Chemtrails: Who Chuck Norris Wants to Roundhouse Kick to the Head

Open video In Part 2 of this 2 part series, we dive deeper into the Chemtrail Conspiracy. If part one didn't convince you of the nefarious reality of SAI, or stratospheric aerosol injection,

The evidence we present on today's episode just might make you a believer. There are also other celebrities using their star power to help shed light on this conspiracy, and if so what is it they want us to know?

We'll also examine who's actually behind Chemtrails, as we “follow the money," in which BILLIONS of dollars are being spent, and share with you what we find to be the most logical conclusion.

So sit back and just remember Chuck is on the scene. Even Bigfoot saw Chuck Norris once and went in hiding ever since, which is why no one can find Bigfoot. Part 1: Chemtrails Secret History Exposed - Deep State Eugenics Smoke Screen ➡️

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