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Video: Pastor Fired For Controversial Flat Earth Connection

#Pastor Nate Wolfe speaks up about his quest for the #Flat #Earth #Truth that got him fired from the clergy. Standing up for truth decided his fate of leaving the church in search of the Creator and the world he made.

Earth has made a return in a major way in the church. What does this mean for the future of science and religion?

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What If The Earth is Flat? (Film)

Video: The Biblical Earth Model You Can’t Unsee

The biblical Earth model has been utterly rejected and ridiculed by the “scientific” community, yet millions are finding truth in the once abandoned geocentric cosmology. The Biblical Earth cosmology is much different than the heliocentric universe we’ve grown up with.

According to scripture we have a geocentric stationary Earth with a star filled firmament above our heads. If this is the true model of our planet, then we’re being lied to on a grand scale, by some of the highest members of our society. Open the Video