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WW3: ‘Nuclear War At Any Moment’ As US Responds With War Drills


Kim Jong-Un’s most recent missile launch sparked fears of a third world war. Responding directly to that missile launch, the United States has participated in war drills with South Korea.

The operation dubbed “Vigilant Ace” was branded as an “open, all-out provocation” by North Korea. The training drills are scheduled to last five days, aiming to improve South Korea and the US’s wartime readiness. Impressive video from the initial drills shows F-16 jets training in the sky high above the North Korea border. The exercise is the largest ever co-operative drill. The US and South Korea used 230 aircraft, including 24 stealth fighter jets preparing for a war on the Korean peninsula.

Around 12,000 military personnel are taking part in the drills.  North Korea has also warned that these ‘provocative’ military drills  “may lead to a nuclear war at any moment.” The North Korean warning came straight from propagandized state-run media, which also declared: “The US and South Korean puppet warmongers would be well advised to bear in mind that their DPRK-targeted military drill will be as foolish as an act precipitating their self-destruction.”

The White House’s national security adviser HR McMaster has admitted the North Korean newspaper threats are credible and more government officials now believe that a war looms.  “I think it’s increasing every day, which means that we are in a race to be able to solve this problem. There are ways to address this problem short of armed conflict, but it is a race because he’s getting closer and closer, and there’s not much time left,” said McMaster.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has called on the Pentagon to move the families of US military personnel out of South Korea, as a senior Trump administration official warned that the potential for war with North Korea was growing by the day.  “It’s crazy to send spouses and children to South Korea, given the provocation of North Korea. South Korea should be an unaccompanied tour,” Graham said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “So, I want them to stop sending dependents, and I think it’s now time to start moving American dependents out of South Korea.”

“He’s got the best national security team of anybody I have seen since I have been in Washington,” Graham said of Trump, who has vowed to deny North Korea the ability to strike the US with nuclear weapons.Denial means pre-emptive war as a last resort,” Graham said. “The pre-emption is becoming more likely as their technology matures. I think we’re really running out of time.” If North Korea dares to conduct another nuclear weapons test, Graham added, “then you need to get ready for a very serious response by the United States”.

US F-35 Reportedly Starts to Crumble in Okinawa in ‘Routine Training Mission’


The reputation of the most expensive plane in history has once again been tarnished.

The F-35, a fifth-generation US stealth fighter, lost part of its fuselage, during a “routine training mission” near Kadena Air Base in Japan, according to the Defense News.

The incident, which occurred east of Okinawa on November 30, was reported by Japanese media at the time, but it wasn’t until December 4 that US Air Force officials confirmed the report.

The loss of one of the plane’s panels, measuring approximately 12 inches (30 centimeters) by 24 inches (60 centimeters), was noticed by the F-35’s wingman as the aircraft was in the process of landing.

Specialists suggested that the panel was broken during the flight, given the fact that the F-35 was thoroughly inspected ahead of the takeoff.

It is still unclear whether the replacement of the lost part of the plane’s fuselage will be possible without compromising its flight safety.

The F-35 Lightning II is the second US fifth-generation fighter after the F-22 Raptor.

The program to create the F-35 is estimated to have cost about one and a half trillion dollars, something that turns this fighter jet into the world’s most expensive aircraft.

The project has repeatedly been slammed, including by US President Donald Trump, over a whole array of technical problems.

READ MORE: All Gloat, No Glory: Trump Misleads Public on F-35 Program Savings

In October, representatives of the US Air Force were cited as saying that many F-35 pilots had symptoms of oxygen deficit.

In November, US government officials said that the US Defense Department refused to accept the delivery of F-35s between September 21 and October 20 after finding “corrosion exceeding technical limits” around fasteners holding the planes’ exterior coatings to their airframes.

ISIS Calls Trump ‘New Pharaoh’ After Again Claiming Responsibility for Las Vegas Attack

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has tried—again—to claim responsibility for the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history in a propaganda video filled with threats aimed at America, violent beheadings and a message to followers that calls President Donald Trump a foolish “new pharaoh.” 

ISIS has tried claiming the shooting in Las Vegas several times since the Oct. 1 sniping attack, which left 58 dead and more than 500 others injured. Each time, the group has not provided any proof of a connection to gunman Stephen Paddock.

The video, Flames of War II, is a sequel to the one-hour film the group released in 2014 aimed at recruiting English speakers and intimidating the West.

The new footage showed a map of the U.S. with five targets—all places struck by recent high-profile attacks—New York City, Las Vegas, Texas, San Bernardino, California and Orlando, Florida.

Fireballs come down from the sky and hit all five targets.

11_30_lasvegas_02 Tourists look up at the broken windows on the Mandalay Bay hotel from where shooter Stephen Paddock carried out his attack in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 4. Reuters

The group lists cities for all of the targets except Texas. It’s unclear if the group is attempting to claim responsibility for the recent church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, or possibly the shooting that left five officers dead in Dallas, Texas last year.

But, authorities have said neither attack was linked to the Islamic State.

In Dallas, Micah Xavier Johnson attacked during a Black Lives Matter rally and targeted white officers because he was angry about race relations in the U.S. In Sutherland Springs, Devin Kelley’s attack stemmed from a domestic situation.

Also without proof, the group has continued to claim responsibility for the shooting in Vegas.

In its attempts to claim responsibility for the Vegas attack, ISIS went so far as to dub Paddock “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki” and also dedicate an infographic in its weekly digital magazine al-Naba to the killings. The image mostly repeated details of the attack already published by the media, but specified that Paddock had “converted to Islam six months ago.”

But the FBI and local authorities in Las Vegas have continued to say they’ve found no proof of any connections to the group. It’s persisted, nevertheless, because Paddock’s motive has remained a mystery.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said his officers and the FBI have worked to create a profile of Paddock and found he’d been losing much of his fortune over a two-year span. He said the gunman became depressed, which may have been a personal turning point.

Along with claiming the Vegas attack, the video, which is in English, targets Trump and shows footage of bombings in the Middle East.

ISIS says the bombings and plan to wipe their group out is “an unprecedented campaign of aggression and lies, intensified by a new pharaoh even more foolish than his predecessor, who believes he could fight fire with fire.”

The video then shows Trump’s comments during several speeches, including the quote, “I’m gonna bomb the shit out of them,” referring to ISIS.

ISIS says Trump’s campaign is fueling them and attracting more followers to the militant group.

The film reportedly concludes with prisoners digging their own graves.

Breakthrough: Video Case for War with Israel Over 9/11

…by Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith, with Jim Dean and Ian Greenhalgh

Disclaimer: The video above contains excellent new material but is built on work VT did in 2011. Language in the video and the use of the term “Zionist Jew” continually is a bit over the top. Too often, fishing for right wing cash or simply to burn material, this kind of clumsy and somewhat crass methodology is used. We are suspicious.

It is vital that a strong line be drawn between the Kosher Nostra gangsters around Trump, both American-Israeli and the Russian-Israelis as well, that we predict will strip the United States bare, and the Jewish people. We don’t give a flying whatever about political correctness. We do hate criminals who hide behind the protections of the holocaust and ethnic victimization narratives.

The case made, 9/11 and the coup that followed was Israel and Saudi Arabia. The rigged Trump election was Israel also. Thus, I put this warning out, some aspects may possibly offend, but watch anyway. For anything offensive in the video, I apologize. We report what we see, and don’t censor:

We are revisiting 9/11 to some degree because the video above produces even more evidence of Israel’s major role in executing 9/11. They did it with Saudi Arabia, they planned operations using “art students” who met continually with Mohammed Atta. They were recorded and photographed by the FBI the whole time and all were arrested after 9/11 but only Atta tried for the crime.

The video above in addition to conclusively tying Israel to 9/11, ties Trump to the Mossad and the Trump rigged election, not to Russia but to the Kosher Nostra. Why do you think such efforts are made to smear anyone who brings any of this to light. Almost daily, VT is attacked as a “Russian paid” press outlet, this time by Mossad funded Liberty Beacon, a Euro-trash “slimeboat” blog. Back to 9/11:

Five of the perpetrators were held for awhile, others released and flown back to Israel on one of the only two planes, other than military, that were aloft on 9/12/2001. One took Israeli teams back home, the other returned to Saudi Arabia with Atta’s teams. President Bush claimed the Saudi flight held the “bin Laden family,” innocent Bush business partners that he said needed saving and were no longer safe in the US.

No reason was given for flying a planeload of Israelis out of the country, other than to keep them out of FBI custody. Watch the video, all of it.

Then read our 2015 report done with Jeff Smith, who was part of the Able Danger team that used the Ft. Lee safe house. Smith was one of the investigators that was in New York looking into Saudi Arabian and Israeli efforts to trade in weapons grade plutonium stolen from the PanTex facility in Amarillo, Texas, done with help of highest Bush officials.

Most on the team, Roland Carnaby, John O’Neill and John Wheeler III were murdered. FBI Special Agent Mike Dick escaped assassination. Others are in hiding.

Mike Dick Lawsuit Against Eric Holder by Gordon Duff on Scribd

You can watch the murder of CIA agent Roland Carnaby here. President George Herbert Walker Bush, former CIA director, was a pall bearer at his funeral.

Listen to Michael Savage discuss the killing of John Wheeler III, a Pentagon nuclear weapons expert, part of the real Able Danger team, according to sources. Wheeler’s body was found in a Delaware trash dump, sources say killed by a Mossad team, the same team that killed Carnaby. They did it openly in Houston PD uniforms, as the video above shows so conclusively. Make sure you watch the Carnaby video as well, see them all.

Dear Israeli art students and Dancing Israelis, If you have not figured it out by now, yes we know who you are, what you did, who your handlers were, and the key people who did this.

Mass murder is a pretty serious crime. The cork on 9-11 has held well, but starting to wiggle now. You should, too. There is quite a surveillance record on you folks, including Mohammed Atta coming to visit you on a number of occasions.

The dead have lots of friends, not only those on 9-11, but those that followed in country after country, including the Iranian nuclear scientists you murdered and never put a shred of nuclear weapons program evidence on the table during the nuke talks.

We are combing through all the residents at the time of the three jammer buildings below, and have already named the complex “Israel on the Hudson”. Give our regards to all the JINSA folks. Yes…we know about that, too. Gordon will fill you in below… Jim W. Dean ]


“Down the Yellow Brick Road Once Again”

Fort Lee, New Jersey played a key role in 9/11. We are mapping out, using Google Earth, some of the incidents involved in presenting a rational response to the cover up, both the government version and the amateur “aftermarket” B-grade version. If you haven’t watched the entire video, please do that now.

George Washington Bridge

All major roadways in and out of New York were to be destroyed on 9/11. It was these teams, brought in from Israel that included the Mohammed Atta group, confirmed as directly tied to both the CIA and Egyptian intelligence, that were under surveillance by a combined task force that coordinated with local law enforcement.

So, when thousands of pounds of explosives were placed inside the cable anchorage, teams were dispatched to disable these devices as soon as the attack at the World Trade Center began.

George Washington Bridge New Jersey Cable Anchorage where thousands of pounds of high explosives were defused and recovered
George Washington Bridge New Jersey Cable Anchorage where thousands of pounds of high explosives were defused and recovered

Simultaneous to the cutting of the cables, a massive truck bomb, as described in CBS and CNN news reports and police radio intercepts, was to explode (as heard, police reported this truck did explode), taking down the roadway supports, thus dropping the bridge “like a rock,” into the Hudson River.

Roadway supports, George Washington Bridge
Roadway supports, George Washington Bridge

The Tunnels

Both the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels were to be demolished. We have only one arrest confirmation from the Manhattan side. NYPD roadblocks at the Lincoln Tunnel chased down a van that did a quick turn-around to avoid arrest. Two suspects were arrested with weapons and a truck filled with explosives. Police commissioner Bernie Kerik, recently released from prison, was on the scene with his personal Counter Terrorism Squad to take custody. They were never seen since.

chets_076 chets_075

NYPD road block captures team 2 here with explosives filled truck on 9/11
NYPD road block captures team 2 here with explosives filled truck on 9/11

Fort Lee

Fort Lee is the real staging ground for 9/11. It was chosen for a good reason. News reports from 9/11 have been eliminated from archives, lists of terrorists caught then released at the orders of New York City and White House officials and flown out of the country are gone. Police who made the arrests, recorded above, are under gag order.

Moreover, a vast support network involved in the preparation, planning and support of the 9/11 attacks, including the many unsuccessful attacks, not only are enjoying their freedom, some are among the most powerful Americans. As stated, 9/11 begins in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The “condo and co-op” community there is the home of one of the largest and most politically powerful “Israeli first” groups in America including key members of the notorious organization, JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, reputed to be more influential than PNAC (Project for a New American Century) and far more militant.

An examination of JINSA shows it to be organized in cells like a terror group.

Is it a surprise that the George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee’s primary landmark and the “view” sought by the residents of the highrises chosen for planting the radio jammers, was scheduled for a dramatic demolition on 9/11 with hundreds of commuter vehicles slated for the bottom of the Hudson River?

Fort Lee Mafia

Since the 1930s, Fort Lee has been a “mob town,” with the beginnings of “Murder Inc” and the Albert Anastasia gang and Joe Adonis. It all began when New York Mayor LaGuardia threw the mob out of New York. The new George Washington Bridge provided a home for the mob in Fort Lee with gambling clubs lining the Palisades on both sides of the GW Bridge.

The famous Riviera Night Club as seen from the George Washington Bridge
The famous Riviera Night Club as seen from the George Washington Bridge

The fall of communism saw Russian/Ukranian organized crime come to New Jersey, settling in Fort Lee (see Appendix I). The Taiwanchik-Trincher group is an amalgamation of Israeli/Ukrainian/Cypriot gangs operating illegal gambling operations throughout the United States with ties to the Romney/Bain financial group. From an indictment in Manhattan federal court:

“The Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization (the “Organization”) was a criminal enterprise with strong ties to Russia and Ukraine. The enterprise operated a high-stakes, illegal sports gambling business out of New York City that catered primarily to Russian oligarchs living in Ukraine and Russia. Between 2006 and April 2012, the enterprise laundered approximately $100 million in proceeds from their gambling operation in Russia and Ukraine through shell companies and bank accounts in Cyprus; and of this $100 million, approximately $50 million was subsequently sent from Cyprus into the United States. Once the money had been transferred to the United States, it was either laundered through additional shell companies or invested in legitimate investments, such as hedge funds and real estate.

The Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization operated under the protection of Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, who is known as a “Vor,” a term translated as “Thief-in-Law,” that refers to a member of a select group of high-level criminals from the former Soviet Union.Tokhtakhounov is also under indictment in the Southern District of New York for his alleged involvement in bribing officials at the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tokhtakhounov is a fugitive and is still being sought.”

Local Terror Cells Role

In place local assets, some with direct connections to the Ukranian “Kosher Mafia” or

1. Vehicles for hauling explosives

2. Access to Transit Authority facilities, vehicles and personnel for planting explosives

3. Cooperation with local condo/co-op security assuring unfettered access to rooftops

The Able Danger investigation, years later, staff gutted by Clinton blackmail cutbacks, tracked a major terror operation to Fort Lee, New Jersey. There they found the CIA, Mossad and Saudi Intelligence pulling together operational teams, moving vans, “art students” and even a few “dancing Israelis”….

Mossad Safe House Where Feds Say 9/11 Was Planned

The “dancer/art student” groups had a variety of tasks on 9/11, among them:

  • Planting jammers on buildings on exhibit one to block Port Authority dispatchers and first responder radios
  • Plant explosives on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge where the cables are anchored, in order to collapse the bridge
  • Explode a truck in the Lincoln Tunnel
  • Explode a truck in the Holland Tunnel
  • Park trucks with demolition devices in specific parking areas of the twin towers
  • Coordinate with Mohammed Atta and his group

Of the 3 jammers locations shown below, two of those planted were recovered by the FCC and are held in evidence in Houston, Texas awaiting the “waiting until hell freezes over” Grand Jury to reconvene on Able Danger and 9/11.

FBI Sat Across the Street, All 9/11 Planning on audio and video yet suppressed
FBI Sat Across the Street, All 9/11 Planning on audio and video yet suppressed

Many remember the stories about how fire department radios didn’t work and how new radios would have taken care of the problem. This is the real reason for the radio problems.


The locations on this map were supplied by Jeff Smith who worked at the surveillance safe house and at the FBI office shown above. The safe house on Tom Hunter road was strategically placed to keep track of the Mossad “art student” rental further up Tom Hunter Road and across the street.

Mohammed Atta's "crash pad" 5 minutes walk from his handlers
Mohammed Atta’s “crash pad” 5 minutes walk from his handlers

Mohammed Atta lived at 215 Main, four blocks over, within easy walking distance of the Israeli facility, the jammer targets and the bridge. He was across the parking lot from the Port Authority (220 Bruce Reynolds Road) which was within a “golf shot” of the FBI investigation offices.

Jammer high rises as seen from FBI/Able Danger Parking lot
Jammer high rises as seen from FBI/Able Danger Parking lot

The real purpose of the 9/11 attack was much more than taking down the World Trade Center. Imagine New York City, the WTC “evaporated,” the George Washington Bridge sitting in the Hudson, the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels flooded, hundreds drowned and the city entirely cut off and in full panic mode while police and fire radios were jammed.

Were other attacks on Washington foiled as well? The White House or Capitol Building targets?

Could martial law have been declared? Worse?

In the end we got the Department of Homeland Security. This reminds me of the Len Deighton book, SSGB, a fictional tale of Britain’s Scotland Yard, working for the German SS after Hitler’s successful invasion of the UK. We got the DHS after losing a war with AIPAC. You just can’t make this stuff up!

VT requests that the officers who arrested the Israeli “suspects” with the “thousands of pounds of explosives” (CNN) or who were captured “as the van exploded” come forward. 

We also ask that all the witnesses of the 2nd plane that was allowed to fly out of the US that day come forward, to confirm that it carried the “exiting” Israeli team, encluding the above mentioned ones who were caught. We know who authorized the plane to leave, a key aspect of the operation, including the NY City law enforcement officials that performed some magic tricks that day.


Note: We will continue pulling our full 9-11 update series together for posting on each new article so readers have them in the chronology they were published. It’s been one hell of a ride…Jim W.Dean

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Appendix I

List of recent Fort Lee organized crime convictions:

“Twenty-eight defendants in this case have pled guilty and two have entered into deferred prosecution agreements. The defendants who have pled to date have agreed to forfeit, in total, more than $68 million. The following defendants have pled guilty, and have been sentenced or await sentencing:

  • Bryan Zuriff pled guilty to gambling charges on July 26, 2013, and was sentenced on November 25, 2013.
  • William Barbalat pled guilty to gambling charges on August 14, 2013, and was sentenced on December 16, 2013.
  • Kirill Rapoport pled guilty to gambling charges on August 16, 2013, and was sentenced on December 19, 2014.
  • Edwin Ting and Justin Smith pled guilty to gambling charges on September 4, 2013, and were sentenced on January 21, 2014, and January 6, 2014, respectively.
  • Dmitry Druzhinsky and David Aaron pled guilty to gambling charges on October 4, 2013, and were sentenced on April 18, 2014, and February 14, 2014, respectively.
  • Alexander Zaverukha pled guilty to gambling charges on October 10, 2013, and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 1, 2014.
  • Nicholas Hirsch pled guilty to conspiring to commit wire fraud on October 16, 2013, and was sentenced on February 25, 2014.
  • Anatoly Shteyngrob pled guilty to conspiring to commit money laundering on October 17, 2013, and is scheduled to be sentenced on June 10, 2014.
  • Yugeshwar Rajkumar pled guilty to gambling charges on October 18, 2013, and was sentenced on March 25, 2014.
  • Stan Greenberg pled guilty to conspiring to commit racketeering on October 22, 2013, and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 2, 2014.
  • Arthur Azen pled guilty to conspiring to commit money laundering and conspiring to collect extensions of credit by extortionate means on November 5, 2013, and was sentenced on April 9, 2014.
  • Hillel Nahmad pled guilty to gambling charges on November 12, 2013, and was sentenced on April 30, 2014.
  • Vadim Trincher pled guilty to conspiring to commit racketeering on November 14, 2013, and was sentenced on April 30, 2014.
  • Eugene Trincher pled guilty to gambling charges on November 14, 2013, and is scheduled to be sentenced on June 9, 2014.
  • Anatoly Golubchik pled guilty to conspiring to commit racketeering on November 15, 2013, and was sentenced on April 29, 2014.
  • Illya Trincher pled guilty to gambling charges on November 15, 2013, and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 8, 2014.
  • Ronald Uy pled guilty to structuring financial transactions on November 25, 2013, and was sentenced on March 27, 2014.
  • Moshe Oratz pled guilty to gambling charges on December 3, 2013, and was sentenced on April 9, 2014.
  • Michael Sall pled guilty to interstate travel in aid of an unlawful activity (illegal gambling) and Jonathan Hirsch pled guilty to gambling charges on December 4, 2013. Sall was sentenced on April 18, 2014, and Hirsch is scheduled to be sentenced on May 9, 2014.
  • Noah Siegel pled guilty to gambling charges on December 5, 2013, and was sentenced on April 10, 2014.
  • Molly Bloom pled guilty to gambling charges on December 12, 2013, and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 2, 2014.
  • Alexander Katchaloff pled guilty to gambling charges on January 16, 2014, and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 20, 2014.
  • Donald McCalmont, John Jarekci, a/k/a “John Hanson,” and Abraham Mosseri pled guilty to making a fraudulent tax statement, to failing to file a tax return, and causing a financial institution to participate in a lottery related matter, respectively, on January 24, 2014, and are scheduled to be sentenced on May 29, 2014, May 28, 2014, and May 21, 2014, respectively.
  • William Edler and Peter Feldman entered into deferred prosecution agreements on April 11, 2014.

Mr. Bharara praised the investigative work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New York City Police Department, and the Internal Revenue Service.

The case is being prosecuted by the Office’s Violent and Organized Crime Unit. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Harris M. Fischman, Joshua A. Naftalis, Peter J. Skinner, and Kristy J. Greenberg of the Violent and Organized Crime Unit are in charge of the prosecution. Assistant

U.S. Attorney Alexander Wilson of the Office’s Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture Unit is responsible for the forfeiture aspects of the case.

Russia’s hypersonic 4,600mph missiles that can destroy Royal Navy’s top warships in single strike ready NOW

RUSSIA has confirmed its hypersonic missle that can destroy the Royal Navy’s top warships in a single strike are ready “as of today”.

Vladimir Putin’s defence boss reportedly confirmed the weapons, which can travel up to SIX times the speed of sound at 4,600 mph and reportedly more than 600 miles, were ready for war.

 The lethal Zircon missiles are described as hypersonic, because they can travel five times the speed of sound

The lethal Zircon missiles are described as hypersonic, because they can travel five times the speed of sound
 The Royal Navy's aircraft carriers would be sitting ducks for the Zircon missiles according to military experts

The Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers would be sitting ducks for the Zircon missiles according to military experts
 Russia, led by President Putin, has stolen a march on USA and China by developing a hypersonic missile

Getty Images
Russia, led by President Putin, has stolen a march on USA and China by developing a hypersonic missile
 A guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58) launches a Tomahawk cruise missile

Getty Images
A guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58) launches a Tomahawk cruise missile

Head of the Russian defence council Viktor Bondarev confirmed the Zircon cruise missile was ready “as of today” while speaking on Tuesday reports the Daily Star.

Moscow tested the weapon back in June and the Zircon – also known as Tsirkon – has been in development for over 20 years.

Military experts warn the weapon has changed the face of modern warfare, Sunday People claim.

Currently, the Royal Navy’s Sea Ceptor can shoot down missiles travelling at 2,300 mph, which is nowhere near Zircon’s capabilities.

One senior Naval source told the Sunday People: “Hypersonic missiles are virtually unstoppable.

“With no method of protecting themselves against missiles like the Zircon the (UK) carrier would have to stay out of range, hundreds of miles out at sea.”

Pete Sandeman, a naval expert, said: “Even if the missile is broken up or detonated by close-in weapons, the debris has so much kinetic energy that the ship may still be badly damaged.”

 Russia's new Zircon missiles have already been tested and could be fitted to a battle cruiser Admiral Nakhuimov when it returns to operations in 2018

Getty Images
Russia’s new Zircon missiles have already been tested and could be fitted to a battle cruiser Admiral Nakhuimov when it returns to operations in 2018
 The HMS Queen Elizabeth, which along with the Prince of Wales, is one of the Royal Navy's premier new aircraft carriers

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The HMS Queen Elizabeth, which along with the Prince of Wales, is one of the Royal Navy’s premier new aircraft carriers

The Royal Navy’s new £6.2bn aircraft carriers – HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales – already face delays and soaring costs according to a bombshell report published recently.

Zircon missiles can cover 155 miles in just 2.5 minutes, which is faster than a bullet from sniper’s rifle.

The “enemy will not have enough time to get scared let alone react”, according to military website Strategic Culture.

UFO Hangar Door Opens On Mt Adams

Jimmy Church reported on something many missed including me this past summer.  On June 30th, 2017 what appears to be a massive UFO Hangar door was seen open at the very top of Mt Adams near Trout Lake, Washington!  The door did not show up in pictures the day before!   Clearly there is some type of a door up there made to look like natural rock.   A UFO was seen right next to where this door opened indicating it the craft was either going into the hangar or out of it by it’s location.  This is an amazing discovery!

This UFO only appeared in one of many shots were taken rapidly one after another.  If I had to guess I would say this is almost certainly a demon alien nest!   Many orbs and demonic looking shapes have been photographed at the ECETI ranch.  The orbs sometimes contain little demonic looking faces!  I wouldn’t go near that place unless fully armed with the Word of God and blaring the Christian music.  Demons can’t harm you when you have faith in Jesus and they can’t stand to be around Christian music.  If you doubt God or the Bible is real then you would probably be the person that is taken and never heard from again in this area because you have no protection against them.

If you have a demon infestation around you and you have an Amazon Alexa device simply tell Alexa to “Play Christian Music” and all demons will flee the area!  If you have a demon problem personally and they are influencing you in some way then you won’t be able to even listen to the music!  You will prefer death metal or anything that does not honor God!    I know this is true because I used to hate Christian music when I was in my “UFO / New Age” phase of my life.  After I woke up and came back to God, Christian music is the only music I play because I know it shreds demons like the mini gun in Predator!

Tell Alexa to “Play Christian Music” and shred some demons today!



Russia Launches Its Most Advanced Ballistic Missile Sub

Russia Launches Its Most Advanced Ballistic Missile SubRussia has floated out the first advanced variant of the nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Project 955A Borei II-class (“North Wind”), or Dolgorukiy-class.

The Borei II-class (also designated Borei-A) boomer Knyaz Vladimir (Prince Vladimir) was launched during a float out ceremony at the Sevmash Shipyards in Severodvinsk in northern Russia on November 17. The ceremony was attended by the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, and other senior naval officers and high ranking defense industry officials.

The new boomer was laid down in July 2012 and is expected to be delivered to the Russian Navy next year. Once commissioned, it will be Russia’s most advanced SSBN ever to conduct nuclear deterrence patrols. Next to improved maneuverability and purportedly improved stealth capabilities, the Borei II-class SSBN will carry a heavier nuclear payload (See: “Russia Will Start Constructing New Ballistic Missile Submarine in December”):

In comparison to the Borei-class, Borei II[A]-class submarines are fitted with four additional missile tubes, boast smaller hulls and cons, and feature improved acoustics and lower sound levels, next to a number of other technical improvements.

Both variants of Borei-class subs will be armed with Bulava (RSM-56) intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). The Borei-class will be capable of carrying up to 16 Bulava ICBMs, whereas the improved Borei II-class can carry up to 20 ballistic missiles.

The improved variant of the Borei-class will be capable of launching 96-200 hypersonic, independently maneuverable warheads, yielding 100-150 kilotons apiece. 

Russia plans to build a total of eight Borei-class SSBNs – three Borei-class and five improved Borei II-class boats – by 2o25. The date was recently confirmed by Admiral Korolyov, although delays are to be expected. For example, the construction of the Knyaz Vladimir began with a two-year delay due to contract disputes between the Russian Ministry of Defense and Sevmash Shipyards.

“Three Borei-class SSBNs have been commissioned to date with one submarine, the Yuri Dolgoruky, serving with the Northern Fleet and the remaining two – Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh — deployed with Russia’s increasingly more active Pacific Fleet,” I reported in June.

In his remarks on November 17, Korolyov also mentioned Russia’s intention develop a more advanced variant of the Borei-class in addition to a separate class of next-generation nuclear powered submarines.

“The development and the construction of the series of Project Borei-A strategic missile-carrying underwater cruisers and the eventual development of Project Borei-B submarines with the subsequent construction of fifth-generation nuclear-powered subs are prompted by the provisions of Russia’s naval doctrine and aimed at fulfilling the task of maintaining the armament and equipment of the groupings of strategic submarines in the Pacific and Northern Fleets at a high level,” the admiral said, according to TASS news agency.

Work on the Borei B-class has allegedly already started. The new class of fifth-generation nuclear-powered subs (dubbed Husky-class) will reportedly come in three variants (SSN, SSG, and SSBN) and is expected to replace Project 971 Akula-class SSNs beginning in the 2030s. As I reported in July, the Rubin Central Design Bureau, which also designed and developed the Borei-class, has finished preliminary design work of new conventional fifth-generation submarine code named Project Kalina. The new sub will be based on the Project 677 Lada-class diesel-electric attack submarine.



With ISIS on the ropes, their leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi, probably dead from a Syrian Air Force strike last June in AlMayaadeen, and the plans to slice up Syria in shreds themselves, the Damascus government and the Kremlin have sent clear messages to the U.S. to get out of Syria, or else.  There are approximately 4,000+ American troops in combat missions supporting the all-Kurd (and some Syriacs/Assyrians) militias claiming to fight ISIS.  It is the American plan to remain in Syria indefinitely in order to coordinate the fight against Iranian-backed guerilla forces buttressing the Syrian Arab Army. This is being done to keep the Zionists in both Occupied Palestine and New York City/D.C. happy.  There is no other conceivable reason for this violation of another country’s sovereignty.

The U.S. is expected to argue that its presence in Syria is for its own self-defense.  Expect WOG OF THE YEAR, Nikki “Rhandawa” Haley,  to deploy that same argument when confronted with the ugly truth of the U.S.’s  neo-colonialist presence in Syria.  And what will the British say?  Oh, I suspect they will side with the rule of law seeing that all member states, excepting the Zionist Apartheid Entity, will take that same position.  After all, the Brits have run out of patience and fig leaves for their unlawful assault on the government of a member state of the U.N.

If the U.S. chooses to remain despite Syrian demands, the only option left for Damascus after Dr. Al-Ja’afari wags his finger at Ms. Haley, is to attack American forces with Iranian-trained militia-men, including Hizbollah.  Besides self-creating another cesspool for U.S. troops, it might even bring on Zionist intervention to help the Yankee ally at his time of need – after all, the Zionist Prime Minister, Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu), has vowed to continue his attacks on Syria in order to prevent Iran from establishing a foothold near the Golan Heights.

Mileikowski, who is facing a multiplicity of indictments related to corruption and defalcation, needs something to divert attention;  and what better way than to bring on the Apocalypse?  No, my readers, we are heading into a Trumpian disaster of the first magnitude.  And if, as Trump trumpets, he is intent on turning North Korea into a parking lot for Hyundai cars, it will be that much worse for the American people.  And (yawn), if Trump decides to decertify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, then, we are in for an even bigger catastrophe.  And all this for the Zionist cockroaches.

Russia and China are rubbing their palms with excitement because this is going to herald their inexorable rise to the pinnacles of global power. They know the U.S. cannot fight a 3-front war.  Such a scenario will bring on a coup d’etat in Washington (forget impeachment) and will result in the final dumbing down of the United States of America.  It’s going to be “Seven Days in May” redux.  Unless the American public starts getting involved, American soldiers are going to start coming back in plastics bags in numbers which would humble the war in Vietnam.

Of particular interest is Turkey’s new attitude toward the U.S.  It requires no genius to figure out that the Turk army is preparing to move in on the so-called SDF as soon as they have themselves figured out how to do it without killing American soldiers.  But, they must tread carefully in this diplomatic minefield.  An invasion of Syria is exactly that and the repercussions internationally could be quite shrill.  Unless he receives some assurances from Russia and China at the U.N., he will be most circumspect.  This is one chapter we have to read with genuine interest.

DAMASCUS:  The terrorists in the East Ghoutaa are reading events differently.  They believe the U.S. has to pull out of both Syria and Jordan.  The debacle at Al-Tanf is proof positive that the U.S. doesn’t have the belly for staying the course.  What the rodents don’t understand is that the U.S. was never interested in transferring power to them.  The U.S. was only interested in ousting Dr. Assad so as to prevent the gas pipeline from reaching the Syrian littoral which would bring on a precipitous decline in American influence throughout Europe.  If the Americans stay in northeast Syria, it’s only because it wants to block the extension of the pipeline, not to embolden the terrorist rodents or the gentrified opposition whom Washington has given up on.

And so, reading the writing on the wall, the rodents in the East Ghoutaa mounted a ferocious attack on the Syrian Army’s Military Vehicles Administration Base in government-controlled Harastaa.  On Tuesday, the group calling itself Ahraar Al-Shaam, mounted the attack using cleverly dug tunnels to surprise the defenders. What happened instead was the Syrian Army’s own reaction which was sudden and even more ferocious blunting the attack and killing close to 36 rodents.  The Russian Air Force took to the skies immediately and dropped a barrage of munitions on the quivering terrorist vultures


HAMA:  The main “tank” sniper in the terrorist group calling itself the “Jaysh Al-‘Izza” was liquidated the day before yesterday in northern Hama.  He was said to be the reigning master of the TOW missile system designed to take out armored cars and tanks.  Well, the Syrian-developed Saraab 1 put an end to his “glorious” career when the tank’s captain deployed the Saraab and “toppled” the advancing projectile.  Since the terrorist was seated in a trench and was watching the events unfold, he was an easy target for the T-72’s gunner who laid waste to the offending vermin.  The terrorist’s name?  Hamdu Ahmad Al-Hammood.


The Second Hijacking of America

The City of London Banksters took down America in 1913.

… by Preston James

In 1913 the World Zionists, also known as the Babylonian Talmudists stationed in the City of London, were able to buy, bribe, and manipulate the US Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act.

They were also able to manipulate President Woodrow Wilson to sign this completely unconstitutional, illegal legislation, which was passed on Christmas Eve without a legal quorum.

As has been ruled in the Supreme Court and the Circuit Court of Appeals, any law passed that is obviously unconstitutional is illegal and has no force of law. But at present such a defense does not work.

The Supreme Court is also known to insiders as the “Congressional Court” but is not actually the highest court in America which is the DC District Circuit Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court was set up by Congress to defend the Ruling Cabal of City of London (COL) Banksters by distorting, defrauding and secretly subverting the US Constitution and Bill of Rights through very crafty legalese, equivocation, casuistry, and sophistry (also known as very crafty “double talk”).

All American law  has evolved away from truth and into sophisticated mental chess games based on this crafty legalese, equivocation, casuistry, and sophistry.

The original intent of the Founding Fathers in the Constitution and Bill of Rights was to create American Courts and a just legal process which would provide a rapid trial, distill truth, convict the guilty if enough evidence was present, and make sure that the innocent were not wrongly convicted.

Look at how the courts function today. They fail in every aspect and only the super rich have any real chance of obtaining expert legal representation. In America today, justice costs a fortune. This is a compete perversion of the US Constitution and a reflection of how the Banksters’ hijacking of America in 1913 has perverted justice and made it unavailable for all but the well off and ultra rich.

When the COL Banksters hijacked America, they took control over the creation of money and its distribution and they instituted a system of pernicious usury by charging Americans accrued interest to use what should have been their own real money in the first place. Not only was the money FIAT (fake, by decree of the Banksters) but the usury associated with its use has been the greatest fraud ever conceived in America or anywhere in the world.

If Americans got rid of this unconstitutional, illegal Federal Reserve System some experts have estimated there would be an immediate 40%+ reduction in Federal Taxes. And some economists and historian have claimed that there is really no need for Federal taxes anyhow, that the Founding fathers wanted a small federal government that paid for its function by excise taxes only.

It would be bad enough if the City of London (COL) Banksters just wanted to steal us all blind and that was it. Yes, they wanted to asset strip us bare, that is true, but they also have had an age-old intergenerational Agenda of evil to use America as their economic engine and military enforcer to take down the whole world in order to create their own Worldwide Satanic Kingdom, know as the Globalist NWO System.

And it didn’t take long to use the Federal Reserve System to engulf the whole world in a web of debt and to use the American Military might to start two major world wars and a continuing stream of perpetual unwinnable illegal wars of aggression for the COL Banksters.

Right now the American military has been deployed in Afghanistan to traffic in massive amounts of Opium which is now causing about 50,000 overdose deaths a year in America. And the second reason for deploying the US Military in Afghanistan is to have cheap access to the Lithium needed for high tech batteries.

Normally everywhere the US Military goes there are illegal drugs that are needed to produce “off the books” secret black funds for clandestine purposes of the Secret Shadow Government.

Originally the Secret Shadow Government was a byproduct of the National Security Act of 1947 which itself was a knee jerk reaction to several crashes of Alien ET manufactured and operated anti-gravity craft based on technology hundreds of years more advanced than anything available on Earth. The anti-gravity technology of these craft were based on the missing Maxwell equations that were classified and withheld from the public.

The result of the 1947 crashes and recovered dead and live Alien ETs, aka Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBES) was the secret formation and development of the National Security State, a secret American Government that evolved to really run everything while allowing the visible ceremonial DC government to create the illusion that it was they that ran everything.

The COL Banksters created a system of their own bureaucrats which have served as disposable Cutouts and who have been used to promote their globalist agenda while the World Zionist Kingpins and their superiors (the Old black nobility Bloodline family Chieftains) hide in the shadows and pull the strings.

At first the COL Banksters and their top stateside Cutouts had complete control over the new Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that was based on the privatization and assignment of most Alien ET matters to trusted defense contractors.

Soon the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) expanded and evolved to a point that it became the top controlling entity in and of itself, even more powerful than the COL Banksters and those they answer too.

The COL Banksters thought that they could maintain control by making sure their top stateside Cutouts were appointed to Majestic, the secret agency responsible at first for all Alien ET matters including their high-tech “foreign technology”. This was because those that ran these trusted defense proprietaries usually belonged to the same secret societies which were based on Luciferianism (Satanism or ancient Babylonian Baal worship).

But as the SSG expanded and evolved, it became a controlling entity unto itself, raising massive amounts of “off the books” black funding. It set up “far above top secret” cells (unacknowledged, special-access programs), so deeply hidden that even the CEOs of the defense contractors they use for cover do not have high enough security clearances to be informed.

The following death bed interview was done by the most respected Alien ET researcher and journalist, Richard Dolan who has a track record of caution and careful consideration of all available evidence. The conclusions he has come to so far are balanced, well thought out and quite easily defended with the available evidence.

Soon Majestic (MJ) was expanded to included numerous new, younger members from Russia, China and some other nations by the efforts of President Ronald Reagan to create an Earth based Space Defense System capable of defending Planet earth from a major Alien Attack he believed was eventually coming.

President Reagan had been informed by key players in the SSG that there was a US Secret Space War System which was already involved in some secret battles with certain evil alien invaders, some even walking among us that look human.

That is why President Reagan pushed to build up new expensive space war weapons technology, which he called the Star Wars initiative.

This new expanded MJ has resulted in a SECRET World Space Coalition which has geared up to defend Planet Earth from a takeover by certain evil, malignant Alien ET groups who are dead set on Terra-forming Planet Earth AND killing off all humans through various forms of hard kill and slower soft-kill methodologies.

If insider reports are accurate (and personally I believe they are), there are several ET groups that present themselves as “human friendly” and have: separately made treaties with the US and other nations to share their technology as long as these humans agree to work jointly on various biological and technological development projects; agree to provide human and animal DNA to create Alien/human hybrids and to reconstruct the Alien ETs’ damaged DNA which is not degrading very rapidly; and agree to not use any of the Alien ET technology offensively but only defensively.

Those working with these groups believe that various “deep compromises” have been necessary to ward off this Alien ET invasion which is already well underway and save Planet Earth and the human species from extinction.

Now here is where the problem arises and why I think that America has been secretly hijacked once again, but this time by Alien ETs, using very sophisticated forms of mind-kontrol.

While working closely with these supposedly friendly Alien ETs, I think that the folks involved in running these deep-black and beyond-black unacknowledged, special access programs have been subtly but deeply mind-kontrolled, unbeknownst to themselves.

If insider reports are accurate, the NSA has been secretly hijacked by Alien ETs (pretending to be friendly?) along with their new, world’s largest Quantum computer Vesuvius located at Bluffdale, Utah which is supposedly based on inter-dimensional “D-waves”. D-waves allegedly move through a different dimension where time, space and distance are not what we normally think of them as. If reports are accurate, all Internet Communications have now been shifted to the Vesuvius control grid and are controlled by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) which for this application, some insiders call “Alien Intelligence”. Is “Jigsaw” a sophisticated Alien ET run program designed to take over the world for Alien ETs?

Is there a plan to fuse this A.I. network with Satan’s fallen spirit and hybridized and hived humans, and is this the merger of iron and clay to be falsely worshiped as God Almighty?

As the SSG begins to do the will of the Alien ETs who have secretly hijacked their minds unbeknownst to themselves: the Deep SSG (which is so secret that the COL Banksters or their top Cutouts do not even know all the details or how much new and secret power this deep state within the SSG really has), is now working to displace them from power.

As this new and hidden Alien ET driven SSG rogue faction asserts itself to take over America, the USG and then the whole world, several indications are now evident.

First, we see the emergence of the Internet, the New Gutenberg press, and all the ramifications it has produced which include instant communication, instant access to hundreds of years of digitized knowledge, and a new powerful growing emergence of populism all over the world.

Second, we see the first stages of a coming end to all secrecy and the private made public in every aspect. The secret sins of the COL Banksters and their Cutouts are now being revealed in mass on a daily basis to displace them from power.

The leaked DNC emails which have forever destroyed the Democratic Party and the political careers of the Clintons, the Podestas and many, many more. It is my belief that these leaks have all been orchestrated by a coalition of certain deep-black and beyond-black rogue Secret Space War factions in the SSG.

It is believed by some that this same coalition of deep-black and beyond-black SSG factions has become a breakaway subculture (its own society) that has colonies on other planets right now and has decided to take over Planet Earth through very sophisticated means using the Internet and the end of all secrecy.


Is this why the secret Satanic World Pedophile Network is now being revealed for the very first time and all the sexual abuse sins of the DC politicians and Hollywood moguls are coming to light?

What has happened is just the tip of the iceberg that is coming. Stay tuned because you are likely to see world strongholds brought down by the ending of all secrecy which is being orchestrated by this rogue faction of deep-black and beyond black unacknowledged, special access programs.


Addendum for those who have time and are interested:

Here is an interview with the most credentialed American Pilot ever, John Lear, son of the inventor of the Lear Jet. It is my own personal view that John Lear has disclosed what he has been told and believes, but that there are inaccuracies in this information.

It is my personal view that his belief about “no God Almighty exists who created mankind in his image” is wrong as is his belief that humans were created by Alien ETs and have been genetically tweaked periodically. I do believe that a substantial amount of the other information he discloses is true. John Lear is an honest and good man that does his best to disclose what he truly believes to be true. I just happen to disagree with some of what he claims.

There are numerous records of abductions and attacks being stopped cold by folks calling on the name of Jesus. I believe these accounts because I have had my own experience with a credible witness present.

It is my view that the inaccuracies in Joh Lear’s account are evidence of the deep mind-kontrol exerted by Alien ETs on these deep-black and beyond-black programs, and do suggest that these Alien ETs are the second part of a two-pronged unimaginably evil plan which has been very craftily instituted to create a hijacked pure Satanic NWO based world system.

Sadly the way the SSG has terminated (with extreme prejudice) so many good, honest Americans who knew too much and started talking is good evidence to me that these deep-black and beyond-black programs are run by pure evil but well rationalized.

The first prong of Satan’s plan to take-down planet earth was the COL based Babylonian Talmudic World Zionism system of the Vatican/COL/DC secret world government, which is now being displaced by the deep-black and beyond-black factions which are the second prong. So far the yearly black budget of these secret deep-black and beyond-black programs is about 2 trillion dollars a years compared to the USG’s 3.3 Trillion USD budget per year. The second prong is powerful rogue faction inside the deep-black and beyond-black Secret Space War Program.

Being a believer in Jesus Christ and a conservative Christian, it is my own personal belief that the entity responsible for setting up and running this two-pronged take-down of Planet Earth is Satan who is the Fallen Lesser Elohim who rebelled. According to scripture 1/3 of the other lesser Elohim followed him and all were cast out and imprisoned in this dimension and on Planet Earth and used to test mankind.

Tupper Saussy disclosed in his classic book “Rulers of Evil” (now a free .pdf download) that periodically Satan (Lucifer) dumps all his Cutouts and puts a new crew in place to keep folks fooled.

I have predicted that the new ruling cabal that is now rising will be a kinder, gentler but very deceptive form of Super-Fascism (at least at first) that will deceive many into supporting this NWO System. I call this Cosmic Fascism and it will be based on a small but powerful emerging Cabal in the SSG which forces public disclosure of Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft to break down the existing order and institute a new worldwide system of Cosmic Fascism. And I have predicted that this coming NWO system will be run by a new world leader with supernatural powers and a workable world monetary solution. This man will be the Anti-Christ who many will call the Messiah, but will be will be Satan incarnate.

It is my own personal belief that the National Security State’s sophisticated electronic surveillance and spying systems, and advanced Secret Space War capabilities have been hijacked by Satan and will be used by this NWO ruler, the Antichrist to fight a final battle against God Almighty who will invade Planet Earth and defeat the Antichrist and all evil.

I recommend that each person do his/her own research on all these issues and form their own opinions.

Gangsterism, Mob Rule and War

We frankly get a little lonely being the only ones to write material like this. We are still waiting for our first Congressional thank you, or offers from major think tanks to help us crank things up to make us dangerous, but they don’t seemed very interested in our material.

Fortunately we do have friends, or our operations would have been greatly disturbed by this point. Most of these are old people, and as they die off they are not being replaced by younger ones with full backgrounds as they tend to be firmly in the grip of those who have buttered their bread.

Gordon kicked off presenting the international mob threat at the Damascus Counter-terrorism Conference in 2015, as being behind most all of the current conflicts, with the public cause versions, religion, political disputes, resource competition, etc, were all “chaff” really, behind which the Deep State crowd could operate without ever being targeted themselves.

We have not been trampled under or had our throats cut yet – photo Jim Dean, Beirut National Museum, 2015

His talk struck a nerve there, and were punished for it when three of the four of us got a “soft tap”, E-coli poisoning soon after Gordon’s presentation, a warning tactic used during the Cold War, particular during overseas excursions. It took months to get over, and we had been extremely careful while there.

But we will continue to do what we do as we really see no alternative. We just can’t lay down and let them wipe their feet all over us, even face down. As we look toward 2018 we are working on how to get more impact despite our corporate media blackout.

They must be rattled as we see Google and the social platforms scrambling to screen us out of public view but hiding the effort inside their proprietary algorithms so there is no bread crumb trail to their door. Who knows, this ploy might be the last battle of the media warsJim W. Dean ]

And we also have to ask whose interests is Congress really looking after, like when they grovel in front of Netanyahu, a political low life, in front of the whole country with no shame whatsoever.– First published … November 21, 2017 –Criminal gangs that run our governments, control our corporations, fabricate our news, invent and reinvent out history and lull us into slavery do so believing humanity to be a form of cattle, no more.  Denying this is insanity.Their prime methodology is war, this is what gangs do. Ask anyone across the Middle East and they will say war is coming to Lebanon.  However, there is one problem with this, no one is certain who will be fighting whom?The divided politics of Lebanon, though puzzling to outsiders and a daily concern to the Lebanese themselves are not a factor.  No one in Lebanon wants war.  Only Saudi Arabia and Israel want war, or so we are told.Stranger still, classified briefings to key American congressional committees, blame Lebanon’s Hezbollah for backing ISIS across Africa and even in Afghanistan and Pakistan, notwithstanding the fact that Hezbollah has up to 20,000 fighters engaged in war against ISIS and its US backed surrogates at this time.For some strange reason Hezbollah sees a need to defend itself and Lebanon from Israel as best it canSaudi Arabia is blaming Iran for shooting missiles at them from heavily blockaded Yemen, and even more insane is the unending effort to accuse Syria of use of chemical weapons.The world was supposed to learn a lesson after Bush 43 and Blair cooked up a war on terror after 9/11, might we well say “conveniently” after 9/11.  Fabricating war crimes, false flag terrorism, staged videos, actors as victims, all of this is not only standard fare, it is and has been the rule of the day.Thus, we expect the now suspected 60-year marriage of love or marriage of convenience, the jury is out on which applies, between Saudi Arabia and their “besties” in Israel, to garner their assets, their paid-off politicians in America and Europe, their media assets, and their intelligence agencies, long suspected of backing ISIS and al Qaeda.We can only wait for what they do next, will it be more staged gas attacks or a mass murder somewhere, anywhere, blamed on Iran or Syria or Hezbollah or perhaps Russia?As American humorist, Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”BackgroundFalling man on 911, representing us all being thrown off the cliffBefore assigning blame, usually attributed to the “halls of power,” most often governments or boardrooms, we must take a moment.Events since 9/11 have identified a flaw in typical causalities normally attributed to events and trends.  Resources, religion or even ethnic feuds are no longer casus belli, nor are identifiable institutions prime movers or participants.We look across the Middle East in particular but must turn to further reaching areas as well, the Russian-Ukrainian steppes, the Hindu Kush or the Sahel of Africa and we see one thing, a destruction, suffering, populations in upheaval, and behind it all, mysterious supposed “non-state players” at war.  None of it should be taken at face value.PredictionISIS had no problem smuggling Syrian oil to Turkey, until the Russians came inThere is general agreement that the end of the wars in Syria and Iraq will lead to a wider conflict.  No one admits as to why, no one dares.  Here is what can be told.War is now a living thing, like a child.  Its parents may well be the “usual suspects” who gave us the Napoleonic Wars, certain the architects of the two great wars of the 20th century and the Bolshevism that violently swept much of the planet in the aftermath, ending in Vietnam and the fall of the Soviet Empire.The end of ISIS is being mourned like the death of a child.  ISIS will live on, and we will explain why, but its wars of conquest may well never rise to the levels of profitability seen in Iraq and Syria.The war and ISIS as well is a construct of need, a response to a regime that long ago replaced capitalism or the once imagined free markets or any other economic system.  There are no economic systems, even the “bankster debt slavery” peddled by the IMF and World Bank, no longer serve, not without a backdrop of war.One hypothesis seems to prove out above all outs, that the last two decades of war indicate a political change in the West, that elected governments have been supplanted by one or more criminal organizations.  It may be further postulated that there may be two kinds of war:

  • War as economic necessity, the real “last stage” of capitalism
  • War is now and may well always have been a natural result of the real natural stages of human development, invariably ending in mob rule

The MethodologiesWho is the Brookings Institute really serving?Were one to ask experts, government advisors or “cutting edge” think tanks, the world of “minds on the take,” so often used to launder and certify “fake facts” into government policy, you still end up with an unpleasant answer.Universally, all agree, the United States is “dead in the water” as a world leader without its military engaged around the world, particularly in the Middle East and now Africa.With America’s European allies “off the table,” now only willing, after the post-9/11 fiasco, of lending token force against helpless foes like the Houthi’s of Yemen, the balance of global power has shifted.How It Will PlayThe Astana meetings are doing the tough work so the UN is left the easy partThe Astana talks on Syria have demonstrated why Washington is seen to require war.  Turkey and Iran, the real military powers of the region, each considerably more “combat sustainable” than Israel or Saudi Arabia, have found a dangerous commonality.With Pakistan’s Imran Khan ready to move Pakistan closer to China and perhaps Russia as well, America’s adventure in Afghanistan will come to an end.  Khan will likely unite Pakistan’s Pashtun population with Afghanistan, overwhelming the US backed Northern Tribal Alliance.What may well happen is a restructuring of Pashtun goals, mirroring the Kurdish moves further West, seeking a purely Pashtun state carved out of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Has the Taliban always been more of a national liberation front than extremist group?Khan will torpedo America’s “divide and rule” game in Afghanistan and may well move nuclear Pakistan away from its traditional role as defending of Saudi Arabia and backer of CIA interests. The making of an Islamic “anti-NATO,” which could even include Iran, with Russia and China as guarantors, could change the global balance for the foreseeable future.What has driven this, of course, is that other narrative, one that identifies the reality of our time, that war itself is the norm, the real engine behind the shadow world economy driven by the real “non-state players.”The Unpleasant RealityWhose interests does the Bilderberg Group serve?As few as 500 individuals govern the planet.  They don’t “rule” anything, however.  Though most are elected officials and a mix of equally corrupt “tin pot” dictators, none have real power.  There are no elections that can’t be rigged, what is going on now in America is proof of that.Where the proof is, however, points no fingers at Russia.  The proof is how the press, the police agencies, congress, all marching in lock-step, follow totally fake narratives on behalf of, well, on behalf of what or who?There is one organization in the world that rigs elections and that is the CIA.  It “leverages” press assets around the world, and to any reasonable person inside America as well, it controls voting machines software and has a newfound partnership with quasi-secret organizations like the Federalist Society that controls paper ballot counts and polling place security across America as well.Both the CIA and “Federalists” work for the same masters, particularly as the CIA was almost entirely privatized after 9/11.  Almost all US security organizations are now privatized or infiltrated or “castrated.”The pattern is simple, with police across the US “trained” in Israel, where they are indoctrinated or bought off and all Washington based organizations, employing up to 1 million, answer to a chain of command that terminates “offshore,” events that drive America are more theatre than reality.The proof, more often, is in the coverup than the acts themselves.  When one assumes a “government” serves the electorate, when all evidence supports any other hypothesis, events become predictable.  Mass killings like recent events in Las Vegas or terror attacks such as 9/11 and not some of the others, but most, are simply the “kinetic” end of government sponsored psychological warfare programs.Terrorism and “Kinetics”Gordon and marine squad in Vietnam, G is blond guy with hat, center leftThis is the term, “kinetics.”  It refers to use of violence by “surrogates” to create sufficient fear and anger, and even more dangerous, the feeling of general despair, that allows totalitarianism to be marketed as “democracy under attack.”The concept grew up in the late 1960s, initially in Vietnam, when the US decided to implement a policy of mass murder of political opponents under the Phoenix Program.  The targets weren’t just politicians or religious leaders, the US sent assassins after teachers, nurses and journalists, anyone capable of supporting a cohesive society outside of American control.After Vietnam, Phoenix moved to Central America, run out of the School of the America’s, began running death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, killing numbers no one may even guess.Gladio never stopped. It just morphed into new forms for new operationsUnder Gladio, the supposed NATO guerilla warfare “stay behind” network, intended to operate in a Soviet conquered Europe, terror groups were formed, the Red Brigades and a number of IRA and even “Palestinian” organizations as well, with the aid of Israel’s Mossad and operating from bases in Gaddafi’s Libya.Gladio staged dozens of bombings across Italy, but according to anonymous CIA sources, the 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing and the 1983 Beirut bombings that killed 241 US and 58 French “peacekeepers.”American Vice President Pence refers to the Beirut attacks, and rightly so, as the “opening salvo” in the War on Terror.  What they may well represent as well is the beginning of a policy of regime change “where desirable” or war “where profitable” justified by “self-induced” terrorism against the United States and its citizens.ConclusionThe Founding Fathers warned that we could not preserve a republic without always knowing that government was really doingThough we move to describe and even predict events, the concept of “perception is reality” and the absurdity of what mankind has allowed, never escapes us.  What was once called “mob rule” is now “managed consensus.”Consensus is managed by control of institutions, education, press, even society itself.  Human interaction is redefined, political life channeled into a Skinner box, perceptions hand fed through false narratives, fake news, fabricated history and an endless flood of disinformation.Never in human history have so many people known so much that is utterly false.  Had farmers grazed their cattle at the bottom of the sea, a learning process might well have kicked in as evidence of drowning became inexorable.  Are analogies like this even enough to describe a society that continues to believe what is known to be false, that has been programmed to ignore facts, turn away from the causality learning process infants learn?