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New medicine of the Left: DIY removal of penis and testicles

The next phase of LGBT “love” and “acceptance” apparently involves surgically removing one’s own genitalia at home, and celebrating this expression of “gender identity” as a new form of “progress.”

This is what Trent Gates, a 23-year-old biological male from Washington, D.C., is claiming anyway, having recently told the media that he personally removed his own testicles and penis in order to fully become the thing that he perceives himself to be, a so-called “nullo.”

Since Gates self-identifies as “non-binary,” meaning he doesn’t believe he’s either male or female, he decided that the best course of action was to become a nullo, which is basically a eunuch.

Since no ethical doctor worth his degree would ever willingly castrate a mentally-ill person like Gates without a proper medical diagnosis warranting such, Gates says he decided to simply do it himself, using a “sanitized knife” and “painkillers.”

According to the United Kingdom’s Metro paper, Gates severed his testicles back in April 2016, and later removed his penis in January 2017 – the former in his apartment, and the latter in a hotel room.

“It really didn’t feel like part of me,” Gates reportedly told the media outlet about his reproductive organs, clarifying that he’s now a nullo, rather than “transgender.” “It’s along the lines of being trans, but not quite.”

“I have no desire to be a woman,” he added. “It’s kind of a middle ground in-between the two, an androgynous in-between.”

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Gates says he was “inspired” to become a nullo after being exposed to a “famous” nullo pervert online

Though Gates says he still feels male and is sexually attracted to men, meaning he simply has homosexual tendencies, he’s told media outlets that he decided to fully amputate his manhood after being “inspired” to do so by an older nullo pervert he encountered online, whom he describes as “the grandfather of the community.”

“I came across some pictures when I was in high school, online, and I’ve been that way since, back since I was probably 15,” Gates admitted, proving once again that this type of LGBT perversion doesn’t just come out of nowhere, and is actually a type of social contagion that’s now spreading exponentially, thanks to the internet.

“I saw a photo online – it was like, bam, first photo I saw, that’s me, I want to be there some day.”
Satanic influences are literally possessing today’s youth to sever body parts in order to become “happy”

Sadly, Gates more than likely never would have even had the thought to permanently mutilate his body, had he not been exposed to the idea online – especially since he says he doesn’t even like the grammatically-incorrect trans pronoun “they,” inferring that he still thinks of himself as a “he.”

But the kid is obviously mentally ill, and possibly demonically-possessed – as many LGBTers are – having also indicated that after removing his male body parts, he somehow felt “happier” and “more me,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

He also says that, when his male parts were still attached to his body, he had been suffering from “crippling depression” and had even attempted suicide – again pointing to some sort of Satanic element of influence or possession, as none of this is rational or normal thinking.

“Devils are unhappy when they must exert their darkness without a personal body to use,” reveals Paw Creek Ministries about how demonic possession happens.

“A demon will spend a long time influencing a person’s life, waiting for the moment they can either obsess or possess them for the greater harm to that person and others. Whether the demon is invisible or visible, they are constantly trying to have fellowship with you. It is by fellowship that they can communicate to your mind and heart their ideas. Satan always starts with an idea in your heart or mind.”

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“Unplanned” Movie Causes Abortion Workers to Leave Their Jobs

Abby Johnson’s star is growing and growing. The “Unplanned” movie has been an overwhelming hit and exceeded expectations. In a recent interview with Rachel del Guidice of The Daily Signal, Johnson delivered lots of good news about the effects of the movie on the abortion industry it seeks to villainize.

Planned Parenthood has inadvertently pushed its own employees to see the movie through negative propaganda.

Here is a snippet from Rachel’s interview with Abby Johnson that explains why abortion industry workers went to see the movie in the first place:

del Guidice: That’s incredible. You mentioned that some of them are going in as critics. Have any of them mentioned to you—other than wanting to go in as a critic—anything that intrigued them to the film? I’m sure in some cases it was definitely going against their own beliefs to step out and see this film.
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Johnson: Yeah. They have told us that some of them went in as groups, like a group of workers from the clinic that went together. Some of them went individually, didn’t want anyone to know who they were or didn’t want anyone to know that they were going to see the film, so sort of went in secretly.

It’s been sort of different, different stories there. But yeah, they definitely were instructed not to see the film by Planned Parenthood.

I think that it’s just sort of like that “Do not push that big red button.” And you’re like, “Why don’t you want me to see this? What’s in it that you don’t want me to see?” So I think that was enough to intrigue a lot of people to go and watch this.

If you have children, you might understand what Abby is saying. As soon as you say, “Don’t touch that” it is a pretty good bet that it will eventually be touched. Parenting is tough at times.

Rachel’s interview with Abby was very telling and I want to share one more little snippet before allowing you to listen to the audio:

del Guidice: Wow, that’s bizarre. So, Planned Parenthood essentially encouraged, indirectly, their people to see this movie? That’s amazing.

Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

del Guidice: Wow. Was there a particular scene that they say impacted them to the point of eventually precipitating their choice to leave, or a discussion they had afterward? Was there anything? Or is there a common theme that clinic workers have said really was the turning point for them in the film?

Johnson: Definitely the ultrasound-guided abortions. A lot of them have seen that themselves.

It’s sort of different to remove yourself from what you do every day and to look at it sort of as an outsider, and I think that’s what they were forced to do. And then to see, to hear how everyone else in the theater is impacted by that scene.

One of the gals that contacted us said, “I just … heard everyone gasping and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, this really isn’t normal, what I’m doing every day. This isn’t normal. I’ve been trained to believe that it is, but it’s not.’”

So I think the reactions of other people was very powerful for them to hear. And I think definitely we’ve heard that the RU-486 abortion scene, my abortion scene, the medication abortion, was very impactful for them. Because a lot of them, they’re hearing stories of women who are coming back and saying, “This is not what you told me would happen. This was terrible.”

For them to actually see what these women are going through and how they haven’t been honest with them, and they’ve just sort of been spouting the company talking point but not really hearing what these women are going through, those two things I think were some of the most impactful for them.

Incredible story.

I remember recently reading about Abby standing up to KLOVE (Christian radio network) because they had unbelievably refused to accept advertising for the film. She got KLOVE to reverse its decision. What an amazing woman.

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Toronto University Prof. Suspended By Twitter For Saying Transgenderism Is Mental Disorder

University of Toronto Professor of Psychiatry Ray Blanchard, PhD, a leading expert on gender dysphoria, was temporarily suspended by Twitter on Sunday after sharing his professional position on transgenderism after a lifetime of academic research in the field.

Here’s the full statement Blanchard made which got him suspended:

Earlier today I wrote this thread in response to a follower who asked me, “What is your actual position on transgender people?” It looks like my reply has not been delivered to a single person besides the original inquirer, so I am reposting it here.

My beliefs include the following 6 elements: 

(1) Transsexualism and milder forms of gender dysphoria are types of mental disorder, which may leave the individual with average or even above-average functioning in unrelated areas of life.

(2) Sex change surgery is still the best treatment for carefully screened, adult patients, whose gender dysphoria has proven resistant to other forms of treatment.

(3) Sex change surgery should not be considered for any patient until that patient has reached the age of 21 years and has lived for at least two years in the desired gender role.

(4) Gender dysphoria is not a sexual orientation, but it is virtually always preceded or accompanied by an atypical sexual orientation – in males, either homosexuality (sexual arousal by members of one’s own biological sex) . . . or autogynephilia (sexual arousal at the thought or image of oneself as a female).

(5) There are two main types of gender dysphoria in males, one associated with homosexuality and one associated with autogynephilia. Traditionally, the great bulk of female-to-male transsexuals has been homosexual in erotic object choice.

(6) The sex of a postoperative transsexual should be analogous to a legal fiction. This legal fiction would apply to some things (e.g., sex designation on a driver’s license) but not to others (entering a sports competition as one’s adopted sex).

Blanchard’s suspension was later lifted after widespread outrage.
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InformationLiberation reports:

Twitter’s “hateful conduct” policy mandates that users not “deadname” transgender people by referring them to using their birth name or “misgender” transgender people, which in this case means referring to them as their actual biological gender rather than the gender they’ve chosen to identify with.

Facebook came up with a similar speech mandate earlier this month after banning Paul Joseph Watson and others where they declared that users are no longer allowed to share links to Infowars unless they’re “explicitly condemning the content.”

Perhaps Big Tech could hold a conference in the future and bring all their “trust and safety” teams together to create a list of all the prog-globalist political beliefs we’re all mandated to espouse in order to keep our accounts on social media?

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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Alabama Abortion Law Will Overturn Roe v. Wade; “They’ve Won”

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and former Sen. Rick Santorum weigh in on Alabama’s new law outlawing abortion:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: Jeff, back in June when Kennedy announced his retirement, you said, I want to make sure I get this right, you said that abortion would be illegal in 20 states in 18 months. You got a lot of push back, a lot of Trump supporters saying, what are you a mind reader, how can you say this?

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST: I -- for better or worse, I think I was right. I mean, look, Donald Trump said in the third debate with Hillary Clinton, if I get two or more appointments to the Supreme Court, automatically, that's the word he used, automatically Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and I think the president was exactly right.

Roe v. Wade is gone and every woman in Alabama who gets pregnant is going to be forced to give birth soon, and that's going to be true in Alabama. It's going to be true in Missouri. It's going to be true probably in Georgia, and that's what the law is because that's what the presidential election was about in part last time.

COOPER: Would this be into effect, though, if the Supreme Court hasn't ruled on it?

TOOBIN: Well, I think they are going to rule on it, and I think they're going to uphold it. I mean, this is what the fight has been about for years. I think that the legislators were very smart. They waited until they got five votes on the Supreme Court, and now they're going to push this thing through. And Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch are going to be joined by Chief Justice Roberts and Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, and this is a victory Rick and others have been fighting for decades, and they've won and they should celebrate.

COOPER: Rick, Senator Santorum, does it -- A, I want you to respond to what Jeff said. Also, but -- the idea that a rapist that gets someone pregnant could get less jail time than a doctor performing an abortion, does that make sense?

RICK SANTORUM, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, yes, it does make sense, because we're ignoring the other person in the situation, and that's the child.

The rapist, according to the Supreme Court, someone who's convicted of a violent, a horrible, I mean, just -- whatever, doesn't matter, all rapes are horrible, but you can take the most horrible rape and according to the Supreme Court, the death sentence is not -- is cruel and unusual punishment, but the child who is conceived as a result of that can be killed.

And that to me is a house divided. You can't say somebody commits a horrible crime, doesn't receive a death sentence, but a child who's innocent does. And that's why you're seeing -- I mean, Anderson, I think people don't realize this law, Roe versus Wade has been in effect for 50 years, yet this country is as divided as it is now as it was 50 years ago.

Why? Because this is wrong. And if this was such -- and all of the prognosticators predicted within 10, 20 years, everybody is going to be for abortion. It didn't happen, why? Because you're killing a human being.

And it's obvious to anybody because it's a fact.

COOPER: Right.

SANTORUM: And some can convince themselves that it's OK to do that. But a lot of Americans, even those that are pro-choice are very uncomfortable with this because it's wrong. And that's what --


COOPER: Couldn't you also make the argument that it is just a complex issue? I mean, I understand --

SANTORUM: It is a complex issue. I agree with that.

COOPER: You say it is wrong, but not everybody -- you can be uncomfortable with it and still believe it should be the law. You can be -- you know, there's many nuances --

SANTORUM: But you're taking a human life. You're taking an innocent human life. 

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker slams a new Alabama law that effectively bans abortion and calls on Trump Attorney General Bill Barr to resign and lays out his gun control agenda. In an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Booker called on men to “lead” on the issue of abortion…

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) reacts to the near-total abortion ban that was signed into law in Alabama with the aim of challenging the landmark Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion. “We are rolling back the clock decades,” Gillibrand said Wednesday night. “If they were doing this on…

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a near-total abortion ban bill designed to challenge more than 40 years of federal abortion protections under “Roe v. Wade” into law Wednesday. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel discusses Alabama and bans in Missouri and Louisiana.

FNC’s Tucker Carlson delivers his Wednesday monologue: TUCKER CARLSON: Abortion has never been popular in the state of Alabama. Since 1973, when a handful of Supreme Court justices imposed the most left-wing abortion regime in the world by fiat, voters in Alabama have strongly disagreed with.

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Ebola news: ‘Terrifying’ outbreak is spiralling out of control warn experts

THE ONGOING Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which has so far claimed the lives of more than 1,100 people, is “terrifying” – and getting worse, health experts have warned.

Meanwhile former Foreign Secretary David Miliband, speaking after a visit to the country, has warned the situation could “spiral out of control”. The World Health Organisation (WHO) last week issued a new set of guidelines aimed at addressing what it termed “vaccination challenges” in treating the ongoing public health crisis in the African country. The move comes after a turbulent period which has seen several treatment centres targeted by angry mobs, and health workers attacked, with several deaths, including WHO epidemiologist Dr Richard Valery Mouzoko Kiboung.

Dr Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, which last year pledged £2million to support a rapid response to the outbreak, said: “I’m very concerned – as concerned as one can be.

Dr Farrar, who has called for a ceasefire among warring militia groups in the North Kivu region to allow health teams to reach people suffering from the deadly illness, told The Guardian: “Whether it gets to the absolute scale of west Africa or not, none of us know, but this is massive in comparison with any other outbreak in the history of Ebola and it is still expanding.

“It’s remarkable it hasn’t spread more geographically but the numbers are frightening and the fact that they are going up is terrifying.”

Mr Miliband, who served as former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Foreign Secretary from 2007 to 2010, and is now chief executive of the International Rescue Committee, said the situation was “far more dangerous” than the statistic of 1,000 deaths, which is the second-largest in history as a result of an Ebola outbreak, suggested

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More Scientists Skeptical of Darwinism

Evolution has become the universally accepted theory for the origin of life, yet it is increasingly being called into question. According to a report published by the Federalist on April 16, many professional academic biologists now question Darwin’s theory of evolution.

According to the article, some biologists now “find Darwin’s theory is inadequate to describe all of the complexity of biology.” The article stated:

A controversial letter to Nature in 2014 signaled the mounting concern, however slow and cautious, among thoughtful professional biologists. Other works by atheist authors like “What Darwin Got Wrong” and “Mind and Cosmos” find “fatal flaws” in the theory and assert it is “almost certainly false.”…

Some even believe billions of years have not been adequate for Darwinian theory to accomplish current complexity, as the theory currently exists.

This dissatisfaction is a matter of public record, even if it lacks public attention, and despite the narrative running contrary. Indeed dedicated Neo-Darwinists often say “no serious scientists disagree” or “only creationists have problems.” These contentions are increasingly disproven.

The growing dissent is also revealed in the document “A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism,” which contains over 1,000 signatures of scientists around the world who are “skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life.” They are calling for an “examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory.”

The dissent has grown along with the understanding of the complexity of life. One signatory, Dr. Marcos Eberlin, founder of the Thomson Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, said, “As a biochemist I became sceptical about Darwinism when I was confronted with the extreme intricacy of the genetic code and its many intelligent strategies to code, decode and protect its information.”

In his 2008 documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein investigated the academia’s crackdown on criticism of Darwinism. Speaking to several scientists, Stein highlighted Darwin’s overly simplified understanding of cell complexity at the time his theory, The Origin of Species, was published in 1859.

To one scientist, he asked if Darwin “thought of the cell as being a Buick, what is the cell now in terms of its complexity by comparison?” The answer: “A galaxy.”

To another, he asked if Darwin thought of a cell as a mud hut, what would it be based on our understanding of it today. One answered “more complicated than a Saturn V” (the nasa rocket that launched humans to the moon), and another answered: “[A] world that Darwin never could have imagined.”

Skepticism of evolution is much greater than those outside the field would expect. The Federalist wrote:

The growth of the intelligent design community is noteworthy, but not as interesting as those who are apart from it, secular and nonetheless find Darwinian evolution to contain serious flaws.

[Prof. Michael] Behe explained that, “Based on conversations with my own colleagues at Lehigh [University], dozens of other biologists, and news stories in journals, I would guesstimate that a third or more of biologists are quite skeptical that Darwin’s theory explains all of biology.” The growing literature speaks for itself.

Paul Nelson told Stein that, “One-on-one at a scientific meeting after the third or fourth beer, my experience has been that many evolutionary biologists will say ‘Yeah, this theory’s got a lot of problems.’” While anecdotal, this is echoed by many in academia, both within intelligent design, and more importantly outside of it.

Despite the increasing acknowledgment of Darwin’s flawed reasoning, the Federalist finished by saying that scientists’ goal “is not to abandon Darwin, but to retire him to make way for more coherent, comprehensive theories.” Scientists still refuse to consider the validity of any theory that involves a creator.

Herbert W. Armstrong, editor in chief of the Plain Truth, predecessor to the Trumpet, came to a turning point in his life when he was accused of being ignorant for saying that he was not convinced that evolution was valid. More than 90 years later, that intellectual intimidation has increased, even as knowledge of the complexity of life—and difficulty with Darwin’s theory—has increased.

Mr. Armstrong delved into an exhaustive study of evolutionary theory and the Bible. Much of what he found is compiled in his booklet Does God Exist? Through his study, he found “no proof for the theory of evolution. It is purely a theory—a belief—a faith, not based on proof. … I found proof of the existence of the Creator God.”

In 1950, Mr. Armstrong wrote, “Evolution is Satan’s most powerful modern weapon. It is Christianity’s greatest enemy.” It is Satan’s attempt to deprive man of the knowledge of their great Creator God and the incredible future that He has in store for them.

Scientists are seeking to prove the origin of the creation without a Creator. But over and again they have failed. There is only one explanation: a Creator God.

To prove the true origin to life, and to give your life real meaning, request your free copy of Does God Exist?

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Cognitively challenged AOC says that being six weeks pregnant is no different than “missing your period”

America’s dumbest socialist is back on social media spewing sexist, pseudoscientific tripe in a feeble attempt at sounding smart, while also supposedly defending the so-called “right” of women to murder their unborn children through abortion and infanticide.

According to the wine-damaged brain of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), getting pregnant is somehow the same thing as having an abnormal menstrual cycle – and anyone who disagrees with her on this is apparently a man who doesn’t “know the first thing about a woman’s body outside of the things [he wants] from it.”

AOC’s latest ignorant statements – which, of course, are a perfect match for Twitter where she shared them – come in response to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s recent signing of a “heartbeat bill,” which bans all abortions after six weeks gestation in the Peach State.

In case you didn’t know, six weeks gestation is right about the time when an unborn baby’s nose, mouth, ears, beating heart, and other distinctly human features begin to take shape and show up on an ultrasound, proving that he or she is a real human baby as opposed to a “clump of cells.”
AOC loves to showcase her stupidity concerning pretty much everything

Naturally, a slew of people with actual functioning grey matter were quick to challenge AOC’s patently false assertions about pregnancy and missed periods, explaining to the freshman congresswoman and certifiable lunatic the basics about what actually happens during pregnancy.

“Are people just unaware that changes happen in your body in the first 2-4 weeks of pregnancy?” responded The Daily Wire‘s Emily Zanotti, who’s currently pregnant with twins, to AOC’s idiocy. “I might be more experienced with this given my fertility treatments/history, but there’s a whole hormonal shift that happens.”

“It’s not just a random zygote just floating around in there,” Zanotti added. “A miscarriage at 6 weeks pregnant (four passed missed period) is pretty … horrifying and emotionally scarring. It ain’t just a late and extremely heavy menstrual cycle.”

Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire‘s Editor-in-Chief, also responded to AOC’s fundamentally fictitious belief about this issue – which is just one among many – explaining that Georgia’s heartbeat bill really is “a ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, just like it says it is” – challenging AOC’s contention that it’s a “backdoor bill,” which doesn’t even make any sense.

“The fact that this is early in pregnancy is the entire point of the bill,” Shapiro added. “The fact that a six-week-old embryo is apparently just a missed period to you,” he further stated, speaking directly to AOC, “is disturbing.”

Liz Wheeler from the One America News Network responded to AOC by tweeting out a picture of a developing child at six weeks gestation, which clearly shows a head, arms, legs, and other bodily features starting to develop.

“This is ‘two weeks late on your period,’” Wheeler wrote, quoting AOC with fortitude. “Two weeks late has arms & legs forming, fingers & toes, & a heartbeat!” she added.
Is AOC mentally challenged? It was mostly women who wrote and sponsored Georgia’s heartbeat bill

Others further challenged AOC’s false accusation that only “men” crafted Georgia’s heartbeat bill, pointing out that it was actually mostly women who wrote it.

“Here are the 5 main sponsors of the bill,” tweeted conservative columnist Jeryl Bier. “So here are the two men you slandered as ‘Most of the men writing these bills don’t know the first thing about a woman’s body outside of the things they want from it.’ And the other three are… WOMEN!” Bier added.

Thankfully, Gov. Kemp hasn’t backed down in defending unborn human life, despite this onslaught of feminist stupidity. He reiterated that the bill he signed represents “a declaration that all life has value, that all life matters, and that all life is worthy of protection.”

For more related news, be sure to check out

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Think your kids are growing up ‘too fast’? Chemicals in their toothpaste might be the reason

(Natural News) Children are hitting puberty earlier during the last two decades than at any other point in human history. This unhealthily fast rate of physiological development is connected to hormone-disrupting chemicals in synthetic toothpastes and other common products.

California-based researchers reported that these toxic chemicals can affect the development of children as early as the time that they were still in the womb of their mothers. Published in the journal Human Reproduction, their study raised alarms regarding the widespread use of products with these chemicals.

“We know that some of the things we put on our bodies are getting into our bodies, either because they pass through the skin or we breathe them in or we inadvertently ingest them,” remarked University of California, Berkeley researcher Kim Harley, the lead author of the study. “We need to know how these chemicals are affecting our health.”

Harley drew her data from an earlier long-term study of 338 children from birth to adolescence. She found that the physical and mental development of children can be affected by early exposure to toxic chemicals. (Related: Homes are laden with chemicals that are increasing your risk of CANCER.)
Endocrine disruptors in toothpaste and other products speed up puberty

The Berkeley research team concentrated on three different types of toxic chemicals: Parabens, phthalates, and phenols. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors that can copy the effects of various hormones. They can cause abnormally fast rates of development in children.

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The endocrine disruptors are used in all kinds of products. Exposure to them is pretty much guaranteed.

Phthalates are used to fix the smell of deodorants, perfumes, and other scented products. They also serve as plasticizers that made plastics soft and flexible, thereby preventing cracks in nail polish and plastic packaging material.

Parabens have preservative properties that extend the lifespan of perishable products. Phenols, on the other hand, increase the durability of certain products. Triclosan and benzophenone are phenols that are used for antimicrobial purposes.
Girls are heavily affected by parabens, phthalates, and phenols

The Berkeley study found that girls were much more vulnerable to the effects of these endocrine disruptors. Girls experienced earlier development of pubic hair when exposed to prenatal urinary monoethyl phthalate. Their menarche or first menstruation came earlier due to prenatal exposure to triclosan and 2,4-dichlorophenol.

Methylparaben exposure caused their breasts, pubic hair, and menarche to develop or take place earlier. Propylparaben also sped up the appearance of their first menstruation. Finally, 2,5-dichlorophenol delayed the appearance of their pubic hair.

Meanwhile, male participants did not display prenatal urinary biomarker concentration. But their genitals did develop earlier when exposed to peripubertal concentrations of propylparaben.

Early puberty is linked to breast cancer, mental problems, and ovarian cancer in girls. It also caused testicular cancer in boys.
Switch to phthalate-free versions of these common products

Phthalates are found in a lot of products consumed or used on a daily basis. They are invisible to the naked eye and can’t be detected by smell or taste. They are found in the following:

Cosmetics and personal care products, e.g. hair spray, nail polish, perfume, shampoo, skin moisturizers, soap, and toothpaste.
Medical items, such as IV tubes and fluid bags.
Adhesives, building materials, detergents, insecticides, lubricants, plastic plumbing pipes, solvents, vinyl flooring, and wood finishes.
Processed and packaged food like animal products, dairy products, and fast food.

Experts warned that phthalate byproducts can be found in the urine of almost all Americans. And those are just one type of endocrine disruptors. But exposure to these hormone-disrupting chemicals can be reduced by switching to alternative household and personal care products that are made from natural ingredients.

Sources include:

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