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The Power of Hierarchy and the Psuedo-Truth Monopoly

When society is organized into a unidimensional hierarchical structure which provides singularity of control to those who sit at the top, enormous power is gained. If these Hierarchy leaders have the unmitigated power to create and distribute money and are evil too, they can also control the Major Mass Media. The results of this evil, unmitigated power is catastrophic for the humans controlled by the Hierarchy. This is the case in America right now and this includes all their wounded, suffering and dead victims from their induced perpetual wars all over the world.

by  Preston James

Sadly, we Americans and much of the world live in a fake reality based on over 50 years of lies and coordinated illusions which have been created, dispensed and induced into the American Mass Mind by the Ruling Hierarchy.

This Ruling Hierarchy that controls the creation, management and dispensing of this fake reality is almost exclusively comprised of “Bloodline families” who are actually quite different in their value systems and genetic backgrounds than “ordinary human stock”.

They hide behind Secret Societies, a worldwide network of satanic pedophiles, and use the various law enforcement and Intel agencies they have created such as the FBI, the CIA, to protect and serve their selfish interests.

The Ruling Class’s main means of establishing and holding power is their banking-based pernicious usury money-power which just happens to be against Biblical teachings as recognized by well informed Christians, and is also considered unacceptable by most Islamics.

For example, the FBI is a major RICO organization which specializes in covering up the Ruling Hierarchy’s crimes and fomenting fake and staged terror to create the need for bigger central government and more and more Ruling Hierarchy power.

The job of the CIA is to provide Intel for the Ruling Hierarchy leaders to be used to compromise politicians all over the world, and to start wars which will provide large profits to the Bankers who finance them and to the large stockholders of the defense contractors.

What is most notable about the Ruling Hierarchy is that they appear to have no consciences and function as “pure sociopaths” who regard commoners as mere cattle and serfs, sometimes as mere insects, certainly as targets to dominate, use to attain their worldwide agenda, and to asset strip.

However, as a necessity in maintaining the power of their illusion upon the public, they operate in a bifurcated manner, dispensing public works to keep the masses minimally satisfied, pretending to serve the public while secretly manipulating such benefits to mask their secret evil programs.

And, many of these secret programs are so unimaginably self-serving and evil, that even when leaked to the public by informed whistle-blowers and dissatisfied and moralistic insiders, the masses just cannot believe that their official representatives would ever commit such unimaginably evil acts. The truth is so deviant and evil that it just seems inconceivable to most and directly contradicts the social reality which they grew up with.

Of course this social reality was created by the Ruling Cabal itself to serve its own needs, not We The People’s and was designed to create the false illusion needed to keep the American masses entrapped, controlled and dependent on the Ruling Hierarchy itself through a large social welfare system and a centralized, corporatized, unconstitutional  and illegal federal government.

Fooling the American Public is made possible by extensive Mind-kontrol operations that are controlled by the Ruling Hierarchy. Essentially, the Ruling Hierarchy has created and maintains a completely effective monopoly on generating the existing social reality for the last 100 years (ever since the hijacking of America by the City of London Banksters in 1913).

Replica of the Gutenberg Press, invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439 AD in Germany. This was the first creation of movable type that allowed the mass production of printed goods. This invention was truly revolutionary and is credited with setting off the Protestant Reformation when it was used to mass produce the Bible in translated form.

This domination of the social reality has been completely monopolistic and unchallenged in any major way until the advent of the worldwide Internet and the emergence of the new alternative truth media websites.

These new “Truther” websites have provided the means to publish numerous information leaks from insiders, dissidents and whistle-blowers that directly contradict this Ruling Hierarchy created social reality.

It is now quite appropriate to refer to the worldwide Internet as the New Gutenberg Press.

The Ruling Cabal has of course responded by deploying thousands of sock puppets and trolls to infect the Internet with websites that mimic Truth but are usually limited hangout followed by very misleading bad payloads of incorrect conclusions. Well informed Internet users have often learned to weed out truth from concocted psyops and lies much to the dismay of the Ruling Hierarchy.

Because the Ruling Hierarchy created and controls the six Major Mass Media corporations, and Hollywood and the TV and movie based entertainment industry it is easy for them to use them to create a virtual monopoly of tainted and false news and to dispense notably false narratives, big lies and propaganda that serves their Ruling Class interests to create this false social reality.

Let’s consider one of the Biggest false narratives ever dispensed by the Ruling Hierarchy that the masses have ingested and believed 100% and which has generated endless nonsensical diatribes by Political pundits and senior members of Congress about it.

The US national deficit hoax, the endless nonsensical arguing about it, all for nothing and all based on blatant big lies, false narratives and Ruling Hierarchy propaganda. 

The Ruling Hierarchy’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) regularly carries interviews with various political pundits and senior members of Congress discussing Federal Tax reduction and its likely effect on increasing the national deficit which they estimate at 2 Trillion USD. This is a blatant falsity, there is no real “national debt”.

It is all a fraud upon We The People. If their discussion were honest it would be about how there is no real national debt at all, it is a fraud and smoke and mirrors of the illegal, unconstitutional acts of the Federal Reserve System and a bought off, crooked, compromised Bankster controlled Congress and Administration.

This false narrative of the US national debt and deficit spending is based on completely blatant lies, false-reporting and is like the old proverb of the King’s New Clothes, where the insane King is actually naked but out of fear his subjects keep telling him how great his new clothes look. Congress is out of control with its spending which is to benefit the Ruling Hierarchy.

If Congress had to balance its books like any normal middle class American family it would be strongly curtailed in its special interest spending (which is a very large portion of it). The major kickbacks (set-aside allocations) paid back to members of Congress would cease and America would move into serious prosperity once again.

Let’s examine the facts. The US Constitution requires real money to be issued by the USG itself that is backed by Gold, Silver (real commodities), and does not allow phony debt-based FIAT money to be issued at pernicious usury by a foreign private set of Central Bankers from the City of London (COL).

These COL Banksters are known to be the Babylonian Talmudists, aka the World Zionists and actually carry absolutely no ancient Hebrew Blood at all (actually they are Old Black Nobility who follow the ancient Black Satanic arts dating back to ancient Babylonia, aka the Babylonian Talmud).

And they are hard core secret Satanists who have created a worldwide system of central banking based on debt-notes, not real money. Long ago they hijacked Judaism too, perverted it and captured the Khazarians and molded them into a fake new imaginary race of “Jews” (Revelation 2:9, 3:9), highly rewarding selected ones with high positions and big incomes if they serve the Hierarchy with no conscience and function as Hierarchy Cutouts.

They specialize in hijacking whole nation-states so they can use them as major Cutouts and tools to asset strip the peoples of the world with their system of debt-note based Fiat private central banking. Their private central banking is based on using debt-notes, that is, fake money and is the largest human fraud ever conceived and deployed.

Their agenda is to engulf the whole world in a massive web of debt in order to destroy every nation’s basic society and shove their own Luciferian NWO one-world government in place. And then to use whatever means necessary to reduce the world total population by 90%. They specialize in starting wars while they lend debt-notes presented as real money to both sides, thus speeding up their asset stripping of the world and the destruction of societies and whole nations.

It is important to note that the Ruling Hierarchy is the “destroyer of nations, societies and people, all done by the power of its private central Fiat Banking System of debt-notes. The Ruling Hierarchy is a worldwide secret Satanic Death Cult that is committed to purifying the human race by reducing it through induced wars and disease, all to create more and more centralized power for itself. This makes it the largest parasite to every occupy and infect Planet Earth.

Because the Ruling Hierarchy creates the existent social reality that serves itself and has classically maintained a monopoly in doing so, it is easy for them to control the internal politics in America, one of its favorite nation states to corporatize, and use as its economic engine and also it worldwide war machine, all done while parasitically asset stripping We The People of the fruit of our labor.

It is actually completely illegal for the USG to allow this FRS scam to operate but it does so because it is deeply compromised by AIPAC on behalf of the Banksters. Numerous US Courts including the Supreme Court have ruled that any US Law that is unconstitutional is immediately null and void.

However, because the Ruling Hierarchy has gained control over the US Department of Justice, almost every single federal judge, and the Supreme Court itself, the Constitution is not enforced as it should be.

Because most of the Justices are heavily compromised and deeply afraid of the Ruling Hierarchy’s reach, power and vengefulness, they easily succumb to their will.

Bottom line is that the Federal Reserve System is a Foreign Central FIAT Banking operation from the City of London which was able to hijack America in 1913 when they paid and bribed Congress and the President to pass the unconstitutional and illegal Federal Reserve Act.

It is an abomination of the US Constitution for the American People to have to pay pernicious interest to the Federal Reserve for renting fraudulent debt-notes in daily commerce, when it should have been their own real money in the first place, used interest free.

Fact 1: The so-called Federal Deficit is a complete fraud. Legally the American People owe these COL/FRS Banksters nothing in interest or as a US national debt. Do not think that the interest now being paid from federal tax revenues to the FRS is insignificant. Experts have claimed that approximately 40% of American Federal Tax revenues goes to the FRS for this illegal interest charged for using their money, which is technically a loan only. How much better could you live if you immediately paid 40% less Federal Tax?

Fact 2: The American Founding Fathers did not want the USG to become a corporation, did not want it charging taxes to We The People. They expected the USG to be supported by the collection of excise taxes. How interesting it is that the IRS was incorporated in Puerto Rico. Insiders have claimed it is the secret and official collection agency for the Federal Reserve System. Of course astutely informed historians know that the creation of the IRS followed the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 which itself is a private corporation incorporated in Delaware in 1914, and so did WW1.

Fact 3: The FRS serves as a fraudulent, elastic, endless checkbook for a completely compromised, evil, foreign-controlled US Congress. It loans as much in debt-notes to the US Congress that it needs to spend all over the world. Most of this spending is to appease special interest groups who have provided lavish campaign contributions and major “set-aside allocations” in numbered foreign bank accounts (usually in British associated Caribbean banks).


The so-called deficit is imaginary. This is major RICO crime and all pernicious interest charged against the American masses can be clawed-back if the US Department of Justice would ever do its rightful job instead of covering up the crimes of the Hierarchy and its Cutouts.

Ask yourself this question. If a member of the US Congress comes in near penniless, and then leaves with well over 100 million dollars, how did this happen?

David Rockefeller was purported by some insiders to be “King of America” for the Hierarchy. His death has marked a major downturn in the power of the COL Banksters. Henry Kissinger, a major Cutout for the Hierarchy has been filling in but seems to be attempting to take a conciliatory stance with the new Deep-Black power faction that is now taking over and is expected to use disclosure of Alien ETs to establish a new form of government best described as Cosmic Fascism.

Also ask yourself this question. If almost every member of Congress has signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel to put Israel first even before US Interests, whose interests do you think the US Congress Serves First? Does this explain why we have been fighting so many perpetual wars in the Mideast for Israel (and the COL World Zionists that created Israel after WW2)?

Doubt this, just do some basic research on what former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has disclosed on this. So far the only Congressman that didn’t sign this abortion is Representative Walter Jones. Why do Members of Congress feel obligated to sign this traitorous AIPAC Loyalty Oath when it is ipso facto evidence of Treason?

It is because of the power of the Foreign run FRS money-masters have over politicians. These traitors know that if they don’t sign this agreement, their political careers are over. They all know what the Banksters did to Representative James Trafficant and how they had him murdered in a staged farm accident for telling the truth about the hijacking of Congress by World Zionists and the phony FRS national debt.

These folks of the Ruling Hierarchy believe that they are special, the chosen ones, Earthly Royalty, whose job it is to thin the human herd and purify the human race.

The best snapshot we have into the Ruling Hierarchy’s value system and agenda is what has been publicly leaked and disclosed about the Russell Opium Trust (aka Skull and Bones at Yale University) which owns and uses the campus building with no windows called “the tomb”.

Each year, 15 “Bonesmen” are chosen to become new recruits into this Satanic Secret Society.

These folks then proceed to become part of one of the most powerful secret Satanic power groups that feeds the top echelons of the USG and become major Cutouts for the Ruling Hierarchy.

Most of the deep dark secrets of the Skull and Bones have been leaked and published and they are so evil and so shocking that most of the American public if they were told would not be able to believe any of it.

How do we know that these disclosures are accurate? For one we have the pioneering work of Professor Anthony Sutton. We also have the disclosures and relics provided by Educational activist Charlotte Iserbyt whose father was a Bonesman and turned from it at the end of his life.

Charlotte worked for President Reagan in the Department of Education as a Senior Policy Advisor and has been a strong heroic voice to reverse the completely dysfunctional Hierarchy driven existing national educational policy which she views as created to serve Globalist interests.

How has the Ruling Hierarchy been able to gain control over the whole American System including all the means needed to mind-kontrol the American Masses and generate a completely false reality widely accepted by We The People?

This is all due to the power that can come from hierarchical organizing of a hijacked government. Because the USG was covertly and illegally hijacked by the foreign based City of London private Fiat Banksters in 1913, these Banksters used their ability to issue all the money they wanted and use it to take control over the whole USG and every major USG institution, bit by bit.

Who they couldn’t buy, bribe, or human compromise, they ruined or murdered (often by crafty means). Sometimes their murders were presented as suicides when the apparent evidence suggested murder (as in the case of Gary Webb, Danny Casalaro, Colonel James Sabow and many others).

The Power of fake debt-based script presented as money allowed the Banksters to create their own Ruling Hierarchy in America.

The COL Banksters have been able to take control over America and the mechanisms which generate its reality for the masses because of their “money power” which enabled them to take control (one way or another) over every major institution of the USG and every major corporation.

This unmitigated “money power” allowed these COL Banksters to create their own Hierarchy of power in America (and much of the world).

The USG was already organized into a large hierarchy. When the Banksters hijacked America in 1913 with the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act, this made it easy for them to create a controlling hierarchy in America run by them.

The main thing about a hierarchy such as this one run by the COL Banksters is that it allows those few who hold the top positions in the hierarchy to easily set policy for the whole hierarchy and have its mandates implemented.

Because these Ruling Hierarchy leaders at the top apparently either have lost their souls or never had one to start with, and certainly absent any normal human conscience, acting like pure sociopaths who easily dispense evil and final judgments against most opposers, it becomes understandable why they can engage in the most evil, inhuman, satanic acts possible.

Because these leaders of the Ruling Hierarchy prefer to dispense their unimaginably evil mandates in secret to prevent disclosure and blame, these mandates are usually disguised behind double-talk such as a new way to serve We The People when the opposite is usually true.


The bottom line is this: The organizing of America into a single Hierarchy that is controlled by the top leaders of the Ruling Class (aka the “Bloodline Families”) permits those who sit at the top of this evil Ruling Class Hierarchy to easily issue mandates for any level in their Hierarchy top to bottom as long as they are somewhat justified and disguised behind double-talk.

How sick and evil it is for the USG to be organized into a rigid hierarchy that just happens to have been hijacked and is quite easily controlled from the top down by unimaginably evil satanic foreign based Central Banksters.

Because these evil rulers have the power to order opponents corrected, ruined or even murdered in cold blood, they have established a system based on lethal threats and fear of sanctions at every level which makes members of Congress and almost all subordinates quite compliant.

“There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone.

The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same — his salary.

You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an “Independent Press”! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

Quote from Newspaper Editor John Swinton believed to be made at a journalists gathering on April 12, 1883, some have called his retirement party.

This “Power of Hierarchy” has also allowed several top leaders of the Ruling Hierarchy to create their own monopolistic Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and use it as an effective tool to mislead and actually deeply mind-kontrol the American masses.

This sophisticated mind-kontrol system that the Ruling Hierarchy has created through their CMMM and other means has created a major false reality that has so gripped most Americans that even when leakers and whistle-blowers divulge the truth to them, they usually cannot even fathom that such is even possible.

This power of the Ruling Class leaders’ Hierarchy allows these select few to set top US policy secretly and to create the public reality they want through manipulation of the news, their entertainment system (Hollywood based), the educational system, and the USG disclosures.

So when it is revealed that at least 42% of the male Members of Congress are actually human compromised pedophiles, and top leaders of the Ruling Class are active participants in a worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network where children are bought, kidnapped, pedophiled, tortured and murdered like wild game, and then eaten, few can believe these claims even when they come from vetted, respected sources.

Or when astute researchers try to inform the American People that the attack on 9-11-01 used nukes and was done for COL World Zionists by Israelis, Israeli-America “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, and traitors high up in the Pentagon and the Administration of Bush2, few Americans believe it.

This grip of the Ruling Hierarchy’s extensive and effective Mind-kontrol system is now waning significantly, thanks to the advent of the worldwide Internet. This rapid dissemination of truth to the masses has created major concern in the top levels of the Hierarchy and the Hierarchy’s leaders are now instituting major corrections to geld the Internet, such as: ending Net Neutrality; drastically reducing monetization of web site publishers; sophisticated algorithm driven censoring of Internet searches; censorship of various web services such as youtube and many others as well as by Internet service providers.

We now have two distinct realities in America, the major dominant one which is a completely false illusion accepted by most Americans; and the actual true reality which is known only to a few, but daily growing number thanks to the worldwide Internet.

Uranium One-How Bill and Hillary Sold Out U.S. National Security Interests for Cash!

Dr. Steve Reilly, Conspiracy Scientist, joins Jerry Barrett to discuss the bombshell revelations of the selling of America’s Uranium to Russia. Did Bill Clinton act as the middle man, at the behest of Hillary Clinton? How does a Canadian mining tycoon tie into this? What does Little Rock and Hope, Arkansas have to do with this epic violation of national security? Did Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia blow the lid off of this? Will anyone go to prison? These and many other mind-boggling items will be uncovered before our very eyes.

Refugee-Friendly German Mayor Stabbed in the Neck in Kebab Shop

German police officers. (File)

A presumably politically motivated man wounded Andreas Holstein, mayor of the city Altena, who is known for having accepted more migrants than prescribed by the quota.

On Monday evening, a man, presumably drunk, attacked the 57-year-old Mayor of Altena in Germany, Andreas Holstein, with a knife. Before he hit the mayor with a large knife, he was loudly criticizing the mayor’s asylum policy. A shop employee, who wanted to help the mayor, was also wounded.

The politician was wounded in the neck and hospitalized, later he was released and sent home. His life is not in danger. It is reported that he have contacted his friends from the hospital and told them about the help he has received.

The incident occurred in one of the city’s kebab restaurants.

READ MORE: German Police Detain Syrian National Suspected of Plotting Terrorist Attack

The mayor honored the actions of the owner of the diner and his son, claiming that without their help he would not have survived the attack.

“I’m not sure if I would still be alive,” mayor said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she was shocked by the knife attack on the mayor of the German town of Altena in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Tuesday.

Andreas Holstein is in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) party.

Security services proceed from the fact that the attacker had political motives. According to preliminary information, the attacker is a German citizen.

The town is known for accepting more migrants than its quota.

Beating wives if they refuse sex is OK, according to books in Britain’s Islamic schools

Beating wives if they refuse sex is OK, according to books in Britain’s Islamic schools

Who is a Fake Jew in Israel?

A Terrible Thought (the original title)

Uri brings us another wonderful internal Israeli politics exposé, which he is so good at doing, as no one knows where all the political skeletons are buried in Israel better than he.

But he exhibits his perennial blindside by ignoring how Zionism itself may be to blame for the political exploitation the country has always endured – never mind the economic exploitation, which he rarely mentions, as it showcases Jews feeding on Jews when there are not better victims to be found.

At first, I was caught off guard with this right wing party founding member, Avi Gabbay not only moving over to the Labor Party, but quickly becoming its leader. “What’s up wid dat?” After reading he was a successful businessman, I thought, “Ah, they want someone to improve their finances.”

But further down the article, Uri shows his shock at the new leader attacking the Labor Party’s principles, even going so far as to challenge its Jewishness; I was no longer confused, but Uri spends the rest of the article searching for why Gabbay could justify doing this.

“My dear Uri, you got sand-bagged here, fella. The Right sent a Trojan Horse into your ranks, with just one guy inside to burn Labor down by making it look like the ship of fools, and one of the last people you would want to turn the country over to.”

Uri has come a long way from his days as a teenage Irgun messenger

Uri never saw this coming, but it is entertaining to see Israeli Jews using “Who is a real Jew?” as a political club to beat on each other. That is the rough-and-tumble of Israeli politics, which has an old “take no prisoners” history.

By that I don’t mean just defeating adversaries, but following up on the urge to eliminate them. The best visual image of this was the photos and video of the Zionists who had brought sofas, wine and picnic food up to the hills overlooking Gaza at twilight to enjoy watching it get bombed by the IDF, with cheers going up when phosphorous shells were used.

I sympathize with Uri’s peace for Palestine and two state solution agenda that he has fought for most of his life, but he still has a glass chin when it comes to getting the Zionist fist smashed into his face. I guess that is better than being a Palestinian living a lifetime of being exploited, and for what…Jewishness maybe? Jim W. Dean ]

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We honor Uri’s long fight to bring peace to Palestine, but the deck is stacked against him

– First published … November 25, 2017 –

Avi Gabbay is the new leader of the Israeli Labor Party. Until recently, he was a founding member of a moderate right-wing party, Kulanu (“We all”). Without ever being elected to the Knesset, he served as a junior minister.

He resigned when Avigdor Lieberman, considered by many as a semi-fascist (and the “semi” is far from certain), was allowed to join the government as Minister of Defense, the second most important post.

Suddenly, A terrible thought struck me. What if Avi Gabbay really believes what he is saying? Impossible. He cannot really believe all those things. No, no. But if he does? Where does that leave us?

In a bold move, Gabbay left Kulanu and joined the Labor Party (also known as “the Zionist Camp”) and was soon elected its chairman.

However, he did not become the official “Leader of the Opposition”, because he was not a member of the Knesset. (The formal title remained with his predecessor, the very nice but rather insignificant Yitzhak Herzog.)

One of Gabbay’s outstanding qualities is the fact that he is “Oriental”, an Eastern Jew. He is the seventh of eight children in a family that immigrated from Morocco in 1964, just three years before his birth.

This is very important. The Labor Party is decried as “Western” (or Ashkenazi), the party of the social elites, estranged from the mass of the Orientals. It must overcome this characterization if it ever wants to attain power again.

In the Likud Party, the situation is the exact opposite. The mass of Likud voters are Orientals, but Binyamin Netanyahu is as Ashkenazi as you can get. The Orientals adore him, as they have never adored any Oriental leader.

BUT GABBAY’S origin is not his only attribute. From his humble beginnings he climbed the heights of economic success. He became the CEO of one of Israel’s most important corporations, amassing a personal fortune on the way.

He is not a charismatic leader, not a person to arouse the masses. Indeed, his face is easily forgotten. But he took with him from the business world a sound, logical way of thinking. In politics, logic is a rare commodity. It can be obstructive. The question now is: where does logic take him?

DURING HIS few months as leader of the Labor Party, Gabbay has deeply shocked many party members. Shocked them to the core. About once a week, usually on Shabbat, Gabbay lets loose a statement that seemingly contradicts everything the party has stood for during its more than one hundred years of existence.

He once declared that peace does not mean that any of the many dozens of settlements in the occupied territories must be removed. Until then, the party line was that only the “settlement blocs” – located hard on the Green line – could remain, within the framework of an agreed exchange of territories, and that all the others must be removed. Gabbay’s announcement caused quite a stir, since it probably makes the “Two-State solution” impossible.

West bank Zionist settlements

On another occasion, Gabbay announced that he would never set up a coalition with the “United List”, the only Arab list in the Knesset. This list consists of three separate – and very different – Arab parties, which were compelled to unite when Lieberman (the same) raised the minimum electoral threshold in order to eliminate them.

It is very difficult (if not impossible) to put together a leftist majority in the Knesset without the Arab list. The Oslo agreement would never have come into being if the Arab members had not given their unwavering support to Yitzhak Rabin (but without joining his government).

To make matters worse, Gabbay announced that the only Arab member of the Labor Party in Parliament – a popular sports commentator – would not be in the next Knesset. His crime: he criticized the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which promised the Jews a national home in Palestine, which at the time was an Arab land.

THE CLIMAX (so far) came last week, To top it all, Gabbay did something that many Labor members found abhorrent.

There are in Israel tens of thousands of non-Jewish African refugees, especially from Sudan and Eritrea. They have been held for several months in an open semi-detention facility, which is vastly superior to conditions at home.

Israeli policemen and immigration officers arrest African asylum seekers near the Israeli Egyptian border, forcing them back to imprisonment, Negev Desert, June 29, 2014. A group of African asylum seekers settled in a small forest after marching from the Holot detention center, where they were jailed, to the Israel-Egypt border in protest of Israel’s asylum policies, calling on the UN and the Red Cross to intervene. More than 800 Asylum seekers tried to reach to the border fence with Egypt, saying Israeli is not checking their asylum requests and they therefore seek to leave the country.

Others vegetate in the poor quarters of Tel Aviv, doing occasional jobs and competing with poor inhabitants, making them very angry.

Israel claims to be a “Jewish State”. Jews have been persecuted refugees for centuries. But now the government has decided not only to stem the flow, but to pay to dispose of the refugees who are already here: paying the government of Rwanda 5000 dollars for every refugee they accept from us.

The refugees themselves will also get 3500 dollars each if they go voluntarily. If they refuse, they will be put in a real prison indefinitely.

Deported? Imprisoned? In a “Jewish” state? Incredible. And here comes Gabbay and calls upon his party to vote for this atrocity! Aa if all this was not enough, Gabbay said something else incredible. He denounced his party’s stand on Judaism.

Years ago, Netanyahu was caught on camera whispering into the ear of a very old rabbi that “the Labor Party has forgotten what it means to be Jewish”. Incredibly, Gabbay repeated this accusation, announcing that the Labor Party had indeed “forgotten what it means to be Jewish”.

Nothing could be more shocking than that. The party was founded a century ago by convinced atheists, like David Ben-Gurion, who refused to put a kippah on his head even at funerals. (Sometimes even I do so out of courtesy to religious mourners.)

Theodor Herzl

The entire Zionist enterprise started as a rebellion against religion. Almost all the important rabbis of his day condemned Theodor Herzl, the founding father, as a heretic and cursed him in no uncertain terms.

God Himself evicted the Jews from their country because of their sins, and only God could send His Messiah to bring them back there, if and when He pleases.

The Zionist Labor Movement has always been profoundly atheistic, except for minuscule religious elements. What Gabbay was saying now amounted to an ideological revolution. (By the way, gabbay is the Hebrew word for the administrator of a synagogue.)

Nobody is quite sure what “to be Jewish” means nowadays. Does Judaism represent a religion, a nation, or both? Does it only mean that one identifies with Jewish history and tradition, or that one believes in a God who has “chosen us from among the peoples”? And who the hell cares?

SO DOES Gabbay really believe all this stuff, or is it just political propaganda? It may well be the latter. Gabbay is a seasoned businessman. His logic is that of a businessman. It adds numbers.

There are two ways to view the Israeli political landscape. One is the simple one: adding election results. According to this system, the Right now enjoys a clear majority. Apart from the Likud, it consists of two extreme rightist parties, the “Jewish Home” and “Israel is Our Home”, Kulanu and two Orthodox parties.

Gabbay has been gabby

The Left (or “Center-Left” as they like to call themselves these days) consists of Labor, Meretz, Ya’ir Lapid’s “There is a Future” and the Arab list. To change the balance, Labor must win over a considerable number of voters from the moderate Right.

Another way of looking at the picture sees a rightist minority facing a leftist minority, with the great mass of the people in between. The result is the same: the Center-Left must win over enough voters to change the balance.

How? Gabbay’s answer seems logical: steal the clothes that the Right hung out to dry, as Churchill once put it. Meaning in practice: adopt the slogans of the right, look religious, act chauvinistic, make it possible for Rightist voters to vote for you.

That seems to be Gabbay’s tactic. Can it succeed? In political life, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If he can attract enough right-wing voters, he may change the balance. If his party loses voters on the left, no problem. They will vote for Meretz, which makes no difference. And if the Arabs are very angry, that makes no difference either: they have no choice but to support a leftist government “from the outside”.

But what if this approach leads to disaster? Political logic is quite different from business logic. It is not based on a 2 + 2 = 4 equation. In politics the answer may well be 3 or 5. And then it hit me. What if this is not a political tactic at all? What if Gabbay really believes in all this? God save us!

World Chaos Diagnosis, Acute Zionist Infestation

by Phil Butler, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s note: Phil Butler has the year end angries, and that is good for us, as he has a wonderful sounding off piece, a new perspective on a very old issue.

And that is the money we are whizzing away on the Israelis who run vast offensive intelligence operations in the US that could be put to better use. I wish I had thought of it, but sometimes simple things slip by.

He has taken the $38 billion US ten year gift to the Israeli Defense force which enables the country to say “up yours” not only to the UN, but to the American people and posed a much better use for it.

For an issue close to our heart, Phil has divided that $38 billion by the 435,000 unemployed veterans we have and it would come out to $30,000 seed money for them all to jump start a small business, and “bang”, no more unemployed Vets.

We could have great fun adding caveats to their even applying for that American aid, like have an independent certification that the Israeli Intel is not stealing anything it can get its hands on, either to use or sell to the highest bidder. And yes, they have a long history of doing this, and it is known in our own Intel community but has been kept from the public.

Bibi working the trained seals brigade

To really have some fun, I would add to that another independent certification that…drum roll…Israel is not interfering in American elections. What a hoot that would be.

I know what you are thinking, “Jim, that’s just not practical, they are too powerful, too entrenched, and politically it could never be done.” And to that I would say, “So what, why not do it for the fun of it, because if it is all we can do, we can get a double bang out of it.”

First, it would drive the Zionists nuts, and it would drive crazy our own sellouts whom the Zios have compromised even more, because the sellouts would worry that just maybe, despite all the political power of the Zionist Lobby, there could be a spark one day that starts the fire that brings the whole shameful operation down. That alone would put a smile on my face when going to the boneyard, if I do not live to see itJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … November 26, 2017 –

“Average Joe”, who’s an American veteran down on his luck, could have begun his own landscaping or mechanic business when hard times came — only Uncle Sam was too broken to gift good old Joe $30,000 or so to get things rolling. It’s too bad, because Joe got a bronze star and lost a leg over there in Iraq.

Banksters do exist

If Joe’s family only knew how Zionist, pig bankers had cost millions of Americans an alternative future, then maybe we’d all stand a better chance of life and liberty. But, they don’t know yet.

For a couple of years now I’ve laid awake nights trying to figure out how to convey to my countrymen the catastrophic abuse of power leveraged by Israel’s Washington-based henchmen.

At first, I was like most people, worried friends and enemies alike might call me an “anti-Semite” for the insinuation of Zionist lobby skullduggery.

Then, a murdered and sodomized Libyan leader made fun of by a presidential candidate, and a few tens of thousands of dead kids over there in Syria, Yemen, and in Gaza, and some more in Yemen, caused me not to give a damn what people label me as.

But wait, what about my Jewish friends? What would they think if I jumped feet first into Bibi Netanyahu and his AIPAC vampires? Alas, my Jewish pals mostly got fed up too, at envisioning the bitter end of an abusive Israeli regime. None of them want a Hitler “final solution” on a global scale. And that’s where Tel Aviv is headed in my opinion.

Seeing Netanyahu dangle US President Donald Trump like a wooden puppet in front of a live audience – well, the jig is up for most sane people, I think. Realizing just how dastardly these Israeli (Zion Israel that is) interests are, that’s what spurred me to find the “Average Joe” quotient! The slap across the face that hopefully wakes some Americans the hell up.

The All-American Hobo

Let’s profile our All-American Joe here. He just like most of the rest of us, you know? Joe loves his country, his neighbors, and he adores all the legends of freedom and liberty, and especially the red-white-and-blue dream, remember he’s a vet too.

Even though his future got shattered and stagnated a bit while serving in the US Army, Joe lives in the same information bubble as the rest of us. He’s wrapped up tight by CNN, Hollywood, the New York Times, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Once a week Joe goes to the unemployment office, just like he’s told. Unable to get an even break, he does the house chores while his wife works at Burger King flipping Whoppers with cheese.

Good old Joe sometimes has to go to the pawn shop to unload something of value, something worth less than a grocery store visit to buy Cheerios for his little kids. Yeah, you get the picture now.

Am I hammering like hell on your sense of brotherhood, community, and civic pride in war heroes? You bet I am. Because I know most of you fail to care anymore. I know most of you are contented in that little bubble of existence. But, suck it up and read on. This is the reality of your apathetic and lazy patriotism – Average Joe is your next-door neighbor.

And Average Joe should not be contemplating blowing his brains out – but you let Joe down – we let Joe down – Washington caused Joe to consider blowing his goddamned brains out, because we collectively turned a blind eye. We populated the halls of power in our country with liars, cheats, criminals, and the puppets of evil men, and of evil nations.

Now let me educate all the past, present, and future “American Joes” out there. Just so you know what has been happening while you slept.

While I’ve no space here to discuss properly what’s known as the “Movement for Greater Israel”, it’s important that the reader grasp the ultimate goal of new and old Zionists (see a moderate Zionism definition here).

What this group wants is nothing short of the reestablishment of King David’s Empire, which encompassed all of the so-called “Mandate Palestine, the British Mandate of Palestine and British Palestine” plus Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, as well as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Oman, Yemen, most of Turkey, and all the land east of the Nile river.

Granted, this is an ambitious plan that is hard for “Joe” to grasp, but any reader can watch the news and put two-plus-two together.

If Joe can accept my assertion here, then I am sure he will better understand why he is in such a fix. But let’s move on to examine the Zionist plan, stumbling blocks, and progress so far. Yes, of course, that is if this plan actually exists.

There are only two big problems with creating this great big land of “Greater Israel”. First, there are one hell of a lot of Arabs in the way.

Second, getting those Arabs the hell out of the way is costing Americans and the rest of the world an unbelievable price. On the first point the proxy militaries of Zion and America are rapidly subtracting Arabs from King David’s former territory.

Those that cannot be cluster bombed, beheaded, shot, blasted, or otherwise butchered are simply starved to death or die of disease. The rest will probably move to Europe if the lobbies there work hard enough, and if not, America has lots of free land left.

And this brings us to our main point – how AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and hundreds of other supporters of Netanyahu’s dreams of empire robbed poor heroic Joe of his future.

The Zionist Dream

Now, you’ll recall I said that all our hero Joe needed was a small grant to rev up his business. Most of you reading this probably have better math skills than me, so please try and divide and subtract or multiply some numbers here.

According to the most recent figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (which are always WAY conservative), there were 453,000 jobless veterans as of 2016. So, let’s focus on these “GI Joes and Janes” for a moment.

For an initial instance, let’s assume that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Arab Spring, and the Ukraine mess are not for the benefit of “Greater Israel”.

Let’s just do some math with the massive funding through tax breaks and donations for Israel’s defense industry, the IDF, and gigantic weapons loans from the US that never get paid back.

Serving their country

Let’s pretend Americans care more about “Joe” and less about genetically pure Israelis (more on this in a later post). For the moment, let’s forget the $9 billion dollar trade deficit the US has with Israel, and focus on the $38 billion US Senator Lindsey Graham and others approved for Israeli defense recently.

$38 billion dollars divided by 453,000 out of work vets, that’s $83,885.21 rounded to the nearest cent for each-and-every GI Joe or Jane out there. But I know it will take some IMPACT here for readers to share this with ALL their Average Joe friends out there.

Let me spell this out. No funds for the IDF to blast Palestinians to smithereens – 453,000 new businesses and zero unemployment for down and out vets. Yes, Utopia, I know. But let’s continue, because this is just the chump change the Zionists levy from us.

I won’t break down the private funding direct to the IDF. I will not harp about the star-studded galas and auctions Hollywood and high society hold to shower gifts of “BILLIONS” on Israel. Read this article and discover those.

Now, it’s time to return to the big picture, and to the role of Zionists in the wider world’s affairs. Let’s assume logically that the enemies of Israel, especially Arab nations, was the real cause for the so-called “war on terror” initiated after the 9/11 attacks by then US President George W. Bush.

Most of you reading understand I am not the first analyst or journalist to presume Israel and the Zionists have been behind recent wars. And I am not just talking about admitted anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan, who always called the Twin Towers attacks a false flag operation.

Forget wild-eyed conspiracy theories for the moment, and instead look at evidence inside books like “The Zionist War on Terror Creates More Terror”, by Christopher Bollyn. A short excerpt from Bollyn serves to set the stage for my last assertion here:

“As long as Western governments and societies allow themselves to be deceived about the true nature of terrorism, the “War on Terror” and the threat it is meant to eradicate will only get worse…

A recent book by Christopher Bollyn

For our political leaders and media to go along with false-flag deceptions and to flail away at phantoms is to ensure that the “War on Terror” will go on for a very long time. The only way to liberate ourselves and our nations from this madness is to expose the true source of terrorism.”

Without bombarding you with 9/11 theories and anti-Israel rhetoric, it’s completely fair to say hardliner Zionists in Israel, America, and across Europe have played a major role in brewing conflicts in the Middle East.

If we can admit that Greater Israel is part of this chaotic stew of destruction, then it is far easier to show “Average Joes” everywhere just what the cost of American and Israeli policies is. For the sake of this argument, here are some even more amazing “if” figures.

Since the so-called “War on Terror” was launched, experts claim that the United States has squandered between $3.2 and upwards of $5 trillion dollars. I think it’s fair to assume that it costs Americans more than $4 trillion since 2003, so let me run with this figure.

I Want My 80 Grand Back!

Yesterday I was on hold with the Social Security Administration for 47 minutes on an international call to solve my initial retirement payments. While I waited the robot in charge of held calls kept telling me, “We provide benefits to over 50 million Americans, so there are very busy times. We are sorry for your long wait”.

At that moment, this article was on my mind. I thought to myself over and over, “fifty million, fifty million into $4 trillion or so?” As I type this I am recalling over 40 years of hard work.

I’m thinking about my fellow 50 million countrymen, and all the hard work I saw those “Average Joes” doing over the decades. And I am thinking about the $900 bucks a month my early retirement (63 instead of 65) gets me.

I think I am “Average Joe” perhaps, and I am thinking $4,000,000,000,000.00 divided by 50 million. What is that figure? Wow, it comes out to $80,000 dollars! Now let me frame (or hammer) this in.

Without a war to destroy all of Israel’s neighbors and enemies (in my scenario) the people still alive who helped build and fuel the American dream could EACH have a lump sum payment of 80 grand! Eighty thousand dollars, what could the average retired person do – buy a small house – never pay rent again – get that eye surgery so desperately needed – live a little bit longer or more comfortably – survive instead of subsist!

I am now thinking about an aged couple I know back home in South Carolina, and about the cat food I once caught them eating a couple of days before their US Treasury checks arrived.

I’m thinking about my US veteran retired friend, who has to go to the VA to be treated like an animal. I am thinking about my own $900 dollars and how I will make do abroad, with no medical insurance except what my wife can pay for.

Peace and $80,000 for America’s retired “Average Joe or Joanne” – or perpetual war until Greater Israel is established. Until the Syrians are killed or run out of the coming “Northern Jerusalem Empire”… Take note folks, Americans got ZERO from these lost wars.

Soup kitchen

This is harsh, I know. It seems a bit conspiracy theoretical too, I understand. But after three or four years of research and analysis, and roughly twelve to fourteen hours a day hard at it, I’ve made my diagnosis. If killing and chaos, if the economical warfare and crookedness of our political processes are the illness, then rampant Zionism is the contagion.

From my perspective western societies have been literally infected by an insidious flesh-eating bug, a blood-sucking tick that spreads a bigoted and elitist disease that will eventually destroy us all. Like the small, seemingly harmless little tick, the animal driving American policy breeds more animals in the blood it extracts from its host.

And you think my seemly affront on Zionism dastardly or inappropriate? Then go and do your own pathology work. Look at the patient in his eyes, check his pulse, listen to that frail heartbeat, see his suffering, and try and cure humanity yourself. All I know is, “Average Joe” has not even been made aware of the parasite that has cost him everything.

How’s that for a wakeup call Joe?

How a Young Blonde Party Girl “Woke Up” And What God Showed Her About Those Who “Can See”

Almost ALL of the people I know in “real life” have blocked or unfriended me on Facebook  (as well as in reality) b/c I don’t hold back. I am so interested in and passionate about the things I see happening that I finally crossed the threshold to where the truth matters more to me than what anyone thinks of me. And boy is that a freeing feeling. Not that I haven’t paid a heavy price for it though…socially that is. But I’d much rather be alone than in shallow company anyways, so it doesn’t bother me much.

Almost all of my Facebook friends (who have become”real friends” over the years) are people I’ve never met.


About a year ago one of my best friends from high school tried to have a “talk” with me saying “So what’s going on with you? Alot of people have been telling me they’re concerned.” (Because of my Facebook posts.)

I couldn’t help but laugh at her genuine concern….just wow…every day is just so bizarre…knowing and seeing these things plain as day and watching those right next to you see absolutely nothing.

I didn’t even bother trying to explain. I knew by now that was a lost cause. So I just replied “Its not my fault everyone’s brainwashed.”

The look she got on her face (she’s a liberal who lives in San Francisco) makes me laugh when I think back to it.

I told her ”Someday I’ll seem like the most brilliant person in the world.” She shook her head at me…

In the 1960s, John Todd, one of the early Illuminati whistleblowers said something in one of his lectures that really stuck with me. It spoke to me because it’s what happened to me and I believe it to be true with all my heart. He said:

“Anyone who studies this stuff…the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the political side, the elite, Hollywood, all of it–anyone who goes really deep…finds God, the Bible and Jesus Christ. It’s all about Him. It’s a war on HIM.”

And there it is folks. That’s what it all boils down to. It’s such a profound statement because it’s so true! I truly believe that we are the last generation and that Jesus Christ will probably return within our lifetimes.. and that Satan knows he has but a short time…so he’s pulling out all the stops. He has been held back until now from destroying the earth. But we are about to witness the grand finale and it is going to be EPIC.

It’s a spiritual war, cloaked in deception. A battle more important than any before it in the history of the world..and WE have been specifically chosen to be a part of it. Our actions during it will echo in eternity and the implications of it are more important than we could ever possibly comprehend.


We are the Children of the End. And the true reality of what’s going on SMASHES fiction any day of the week. And that’s WHY this is all so fascinating to me.


When Obama appeared on the scene in 2008 campaigning for president I had an immediate & almost physical aversion to him. I never cared about or knew anything about politics until that man stepped onto the scene.

I was 28 in 2008 and up until that point I had been too busy partying to give any thought to politics or world affairs. But the appearance of Obama on the scene changed that for me…because of the unexpected physical reaction I found myself having to him. I’ve learned from experience that my gut feeling is always spot on and I had never had such a reaction like this to someone I barely knew. Something was up.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw him give a campaign speech on TV….I can’t explain why or how I knew, but the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I KNEW he was evil and here to destroy our country (I knew nothing about the Illuminati or NWO at the time). I thought he must be the Antichrist b/c it blew me away how no one around me could feel what I felt when I saw him.

I started trying to warn all of my family & friends…begging them not to vote for him….I became almost obsessed with it. Everyone got mad at me of course, telling me to calm down and shut up.


The day Obama was inaugurated to the presidency on January 21st, 2009, I was in an inpatient women’s rehab right outside San Francisco in Marin (trying to get off opiates) and the counselors who ran the rehab were all liberals. They canceled all of our activities that day so we could watch the inauguration and celebrate the first black president.

All of the girls excitedly gathered around the TV to watch. At first I tried to sit with them, but it quickly became unbearable. I had the same emotions one might have watching the execution of a loved one. I was nauseous and felt like throwing up. I left the “celebration” to go be alone. I wasn’t expecting to be so physically affected by his inauguration.

I remember it was raining and grey and how appropriate that felt on a day like today…it was as though the heavens were crying. I was so heavy & sad. I distinctly felt a shift in the spiritual realm that day and I knew that everything would be different from that day forward. I even saved that day’s San Francisco Chronicle b/c I knew that one day this headline would be prophetic. I still have it. Here’s a pic of it.

So when Obama was elected I knew without a doubt that we were in the End Times. I felt it strongly in my spirit.

I had always been fascinated with the book of Revelation as a child….I was always drawn to that book and I remember combing through every detail as a little girl, trying to figure out the meaning and imagining what those times would be like.

I’ve heard many others say that they too have always had something inside of them that knew that “something big” was going to happen in their lifetime, that they would be a part of.

In college I was living abroad in Madrid when Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind” books came out and I read through that entire series on my long rides to work and school on the Metro. They fascinated me.

I even went and visited the Vatican and Pope John Paul III happened to give a mass the day I was there. He rode within feet of me, waving to the crowd, in his bullet proof glass encased “Pope-mobile” and I remember feeling like I was living out one of the scenes in the Left Behind series.

This was in the year 2001 (I was only 20 years old) and back then I was not aware of how evil the Catholic system was at the very top but I do distinctly remember touring the Vatican and noticing that it didn’t feel good there. It reminded me of Vegas where the air feels thick and suffocating…’s the oppressive feeling of major demonic activity.

So when Obama was elected I thought he might be the Antichrist. (I don’t think so anymore) because of how everyone was so enamored with him. It was hard to find anyone else who sensed this man’s evil….who felt like I did. I had only ONE friend…another Christian man at my work who felt the same way, who I could talk to. The rest of my family and friends (many of them Christians) got mad at me… told me I was over reacting… I was a racist, and to “give Obama a chance”.

So of course with the appearance of this very obvious villain on the scene, I began paying attention…but I knew nothing then….I had no clue there were powers behind him…the “Illuminati” and their “New World Order” weren’t even on my radar…but that would soon change. My hunger for knowledge had begun…and I wanted to understand more.


And it’s interesting b/c looking back on my “awakening & learning process” I see that I HAD to have been divinely guided b/c I “randomly” came across the information in almost perfect sequential order. As though God was running a lesson plan and bringing me the perfect info at the perfect time, in the perfect order.

He started out by showing me that aliens were demons. I ordered a book that I randomly came across that at the time just looked interesting called “Unholy Communion” by Joe Jordan & David Ruffino.


These 2 guys started researching alien abductions and spent several years interviewing thousands of ppl who had been abducted. They were not Christians when they started this research but by the end of this project they had become Christians….b/c just like every ufologist or researcher who has ever done thorough research into this area…they soon discovered through their thousands of interviews…that the ONLY thing that has EVER stopped an abduction in its tracks was the person calling upon Jesus Christ. Calling on His name made these beings flee immediately.

An interesting statement they made in their book was that every secular ufologist knows this…it is a fact well known by many in the UFO community (that Jesus name is the only known thing to ever stop an abduction)…yet it is rarely spoken about because it doesn’t fit their narrative…and so it is dismissed.

So aliens are demons..but of course! Made so much sense. They steal kill and destroy.

Then I came across LA Marzulli (“UFO’s are real burgeoning and not going away”) where I learned the REAL reason for Noah’s flood…I had been a pastor’s daughter…had grown up in church my whole life…so I was BLOWN AWAY when I found out the REAL reason God flooded the earth.


God hadn’t destroyed every living thing on earth because “people were really bad”. He had sent the flood because Lucifer was about to wipe out His creation!!

Wow… If they had actually taught us the truth in Sunday school …about the Watchers, the giants/Nephilim and just the REAL reason God had flooded the earth…. Sunday school would have been SOOO much more interesting.


I was amazed. The Bible came alive for me in a way it hadn’t before…and things began to make so much more sense! Suddenly the long boring chapters carefully chronicling genealogy weren’t so annoying anymore. The bloodline mattered! Why had this information been kept from us? Why was it considered  unimportant by the churches ? Had they missed the line in the Bible “As in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man”???

There is nothing new  under the sun and Satan is still up to his old schemes. The problem is that the churches now only teach a watered down version of truth and people will not be prepared for what’s coming, when their pastors are preaching “generic self help sermons” every Sunday.

Then I came across Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle who were both instrumental in introducing me to a vast treasure trove of new information as well as some really awesome watchmen. I ordered & read Steve Quayle’s book “Angel Wars” which really opened my eyes.

I somehow came across one of Alex Jones documentaries online… and I’ll never forget the first time I saw the video footage of our govt and world leaders participating in that Satanic ritual at Bohemian Grove. That knocked my socks off and changed everything for me.


Because suddenly it all started coming together. Because NONE of this will EVER make any sense until you understand that all top world/govt leaders are occultists and are taking orders from the Fallen One.


All Christians know that Satan is considered the “god of this world” and yet still seem to have a hard time believing that those in power are ACTUALLY Satan worshippers….Satan worshippers who ACTUALLY do things like sacrifice babies and drink their blood in rituals….and on the list goes. Horrific things. Their god is demanding and requires much for his services. They carry out his master plan and he in turn gives them riches, and power, pleasure and prestige.


The fact that most of these bloodline elitists have been split and programmed since they were in the womb is one of the best covers for what they do. Because the average person cannot fathom how a well known politician could (for example) kill a baby in a satanic ritual and do all these horrific things say on a Tue night….and then by Wed morning be dressed to the 9′s, hair coiffed giving a wonderful speech to the public in Congress, appearing completely “together” and normal the very next morning.

The amnesic barriers between personalities protects their sanity and ability to function….while still taking part in horrific evil….committing acts that would drive the avg person to insanity.

All throughout the world’s history, even back to ancient Egypt, the bloodline Luciferian elites have “split” their children through Satanic Ritual Abuse. It’s the only way to continue doing what they need to do to please their god and still function and remain “sane”. So for example, the politician giving the speech in front of Congress on a Wednesday morning can appear so benevolent and sincere in the moment because they ARE. This person has no recollection of the atrocities they carried out and/or participated in the night before.

When I found out that the people in charge are Satan worshippers and what their goal was, I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. Especially because it all made perfect sense. The whole picture came into focus, suddenly all at once….This was when my paradigm completely shattered and I went through a period of mourning. Looking back I think I went through the stages of grief over it. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance.

I was pregnant with my first (and only) child at the time and I was mourning the loss of his future…. wondering what kind of world I was bringing him into….what kinds of things he was going to have to face. I was heartbroken. How was I supposed to raise him…to prepare him without taking away his hope?

It took about a year and a half to process it all and get past the depression and anger into the acceptance stage. It’s some heavy stuff to process. Your whole construct of reality must come down and be rebuilt again.

Today my son who’s just turned 7 knows the basic truths (although I keep it light). Most importantly he knows Jesus.

And when the veil began to lift for me I was so amazed with what I was finding out that I thought EVERYONE would want that know. The biggest shock of my life was when I found out that this wasn’t so.

I was so confused at the reaction I got when I would try to tell my family and friends the things I was learning. They would immediately bristle and become tense….. I was so confused. What was going on? Why did no one believe me? Why did no one want to know?


I felt a range of emotions….but mostly confusion….it was really hard for me to understand why people didn’t care, didn’t want to know, and just plain didn’t believe me.


The truth is so incredible and so epic that you really could not write this stuff if you tried.

I also think the truth has been supernaturally hidden using witchcraft and occult covering. They have a spiritual covering over it….that hides it from the masses.

Although I believe that when they “tell us what their plans are” or “hide things in plain site”, that they are following the spiritual law of consent. If they tell us what their plans are (using Hollywood and the media for example) and we do nothing to stop it, we have in fact passively given our consent….which then gives them legal right to proceed.

So it took me a couple years to understand and accept the fact that most people will not believe me, and will go out of their way to avoid me….because these things make them uncomfortable.

That’s why you kind of have to make a decision regarding things like your Facebook page. You either 1) post neutral things like pics of your dinner, your grandkids, and cute baby/funny cat  videos, or 2) very mild truths hoping to warm ppl up, being careful not to alienate anyone…OR 3) you go all in and post whatever the hell you want. And if you go with option 3 then brace yourself for the outrage from friends, family and acquaintances. They WILL all block you. No..unfollowing your posts is not enough. Neither is unfriending you. They must block you AND make sure you know about it first. Which is silly…as if you’re going to start harassing them and sending them links via messenger. No they know you won’t. They just want to punish you for making them so upset. And if theres no truth to any of it like they claim then what is there to be so upset about? Reminds me of all those atheists who are so obviously mad at God.

I started Facebook out like anyone else. With a few hundred friends. All ppl I knew in real life. Now just a handful of “real life friends/family” remain ( under 5 maybe). I watched as they all dropped like flies one by one. I managed to offend almost every single one of them. But the beauty of it is….that I really didn’t care that much. I am so interested in and passionate about what I see happening that I just know I can’t keep it in or hide it. And it feels so good to be able to be myself and not care what others think. Slowly but surely I attracted ppl who appreciated the same things and over the years I’ve collected quite an amazing group of people. Most I have never met in person….but they have all been such a blessing.

And anyways my main point was that looking back I feel like all of this info was shown to me in just the perfect sequence as though God was guiding me. And when you hear truth you know it. Well I feel like I do anyways. And since then I’ve come across so many others like myself (thanks to the internet)…but its always been a persistent question in my mind… Why is it that so few Christians understand the bigger picture?

It really bothered me that more Christians couldn’t “see”. My parents are amazing Christians and both have a very close relationship with Him that they cultivate on a daily basis. Why couldn’t they “see”?

One day God gave me the answer. And I know it was from Him because of the way it came to me. He tends to answer me by striking me with a thought that hits me a certain way right in my gut…as though I’d always known the answer, but just needed to remember it. And this one was a clear epiphany.

The reason they can’t “see” this stuff is not necessarily because they’re not spiritually discerning but because they weren’t “made” to see it. God didn’t create them with the type of personality to be interested in these things if that makes any sense. They have other gifts & callings serving here on His earthly kingdom.

I think that those of us who are interested in and deeply understand this stuff (it seems to come so natural to us) are this way because it’s a part of our calling. It’s a natural desire & wisdom that God created in us because somehow it fits in with what our ultimate mission will be, here on earth in these End Days. What that purpose is or will be exactly? I have no idea but I know it is real and that it is important.

And yes…Christians NEED to understand the plans of the enemy. Some of us have been called to do just that although it’s obviously not for everyone. Most can’t handle it and it just confuses them and puts them in fear. So my point is is that it’s really easy to get annoyed and frustrated w/ our friends & family who seem totally clueless…especially when they resent us for it and it causes tension. But I guess we just have to remember that not all Christians are called to the same purpose and that this knowledge/wisdom/discernment (whatever it is) is unique to us because we have a special calling. We will be warriors for Christ in a different way than most Christians. I look forward to finding out.


We are living in one of the most important days on earth right now. Part of the reason it’s all so interesting to me is just how bizarre and unbelievable this is…how they are able to pull this off and deceive ppl on this large of a scale. Ppl tell me to stop focusing on the “negative” but what they don’t understand is that it doesn’t affect me like that. I understand the bigger picture and I know at the end of the day who is ultimately in control. I feel safe in knowing that Jesus Christ really did pay the price to redeem us and that although we may still die a physical death, we will be restored to perfection and live in His presence for eternity. Eternity is a very long time.



This temporary reality we are living in and the spiritual battle that is being played out on the world stage right now is stranger than fiction. We have front row seats to a time in history that people have talked about, written about, thought about, and wondered about for thousands of years. I’m not going to apologize for being absolutely fascinated with what I see playing out in front of me in real time. Do you know how many theologians and men of faith would LOVE to have witnessed these events in their lifetime? To finally see how the mystery of these prophesies are actually fulfilled?

I understand that most ppl are not where I am and that many can’t see the whole picture. And that looking at this stuff puts them in fear & makes it too hard to function on a daily basis. I get it. Not only does it take faith in Jesus, belief in a spiritual war, and an understanding of prophesy, but it also takes a certain kind of right brained personality perhaps?….to be able to connect the patterns and appreciate the intricate layers of complexity and intrigue that makes this entire thing so fascinating.


So I guess I’m trying to remember that not everyone can handle learning about this. Of course when they can’t ignore it anymore they’ll have to face it then.

Here is one of my favorite C.S Lewis quotes.

“You may have noticed that the books you really love are bound together by a secret thread. You know very well what is the common quality that makes you love them, though you cannot put it into words: but most of your friends do not see it at all, and often wonder why, liking this, you should also like that. Again, you have stood before some landscape, which seems to embody what you have been looking for all your life; and then turned to the friend at your side who appears to be seeing what you saw — but at the first words a gulf yawns between you, and you realise that this landscape means something totally different to him, that he is pursuing an alien vision and cares nothing for the ineffable suggestion by which you are transported. Even in your hobbies, has there not always been some secret attraction which the others are curiously ignorant of — something, not to be identified with, but always on the verge of breaking through, the smell of cut wood in the workshop or the clap-clap of water against the boat’s side? Are not all lifelong friendships born at the moment when at last you meet another human being who has some inkling (but faint and uncertain even in the best) of that something which you were born desiring, and which, beneath the flux of other desires and in all the momentary silences between the louder passions, night and day, year by year, from childhood to old age, you are looking for, watching for, listening for? You have never had it. All the things that have ever deeply possessed your soul have been but hints of it — tantalising glimpses, promises never quite fulfilled, echoes that died away just as they caught your ear. But if it should really become manifest — if there ever came an echo that did not die away but swelled into the sound itself — you would know it. Beyond all possibility of doubt you would say “Here at last is the thing I was made for”. We cannot tell each other about it. It is the secret signature of each soul, the incommunicable and unappeasable want, the thing we desired before we met our wives or made our friends or chose our work, and which we shall still desire on our deathbeds, when the mind no longer knows wife or friend or work. While we are, this is. If we lose this, we lose all.”

– C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain

Thank you to all of you who’ve made me feel appreciated & valued over the last few years…by being interested in the things I post.

You’ve helped keep me sane and encouraged me in this Twighlight Zone we find ourselves in. …  Because of you I can  be confident that I’m not “crazy” or “out there” like my real life family and friends all think I am. ;)

I must end this with this amazing short film.

A friend sent it to me a couple years ago saying “You HAVE to watch this”. I did and since then I have probably watched it 100+ times because it’s SOO awesome.


Steve Quayle: End of the World and End of Time Warning w/John B. Wells (Video)

Stephen Quayle is the author of five books. For over thirty years, he has been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs and biological warfare as they relate to the future of mankind. Stephen discusses the coming worst-case scenarios approaching this world and how they interrelate to each other.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear and biological terrorism, coupled with the planned financial meltdown of the U.S. dollar will thrust us into unimagined tribulations. Stephen Quayle is on record as stating that we have moved from the realm of natural threats into the arena of supernaturally guided events of the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events of unfathomable proportions.

The video says Horn but it is Quayle

Christians Don’t Do Yoga or Orgone!

In this video I cover many things Christians should stay away from including Yoga, Orgone and much more.  I know there will be many people reading this that consider themselves Christians who practice Yoga and have no idea the demonic nature of it.  Yoga was created by Hindus who worship over 1,000 false gods or demons.  This is a fact that cannot be denied if you do your research on the roots of Yoga.  There have been cases where people have been demonically possessed when they did a certain pose!   I know many of you who do yoga do not worship satan and are by in large very good people.  You have simply been deceived as I was about many things.  Here’s a direct quote from a yoga website.

The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. A male who practices yoga is called a yogi, a female practitioner, a yogini.

So what are people who practice Yoga “yoking” to?  Well, the people who created Yoga worshipped over 1,000 demons so it’s not hard to guess what you’re being yoked to.  It sure isn’t Jesus that’s for sure!

If the demons have too much influence over you, you will get mad at me for attacking Yoga instead of simply doing the research yourself.  It’s so easy for Christians to go from being a Yoga master to a Pilates master.  Pilates was not created to worship and please demons!  There’s nothing wrong with stretching and great flexibility but you simply cannot disconnect the demonic Hindu false god worship roots from Yoga.  It’s simply impossible to separate the demonic from Yoga because it was created by people who literally worshipped demons!   Sending me a nasty email about it won’t change the fact that God told you to stay away from the practices of the heathens.   Yoga was created by heathens.  If I reach just one person reading this and who gets away from Yoga then I’ve done my job.

Orgone is another thing being pushed now heavily by new agers.  I know all about orgone because I got into it when I was in my “new age” phase in my 30s.  It’s being pushed hard by new agers in the truth movement.  New agers believe the Bible is full of lies but they have no idea that all their “beliefs” actually came from satanists who created the entire new age philosophy.  Orgone doesn’t protect you from demons or aliens or cell phone towers, only God does this!   When you put orgone around your house you are actually attracting demons to you, the same as I was doing when I collected UFO and Alien books and videos.  Even if it was true (which it isn’t) that putting a few orgone disks around your house would change the weather why would you even want to do this when the weather is in God’s hands not yours.

During my new age phase,  I even traveled out of my body one time.   At the time I thought it was pretty cool but looking back, my life went down a dark road starting at about the same time I got into new age stuff.  I write this article not to offend any of you who are into Yoga or other things I cover.  I do it so maybe some of you will look into what I’m saying more and think about it.  Pray to God to show you the truth and he will!

When I dedicated my life to Jesus and threw away all the things I talk about in this video.  By the way, if you’re a football nut and you’re paying hundreds of dollars per year by getting the NFL Ticket but you give nothing to God then you’ve put football above God and you’ve made football your God.   Be aware that all information from psychics come from the demons.  Are they right sometimes?  Yes, but its only to draw you in so they can screw up your life later when you do something they tell you instead of praying about it.  There’s not one psychic in the world who is even close to 100%.

My challenge to everybody reading this!  Ask God to let you feel the Holy Spirit if I’m right!

Pray for God to give you the answers on whether I am right or not.   Then play the video below and see if you feel the Holy Spirit!  Email me at if you do!

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