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Pelosi, Democrats Said to Receive Millions to Keep Border Open

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and others have been receiving millions in drug money according to convicted Drug Lord El Chapo’s testimony at his sentencing hearing last week.

No wonder the Democrats have been pushing so hard against building a Border Wall. This should come as no surprise according to Ben Fulford. His CIA sources claimed that for years politicians have been regularly receiving huge bribes from a illegal drug industry

President Trump to the rescue. His national emergency declaration allowed US and Canadian Special Forces to be called up. “Trump can now direct military operations in cities to remove false flag threats, arrest cabal and foreign agents, close overseas bases, get the Army Corps of Engineers to build a wall, order troops home, and bring military tribunals into the national conversation,” Fulford stated.

Pelosi, Schiff and a multitude of others appeared about to be headed to GITMO, while Clinton was believed already under indictment for a multitude of crimes. To make mass arrests, prepare for FISA declassification and “intel dumps,” Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long was fired and Attorney General William Barr was sworn in before Trump declared the national emergency, Pentagon sources said.

Speaker of the House Democrat Nancy Pelosi was expected to be charged for not only being paid millions by Mafia King Pin El Chapo, but for an attempted coup on President Trump and her connections to the treasonous Uranium One deal with Russia.
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Former First Lady-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was suspected to not only be charged for receiving $15 million in drug money from Mafia King Pin El Chapo, but for her involvement in Clinton Foundation Crimes including Uranium One and Fusion GPS; directing and financing the Russian collusion ‘dossier’ to obtain so-called evidence in order to obtain a FISC sign-off that generated a two year investigation into Trump that produced no evidence of collusion. Worse, Hillary and Bill Clinton were believed connected to 58 homicide/suicides, many of whom were set to testify against the Clintons. Hillary was also expected to be charged with the Benghazi Massacre, Mass Murder in Haiti, Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation, Pedophilia and Election Fraud. According to New York police who reviewed former congressman Anthony Weiner’s server, Clinton and her assistant and ex-wife of Weiner Huma Abedin, produced a Snuff Film on the Dark Web that showed them terrorizing and killing a young girl and then drinking her blood. Clinton was also a frequent guest of the infamous “Lolita Express” that regularly flew political elites to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” where children were believed regularly tortured and murdered.

Back on June 20 2018 Congress demanded the arrest of Hillary Clinton according to this News Conference video:
Presently there were 49 global elites residing at GITMO awaiting trials, 40 of whom have not yet been charged according to C-Vine reporters for the military tribunals at GITMO and other secret military courts across the nation.
The tribunals began Jan. 2 with a court on 9/11. According to another reporter, David Zublick, former President George Bush Jr. has already given his testimony in a deposition for that trial. Another trial would begin on March 18. Transcripts and videos of the tribunals would eventually be released.

Since President Trump took office Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators have filed over 76,492 sealed indictments in federal courts across the nation. An estimated 80 to 140 Congress people were said named on those indictments (85% to 95% of whom were thought Democrats).

U.S. Attorney Huber Moving to Indict Clintons and Others:

Feb. 17 2019 Who’s who in the Unsealed Federal Criminal Indictments:

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Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, McCabe Believed Charged with Treason

A treasonous coup attempt to over throw duly elected President Donald Trump was about to be made public in FISA document declassification next week. Defendants such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, former directors of the FBI and CIA, plus other political elites were said named in the federal indictments about to go on trial. The same political elites were said to be headed to, or were presently at GITMO for their military tribunals.

Rumored as named defendants in the treasonous coup were former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Agent Peter Strzok and former FBI Agent Lisa Page.

Evidently McCabe had already faced a military tribunal, was under court order to disclose “semi-truths” to the public and did as ordered. On Sunday Feb. 17 he disclosed on Twenty Minutes that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been intent on wiring himself for meetings in the White House and conversations with Trump. That same Feb. 17 CBS’s Face the Nation found Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham announcing he would subpoena both McCabe and Rosenstein for hearings to determine whether top Justice Department and FBI officials discussed a “bureaucratic coup” to remove President Trump from office – an act of Treason. Earlier that day Rosenstein had announced his resignation for mid-March.

Since President Trump took office Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators have filed over 76,492 sealed indictments in federal courts across the nation. An estimated 80 to 140 Congress people were said named on those indictments (85% to 95% of whom were thought Democrats). The FISA Report was said to be the first major indictment to be unsealed.

Although, there was another that preceded it. Former President George Bush Jr. was said to be named as one of the defendants in the 9/11 crimes. After 18 years of wait, Tribunals on 9/11 finally began at GITMO on Jan. 28. Pre-trials had already begun on five other defendants of the 9/11 crimes – trials that were subsequently delayed until March because of Military Court Judge Colonel Parrella’s medical problems.

Bush, Obama, Clinton and George Soros among others, were suspected to presently reside at GITMO in a new $69 million special prison called Camp 7 that was designed to hold 15 high value detainees.

Charges on the over 76,492 indictments included violation of the Espionage Act of 1912, High Treason, Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Homicide, Pornography, Money Laundering, Bribery, Perjury, crimes of Uranium One, 9/11, Cover Up of 9/11, March 11 2011 Fukushima Nuclear and Tsunami mass murders, Benghazi Massacre, Hijacking of Malaysian Air 370, Mass Murder in Haiti and elsewhere, Gun and Drug running, Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation, kidnapping, harvesting victim’s organs for monetary gain; election fraud, blackmail for votes on political issues through recording of pedophilia parties where children were raped, tortured and murdered, misappropriation and confiscation of US taxpayer monies through use of the illegal and privately owned Federal Reserve, IRS, US Corporation, City of London and Holy See, plus not implementing the freedom from debt GESARA Law signed into law by the US Supreme Court and President Bill Clinton.

Some tribunals were taking place in secret military facilities such as in South Carolina. At least two, if not seven, FEMA prison barges had been prepared to hold prisoners for the Military Tribunals. Trump had spent around $200 million to renovate GITMO for arrival of political elite prisoners.

On March 1, 2018 President Trump signed Executive Order allowing military tribunals to take place – that were said being held in secret on different military bases including GITMO. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, General James Mattis and General John Kelly were in charge of the tribunals.

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Former GITMO Commander General Zanetti Debunks Bertrand Report on Military Tribunals, This is the Rebuttal:

It appears that Steve Quayle ( and Susan Duclos ( were so intrigued by my last [Before It’s News] report concerning GITMO, Steve Quayle contacted the former (GTMO) Commander Brigadier General Gregory Zanetti of whom weighed-in on my report as “Full of holes,” and “NO, there will not be any Deep State traitors going to GTMO,” something to that effect…

The Bertrand Daily Report Debunked by Brigadier General Zanetti along with Susan Duclos and Steve Quayle]

“Nothing Happening at GITMO,” Just One of the Biggest Cases in the History of the United States, Analysis & Opinion & What Follows: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Susan Duclos and Steve Quayle, of whom both are excellent analysts and reporters of certain things that I sometimes disagree with, even though….Steve himself promotes a website that far exceeds some of the stuff I’ve seen as “click and bait” on Before It’s News…..Susan misrepresented me on a story months’ ago, headlining me as “Captain Dave Bertrand (Ret.) U.S. Military” (Captain) which has never been the case, just a Sergeant in a Military Police Company….of which I politely asked her to correct that and she didn’t, therefore…I was basically shadow banned from her news site until now. Back then, I guess I had credentials and today, I have none?

All of us in this game of getting to the truth are nothing but “analysts” that research data and report on that data. Just as an interrogator in a criminal case asks questions and comes to certain conclusions, which begins the prosecution phase….it’s the final outcome (in court) that determines the truth. WE are no closer to the truth of what will happen to certain Deep State operatives and conspirators, or if they will face a Military Tribunal…..and I’m including Brigadier General Gregory Zanetti, but thank you for your service…sir !

My research and analysis says…the Deep State Military Tribunals are coming !

I don’t rely on Alex Jones et al for being a good source, because he has sold out certain truths and very worried his close connection to Roger Stone might be his downfall. I know that both Susan Duclos and Steve Quayle rely on Alex Jones, a staunch anti-”Q” promoter…..therefore, if “Q” leads us down that road to tribunals, then anything having to do with what is happening at GITMO is now (OUR) conspiracy theory.

Enter stage left, Brigadier General Zanetti to debunk Dave Bertrand, the “Q” posts, former CIA Robert David Steele, Dr. Dave Janda and many others that have done the research.

NOBODY, including the retired Brigadier General knows what will happen and because he has CREDENTIALS and was there several years ago, NEWS FLASH….a new sheriff is in town, going after the Deep State, and researchers like the respected Dr. Dave Janda and former CIA Robert Steele would dispute your article Susan !

I’m currently in a very large RV winter escape area where there are many retired Generals of both political parties. I’m sure some hate Trump and will agree with Alex Jones about “Q” or what CNN spews, and other Generals in support of Trump don’t agree with their own counter-parts. Most don’t even know what “Q” is !

I asked one General I met at our main watering hole about the “Q” posts, after I noticed a star on a red background on his vehicle, he had no clue….another one a few months ago was definitely a Democrat when we discussed illegal immigration. The question is….what is a reliable source?

Dr. Janda and former CIA Robert Steele are MY SOURCES and the credentials are theirs….but what are credentials anyway? A piece of paper or former this or that? No, it’s experience in the matter, having done the research, been there at the scene, and not a basement dweller with no past.

Brigadier General Zanetti is a professional, he’s creditable, he’s been there….but he is NOT there. He knows people and I know people, so let’s start again on a level playing field.

NONE of us have credentials to really KNOW THE TRUTH and sometimes we have to reach-out to those that have the credentials for their opinions, but at the same time…are those credentials CURRENT? Or are they old credentials used to justify a current event, i.e., the GITMO Military Tribunals as nothing more than “old 9/11 hearings” while being under a completely new administration, separated from the old guard of the 9/11 cover-up and all those involved.

“A news analyst examines, analyses and interprets broadcast news received from various sources.

They develop perspectives about news subjects through research, interviews, observation, and experience.”

Susan Duclos asks in her report/article of “what credentials do I have(?),” putting-out a report debunking my report on GITMO and convinced by what the retired Brigadier General (commander in 2008 at GTMO) stated to Steve Quayle as gospel, ‘nothing to see here, let’s move-a-long.’

What are Susan’s credentials, experience….and sources, other than Steve Quayle?

Well no Susan and Steve, I have NO CREDENTIALS only experience, but like the Brigadier General of many days gone by, and me with more of a connection to GITMO than yourselves, I can describe what it’s like to land at that hell hole.

I would bet the good General would agree with me…..

I’ve flown in and out of GITMO at least 6 times (and yes we called it G-I-T-M-O back in the late 80′s when I was a DC-8 captain flying (Emery) MAC (C.R.A.F.T) flights from Navy Norfolk to GITMO and then over to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Puerto Rico. That was before it became a terrorist holding facility and was there [to be there] on Cuban soil, as a fueling base for U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and DEA aircraft.

GITMO was a very dangerous airport to land at, especially in a 187 foot long 4 engine cargo jet.

The Cuban government manned a tower along a defined line that forced all flights to approach the runway from about a 45 degree angle and then make a difficult right turn at about 300 ft altitude to line-up with the runway. We lost a DC-8 on that runway because of that approach problem which has since been corrected.

The very difficult approach to GITMO was not a normal approach. Just a wing passing over the Cuban guard tower, the Cuban guard would take a picture and a fine was later sent to the U.S. government….that has since changed at GITMO.

Of course I have NO CREDENTIALS, but I do have COMMON SENSE & EXPERIENCE….let me add this big one to the mix, only meant as one reason why GITMO is of interest to me as it pertains to what is LIKELY coming for the Deep State players.

I was employed by the Deep State as a First Officer on the DC-10 in the late 90′s for Gemini Air Cargo, a CIA front company owned by the Carlyle Group, with none other than GHWB on the Board of Directors, owned by the same employer (Carlyle Group) where Edward Snowden was employed.

If you have done your research lately, reference the Deep State caught running guns to Venezuela on planes owned by ’21 Air’ (former Gemini), you would discover that Gemini Air Cargo (during the late 90′s) was involved with moving terrorists to secret CIA facilities for interrogation to be later sent to GITMO.

I’ve flown to every airport around the world where Gemini flew, but as compartmentalized the flight crew were, we often wondered why we had strange looking cargo escorts flying in our seated area and their concern for certain ‘igloos’ in the cargo section, which they would periodically walk back to during the long flights.

Besides hauling pallets full of either gold / silver bars for the Central Banks out of Basel Switzerland, we as a crew often saw armed (foreign) military types meeting our flight in many places around the globe. That was all before I was awakened to the New World Order.

Therefore…Susan and Steve, we ALL have a reason as to why we do what we do and I can only speculate on data and research I have seen that does suggest there are more Military Tribunals coming. I thought I was very clear in my Before It’s News report, and if you re-read it….you will see that it’s just an analysis based-on what I have researched. You can always find someone that can “blow holes” in any story…including yours Susan and Steve Quayle.

As for “redacting” my name, don’t worry….

“Anyway, I’ll wait to hear from (redacted). He may know more than I do. If I am wrong, I will be the first to apologize to you and (redacted). Truth is what you have always been about, Steve. I want to help in that quest. Currently, however, their GTMO analysis is a bucket full of holes, IMO.” (Susan Duclos)

“We at All News PipeLine believe that any and all information should be revealed for readers to decide for themselves to debate it, research more, or even discard it if they so choose.” –Susan Duclos

I’ve laid-out a few important facts (in my GITMO report) that you did not mention in your lengthy report, nor did Brigadier General Zanetti address…..

(1) The December 21st 2017 Emergency Order (meant to go after the Deep State)

(2) Why Lindsey Graham addressed the adjudication of civilians in a Military Tribunal with Kavanagh, which “Q” has referred to as significant.

(3) Why Trump updated the NDAA section on Courts-Martial Law Manual effective January 1st 2019, which “Q” again has brought out attention to….

(4) Why are the greatest geopolitical minds, including “Q” say they believe certain Deep State players will be in Military Tribunals within 2 years?

(5) Why (now) should George and Jeb Bush, including Dick Cheney be very worried about their complicity in 9/11, unless the General (still) believes 19 Arab Hijackers actually took-over 4 jetliners with box cutters. Ask the General if he believes 9/11 was an inside job? I will bet he would say, “of course not!”

Brigadier General Gregory Zanetti DOES NOT HAVE the luxury of having an opinion about 9/11, therefore….why in the world would anyone expect him to say, “oh yes…I trust what a former CIA case officer says about 9/11 and that Bush likely “flipped” to save his own ass…”

Regardless of what you think about the validity of the “Q” team, there is NO MEDIA source (NONE) that have stopped “Q” or exposed who he is…..or where he is, but just the fact alone, the MSM have created thousands of anti-”Q” articles, should be enough to know “Q” is very real and very dangerous to the Deep State.

The Mueller team, along with Facebook and Twitter emphatically believe a Russian firm influenced the 2016 presidential election, but NONE of them can find “Q.”

The “Q” proofs are many and nobody can prove otherwise and those that point their finger at what THEY believe as not happening…..they don’t follow “Q” to understand everything. It’s very complex and meant to be without violating National Security.

I certainly appreciate you both, Susan Duclos and Steve Quayle for bringing your thoughts and opinions to the GITMO drama, but at the end of the day, you both are no more and no less than a political analyst than me, but try reporting your opinion without discrediting the messenger for more views. Go after the story without suggesting the writer doesn’t know what he’s talking about and has no credentials. If you did get a lot of views, because of your report (on “redacted” me), stay tuned, you could easily reach 20,000+ by Friday, you can thank me later.

—Dave Bertrand

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Military Tribunal Rumor Squashing-Who is REALLY at GITMO-Part 2 of 4

We The People are DONE being mislead and lied to. This is why the citizen journalists at C-VINE have banded together to do fact checking and investigations.

After listening to this video, go to to download the Tribunal Transcriptions.

Read additional information about GITMO and observe all the provided source and links for you to fact check everything we claim. If you want to discuss these Gitmo Military Tribunals with like minded individuals…go to our Facebook C-VINE International News Network group page and become a member.

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Billionaire financier George Soros has been arrested and is being detained in Switzerland for interrogation before being extradited to the United States where he will face a military tribunal as an enemy combatant. George W. Bush pleads guilty to high crimes and misdemeanors including 9/11. Barack Obama being detained at Gitmo, charged with High Treason, begs for his life. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

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P-2 GITMO Military Tribunal C-VINE News Coverage

Part 2 of the GITMO Military Tribunal’s Are Revealing Games Are Underway to Take Away Our Constitutional Rights for Public Viewing by Trying to Set a Precedent of Closed Hearings Utilizing the Pre-Trial Hearings of Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al.

Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe as Citizen Journalists of C-VINE News were able to view and report on these proceedings LIVE Streamed at Fort Meade Base via CCTV from GITMO.

Military Tribunal Transcript PDF’s of proceedings available at WWW.C-VINE.COM and citizens are highly encouraged to download and closely scrutinize.

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GITMO Military Tribunal Report from C-VINE News-Part 1

Surprising information was revealed when Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe (who are both Citizen Journalists with the C-VINE International News Network) reported on the Military Tribunals Live Streamed CCTV out of GTMO to Ft. Meade In Maryland. This was Part 1 of 2 covering the first day on 1/28/2019

Military Tribunal Transcript PDF’s of proceedings available at C-VINE.COM and citizens are highly encouraged to download and closely scrutinize.

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