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Tokyo 2020…The Radioactive Olympics Of Death

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Fukushima Year 8 – Racing To Global Genocide At The Tokyo Olympics

Eight years on, radioactivity is spewing out of Fukushima unchecked after highly publicized efforts by the nuclear industry and regulatory authorities to block radioactive leakage have been quietly dropped following repeated failures. TEPCO has given up on seeking novel methods to halt the outflow of radioactive waste-water from its destroyed nuclear-power plant, while robot forays into the burnt-out reactors have proven useless for any practical purpose, with no serious effort any longer to remove and safely contain melted nuclear fuel. The promises from the global nuclear industry to come up with solutions to decontaminate water, block the steady stream of radionucleotides into the Pacific, and repair the Fukushima No.1 plant have proven to be idle promises cast to the tritium-laced offshore wind.

Painful Personal Disclosure

The campaign of media denial about the health threat to Japan and worldwide has just been exploded to smithereens by a leukemia diagnosis for a popular young swimmer favored as a gold medal winner in next year’s Games. The 18-year-old speedster Rikako Ikee has just posted this message online about chemotherapy treatment being “several tens, several hundreds, several thousands of times more debilitating than I expected.”

In response to this crushing blow, dozens of her fans have offered to undergo spinal taps for blood marrow transplants in a desperate bid to reverse this horror. Concrete, steel and glass can defy the fallout from Fukushima, but the frail human body is defenseless against black rain. Rikako-chan is the junior record holder in the 50-meter freestyle and butterfly stokes, but now her sports career is over. We hope that her life can be rewarding in new ways different from her superb achievements.

Her grievous case has wide importance because lesser-known teenage talents can be expected over the coming summer months to quietly drop out of competition and fade away into the shadows. These youngsters, who should have been shielded from the radioactive threats in their living environment, especially the contaminated water supply of Tokyo, are victims of a public-health system in denial who will suffer pain, mental anguish and economic deprivation, all due to cynical lies told by the megalomaniacal Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose henchmen paid bribes to athletic officials to steal the IOC host-city award from a much-safer Madrid and Istanbul.

The incapability of Japanese law to bring this flagrant criminal to justice leads inexorably to the conclusion: The 2020 Olympic Games must be boycotted by the international community, to be followed up with a worldwide ban on all imports from Japan and an end to foreign tourism to those radioactive islands. It is up to foreigners to protect Japan’s helpless citizens and pressure Tokyo to comply with international standards, minimally on par with Ukraine in its emergency responses to the Chernobyl disaster. Only by international pressure will the Japanese people be moved to finally confront their habitual complacency and challenge a slavish feudal mentality to start acting as responsible citizens of a democratic society. Either the world community takes stern action or suffer eternal shame for collaboration with an ongoing genocide, possibility the greatest in world history when the final toll of Fukushima is reckoned in decades to come.

Blanket Censorship

The deaths of nuclear workers, rescuers and local residents since 911 have gone unreported or attributed to secondary symptoms. These 311 victims have been ignored under a shroud of denial. The outstanding newspaper that dared break with self-censorship to truthfully report on the real extent of the Fukushima disaster, The Japan Times where my colleagues and I once toiled till the late-night deadline for the public interest, has been editorially silenced, taken over by a “PR firm” linked with the far-right fanatics surrounding the nuclear shogun Shinzo Abe. Its unmatched archives charting the Fukushima disaster are no longer available to the public. It should be mentioned here that editors in the JT staff defied serious threats from government ministries to report the facts of the Fukushima crisis. For their professional courage against threats of violence let me honor their ethical commitment to truth, justice for the people and upholding press freedom. That glorious run is now eclipsed by a darkness reminiscent of the 1930s.

The cowardly families of the crooked politicians and corporate executives have long since moved away from Japan to overseas residences to evade the sullen stares of a nation of hibakusha, victims of radioactive exposure, When a regime insulates itself and remains silent because it cannot defend its own policies and maintains power by deaths among their constituency, it becomes the duty for the international community to ratchet up sanctions and other punitive measures under the principle of responsibility to protect an oppressed people from the systemic cruelty as happened to residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki blockaded by their own government at war’s end. An Olympics boycott is a moral imperative.

Monopoly Interests Come First

The International Olympic Committee , in its criminal collaboration with Japanese bribery amid this unprecedented public-health risk, is shielding the IOC’s corporate sponsors that include GE, which designed the plutonium-burning Reactor 3 that exploded during the 2011 meltdowns, and ATOS, a major public-relations firm for the nuclear industry. In an ideal world where adults actually care for the younger generation, the Olympic Games would have been canceled, indeed never authorized for Japan, until an accurate and verifiable worldwide radiation-measuring system gives the all-clear signal. Instead global monitoring has been shut down.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN-linked nuclear authority, has grossly violated its mandate by orchestrating a global cover-up of the adverse health effects from the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe, abetted by powerful pro-nuclear lobbies in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia , China, Australia and Israel, all of them complicit in this ongoing genocide.

Video Documentary Evidence

As indisputably shown in my video documentary on health risks at the 2020 Olympics, dosimeter readings at the major sports venues concentrated in the Tokyo Bay area, stand as much as four times higher than the maximum safety limit. These disturbing findings were confirmed just months ago at 39 sporting sites across Tokyo by the Citizens Group for Measuring Radioactive Environment at Olympic Facilities, which showed slightly higher dosages of up to 0.484 microSieverts per hour, far more than quadruple the worldwide safety limit.

Due to limitations of non-industrial sensors, these readings are primarily for cesium-137, while dozens of other beta and alpha ray-emitting radionucleotides evade detection. The overall situation is far worse than our available instruments can indicate, as has been detailed by Canadian environmental colleague Dana Durnford. While I’m at it, with the drop-out of so many sites once devoted to the Fukushima issue, let us give support for Arnie and Maggie Gundersen’s Fairewinds Education site (with an .org). The battle with nuclear lunacy is not over by any means, it’s just in its beginning phase, so we must all be strong and never buckle under to political pressure.

Feces in Tokyo Water

Radioactivity in water, rain and air humidity have shown many unexpected effects following 311. Radioactivity-caused kill-off of algae and its knock-on effect of shellfish extinction in Tokyo Bay has wiped out the natural filtering out of feces particles from sewage in the river systems that drain into Tokyo Bay. One adverse consequence is a massive spike in e-coli O-157 bacteria populations, which can destroy the kidneys and other internal organs of humans who consume contaminated bay, pond or river water.

Public health warnings over rising levels of e-coli in Tokyo Bay, the site for marathon swimming and rowing (and bayside sports including beach volleyball and tennis), has alarmed international sports federations. In response, the Tokyo Olympic Committee plans to tackle e-coli by setting up “screens” along the marathon swimming lane in the bay, which is less effective than giving out tissue-paper condoms in a low-end bordello. “Jodan, ja-nai?” translates as “Could this be a joke?” Tokyo is going full Mexico: A nice place to visit but don’t drink the water or go near it.

The marathon, the long-distance race of 42 kilometers (26.2 miles) is the Olympic highlight, which in the radioactive Tokyo context could be a replay of the original ancient Marathon-to-Athens run by Pheidippides, who died at the finish line while announcing the Greek victory over Persian invaders. Actually Tokyo will be more daunting than a javelin contest with Xerxes’ horde of millions, when considering Tokyo’s brutal humid summer heat, lung exposure to cesium particles, and bombardment of bare skin by gamma and beta rays. The entire field of long-distance runners of 2020 could end up like the 300 Spartans at the Hell Gates.

Lethal Water Supply

Tokyo Bay, just 120 miles from the nuclear exclusion zone, is the final drainage basin of the Kanto region and large swathes of Fukushima Province, an area of at least 20,000 square kilometers. A 5-year study by Kindai University researchers showed astronomical levels of cesium-137 in rivers and swamps that feed directly into Tokyo Bay, requiring nonstop removal of precipitated sludge at sewage plants, which however cannot filter out particles from flowing water that collects in Tokyo’s ponds, canals, rivers and bay.

Nearly all the vast watershed’s radioactivity-contaminated water is eventually concentrated in the Japanese capital, especially its Oku-Tama Reservoir, the Metropolitan region’s main source of drinking and household water. It is simply impossible to avoid direct consumption of these many isotopes in food and drink, especially the local diet of rice and noodles, or exposure of skin and lungs while taking a shower or using a toilet. In a science-responsible society, no children would have been allowed to remain inside the Kanto region after 311, the larger region encompassing one-third of the national population should have been mass-evacuated in March 2011 to spare future generations from permanent genetic damage.

As it stands now due to corporate greed and a false sense of national pride, so similar to the official denial of military defeat that resulted in the wartime atomic bombings, the Japanese people are now doomed by their self-serving myopic leaders to degenerating into a race of mutants, which explains why young Japanese women are so reluctant to give birth, resulting in a demographic collapse.

The Japanese are not the only ones with suicidal tendencies, when around the world irresponsible parents who have no concern about their yet-born descendants are blindly encouraging their children to participate in the Tokyo Olympics as athletes, spectators or volunteers. Whoever participates in or attends this fatalistic gathering will become carriers of chromosome damage back to their native societies. What price in human lives is the real cost of a Gold Medal? Is it worth winning a race at the sacrifice of dooming your children-to-be as genetic mutants? When a corrupt IOC has gone mad and cannot be trusted in the least to protect young atheletes, others of us with our ethical faculties intact must step in to stop the killing.

Baseball Under the Volcano

The fanatic nuclear-militarist regime of Shinzo Abe, intent on revenge for 1945, has put the Olympic baseball competition inside Fukushima Prefecture directly between the active volcanic crater of Mount Azuma, long overdue for eruption, and a tributary of the Abukuma River, the most radioactive water body in Japan. In event of a volcanic eruption all players and participants will be trapped between fast-descending lava flows down that steep slope and a wall of radioactive steam, in a strikeout for the Olympic movement forever.

If that happens, Shinzo Abe will simply walk away from the mess, deeply satisfied that his grandfather Nobusuke Kishi’s wartime defeat and imprisonment for the cruelest war crimes imaginable will be avenged. The coming Olympics are not games; it is war. The German head of the IOC Thomas Bach, however, will have to face charges of complicity in genocide as did his forerunners at the Nuremberg Tribunal. Irrefutable evidence is right here in the video shot in Tokyo, and I am ready to testify in court as to hjs role in premediated mass murder. For humanity’s future, let stand together to protect the younger generation from the upcoming extravaganza of human sacrifice. By Yoichi Shimatsu

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Russian nuclear firm wins contracts to clean up Fukushima

Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom will help Japan in handling the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant (NPP) and will be engaged in the nuclear control plan, according to the company’s CEO Aleksey Likhachev.

“We have been engaged by Japan to implement the nuclear accident management plan at the Fukushima NPP. We have won two tenders and are going ahead,” Likhachev told Russia-24 news channel.

In September 2017, Rosatom’s First Deputy CEO Kirill Komarov said that Rosatom offered their Japanese counterparts assistance in cleaning up at the Fukushima NPP and in decommissioning other unsafe nuclear power plants.

READ MORE: Fukushima rice to be sold in Britain

That followed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that Russia and Japan will start joint efforts to clean up after the accident.

The decommissioning of the wrecked Fukushima reactors could take several decades and cost $200 billion. Japan plans to restart 16 out of the 45 Fukushima-type reactors, while the others will be mothballed. The country intends to reduce the share of nuclear energy from 29 percent in 2011 to 21-22 percent by 2030.

The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant occurred in March 2011 when a massive tsunami triggered by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake overwhelmed the reactor cooling systems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in northeastern Japan. It caused reactor meltdowns, releasing radiation in the most dangerous nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986.

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Fukushima Update: It’s All Dead! – It’s in the Headlines 2019

Open the video We don’t hear much about Fukushima, do we? There is good reason for the media to ignore it. Join me as we look at the Fukushima nuclear disaster…then to now. The truth needs told, and it’s scarier than you can imagine.

This is great video to start the year off with , being the first stream of 2019 I will cover a lot of the basics . That way everyone is able to get a better grasp on the massive event and understand where solutions are desperately needed and what the real situation is. We can not pretend any longer that Japan is trying or even cares so we need to step up and into the fray.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was an energy accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma, Fukushima Prefecture, initiated primarily by the tsunami following the Tōhoku earthquake on 11 March 2011. Wikipedia

Like most military Veterans, I recognize something nefarious taking place in our world. I have also, alarmingly, witnessed End-Times Biblical prophecy unfolding like an orchestrated play before my eyes. Using alternative news, WatchmanReview investigates everything from ‘Evolution vs. God’ and ‘proof of Jesus Christ as the Messiah’ – to – ‘how to stop Aliens’ and ‘A.I.’s take-over of the world’. It’s past time that you know the truth because the truth is about to catch up to us all. Let me show you what I see. via WatchmenReview channel

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As We Have Told You For The Past 7 Years, The Fukushima CALAMITY Has Killed Off The Pacific Ocean In An Extinction Level Event

Hello… (State Of Oregon) I tried to call (Oregon State University) earlier to hopefully speak to an Oceanographer about my recent trip to Seaside Oregon.

Being from Honolulu  & Northern California I am pretty familiar with the Ocean and the vast species it is a habitat for.
So, on a several day trip to Seaside, Oregon, I was astonished to see NO Marine Plants, NOTHING living at the High Tide Line and the complete lack of  Mussels, Oysters, Plankton, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Starfish, Crabs & 100s of other things I can’t think to name.
It also seems there is no more Sea Weed, Kelp, and other Sea Plants.
Can someone please enlighten this OLD Man?

It looked ‘Biblical’ in nature to me.  I am Astonished, Concerned, and find it beyond belief how BARREN the stretch from Astoria, Oregon to almost Newport is.  All the roadside stops, beaches and places that used to have LIFE in huge ABUNDANCE were BARREN and DESOLATE.

Image result for westcoast dead fukushima

There were no Birds to speak of and just a couple dozen Sea Gulls on the Beach.  There were NO BUGS, either.  I looked for ANYTHING alive and only found a couple of land snails in the brush behind the hotel.  The ONLY thing alive beside the People were the dogs at the Hotel.

I am serious, it was all eerily SILENT.   The only thing that appeared alive was some sort of THING that was blue in color, round, a little bigger than a Silver Dollar and has a translucent ‘hood’ it had raised.  It was like a coin flipped on end. There were 2 of them. They were near High Tide line and the Tide was OUT.

The high tide line was littered with corpses of crabs, 2 or 3 of them, about 4 inches across.  Just the tops of the shells were left,  maybe a dozen and they were just about 2 inches across. If a Man was hoping to fish or eat from the Ocean now…HE will DIE.

OH…and there were NO BOATS…no Fishing Boats AT ALL…

Gene From Middleton, ID


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Dr Kaku Says Fukushima Is An Extinction Level Event

Dr, Kaku has stated that Fukyshima is an extinction level event. He cites multiple reasons that are discussed in the following video.Image result for Dr Kaku

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Fukushima Radiation…. Has Now Permeated The Pacific Ocean

This Radiation Is Bio-Accumulating In Your Body
And In All Living Things…Plant And Animal

Wake Up…This Is Not A Joke.
Your Days Of Eating ANYTHING From The Pacific Are Over

Have You Read These Fukushima Headlines?

Fukushima Radiation To Flow To US For At Least 200 Years
‘Decommissioning’ Destroyed Fukushima Said Impossible
Fukushima Reactor Corium Is Deadly For 1,000 Years
Technology To Remove Melted Fuel Does Not Exist
Fukushima Expert – ‘We Have No Idea What To Do’
Countless Seals, Whales, Fish Dying Along West Coast

You MUST Read This To Help Protect Yourself…Radiation from the destroyed, triple meltdown Fukushima nuclear calamity is killing off masses of animal and vegetable sea life all over the North Pacific. From hundreds of species of kelp and vegetable life to thousands of species of animals…our ocean will never be the same again. You must wake up…your days of eating anything from the Pacific are over. This deadly, cumulative radiation does NOT stop at the beach and continues moving inland on the wind and the rain as it settles into the entire environment of the West Coast on its journey eastward. It then migrates over the Sierras and Cascades and heads into the heartland of America. From there it spreads its endless radioactive legacy over the Eastern states …and then on out over and into the Atlantic, changing the world forever.

Pacific Ocean Currents Are Constantly Brining Fukushima Radiation To Entire West Coast….

>You can take heart because you don’t have to live in fear and wind up a statistic. Thanks to Chernobyl-proven BioSuperfood, you can PROTECT yourself and your loved ones with this energy dense, incredibly potent nourishment that will help every cell in your body to become and remain strong and healthy in the face of this unprecedented challenge of radiation and its aftereffects. Please study the maps above, they have an extremely important story to tell… changing our lives and environment forever.

World-Renowned Talk Show Host, Producer
And Broadcast Journalist Jeff Rense Says…

“I have taken BioSuperfood virtually every day since the Fukushima catastrophe of March 2011. Of all the nutritional approaches to dealing with the effects of radiation and radiation exposure only ONE has been PROVEN to be effective…BioSuperfood.

Developed by doctors and scientists after the Chernobyl disaster, countless lives were saved and protected by this powerhouse 100% all natural product. The proof of BioSuperfood’s protective and rehabilitating effects are now beyond question. I implore you to consider adding this potentially life-saving, life-enhancing algae food to your daily diet.

BioSuperfood will strengthen your immune system and enhance your energy and stamina like no other single product I have ever encountered. It’s well past time to get serious about the ever-increasing radiation in our environment…radiation that doesn’t stop at the West Coast. BioSuperfood is priceless in that regard.” — Jeff Rense

The Fukushima Calamity Will Continue To Impact Human Kind For Many Generations To Come.
You CAN Do Something To Help Protect Yourself From The Radiation That Has Spread From
Fukushima Across The Pacific And Around The World….

BioSuperfood and Chernobyl

“Because of his previous success with BAC (Bio-Algae Concentrates, now known as BIOSUPERFOOD) reversing various cancers in many animal species, and with humans in smaller scale clinical studies, when disaster struck at Chernobyl, Ukraine, Dr. Michael Kiriac was able to work locally with adults and children from neighborhood schools who were suffering from radiation exposure. BAC was administered in therapeutic doses, and Dr. Kiriac, working with a small team, was able to closely monitor the regenerative power of BAC. Several health improvements were noted:

• Leukemia and dangerously low white blood cell counts were significantly redressed in less than twenty days, leading to rapid improvements in the health of those treated compared to others who did not receive BAC.
• Regeneration of bone marrow, spinal fluids, blood, and liver.
• Many other virtual miracles were observed.
• Given BAC, rapid healing occurred. In addition, the healing occurred during continuous presence of radiation as well as contaminated food and water sources.

Three years later, as a further verification of BAC and his [Dr. Kiriac’s] work at Chernobyl, the Belarus Ministry of Health concluded: Algae preparations decrease radiation dose load received from food contaminated with radionuclides, Cesium-137 and Stron-tium-90, and promote the evacuation of radionuclides from the human body. No side effects were ever registered.”

…..Click HERE For Chernobyl-Proven Safety NOW……

BioSuperfood Breakthrough

These formulations come from Russian 1970s research dedicated to saving the Soviet livestock system from collapse due to animal diseases, especially cancer and genetic damage.

This research started when a clever fellow named Michael Kiriac learned about the benefits of consuming micro-algae. Dr. Kiriac, inspired by intensive international bio-algae research, directed a massive scientific investigation resulting in identification of the four best species of algae out of twenty-five-thousand tested.

The USSR invested more than 20,000 person-years of research and development to produce Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC, now known as BIOSUPERFOOD) that have extraordinary nutritional properties. The resulting super-algae blends successfully reversed cancer, genetic damage and other serious diseases, which served to revive the Soviet livestock supply.

Then came the Chernobyl disaster, and USSR authorities allowed Dr. Kiriac to give BIOSUPERFOOD to humans who were suffering severe radiation poisoning, which turned out to be a life-saving discovery.

View this short video to further understand how BioSuperfood releases & enhances you own
natural defenses against radiation exposure & poisoning

To learn MORE about how BioSuperfood can and will help protect you, click HERE

So, please do remember…Fukushima Radiation is Bio-Accumulative in YOUR your body, in all living things and in the environment. The North Pacific is now a virtual Dead Zone. BioSuperfood was developed by Russian scientists after Chernobyl and was proven to help thousands of those people deal effectively with the effects of radiation exposure and poisoning…

…..Click HERE For Chernobyl-Proven Safety NOW……

BioSuperfood is Scientifically Proven To Be
One of the Most Potent Tools on

BioSuperfood is made of the four most synergistic algae known to man: Spirulina Platensis, Spirulina Pacifica, Dunaliella Salina and Haematococcus with Astaxanthin.

BioSuperfood is superior to any other algae-based Superfood because it has undergone over 15 years of scientific research.

From this extensive, well-funded research the inventor of BioSuperfood narrowed down 4 perfect algae from over 1000 tested in the lab.

BioSuperfood is the purest source of Spirulina on the Planet, and cannot be contaminated by environmental toxins.

It is grown in enclosed hydroponic bioreactors, in mineral dense volcanic thermal spring water sourced from 2km underground one of the purest locations on Earth.

Each batch is Health Canada certified free of mold, heavy metals and other pollutants.

BioSuperfood provides over 15,000 nutrients and compounds, including all know vitamins, all known minerals, thousands of enzymes, essential fatty acids, all essential amino acids, phytonutrients, antioxidants, nucleic acids, high protein content, chlorophyll and lots more.

BioSuperfood optimizes hypothalamic and endocrine function so your body can maintain itself in perfect health.

BioSuperfood provides powerful nutritional support for health and longevity and assists the body to detoxify daily.

BioSuperfood is credited with saving hundreds of lives of radiation victims at Chernobyl and much of the Soviet livestock industry.

Eliminating the need for most other supplements, BioSuperfood provides all the nutritional support your body needs.

We have thousands of brilliant testimonials and numerous informative videos.

And you can include it in your family’s health program for as little as $2 per day for adults, or $2 per week for children!

After completing 13 years of ground-breaking research, Dr. Michael Kiriac PhD, ND scientifically formulated BioSuperfood to be one of the most guaranteed sources of cellular nutrition the planet.


Once again…there is truly genuine hope!


The Algae Answer To Fukushima Radiation
Which Has Now Permeated The Pacific Ocean

You can take heart because you don’t have to live in fear and wind up a statistic. Among solutions, there is the Chernobyl-tested BIOSUPERFOOD, with which you can better PROTECT yourself and your loved ones with its energy dense, potent nourishment that will help every cell in your body become and remain strong and healthy in the face of this radiation challenge and its after effects..

Nuclear Radiation is on Everyone’s Mind These Days

Radiation from the meltdown Fukushima nuclear disaster is poisoning animal and vegetable sea life all over the Pacific ocean and coast. For thousands of species of kelp, algae, and other vegetable life, and hundreds of species of animals… our ocean will never be the same again.

Pacific Ocean Currents Are Constantly Bringing Fukushima Radiation To Entire West Coast… This Radiation Is Bio-Accumulating In Your Body And In All Living Things…Plant And Animals

Detoxifying Nuclear Radiation

Radiation is in the atmosphere and environment and the concentration is definitely on the rise.  If you live in Japan, the West Coast of North America, Hawaii, or the Pacific Islands, you are aware of the stories about Fukushima radiation that have hit the mainstream and alternative press ever since the tragic earthquake, tsunami and triple-meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in March, 2011.

We have been researching this topic very seriously over the last few years, as one of the main reasons we are distributing BioSuperfood is to provide a means for the body to deal with detoxing radiation on a daily basis.  What we have found about the radiation coming from Fukushima is highly alarming.  Here are a few facts that no one is arguing about:

Three of the plants have experienced melt-downs and melt-troughs, which means this accident trumps Chernobyl as the worst nuclear accident ever.

An enormous amount of radiation was released into the sky and the water, and continues to be released.  The decommissioning crew has not managed to stop it, and they have a forty year plan for doing so.  Which is basically insane.

A Seattle nuclear watchdog group is accusing the federal government of failing to keep the public informed of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Most of the public attention went to the air monitoring which showed little or no radiation coming our way. But things were different on the rain water side. “The level that was detected on March 24 was 41 times the drinking water standard,” said Gerry Pollet. “Our government said no health levels, no health levels were exceeded. When in fact the rain water in the Northwest is reaching levels 130 times the drinking water standards,” said Pollet. Don’t be fooled by the mass media. Radiation exposures have gone up across the northern hemisphere meaning one does need to be concerned.

There are some serious anomalies occurring in the Pacific Ocean, and yet no one is willing to blame it on the “R” word (radiation).  Sockeye salmon returns plunge to historic lows. Tuna stock in the Pacific is dangerously low. Sardine, anchovy and herring populations have dropped dramatically along the west coast in recent years. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  You can find more than you’ll ever want to know about Fukushima and the spread of radiation here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Nuclear radiation is a silent, hidden killer.  You don’t know when it’s in your system.  It is difficult to measure.  But when it’s in you, if not taken care of, it will destroy the integrity of your cellular structure.

So, don’t delay, get on the road to strengthening your body to be ready to ward off what is clearly hear and will continue to come for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. Scientists, even TEPCO says, the technology to deal with the melted cores DOESN’T EXIST ON PLANET EARTH and they admit there is nothing that can be done to stop the onslaught of Fukushima radiation. The most important word to remember is ‘BIO-ACCUMULATION’. 

This page gives you the BEST way to defend against the invisible calamity of radiation..

The Evolution Of Algae On Earth
From Dr. Michael Kiriac

…..Click HERE For Chernobyl-Proven Safety NOW……

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MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 19 Facing a Dying Nation


Are you in a city that gets a Million Counts of Radiation a Week? First, how on earth are you going to find out? Folks, that is a secret, isn’t it? Radiation?

This is a Bad situation for all exposed to the Rad. Now included, for the 19th Week of 2018 just passed, all cities above 19 Million CPM [27] Year to Date [YTD] of deadly Gamma Radiation.

Its unpublished radioactive kin are a disastrous freebie from the PTB [Powers that Be.] A Count is One Radioactive Decay.

NOTE TO READERS: My editorial work is solely crowdfunded via PayPal. Click here to donate>>

Thank you.

Table of Poisoned American Cities

Total Gamma Radiation Reported – USA Week 19

January 1 to May 19, 2018

Published May 26, 2018

Gamma and Beta CPM by City and State in the US

2018 GAMMA READING AS OF 5/19/2018 2014 GAMMA READING AS OF 5/19/2014 DATE 2018 YTD BETA CPM CITY ST. 2010 Census Target Population
2018 GAMMA READING AS OF 5/19/2018
2014 GAMMA READING AS OF 5/19/2014
2010 Census Target Population
32,117,153 29,580,283 5/19/2018 Withheld Colorado Springs, CO. 645,613
28,560,030 30,136,085 5/19/2018 Withheld Raleigh, NC. 1,130,490
28,384,132 29,140,580 5/19/2018 Withheld Little Rock, AR. 699,757
26,980,486 24,346,714 5/19/2018 Withheld Portland, ME. 514,098
26,431,966 24,948,435 5/19/2018 Withheld Navajo Lake, NM. Transient
24,891,237 24,979,602 5/19/2018 Withheld Spokane, WA. 527,753
23,648,869 13,931,903 5/19/2018 Withheld St. George, UT. 138,115
23,536,225 22,635,154 5/19/2018 Withheld Fresno, CA. 930,450
23,434,235 14,624,425 5/19/2018 Withheld Riverside, CA. 4,224,851
22,823,002 25,972,655 5/19/2018 Withheld San Diego, CA. 3,095,313
22,758,367 24,508,936 5/19/2018 Withheld Worcester, MA. 916,980
22,450,392 20,278,789 5/19/2018 Withheld Atlanta, GA. 5,286,728
21,740,242 20,723,160 5/19/2018 Withheld Denver, CO. 2,543,482
21,575,011 21,169,501 5/19/2018 Withheld Boston, MA. 4,552,402
21,444,389 22,019,350 5/19/2018 Withheld Los Angeles, CA. 12,828,837
21,231,672 21,365,299 5/19/2018 Withheld Tucson, AZ. 980,263
20,983,102 22,655,560 5/19/2018 Withheld Idaho Falls, ID. 133,265
20,429,382 21,202,303 5/19/2018 Withheld San Bernardino, CA. 4,224,851
20,337,225 21,908,419 5/19/2018 Withheld Phoenix, AZ. 4,192,887
20,186,280 22,720,928 5/19/2018 Withheld Grand Junction, CO. 146,723
19,945,960 20,065,701 5/19/2018 Withheld Casper, WY. 75,450
19,567,250 5/19/2018 Withheld Yuma, AZ. 195,751
19,490,914 18,780,747 5/19/2018 Withheld Concord, NH. 146,445
19,143,429 16,321,694 5/19/2018 Withheld El Paso, TX. 622,263
19,044,920 5/19/2018 Withheld Bakersfield, CA. 839,631
3,998,630 5/19/2018 MaxNormalSafeLevel US
Showing 1 to 25 of 25 entries

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Million A Week Club - YRTW 19 - 2014
Million A Week Club – YRTW 19 – 2014


Today’s 139-day or 3,336-hour report for January 1, 2018 to May 19, 2018, is another case of Bad news from your radWeather Report. 38.08% of 2018 is gone.

I won’t try to kid you with good news lies and made up “fake facts.” Bottom-line, this is way too much radiation for humans to take.

I despise the people-like animals responsible for this world wide calamity. I will continue the report as long as I am able.

Continue to read and share as long as you are able. Tell your smart friends; the others, not so much. Denial is very strong in Americans; expect it often.

I will measure and characterize our shared demise to the best of my ability.

Within minutes or hours of publishing this

Within minutes or hours of publishing this list of cities over 19 Million Counts of Radiation per minute YTD, four more cities will Zoom past 19 Million Counts of deadly Gamma Radiation since January 1, 2018.

Their killer attack on your body’s trillions of cells never ceases. It did not used to be that way – back in the day.

Killer cell assassins like Plutonium 239 and its brothers were never around. That will be 29 cities above 19 Million Rad Counts so far this year.

Max Normal Safe Level

The United States is a very radioactive country. No monitored cities are below the MaxNormalSafeLevel; all monitored cities are above safe level.

Records of Total Gamma Radiation are easily accessible with a computer and a fast Internet connection at RadNet, a directorate of the EPA. [1]

RadNet simply presents the data. It is up to you to decide how much radiation is too much and what to do about it.

Use a fast InterNet connection or run the look-ups as a background task. Either way, you get the data yourself.

Good luck on your efforts. As they say, “It’s complicated.”

Conclusion. The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction.

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.


Follow Bob on YouTube channel, Nichols on NuclearTwitter, and visit his web site

Colorado Springs, CO. Radiation History 2006 – 2017

2018 Annualized Rate of Increasing Gamma Rad: 84,422,069 CPM, a Rate of Increase of 13% over 2017.

2017 Recorded Rad CPM: 74,512,349 CPM Total Gamma Count,
2016 Recorded Rad CPM: 75,113,024 CPM Total Gamma Count
2015 Recorded Rad CPM: 66,666,098 CPM Total Gamma Count
2014 Recorded Rad CPM: 57,299,278 CPM Total Gamma Count
2013 Recorded Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.
2012 Recorded Rad CPM: 39,778,633 CPM Total Gamma Count
2011 Recorded Rad CPM: 29,656,414 CPM Total Gamma Count
2010 Recorded Rad CPM: 56,793,326 CPM Total Gamma Count
2009 Recorded Rad CPM: 30,052,472 CPM Total Gamma Count
2008 Recorded Rad CPM:   3,619,097 CPM Total Gamma Count,
2007 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.
2006 Rad CPM: Zero, Radiation Count Data Not Available to the Public.

Other Resources: Eco Health Alliance interactive map of killer viruses

Copyright by Bob Nichols © 2018: Reproduce and distribute. Write Bob Nichols at

Sources, Notes and Recommended Readings

1. The Radiation charts and graphs of the EPA. Individual queries can be built at the EPA RadNet Query Builder
2. The EPA based reporting of NETC dot com, an LLC.
3. These stations’ Radiation equals Total Gamma Radiation. Gamma Radiation Monitors are reporting publicly at all these locations. CPM. “Although we can’t see it, taste it, smell it or hear it we can measure radiation and observe its effects. One way to measure radiation which the United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has chosen to use on its radiation websites is in Counts Per Minute or CPM. Each Count is One Radioactive Decay.” Quote from the ‘Your Radiation This Week’ Apr 3, 2015
4. Radiation destruction of chitin, IAEA, by Ershov, B.G.; Sukhov, N.L.; Nud’ga, L.A.; Baklagina, Yu.G.; Kozhevnikova, L.G.; Petropavlovskii, G.A. (Institute of Physical Chemistry, Moscow (Russian Federation)
5. “Plutonium Air” by Dr Paolo Scampa, AIPRI Blog, Aug 19, 2016
6. “Radioactive Fertilizer,” AIPRI by Dr Paolo Scampa, September 23, 2016, AIPRI: Les engrais radioactifs,
7. “Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds,” By ABBY GOODNOUGH OCT. 19, 2016,
8. EPA Proposal Allows Radiation Exposure in Drinking Water Equivalent to 250 Chest X-Rays a Year
“Forty-five (45) years later, the Nuclear States officially raise the amounts of “permitted radiation levels” by hundreds and sometimes thousands of times to maintain the utter and absolute dominance of the Nuclear State over everything, everywhere, for all time. No tolerance given.”
9. “Baghdad” by Dr. Paolo Scampa, AIPRI, Saturday 12 November 2016
10. “News Release, New Aerial Survey Identifies More Than 100 Million Dead Trees in California, ” USDA Office of Communications, “This brings the total number of dead trees since 2010 to over 102 million,”
11. Caribou herd in Alaska suffering from mysterious decline, November 30, 2016, Noel Kirkpatrick, MNN Mother Nature Network, “The Central Arctic caribou herd in Alaska is experiencing a “steep decline” in its population, and scientists are researching the reasons why () .”
12. “Facing a Dying Nation,” a line from the 1979 Tribal Rock Musical HAIR. A scene with “Facing a Dying Nation” starring Treat Williams from the movie is here: The character Pfc. Berger is KIA in Vietnam in 1968.
13. It is Eugen Wigner’s name as a Verb. It’s about all things Wignerized. See Notes on Your Radiation This Week No. 69 and 70
14. sie·vert, ˈsēvərt/, noun Physics, noun: sievert; plural noun: sieverts; symbol: Sv, the SI unit of dose equivalent (the biological effect of ionizing radiation), equal to an effective dose of a joule of energy per kilogram of recipient mass. Google: Sievert
15. Eco Health Alliance interactive map of killer viruses – map
16. “In [a] first, government and Tepco found liable for Fukushima disaster,” by Daisuke Kikuchi, “Maebashi, Gunma Pref. In first, government and Tepco found liable for Fukushima disaster,”
17. Uranium Stocks, “Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy, in Blow to Nuclear Power,” Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 10:04PM, “Westinghouse Electric Company, which helped drive the development of nuclear energy and the electric grid itself, filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday, casting a shadow over the global nuclear industry.
18. Black Star shows tracks of Alpha particles in an Apes lung much like yours. Plutonium particle in lung tissue: “The black star in the middle of this picture shows the tracks made by alpha rays emitted from a particle of plutonium-239 in the lung tissue of an ape. The alpha rays do not travel very far, but once inside the body, they can penetrate more than 10,000 cells within their range. This set of alpha tracks (magnified 500 times) occurred over a 48-hour period” (Robert Del Tredici, At Work in the Fields of the Bomb [1987], plate 39). 19
19. “De la guerre nucléaire” Maurice, E. ANDRE, nuclear officer (NBCR or nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological exclusive function) Captain Commander, retired. Addendum by Dr. Paolo Scampa.
20. University of Arkansas disposes of wastewater
21. Banner picture by the NY Times. Fire
22. Total Gamma Radiation – Year to Date 2017.7 November 18, 2017, VeteransToday. Here.
23. 30 year old radioactive dead tree at Chernobyl. Very dead. Very radioactive, like millions of others there and around the world.
24. Amusing Planet, VIP observers watching the spectacle during Operation Greenhouse at Enewetak Atoll, 1951. 

25.  Al Gore Lied, The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) lowers the Boom on Al Gore’s Big Lie that the humble, beneficial gas – CO2 – causes global warming

26. Did you ever think how much Rad U235 or Rad Plutonium 239 is vaporized in a detonation of a nuclear weapon? Bob Nichols, June 11, 2017. Very little, actually.

27. CPM or Counts per Minute is the radiation measuring system used by RadNet, a directorate of the EPA.

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