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Making a “Last Run” When the SHTF

The last-minute grocery and emergency supply shopping run is part of prepper mythology. Whether or not it makes sense to do a “last run” shopping trip is very controversial in the prepper community and has both positive and negative aspects. Whether or not to do so requires considerable forethought and mental preparation.

I know some preppers are horrified by the idea of intentionally utilizing a last run to top-off or expand supplies. It’s great to be able to hunker down with a mug of hot buttered rum in front of the fireplace and watch the snow come down or snuggle down with a good book to read by LED lantern light, but one of the key characteristics of preppers is their ability to take advantage of a changing situation and making it work for them.

I don’t recommend a last run be your first choice in emergency preparedness, but a last run can have advantages that may be worth exploiting. If you choose to conduct a last run, you aren’t less of a person or less of a prepper. You haven’t failed your family or yourself. You’ve simply made a reasoned, conscious choice to capitalize on another opportunity when every opportunity is important.

n most apocalyptic fiction, the main characters suddenly awaken to the immensity and criticality of their End of the World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) situation and run to the store to stock up on supplies that virtually every long-time prepper worth his or her salt has already stashed. The fictional characters always have working automobiles, always have a respectable amount of cash on hand, and always manage to arrive at the store ahead of the soon-to-become violent crowd.

Really? Figure the odds.

In the main I agree with most posters, a final run is possibly/probably not a good idea, maybe.

If you’re talking about a last run to Walmart, then maybe you run the chance of getting into the middle of where you don’t want to be. However, there are lots of other sorts of “final runs”, such as to the bank, the gas station, the feed store, and others. How safe a final run is can depend on how fast, prepared and organized you are, and what particular goal you have in mind.

When 911 happened, I was in the barn working on something. When the news about the first tower came over the radio, I decided to go to the house to see what was on TV. I got there just in time to see the second tower get hit. Over the next hour, reports came in that we were under attack. The Pentagon was hit, there were reports of shots or a bomb at the State Department, the President was taken into hiding, a plane was in the air heading for DC, and there were all kinds of other reports and rumors. Then two fighter jets flew low over my house chasing a small plane. (That was really impressive!) It seemed early that first day that things might really be coming apart. Every bit of me wanted to sit and watch what was happening.

I also thought if things were going to go south, there were some chores to do. There were various tractor parts I had planned on picking up the next week. I also wanted another milk goat. So, I jumped in the truck and took off. It was remarkable. There was no one driving. It appeared everyone was watching, instead of acting. When I got to Tractor Supply, it was a ghost town. The lone clerk complained he wanted to close the store so he could go home and watch the news like everybody else. I was able to stock up with no problem.

When I arrived at the goat farm, I got the nanny also with no delay. I don’t recall the farmer even knowing of the events. He didn’t have a radio in his barn like I did. (Had the event been a nuke from N. Korea instead of several commercial planes, he might have been in a tough spot not knowing what was happening.) Since then I have occasionally wondered if things had really gotten bad that day/week if goat guy would have been so quick to sell what might later have become a prime asset. Early on, he was happy to make the deal.

My third stop was at the feed store for some additional 100 lb. bags of corn and 80 lb. bags of wheat and oats. Animals eat, and not a bit of that extra grain would go to waste if nothing more happened. If things really did get nuts, several hundreds of pounds of additional animal feed would feed a heck of a lot of people. Our supply store also sells a wide variety of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. No matter how many seeds you have, seeds is simply one of those things you can’t have too much of. There will very possibly be fewer seeds available for trade than even antibiotics and lead. Of course, the feed stores have fertilizers, sulfur, soil amendments, and Epson salts. I picked up a bit of all of those.

The day was passing and still very few people were out and moving. All three of these possible “final runs” were very quiet and easy, on a day that could have turned out to be a much greater long-term disaster. Had more planes dropped or bombs had gone off and if the terrorists had planned even greater evil and blown the power grid at the same time, people would have very likely panicked at some point. But early on, before folks got moving and were still just sitting in shock watching, a final run was safe. Thank God that day didn’t continue to grow worse, but in the early hours no one knew, and I felt it was better to act than to sit and hope.

Not too long ago another event happened. The stock market went down 500 points one morning. There for a short while, no one knew what it meant. I called my brother who lives on the farm next door and said, “Let’s go.” We got to our local bank within 10 minutes of the first radio report so we could clean out our accounts, just in case, there was some sort of Wall Street/bank shut down. The bank folks (who we have known for a long time, as networking is a good thing) said they were well aware of events and the central office had already put them on notice to be ready for possible orders to close their doors. We apologized to them for withdrawing our money and we said we hoped we wouldn’t feel too bad or too foolish if we came back the next day to redeposit if nothing happened. The manager was entirely sympathetic and said they had even had a couple people in before us doing the same thing.


My brother and I then went to our second stop– the local gas station– to fill up our gas cans. Please note to those folks who claim to have a 10-year supply of everything on hand, on a farm one thing you always need is to top off your fuel supply. There just aren’t that many days you don’t run a tractor, chainsaw, mower, and/or generator. You can always use more fuel, and the cash we had just gotten out of the bank was going to hold much better value as gas than greenbacks might have been worth in a meltdown.

My brother and I returned home, satisfied that if for some reason commerce stopped that day, we were a bit better prepared. We had gotten cash and gas before any possible rush or shut down had happened.

Over the years I have, of course, become well prepared for “what may come”. I have certain ideas about what is best, including prepping for the next several generations, instead of merely 10 or 20 years. But I also try to be mindful of preparing for other possibilities. I often remind myself to not get rigid. Sure, it’s not a good idea to go to Target when a thousand other people are also there grabbing things, but nevertheless, I have prepared to do just that. You never know what will happen, so prepare for it. Something I’ve done with the big box planning is to make maps of exactly where the things are located that I might want in a rush. One of our local big box stores has routinely carried exactly three 25lb. bags of salt. It’s on a bottom self and hard to find. With the map, it’s easy. It’s halfway down aisle 3, bottom shelf, on the left. I don’t have to search. I don’t have to look. I don’t have to think or remember. Just go. Simple. I’ve also marked muck boots, spices, OTC drugs, canning jar lids, and other such items usually not craved in a panic. While most folks will be grabbing canned tuna and meat, I may be off to the side picking up pepper and sewing machine needles. So if I do decide I should go, at least I wouldn’t be in the middle of the worst of the fuss.

We’ve done that with every store within a certain distance. I don’t plan on going there. But if something unexpected happens and we decide we must, it’s much simpler, quicker, and safer with a map and plan than it might be otherwise. You might also check at your stores to see if they have store maps. The stores here provide them for anyone who asks, in order to help them in their shopping. Another thing a map accomplishes is that when “things happen” and our group gathers here, it’s simple to send out folks to various locations to pick up items if we decide it’s worth the effort or risk. We can just hand out a map and a supply list and simply say, “Go.” No discussion and no descriptions are needed, just go. If you can get to where you are going fast enough, and especially before the rush, things get much easier.

Another thing we do is to go to one of the local grocery stores every day to pick up the produce they throw out. It makes great free chicken and pig food, and since some of it just came off the sales shelves it’s still good for us to eat (but please don’t tell them that). We go knock on the back door of the huge store about noon every day, and there they are waiting. We go inside and talk a bit, look around while talking, and make friends. There is an incredible amount of food and such in the back rooms and loading docks of any major store. While the hoards are fighting in the store’s front, it just may be possible to meet your store “friends” and load up out back. Maybe not, but it’s worth investigating and considering. (Once again, networking can be a very good thing.)

So the point of all this is to remain flexible. In general, it may be best to not make a “final run”, but you just never know. With the right planning and forethought, a final run can be highly productive and even very safe. You may never get a second chance at an opportunity, so be ready to move fast if the right situation presents because you may be just as mistaken if you aren’t prepared to make the right move of opportunity as you are if you make the wrong move in the panic.

15 Free-But-Forgotten Ways Our Ancestors Stayed Warm During Winter

15 Free-But-Forgotten Ways Our Ancestors Stayed Warm During Winter

Artist: Thomas Birch

Staying warm was not always as simple as flipping a switch or nudging a thermostat. In the days of our ancestors, it also was not as easy as loading and starting a pellet stove. It involved even more than hauling firewood in from a dry shed and loading it into a state-of-the-art woodstove.

With what were often limited resources, our grandparents needed to use common sense and ingenuity to augment whatever they used as a primary heating system.

Here are some of the “free” things they did to keep warm:

1. Wear sweaters and warm clothing. There probably were not many folks going around all day in short sleeves in the dead of winter. Instead of bringing the indoor temperature high enough to dress the same all year ‘round, they added on layers during colder seasons.

2. Acclimatize to cooler temperatures. When my aunt relocated to Florida several years ago, she laughed at the sight of joggers wearing earmuffs at 50 degrees. But by the next year, she, too, felt cold at higher temperatures than she had while living up north. In the same manner as my aunt became accustomed to warmer weather, so, too, can most people get used to cooler indoor temperatures during winter.

3. Stay active. I have hiked many mountains in cool weather, wearing only shorts and a T-shirt in temperatures as low as in the 40s. But sitting indoors at my computer, I reach for a sweater as soon as it dips below 70. Our grandparents may have moved around both in- and out-of-doors more than we do now, if for no other reason than to accomplish daily living tasks which we no longer do today. This higher level of activity contributed to keeping them warmer.

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4. Wrap up. When they did curl up on the couch with a good book or relax with a hobby, our grandparents likely made good use of afghans, shawls and lap quilts. Rather than heat the whole room, it made sense to use warm covers to retain body heat during sedentary intervals.

5. Be conscientious about trips in and out of the house. Every time a door is opened, heat escapes. By planning ahead and limiting the number of times the door is opened, people in our grandparents’ generation were able to retain indoor heat more efficiently.

6. Use the oven for indirect heat. It goes without saying that baking anything other than necessities is a better idea on a cool day than on a hot one. And after the baking is done (and the oven is off), it is useful to leave the oven door ajar to allow the heat into the room.

15 Free-But-Forgotten Ways Our Ancestors Stayed Warm During Winter

Artist: Currier and Ives

7. Close off unused rooms. Spare bedrooms, summer kitchens, utility rooms and entryways may not need to be heated all winter. The more square footage in a home, the more heat is required — and the harder it can be to stay warm. Closing doors and heat registers to non-essential space can be helpful. This is what our grandparents did.

8. Keep bedrooms cool and pile on extra blankets for sleeping. Many bedrooms do double duty as areas for homework, children’s play or hobbies. It might be worth considering to move these activities to common areas during cold weather, thereby saving heating costs while keeping the family warm in one or two rooms.

9. Use insulated curtains or hang blankets on windows. Staying warm in our grandparents’ time often included creating an extra barrier between themselves and outside, and window coverings were key.

10. Cover walls. Hanging heavy quilts along exterior walls can help keep rooms warmer. It not only provides additional insulation, but soft textiles create the illusion of warmth and comfort. Extra coverings over wall outlets can help minimize drafts, as well.

11. Place draft dodgers under doors. Creations made of yarn, fabric, rags, synthetic stuffing, or newspaper can help prevent air exchange and retain more warm air inside. These could be basic — just old hosiery stuffed with textile scraps — or as fancy as anyone wanted to make them.

12. Winterize windows with plastic. Windows which were particularly vulnerable to wind and cold and those in rarely used rooms could be easily covered with a sheet or two of clear plastic and tacked on using furring strips, adding an additional layer of insulation and helping to create a greenhouse effect inside the house.

13. Caulk or fill in around windows. Loose windows and frames allow warm air to leak out and cold air to flow in. Filling in gaps and cracks with a malleable material helped prevent heat loss and contributed to our grandparents staying warm.

14. Insulate the attic. Commercial insulation is probably the best idea for us today—despite its higher cost, it is super-efficient. But our grandparents had to do it with whatever they had—rags, woolens and even old newspaper could make a difference. It was important that they take care not to place anything combustible too close to a chimney, and that remains a crucial consideration for us today, too.

15. Bank around the house. Our grandparents used bales of hay or straw, bags of leaves, or other insulating materials around the outside of the house. Often in colder climates, they packed snow around the foundation to minimize transfer of heat.

By being intentional and diligent, our grandparents were able to thrive in the coldest of weather. And by following the lead of our ancestors, we all can stay a little warmer during winter.

Is THIS How They’ll Eliminate Nearly 90% Of The US Population By 2025? Stunning Number Of Mysteriously Dead Scientists, Microbiologists And Holistic Health Practitioners Suggest Something Extremely Nefarious Is Going On!

Back on November 5th, we published a story on ANP titled “There Is Something ‘Dark And Disturbing’ About This Outbreak – Bizarre Coincidences And Deadly Proficiency” within which we reported numerous bizarre coincidences and unnerving facts about the outbreak of the ‘Black Death’ plague now striking Madagascar. As we reported then, the rapidly spreading disease was showing no signs of slowing down and as the Daily Mail reports in this recent story, experts are now warning the deadly virus WILL reach the US, Europe and the UK and their great worry now is the disease could mutate to become untreatable.
According to this new story from the Daily Star, no one is safe from this epidemic of black death as they warn it is spreading across cities like wildfire, possibly spiraling out of control, and as this new story over at The Sun confirms, there is very little that anybody will be able to do to stop it now from going global. And now as we read in a bizarre new story shared in the 1st video and in much more detail below, some doctors are now warning a mutation cause this disease to kill in as little as 3 hours.

While medical experts warn that the black death plague now causing such a scare begins with flu-like symptoms and that those who’ve contacted the deadly disease who don’t take antibiotics within the first 24 hours afterwards will most likely die, we take a look within this brand new ANP story at an absolutely stunning number of the world’s most pre-eminent scientists and microbiologists and now holistic healthcare practitioners who have met their untimely and mysterious ends.

How many Americans who catch a cold or some kind of bug immediately get themselves on antibiotics within the first 24 hours, especially in this day and age of massive anitibiotic overuse resulting in diseases become antibiotic resistant? Generally, most people will wait at least a day or two before going to the doctors when they come down with flu like symptoms but as we learn in this story from the New Zealand Herald, waiting 2 or 3 days to get on medications may be far too late.

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Quite interestingly, as we learn from this often quoted story from History Today, when the plague swept across Europe in the 14th century, wiping out nearly 60% of the entire population, it was of a ‘bubonic’ variety and it ‘spread by leaps’ or ‘metastic spread’. It jumped from village to village to village. This is important yet we should keep in mind, that was the bubonic plague and what is striking Madagascar now is 65% pneumonic. From their story:

The infection takes three–five days to incubate in people before they fall ill, and another three–five days before, in 80 per cent of the cases, the victims die. Thus, from the introduction of plague contagion among rats in a human community it takes, on average, twenty-three days before the first person dies.

When, for instance, a stranger called Andrew Hogson died from plague on his arrival in Penrith in 1597, and the next plague case followed twenty-two days later, this corresponded to the first phase of the development of an epidemic of bubonic plague. And Hobson was, of course, not the only fugitive from a plague-stricken town or area arriving in various communities in the region with infective rat fleas in their clothing or luggage.

This pattern of spread is called ‘spread by leaps’ or ‘metastatic spread’. Thus, plague soon broke out in other urban and rural centres, from where the disease spread into the villages and townships of the surrounding districts by a similar process of leaps. In order to become an epidemic the disease must be spread to other rat colonies in the locality and transmitted to inhabitants in the same way.

It took some time for people to recognize that a terrible epidemic was breaking out among them and for chroniclers to note this. The timescale varies: in the countryside it took about forty days for realization to dawn; in most towns with a few thousand inhabitants, six to seven weeks; in the cities with over 10,000 inhabitants, about seven weeks, and in the few metropolises with over 100,000 inhabitants, as much as eight weeks.


As Susan Duclos recently pointed out, the 2014 ‘outbreak’ of Ebola here in the US, while limited to only a few victims, showed us just how totally unprepared most of our hospitals were for handling the infectious waste that comes along with a human outbreak of a disease caused by a biolevel 4 pathogen such as ebola. And while thankfully the killer disease was nipped in the bud back then and the spread halted, we must remember that ebola is largely spread via bodily or fluid contact, not through the air like the black death plague is now causing such havoc in Madagascar.

Imagine a worst case scenario of an untreatable and airborne version of the black death plague that killed off more than 60% of Europe’s population during the 14th century suddenly striking heavily populated areas of America. With anybody hit by it first showing symptoms of the common flu, likely leaving some staying home to recuperate while others think “its just a bug” while they go about their normal routines, the catastrophic damage potentially caused as the infected go untreated, possibly infecting anybody else within breathing or sneezing distance from them, could be unimaginably high.

While the pneumonic plague was not known to spread as viciously during cold seasons, and in the history of plagues that have struck Norway from the Black Death 1348-49 to the last outbreaks in 1654, comprising over thirty waves of plague, there was never a winter epidemic of plague, they also remind us why this plague is very different than the ones that struck Europe hundreds of years ago:

Plague is very different from airborne contagious diseases, which are spread directly between people by droplets: these thrive in cold weather.

With medical experts now warning that roughly 2/3 of all the cases of black death striking Madagascar are airborne and of the pneumonic variety, the potential spread of such an airborne disease is much greater than that which is caused by close contact or touch, the bubonic plagues that have tragically culled the lives of millions from this world.

And as experts also warn, we’re now witnessing a ‘more lethal form of the medieval disease’ that has killed hundreds of millions over years with the latest warnings the now airborne disease can kill within 3 hours that will send chills up spines. From their story:

A local news crew following one health worker in the stricken city heard doctors informing residents that the new strain of the disease “can kill in three hours”.

Earlier this week, infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison told Daily Star Online that the “extremely rare” disease has been “resilient” to antibiotics.

A spokesman for the World Health Organisation admitted there were fears that this strain of plague – which is now believed to be airborne – could cause a global outbreak of the disease.


Might such a disease have been bioengineered as reported in this story from Real Farmacy and as our videographer asks in the 2nd video below? As we’ll learn from Steve Quayle in an interview that will be published next week, an excerpt of this story from BBC, South Africa’s ‘Dr. Death’ who’s real name is Wouter Basson, just years ago took part in a top-secret program in which he was accused of producing illegal drugs and creating viruses that would only attack black people.

We’ll also discuss recent revelations coming to us from Russia where Vladimir Putin has shown us proof of genetic testing being done by the US Air Force in which Putin asks: “Why are they doing this?” This TruNews story asks: “Are they doing it for a bioweapon?” Another interesting new story comes to us from the Daily Star which reports top secret files reveal Japan actually bred black death plague to unleash upon the US during WW2.

In addition we’ll discuss these devious weapons known as ethnic bioweapons and as Steve will warn us, decades and decades of research have been put in to developing such weapons and there is little doubt that a British scientist named Dr. David Kelly may have been murdered and his death covered up because of his work in developing such ethnic bioweapons. And with the plague now striking Africa, a very similar plague to the one that wiped out more than 50 million people hundred years ago, is it just a coincidence that the UK’s Prince William recently claimed that there is a need for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa as reported in this recent story from Natural News?

The list of mysteriously dead scientists and microbiologists stretch all the way back to at least 1993 and now holistic health care doctors are mysteriously dying off en masse as Erin Elizabeth has steadfastly documented over at Health Nut News. Why are so many holistic doctors mysteriously dying, several years after many microbiologists, scientists, neurologists and other pre-eminent experts within their fields? Intersestingly, many of these mysteriously dead worked within top secret or weapons programs!

As Susan Duclos reported Monday on ANP, the list of dead holistic health care practicioners dating only back to 2015 now number 77 and the mainstream media apparatus hasn’t even touched upon the strange string of coincidences. Why have first scientists and microbiologists, and now holistic health practicioners, been dropping dead like flies and the msm ignoring them?

As we previously reported on ANP, this series of stories taking a look at black death now spreading across Africa and threatening to make landfall here in the US will consist of 3 stories and in our next story, we’ll also take a look at some big and small things that we can do as individuals to help make sure that we and our families survive should the worst case scenario unravel here and the US be struck with a widespread outbreak of what history has called “the greatest catastrophe ever”.

With the state of Oklahoma now actually conducting bioweapons tests for ‘research’ as we read in this story from over at Fox News 23, we’re told that one of the biggest reasons for Deagel’s forecast of nearly a 90% population reduction for America could largely be due to them knowing the ‘players involved’ with Deagel’s sources being ‘deep state’ all the way including the US Department of State, World Bank, CIA, and the European Union among others.

Deagel likely knows very well knows about the players involved who are creating bioweapons and binary bioweapons such as ebolapox and mouse pox with government’s and military’s all across the world, including China, Russia and Iran, and numerous US military branches, also listed as their sources. What is ‘mouse pox’ you might ask?

A virus that kills every one of its victims, by wiping out part of their immune system, has been accidentally created by an Australian research team. The virus, a modified mousepox, does not affect humans, but it is closely related to smallpox, raising fears that the technology could be used in biowarfare.

The discovery highlights a growing problem. How do you stop terrorists taking legitimate research and adapting it for their own nefarious purposes?

We’ll also take a look at the recent mysterious death of UFO researcher Max Spiers who back in 2016 was found dead after vomiting more than 2 liters of black blood and as we read in this recent SQ Alert, he too may have been a victim of a fast-acting bioweapon. We’ll also discuss what we reported on ANP back on November 5th, one potential delivery method of a ‘cocktail’ of death could be via chemtrails with chemtrails combined with deadly bioweapons to create a nefarious death spray or as Steve calls it, ‘death breath’, as what could be part of the notorious, long-held goals of the ‘illuminati-globalists’ of eliminating 90% of the world’s population.



The White House Is Being Warned: North Korea Is Planning A “Devastating EMP Attack” On America

Marine Corps veteran Tommy Waller, director of special projects at the Center for Security Policy, has warned President Trump about the EMP threat facing the United States.

“Winston Churchill once said, ‘History will be kind to me for I intend to write it’…

The surest way for history to be kind to President Trump is for him to write it, by being the first leader to truly address the existential threat of EMP.

The first and foremost thing he must write is an Executive Order establishing his own EMP Commission in the White House – a task force that draws from the experience of the previous EMP Commission.”

The grim warning is directed at North Korea and their ambitions to unleash a devastating atmospheric nuclear explosion above the United States that would collapse the nation’s power grid.

Most are aware by now that North Korea has successfully tested ICBM missiles and detonated nuclear devices throughout 2017. Put two and two together, and this is a dangerous cocktail fueling the regime in North Korea. It’s also a perfect recipe for Waller to further his agenda and urge President Trump to create a special commission to prepare for an EMP attack, such as the Manhattan Project in the 1940s in developing the nuclear bomb.

Here is what he had to say:

For those able to execute an unconstrained analysis of today’s threat environment, the single most urgent concern for America is what threatens her electric grid. Without electricity, the America we know today ceases to exist – and our enemies know this.

Elites in the U.S. government know this too, but most have chosen to ignore these threats and to ridicule, silence, and stymie anyone willing to speak the truth about them.

Waller also warns the whole system of 16 critical infrastructure components are dependent upon electricity and the idea an EMP could wipe out critical systems would be devastating for the survival of the empire.

America’s 16 Critical Infrastructures range from Water & Wastewater Systems to Food & Agriculture to Nuclear Reactors, Materials & Waste – and all of them depend upon electricity.

America’s need for electricity creates the ideal conditions by which an adversary can take advantage of Sun Tzu’s “Supreme art of war,” which is “to subdue your enemy without fighting.”

In 1999, with full recognition of this reality and enraged with American policy in the Balkans, Vladimir Lukin (the head of the Russian State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee) threatened a U.S. Congressional delegation by stating: “If we really wanted to hurt you with no fear of retaliation, we would launch a Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM), [and] we would detonate a nuclear weapon high above your country and shut down your power grid.”  

With fear in place, Waller is pushing for the first Executive order, establishing his own EMP Commission in the White House.

What’s very interesting is that the Obama administration already did this by passing an Executive Order on October 2016 preparing the nation for ‘Space Weather Events’, which would contribute to a total power grid collapse.

Here is snippet of section 1 of the executive order:   

Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events — those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure — could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

What’s even more peculiar are that high ranking officials are speculating a total power grid collapse across the United States is nearing,  but as mentioned above the Obama administration’s Executive Order is emphasizing ‘Space Weather Events’. On the other-hand, Waller is stressing that a total grid collapse will be due to a ‘North Korean EMP’.

The question: Who will be right? 

At this moment, the source of the total power grid collapse is unclear and conflicting —all depending on who you talk to, but there is one clear message. A total grid collapse in the United States is coming and it’s evident in the information above. 

In a blog post on Ripon Forum, the magazine of the moderate GOP Ripon Society, Waller wrote:

After massive intelligence failures grossly underestimating North Korea’s long-range missile capabilities, number of nuclear weapons, warhead miniaturization, and proximity to an H-Bomb, the biggest North Korean threat to the U.S. remains unacknowledged — nuclear EMP attack.

North Korea confirmed the EMP Commission’s assessment by testing an H-Bomb that could make a devastating EMP attack, and in its official public statement: “The H-Bomb, the explosive power of which is adjustable from tens of kilotons to hundreds of kilotons, is a multi-functional thermonuclear weapon with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP attack according to strategic goals.”

The Pentagon and some states have started to take action to protect the electric grid from an EMP attack, but the administration and Congress have largely shrugged off the concerns, according to EMP advocates.

Previous congressional testimony has suggested that 90 percent of humans within the area of an EMP attack would die in a year, either from hunger, lack of water and health care, and violence.

What would the aftermath of an EMP attack look like?

New BLACK DEATH plague strain can kill ‘in just 3 HOURS’ as lethal disease goes ‘airborne’

DOCTORS are struggling to keep a new lethal outbreak of the “Black Death” – also known as pneumonic plague – under control as numbers of recorded cases soar.

The disease has already killed more than 165 people in Madagascar alone, with thousands more confirmed cases across the east African country.

Malawi became the 10th neighbouring nation to be placed on high alert following the deadly outbreak of the disease which wiped out a third of the medieval population.

Madagascar’s health authorities have installed medical checkpoints across the parts of the capital city of Antananarivo in an attempt to curb the spread of the plague.

Plague (Black Death) facts

  • Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria known as Yersinia pestis.
  • Plague has a high fatality rate and has been described for centuries.
  • In the Middle Ages, plague was known as the “Black Death.” It caused the death of 60% of the population of Europe during a pandemic (an epidemic of human disease that has spread through a large geographic area).
  • Transmission occurs via fleas that feed on infected animals, typically wild rodents.

A local news crew following one health worker in the stricken city heard doctors informing residents that the new strain of the disease “can kill in three hours” after the onset of serious SYMPTOMS.  In other words, in the 3-9 day incubation period, people can have it, and SPREAD IT (unknowingly) before they get knocked-down by fever, chills and such  . . .  but by then, in as little as 3 hours, they’re dead.

Not everyone dies when infected. “Typhoid Mary” was a carrier, so it’s not like a chemical agent that wipes out waves of people and simply stops; it’s transmitted and processed.

Earlier this week, infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison told Daily Star Online that the “extremely rare” disease has been “resilient” to antibiotics.

A spokesman for the World Health Organisation admitted there were fears that this strain of plague – which is now believed to be airborne – could cause a global outbreak of the disease.

Speaking to  a London newspaper, disease outbreak expert Professor Paul Hunter said the plague could reach every continent, starting with mainland Africa.

He said: “This current outbreak is concerning given that it is different from previous cases we have seen, and has been spreading to areas that are not used to seeing it.

“We don’t want a situation where the disease spreads so fast it gets out of control.

“We are talking about it spreading in days rather than weeks.”

It comes after top secret files revealed Japanese scientists had been cultivating the killer disease during World War 2 in an attempt to use it against US forces.

Madagascar has plague outbreaks every year. However, what is different with this one is the fact that it has reached densely packed cities. The avg infection rate is about 600 people, it has already infected more than 3 times that amount, with roughly 6 months of the season to go

Black Death plague escalates as DOCTORS struck down by lethal disease sweeping Madagascar

Scientists have warned Madagascar’s health system is at risk of reaching breaking point if the disease continues to spread.At least 165 people have been killed by the “medieval disease” to date with an estimated 2,000 thought to be infected, according to health officials.

Yesterday infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison, of the University of Bristol, told Daily Star Online the health crisis is likely to “get worse before it gets better”.

Doctors have issued warnings about a new strain of the airborne disease which “can kill in three hours”, local reports say.

Dr Derek Gatherer, from Lancaster University, revealed the plague could spiral out of control in the same way Ebola did back in 2014.

Now experts fear hospitals will be unable to cope if the disease – called pneumonic plague – continues to spread at the same rate.

black death plague GETTYHEALTH CRISIS: Dozens of doctors have been struck down by the Black Death plague

Figures from the World Health Organisation show that 82 medics have been infected by the bacterial disease – around 4% of the total number of cases.Antibiotics can cure the disease if given to patients quickly.

But scientists are worried about the disease becoming resistant to antibiotics and therefore increasingly the risk of death.

Professor John Joe McFadden, of the University of Surrey, said the more antibiotics are used to treat the illness, the more ineffective they’ll become.

black death plague GETTYMEDICAL AID: Doctors are being infected by the Black Death plague

How the fatal Black Death spread across the world

black death plague GETTYSPREADING: At least 165 people have died from the plague sweeping east Africa

He said: “Madagascar, typically like many African countries, doesn’t have many doctors.“There are around three-and-a-half thousand doctors for 22 million people.

“They only have around 6,000 hospital beds, so they aren’t particularly well positioned to cope with these kind of events.

“And if it wasn’t for the international aid coming in things would definitely be much worse for them.”

Officials from the World Health Organisation (WHO) have warned there is a risk the disease could spread to other continents.

Scientists also believe the disease – which can kill in 24 hours – could become untreatable in the future if the virus mutates.

He said: “Madagascar, typically like many African countries, doesn’t have many doctors.

“There are around three-and-a-half thousand doctors for 22 million people.

“They only have around 6,000 hospital beds, so they aren’t particularly well positioned to cope with these kind of events.

“And if it wasn’t for the international aid coming in things would definitely be much worse for them.”

Officials from the World Health Organisation (WHO) have warned there is a risk the disease could spread to other continents.

Scientists also believe the disease – which can kill in 24 hours – could become untreatable in the future if the virus mutates.

The airborne pneumonic plague can be spread by coughing, sneezing, spitting and other contact with bodily fluids.

Two thirds of cases have been caused by the airborne pneumonic plague.

The WHO has said this current outbreak is “different” to that seen before.

Nine countries – including South Africa, Seychelles, La Reunion, Tanzania, Mauritius, Comoros, Mozambique, Kenya and Ethiopia – are now on high alert amid fears the disease could go global.

Dr Charlotte Ndiaye, a WHO Representative in Madagascar, said: “WHO is concerned that plague could spread further because it is already present in several cities and this is the start of the epidemic season, which usually runs from September to April.”

The WHO has delivered 1.2million doses of antibiotics to fight the disease.

There Will Be Riots, Looting And A Divided America. Learn How To Become Invisible, To Mobs

When and if fascism comes to America it will not be labeled ‘made in Germany’ … it will not even be called fascism; it will be called, of course, ‘Americanism.’” That was the prediction of Halford Luccock in 1938.

When one watches the rioting, burning and smashing that occurred at the University of California, Berkeley, the riots in Washington D.C. during the inauguration of Donald Trump or even the ones during natural disasters—all in order to stop an alleged “racist” or “fascist” from giving a speech or to take advantage of the chaos created during a natural disaster and loot the stores—one can see how prophetic Luccock’s prediction was.

In recent years riots have become more and more commonplace in the US and many countries around Europe. People are angry, be it over a race killing, the falling economy, corrupt officials or just mindless opportunistic youngsters who are highly susceptible to the mob mentality.

Let’s not forget about Katrina and after all the devastation that it brought with it, homeowners still had to encounter looters.

Millions of dollars in damages, businesses ruined, people hurt and killed and all for what? To rise up against injustice?

No, to take the opportunity to do as they pleased without fear of repercussions.

These people are not protesting peacefully. They see that the law cannot control a large angry mob and decide that the law no longer applies to them.

The media also plays a huge part in these riots, I mean what good can it possibly do to state live on air that “angry mobs are expected if X does/doesn’t happen…”

What this causes is for these mindless criminals to think “Hey, maybe I should be angry. We should go out there and show them we’re angry”.

So they do, and what ensues is a mixture of violence, robbery, looting, arson attacks and physical bodily harm to whoever stands in the way.

So how can you make these looters pass you by?

So how does an average person protect herself and her family from such civil unrest? The best way to avoid such unrest is not to live near those places most likely to be hit by civil unrest.

The most likely targets in a new round of civil unrest are likely to be wealthy, gentrified neighborhoods in big cities, financial districts, and posh suburbs located near large cities. Examples of these include Brooklyn, Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, and Santa Monica and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

Also, stay away from large universities, college campuses, and government buildings, which are likely to be the epicenters of disturbances.

The first and most sensible answer as a prepper is ‘GOOD’ or Get Out Of Dodge.

I would rather watch the riots unfold on the news than being stuck in the middle and have to defend my property and family from hundreds of people who fear no repercussions from their actions.

So, what if things start and escalate rapidly. You arrive home from work and it’s already kicked-off and you can’t get out. What things can you do in and around your home to make these people pass you by?

Well, there are many ways to make yourself and your home less appealing. Let’s dive right in.

Hidden or In Sight?

The individual situation would greatly determine if you try to stay hidden or let people see you are there. For example, if you can get family and friends to come to your location or a predetermined location, there is safety in numbers.

This will allow you to be visible, using long arm weapons slung over your shoulder as you move about your property and garden.

There is also a downside to this, in that your neighbors who have no preps for this kind of situation will see your lights on and perhaps come begging for help, protection, food, water etc. So you should be prepared for this. Hey, everything has its ups and downs right!

Staying hidden may seem like the most logical choice at first, however, you must remember, these people are generally looking for an opportunity.

A home with no lights or visible signs of human presence = opportunity.

Sure, if they are coming thick and fast, destroying everything in their path then you have no choice but to escape or shoot. However, in general, everyday life, that’s not how it happens.


Riots take time to warm up as people encourage others to get involved. This gives you a little time to get yourself, family and friends together and make a plan of action to deter looters.


Making it difficult to access your property is a great deterrent. However, if you have decided to be in plain sight then you should ensure you move vehicles out of the way so that you can be seen from people walking in the street.

Using your neighbor’s driveway or the garage is a good option and one that will also allow you some cover from gunfire should you need it. It will also provide a quick escape route should you need it.

You can also use your vehicle to light up your house and front lawn. Looters hate being spotted, they would rather sneak in and out between the shadows with a bag full of loot. By using your headlights to make your house look like a football stadium, this could deter people from approaching.

The other option is, of course, to use the vehicles as a barricade around the house(s). Forming a semicircle around the front of the house where the mobs are likely to pass by will limit the entry and exit points. Think of Woodbury, the town in The Walking Dead episodes where the buses are used as gates into the compound.


Do you know what stopped the riots in Ferguson? It wasn’t that they found peace with the situation or that they got what they wanted, it was the temperature.

Riots and looting often take place in the summertime when the weather is warm, not in the depths of winter or when it gets just cold enough to see your breath as you exhale. The temperature in Ferguson dropped and so did the enthusiasm for opportunistic violence and criminal activity.

Here is an extract from the NYTimes publication in the Science Journal from 2013:

We found that higher temperatures and extreme rainfall led to large increases in conflict: for each one standard deviation change in climate toward warmer temperatures or more extreme rainfall, the median effect was a 14 percent increase in conflict between groups and a 4 percent increase in conflict between individuals.

Do some digging on Google and you will see many of these studies concur that extreme weather can play a part in increased violent encounters.


Don’t think that looters won’t hurt you, but in the same breath, they are looking for easy targets. So it’s important to make your home or neighborhood look like a place of high activity, with many people to defend it.

Have people walking around, torches in hand, vehicles driving up and down and a lookout at each house and corner.

Music or a TV set turned up loud enough to hear as you pass by in the street will often be enough to ward off potential threats.

Essentially, the more people you can muster in your community to band together with the better.

Cooking and Eating

Should you cook outside?

This is a tough one and debated by many, however, most people confuse this question with a ‘doomsday’ scenario.

We are strictly talking about looting and rioting, not a post-apocalyptic world where people are starving and killing their neighbors for a cup of flour.

My answer to this would be to cook outdoors IF you have decided to deter by showing a presence. If you have decided to lay low and hide, you need to be prepared to eat cold rations and not have an open flame or any kind of smell that can attract people to your hiding hole.

If however, you have recruited friends and neighbors to help deter looters, then cooking and eating outdoors in plain sight would be ok depending on the situation.

Say after a hurricane such as Katrina, people lost everything and had no food or safe drinking water. It is likely that you may have lost everything too, however, if you do have food, it is probably best to keep that to yourself and your close-knit group and not advertise to the world that you have things they need.

Say you do cook outside, what do you have that you can cook with? Do you have a grill, a smoker and wood/coals to burn? Will you use gas? These are all questions to ask yourself and cooking indoors with these is not an option.

Already Looted?

Most of this article has taken the stance of the ‘strength in numbers’ deterrent of looters. However, there is another option which would require some tough decisions and small sacrifices to be made.

I’m talking about making your property look like it has already been looted. How do we go about that and what would it entail?

Let’s look at a few options.

Trash and Broken Goods

I know a few friends who keep their old broken TV set in their garage and plan to use it in this kind of event. They will take a bat to it and place it on their front lawn to give the impression that people have already been to the property and here is what’s left.

You could also empty your garbage all over the property, people hate smell and muck. Especially if it’s been festering in there for a few days.

Hidden Valuables

If you do take the hunkered down approach it is best to take your valuables and some of your stored preps and move them away from the property or at least in a place where people won’t easily find them.

A hole in the floor or a buried cache location is a good idea, even a fake stud wall or picture frame covering a small stash box can work.

I would avoid keeping any valuables on my person such as jewelry or items that have sentimental value. Damage or lose them can have a devastating effect on your mindset and morale. Not what you want in a situation where having your wits about you is of the utmost importance.


Going to the bathroom

Staying hidden is all well and good, heck it works for our special forces behind enemy lines so why not? Well, they also have to do EVERYTHING where they choose to hide, and that means going to the bathroom.

If you will be staying inside of your home, you will need a way to get rid of your waste and clean yourself afterward. That also means washing your hands and body. A disease is a big killer in unsanitary conditions after events such as a hurricane or tsunami.


There is no shortage of fires where looting and rioting are concerned. How about creating a large fire in your front of your property? Burning tires smoke and stink like hell and cause the eyes to water, which is a good deterrent.

It will also mask the smell of any cooking you do and makes it look like people have already been to your property so there won’t be anything left.

Window Boards

With hoards of people breaking into stores, there can only be so many who can fit through the doorway, most often looters will smash the glass windows to grab what they can with ease.

Having a selection of pre-cut boards all measured up to fit the windows of your property could both protect your glass from being shattered and also make it look like your property has been condemned and is empty.

If it looks like no one lives there, then there will be nothing to steal. Plus it has the added advantage of restricting the looters from peering into your home.

Stay or Go

Above we have a few very different options, to stay and protect what’s yours, staying hidden or in plain sight, or fleeing and living to fight another day whilst your property succumbs to vandals and looters.

Each one is a tough choice and would take a lot of planning, people, skill, and determination. There is no right or wrong answer, there is only the right answer for YOU and YOUR situation at the time.

Thinking about these things now could well save you from upset down the line.

Don’t Fuel the Fire

Though you might feel tempted, do not sit out on the front porch with your firearms. Cops will be on edge and they will not know if you are an innocent civilian simply defending your property or a threat. Your display may also summon bad people—not only have you shown the world you have guns, but you also have shown you have something worth protecting.

With the obvious and enormous exception of attitudes toward slavery, Americans are more divided morally, ideologically and politically today than they were during the Civil War. For that reason, just as the Great War came to be known as World War I once there was World War II, the Civil War will become known as the First Civil War when more Americans come to regard the current battle as the Second Civil War.

Civil unrest can severely disrupt your life for days, even weeks. It is unsafe to be outside, stray bullets and fires can ruin buildings, homes, and lives. Make sure you are prepared and you will be safe during social unrest, rioting, and looting.

Know Your Enemy: 9 Prepper Truths You Need for Defense Preparations


ReadyNutrition Readers, we just covered a segment on self-assessment and knowing yourself.  I had mentioned a paraphrase from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” that covered that segment as well as this current article: “Know yourself and know your enemy.”  We are focusing on the latter part of that one: the enemy.  There are several subtleties attached to that short phrase.

9 Prepper Truths You Need for Preparing a Mental Foundation

1. As men are almost identical in many respects, if you know what you are, then you will know what your enemy is.

We’re going to really get into this one in a second.  Here is another subtlety:

2. By knowing your own weaknesses and shortcomings, you recognize things that can stop you in your tracks…where you become your own worst enemy!

We covered most of the thought of that in the first article.  But wait!  There’s more!

3. By knowing your weaknesses, you also understand weaknesses and shortcomings that other men are subjected to and suffer, just as you.

Oh, that’s a deep one!  The “drives” that you may have are the same weaknesses and drives that hamper other people…the ones you will have to face on the Day of Collapse.  Let’s summarize this and not “blow away” the English-speaking minds:

  1. By knowing your own qualities and capabilities, you can surmise those of others…for we are men (human beings).
  2. Recognizing your own qualities that are negative helps you to prevent them from making you your own worst enemy.
  3. Recognizing that where you are weak and fall short…others suffer from the same shortcomings.

Perhaps this sounds as if it’s a psychological treatise.  Perhaps.  Consider this: there’s a great deal that can be learned and accomplished in the application of this “pseudo-science,” as most people consider it…although many behavioral patterns and actions are spot on.  Know yourself, and know your enemy.  What are you?  What is your enemy?  Well, there was a psychologist by the name of Abraham Maslow.  He came up with a “needs pyramid” with the “hierarchy of needs” as human beings run.  Here it is:

There is a lot of truth to this.  Analyze the pyramid.  Here is the key:  You need all of these things, and so does the enemy.

4. The true challenge is to identify the enemy…when he is not you.  What will we face?  A foreign invasion?  A government that lapses into total tyranny?  A band of marauders?  Or will we simply be faced with neighbors that band together to kill us and take our supplies?

In any of those cases, all of the men and women you face have those needs outlined in that pyramid.  It is not so much an “oversimplification,” as it is examining humans from an anthropological perspective and trying to determine what drives them.

5. If you have anything you can use (foodstuffs, medicine, tools, clothing, or weapons, among other things), then you can bank on the fact that others will want it, as well.

I will give you some of my personal stances.  I don’t believe in a policy of appeasement.  What this means is (if you’ve ever watched the movie “The Postman,” for example) you can’t give an aggressor something to “buy off” his or her aggression and think you’re done there.  If anything, it will just be the beginning.  It didn’t work too well for the allies prior to WWII kicking off.  It never works.  It may buy you a little time, but the raiders will be back, to demand more and more from you, until eventually they’ll just swoop in and take it all away.

6. Appeasement is a weakness that leads to conquest, enslavement, and death.

This is why you must follow Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War!”  It gives the answer (albeit I paraphrase, and from different sections):

7. “Where strong in numbers, appear weak.  Where weak, feign strength.  All of warfare is based on deception.”

These are true.  They work if you will employ them.  Part of knowing your enemy takes another form, an aspect that is just as much a key to your victory as knowing the general makeup of man/humanity:

8. You must conduct proper reconnaissance and know your enemy specifically.

What are his numbers?  What are his strengths?  What are his limitations?  What weapons is he carrying, how mobile is he, and can he call on any allies for support?  What drives him?  Is he driven as a wandering Vandal or Visigoth, simply plundering and stealing at will, or does he have greater organizational capabilities and some kind of “vision” for himself and his marauding band?  How committed is he?  How experienced is he?  How strong is his personal leadership?  Is it augmented by cadre, by “officers” as committed to his cause and to him as he, the leader is?

Do you see how much detail there is to this?  You can’t just go through the motions: you must follow through!  I emphasize this because I know from experience.

9. I emphasize these matters because you’re my countrymen, and when the battle comes to you, your homes, and your families… I want you to win it, and live.

If you don’t have all of these bases covered, these strategies and approaches worked out before you engage, then you’ll have your “fourth point of contact” handed to you on a platter.  Trust me: I was instructed how to do all of this, and I truly learned these things by making the mistakes.

To summarize, know how we are as men/human beings.  Know the things that drive us (from positive and negative drives), and understand these inherent weaknesses and drives are common to all mankind.  When you have that base covered, conduct good intelligence…it is not found…it is made.  Make good intelligence out of recon conducted on your enemy…those that threaten your home and family.  Know everything about them, and then know when to engage and when not to.  When to hold ‘em, fold ‘em, walk away, and run…as Kenny Rogers would state it.  Fight that good fight, know your enemy, and most of all make sure you know the one who can be the greatest enemy: know yourself.  JJ out!