depths of mass mental illness being pushed by trans-predators across America, ask yourself how this twisted, bizarre chapter of human history finally ends… and how many innocent children end up mutilated and sexually assaulted in the name of “progressivism” before the trans-predators are finally stopped.

The good news about the trans-queer clown nuns is that they will never join with Antifa, since Antifa members refuse to show their faces. The clown nuns want to show their faces. After all, what good is all that clown makeup if they slap an Antifa scarf over it? (If you ever capture an Antifa terrorist, rip off their scarf and see if they’re actually a secret trans-queer clown nun underneath!)

Seriously, s##t is crazier than you could have ever imagined. Watch this video and weep: Open the Video

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Video: Technocracy Globalist End Game Pat Wood

First, there was the Council on Foreign Relations. Then, this was followed by the Bilderberg. Finally, this all coalesced into technocracy. Technocracy is responsible for the depopulation goal of 90%, complete control of everything you own and the eventual enslavement of the human survivors.

This is a fascinating interview with Patrick Wood which describes the process and goals of technocracy. Open the Video

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