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You won’t believe what’s coming. Or maybe, if you’ve read the Bible, you will. The rise of AI – Artificial Intelligence – now appears to be unstoppable. And the brightest minds behind bringing it to fruition are openly telling us that AI will make human beings obsolete. And there’s a 25% chance that AI could be here in just 13 years. Regardless of the time frame, it’s coming, and soon. Anthony Patch calls the framework that’s being laid to bring it about the “Antichrist Infrastructure”. In this interview we discuss that infrastructure which includes CERN, DWAVE quantum computing, AI, 5G and more. The HBO show ‘Westworld’ isn’t fiction, it’s prophecy. Stay tuned for a gripping interview that will leave you wondering, WHY in God’s name are they doing this?


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Qatar govt. must send troops to Syria or lose US support and be toppled – Saudi FM

Riyadh appears to be trying to bully regional rival and fellow US ally Qatar into going to war in Syria, with the Saudi foreign minister citing the US leader’s call for “wealthy” nations to stump up and send boots to the ground.

In his interpretation of US President Donald Trump’s appeal to the affluent states in the region, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir issued a thinly veiled threat to Doha, arguing the Qatari government will not last a week after the US cuts off its military support.

Qatar must “send its military forces (to Syria), before the US president cancels US protection of Qatar, which consists of the presence of a US military base on its territory,” Jubeir said on Wednesday, as cited by the ministry’s media center.

Should the US withdraw some 10,000 servicemen currently stationed at Al-Udeid air base near Doha, the government “would fall there in less than a week,” Jubeir argued.

The Saudi top diplomat was referring to the remark Trump made during a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday.

Reiterating his pledge to pull US forces out of Syria “as soon as possible,” Trump pointed to “countries that are in the area, some of which are immensely wealthy” that should pick up the baton in Syria after the US withdraws.

“They wouldn’t last a week. We’re protecting them,” the US leader said, urging for those who enjoy America’s goodwill to “step up and pay for what’s happening.”

Al-Udeid is currently the largest US military base in the Middle East, and since the launch of the US-led coalition campaign against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) it has gained importance for the US military. Qatar’s own army is one of the smallest in the region, with some 12,000 active military personnel, according to the

In January, the Qatari Defense Minister outlined a far-reaching expansion of US military presence in the country and a potential US Navy deployment after it completes renovations of its naval ports. He also expressed hope that the base will one day become permanent. “Colleagues in the US Department of Defense are reluctant to mention the word permanent, but we are working from our side to make it permanent,” he said.

During his press conference with Macron, Trump implied that the US has already persuaded its allies in the region to splash on the costly Syria campaign and deploy troops there.

“We’ve spoken to them. They will pay for it. The United States will not continue to pay. And they will also put soldiers on the ground, which they’re not doing,” Trump said.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Washington reached out to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, asking them to fork out billions of dollars for Syria’s redevelopment and also to send troops.

While Trump has been courting Saudi Arabia, choosing the conservative Gulf Kingdom as the first stop on his maiden foreign trip as the US president and striking arms deals worth billions of dollars with Riyadh, Qatar remains a stern US ally as well, despite its lingering beef with the Saudis.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been embroiled in ongoing diplomatic strife since June last year, when Saudi Arabia, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Yemen, cut ties with the country over claims that it supports terrorism.

Immediately after, Trump fueled the row with an unlikely intervention, calling Qatar a “high-level sponsor of terrorism” and claiming credit for inciting the crisis. While the dispute is still not settled, the tensions between the Saudi-led block and Qatar appeared to have calmed down recently. Earlier this month, the Qatari military took part in joint Gulf Shield exercises that ended in Saudi Arabia on April 16 and saw 23 countries participating.

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Video Proves No Gas Attack



This video proves the white helmets 100% lied about the Syria gas attack as they always do!   They work for ISIS so what do you expect!    RT actually went to the exact hospital in Syria that was seen in the video used to justify spending $1 billion on a stupid missile strike on Syria.   They found one of the boys featured in the video and you’re not going to believe what he told the camera crew!

He said he was outside and they took him inside the hospital and started pouring water on him!   This boy interviewed is very smart and well spoken!  His father was angry they dumped water on his son for this hoax!   When his father first tried to get his son, the white helmets told him they “still needed him” but he got him away from them anyway.  The entire thing is a BIG HOAX!  In the second part of the video, OAN went down to the area where the gas attack supposedly happened and they interviewed over 40 people and NOBODY even heard about a gas attack!   Then they went to the hospital and heard from the doctors who said there was NO indication of a chemical attack.  When they filmed the event of the washing of the people, they left!  There were ZERO deaths at the hospital.  Get this video everywhere!

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Mobilizing for War- US Ships/Planes to the Panama Canal-4K US Soldiers to Syrian Border-UK Braces for Anthrax Attack

There are a serious of simultaneous events involving massive movements of troops and equipment indicating a mobilization for war. Here are 5 of 12 reports I have received in the past 4 hours.

American Military to the Panama Canal

A highly trusted source, highly decorated ex-Green Beret, John Moore, has sent Paul Martin and myself evidence of a troop buildup within the Panama Canal. This is information is highly sensitive and carries profound implications.

The implications are two-fold:

  1. These troops are moving to block a Red Dawn invasion that will follow the breakout of the ground war in Syria
  2. These troops will also be in position to check the Chinese part of the invasion. Remember, China controls the Panama Canal.


Here is the unredacted version of the email.

John Moore

Attachments1:41 PM (5 minutes ago)

to officeradiodude419davehodges
Gentlemen,The below report is from a friend of mine. I have sanitized it to protect his identity.



Reports of much more US military hardware arriving in Panama.
This came from an associate 2 days ago:
Since this morning, they have landed in the Canal Zone at a former air base in Panama called Howard Air Force Base, 35 F-22 Raptor aircraft, 50 Chinok helicopters, 15 Galaxy 5, and 13 Lockheed L1110, of Intelligence and aerial reconnaissance and 22 Stealth bombers. The question is: Why?
The above has not been confirmed but the attached picture of the B-35s In Albrook airport and the destroyer are confirmed.
Under the canal agreement, if the US feels that the Panama  canal is in danger they can deploy military assets to Panama which it seems they are doing right now. And Venezuela breaking diplomatic relations this week may well be the justification  for this.
Just got this at 1:50pm EST today from a very trusted source who lives next the old Howard Air Force base near the canal:
“Shit load of helo’s in and out this morning with troops hanging out of them”.
Please confirm received.

These American planes were photographed in the Canal Zone and sent to John Moore who forwarded them to Paul Martin and myself.

This American ship was photographed in the Canal Zone

American War Games On the Syrian Border

 Paul Martin just informed me that 4,000 American soldiers are engaged in war games on the Syrian border.

Syria attaack: 4000 US servicemen launch major WARGAMES on edge of Syria

ALMOST 4,000 US servicemen began major wargames in Jordan today – just hours after neighbouring Syria was bombarded by more than 100 missiles launched by America, Britain and France.

Iran Threatens the US

world war 3 syria airstrikes iran president hassan rouhani donald trump assad

World War 3: Iran will RESPOND to ‘CRIMINAL’ Trump in ‘less than a week’

IRAN will respond in “less than a week” to US, UK and French airstrikes after President

UK Braces for Anthrax Attack


ww3 anthrax fears vaccine chemical weapons britain gavin williamson

WW3 fears: Britain makes anthrax vaccine available amid chemical attack preparations

THOUSANDS of anthrax vaccines are to be made available….

Is there any turning back from this?  The world needs to engage in prayer.
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Steve Quayle-The Spiritual War for Control of the Presidency and the Ultimate Fate of Humanity

This is a very difficult time for America. Many of us have previously  large sums of emotional investment, financial investment and spiritual investment in helping to get Donald Trump elected to the office of President. Our world has just been turned upside-down in a just a few short days staring on April 2nd-3rd, in which President Trump went from inviting Putin to the White House and announced that he was pulling all of our troops out of Syria, to reversing course embarking on a path that is almost certain to going result in World War III.

Since Friday’s coalition attack upon Syria, I have expended a great deal of emotional and political capital trying to understand how the Presidency was lost and the office of the President has, once again, been reduced to that of being a political puppet.

In a previous article, I created an elaborate and detailed timeline which I believed demonstrated when Trump lost control of his administration. Then along came my two hour guest on Sunday night, Steve Quayle, and he showed me how many of us were looking at this issue from an upside down perspective. According to Steve Quayle, appearing on Sunday night’s The Common Sense Show, the proper way to look at this seemingly fall from grace is through the spiritual perspective and any “recovery” will be divinely inspired.

“Not My President”

Many of us will recall that when Donald Trump was inaugurated, there were many protests that broke out across the country in which the participants were chanting “Not my President”, in which these people, seemingly without justification at that time, were opposed to Trump, just because someone told them they should be. These protests often turned violent and we saw, very early on, this presidency was going to be a difficult proposition. The events over the past few days have served notice to the manifestation of these fears.

While most of us have been busy looking at strictly at the physical plane of the current crisis as the world plunges head-long toward World War III, Steve Quayle provided the most unique perspective of looking at this as a spiritual problem, first and foremost, and then uses events in the physical realm to support his contentions for the spiritual war that is underway.

In Hour One, Steve provides example after example which demonstrates the depth and true nature of the spiritual conflict. There were no more pointed spiritual examples beyond what Steve said about the type of evil carnations being practiced by Jared Kushner and the President’s daughter. Steve pointed out that the declaration of war speech, offered up last Friday night, the President showed real signs of physical and emotional distress that manifested during the course of the speech. The cause?  A direct spiritual (demonic) attack, from which we see the physical manifestations on the President.

Further in Hour One, Steve demonstrated with example after example the seen, but mostly the unseen forces that are in play in this situation.



Hour Two-The Spiritual Implications for an Embattled Presidency

In Hour Two of this interview, and amidst the many revelations, Steve Quayle addressed in great depth, the coming persecution of Christians. The coming persecution of Christians will be relentless and Steve even detailed what DARPA resources are being devoted to “finding” Christians for final disposition when the time is right, so to speak. I also shared my experience with the finding of the Christians aspect of this as I know someone who is involved with this from a Deep State, alphabet soup perspective.  One cannot listen attentively to Hour two and not fully grasp the grave danger that is coming Christians. This is a riveting hour with Steve Quayle.




One of the conclusions that many listeners have professed, following the interview, is that Christians have hope and although our faith will be severely tested,  the Lord will provide salvation. Please share the interview, far and wide.


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Breaking News! Massive Military Movements-Reservists Call-Ups-Leaves Cancelled

his is a breaking news report which encompasses many recent current events, ND military movement of equipment and personnel. These events are indicative of a world that is about to war and a nation that is about to descend into terrorism and occupation.

Paul Martin is reporting that there are at least some military reservists who are being called to active duty.

This video was recently taken in Flagstaff, Arizona. This is quite obviously a massive movement of tanks and armored vehicles. This is meant to representative of what is going on. For example, I have reports of high levels of activity at Wright Patterson AFB.  Ft. Carson was shut down for 2 hours earlier today.

In the following video, please note the length of the train needed to accommodate the massive amounts armored vehicles being transported.

Additionally, I received this email 4 hours ago. The concents speak for themselves.

12:52 AM (4 hours ago)

to Common
…buses coming through our small town from a remote region of wy near the colo border.  3 buses 2   60 passenger and a smaller bus (didn’t appear to be a passenger vehicle) about the size of a 20 passenger bus came into the town it appeared from hwy 164  coming from the south and went to I 80 going west that is small rarely used hwy coming from the pawny grasslands.
They were pure white totally darkened windows and the only marking was a small insignia on the fender down low.  I found the mark through an internet search and a picture of the buses  they are pretty clearly U.N. peace keeper buses. They went past my house and I started to follow the to get a better look at them but they got on the Interstate and traffic prevented me from catching up.  Air force vehicles got between me and them and slowed me down too much….

please acknowledge if you get this

All False Flags Are On the Table

How many coincidences does it take to make a conspiracy?  It is raining false flag information.  This headline appeared in the Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington:

Airborne ICU in 747 touches down in Spokane for nationwide Ebola drill

One might recall I ran an article which detailed Ebola hotspot of the world, West Africa, in which known terrorists were caught the southern border in Lared0, Tx.
Additionally, we have twitter being taken down, AT&T and Verizon have been attacked. The IRS online payment system has been compromised.
If one thinks that the above is disturbing, you might want to sit down.  have received information from Paul Martin that inactive reservists are being called up.  I have a releatives whose military leave was just cancelled.
This is a breaking news report
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BREAKING: RUSSIAN Military finds chemical weapons storehouse in… Douma

Sputnik News reported a very interesting find that brings up new questions for the West, and, more specifically, the Trump Administration, regarding a chemical weapons storehouse find in Douma, Syria, today.

From this report:

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian troops found a warehouse of substances necessary for the production of chemical weapons in Syrian Douma, media reported Tuesday, citing chemical defense specialist Alexander Rodionov.

“The discovered substances, such as thiodiglycol and diethanolamine, are necessary for the production of sulfur and nitrogen mustard gas. In addition, a cylinder with chlorine, similar to that used by militants for setting up the wide-spread fake story, was found in the warehouse. It can be concluded that this laboratory was used by illegal armed groups for the production of poisonous substances,” Rodionov said, as quoted by the Zvezda TV channel.

On Saturday, the United States, the United Kingdom and France launched 103 missiles on multiple targets in Syria in response to the alleged chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta’s Douma that reportedly took place on April 7. The Syrian government has denied the accusations of chemical weapons use and said that the Jaysh al-Islam terror group staged the attack to justify potential foreign intervention in Syria.

As the story is currently a breaking one, this is all there is at present from Sputnik, but Haaretz goes a little further:

6:08 P.M. Russia claims it found Syrian rebel chemical weapons lab

The Russian military says that it has found rebel chemical weapons stockpiles in the Syrian town hit by a suspected chemical attack.

Alexander Rodionov of the military’s chemical weapons protection unit said Tuesday its experts found chlorine and components for producing mustard gas at a rebel laboratory in Douma.

Rodionov said the canister with chlorine was similar to the one shown in images released by activists. (Associated Press)

Image result for chemical weapons storehouse

Now this is something. In this snippet, even anti-Syrian Israel makes an admission, that Syrian rebels may have stockpiled these agents, which is what has also been the current thinking of Russian and of course the “do not attack” contingent among the Western populace. This thought is further corroborated by Michael Savage, and others here at the Duran itself. After all, the thought runs, “Assad has been winning his war. Why, then, would he possibly take a move that would bring holy hell down on his own head?”

Viewed in this regard, speculatively, the stories of Friday’s Tomahawk attack being directed against empty buildings, and resulting in no casualties, begins to make some sense. That attack could have been nothing but extremely expensive optics, as appears to have been reported here. Now, this is extremely speculative, but this action and the subsequent move that appears to be taking shape – that of President Trump deciding not to impose new sanctions against Russia, and in doing so, overriding the rather hawkish will of some of his senior administration officials… well, let’s just say this is a thought-provoking situation.

The Duran will bring more news as it becomes available on this breaking story.

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Syrian War Report – April 17, 2018: Syrian forces reportedly repel more missile strikes

Last night, the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) repelled another missile attack allegedly carried out by the Israeli military. Missiles were intercepted in two areas:

  1. Near Shayrat military airfield in the Homs countryside – 6 missiles were intercepted (according to some sources, 9 missiles)
  2. Near Dumair military airfield in the Damascus countryside – 3 missiles were intercepted.

According to reports, the SADF also used its S-200 air defense system to launch a surface-to-air missile at aircraft that had attacked Syria.

However, the Israeli military told the Russsian news agency TASS that it has no info about any strikes on Syria.

Interestingly, the alleged attack came a day after Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman claimed that his country will not accept limitations on its “actions” in Syria from any powers including Russia.

Previously, Israel had carried out a missile attack on Syria’s T4 airbase on April 9. Then, the SADF intercepted 5 missiles, but 3 missiles did reach the base.

The Pentagon and the Russian Defense Ministry continue to make mutually contradictory statements over the April 14 missile strike. On April 16, Defense Ministry Spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov once again rejected the Pentagon’s statements that all the missiles launched by the US, the UK and France had hit their targets.

Konashenkov said that 71 US-led bloc missiles had been shot down by the SADF providing details on the defense systems used by the Syrian military:

  • Buk: 29 missiles fired – 24 targets hit;
  • Osa: 11 missiles fired – 5 targets hit;
  • S-125: 13 missiles fired – 5 targets hit;
  • Strela-10: 5 missiles fired – 3 targets hit;
  • Kvadrat: 21 missiles fired – 11 targets hit;
  • S-200: 8 missiles fired – no targets hit;
  • Pantsir-S1: 25 missiles fired – 23 targets hit;

SF recalls that the Pentagon says that 105 missiles were launched at only three targets. At the same time, the Russian and Syrian militaries say that the targets included Syrian airfields.

Meanwhile, according to the Russian envoy to the OPCW Aleksandr Shulgin said that Russia has “irrefutable proof” that the so-called Douma chemical attack was a “false-flag” orchestrated by British intelligence services with support from the US. The goal of the false flag was to justify the aggression against Syria.

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