Chicago Will Burn-Soros Thugs Moving In for the Kill

Five blocks of buses have arrived in Chicago. These are paid protestors and they are there because George Soros has paid for them to be there.

The idea is to promote as much violence as possible so that this becomes a  military issue-  Some think that this will spread to other cities and national martial law will result.

If this happens, Obama will never leave office. If you thought that Obama was being too nice to Trump in the transition, you are correct and now you may know why.


Rahm Emanuel left the side of the President several years ago to run for Mayor of Chicago. He was not eligible to run based on residency requirements. Jeff Joe Black, of We Are Change, repeatedly challenged the candidacy. Black was found on a Pennsylvania freeway. He had been thrown off of a bridge and his unsolved murder was investigated as a homicide. I had Jeff on my show and later he went into hiding for fear of his life and he emerged again only to be murdered a short time later. Jeff was convinced that Emanuel was put into Chicago to facilitate a false flag event when the time was right.

From my previous article, on October 10, 2013, which lists Chicago as the site of a future false flag operation.  The previous link has a video history of Jeff Black and the Chicago authorities. Here is an excerpt on this issue:

Black had told me in detail that we were going to see Chicago become the site of a massive false flag operation which would prove to be the catalyst to martial law. Following the false flag attack, Chicago was to be the site of a massive wave of house to house gun confiscations. It was Black’s contention that this was a lead up to the implementation of full-scale martial law and possible WWIII in the Middle East…Jeff, may you rest in peace.”

Jeff’s position was the Emanuel had been placed in Chicago to facilitate another 9/11. For that revelation, many of us believe, as I do, that Jeff was murdered.

Here is the story, in which it is becoming clear that Chicago will become the site of a massive false flag event. (By the way, Obama has sold his Chicago home). And Rahm Emanuel is a known Mossad operative.

Here is the video which promoted such an uproar. I have nicknamed this event as the Soros Invasion of Chicago. Here you see five blocks of buses entering Chicago with the Soros soldiers of disruption.

It is going to be a hot time in Chicago. I would avoid, at all costs, Chicago for all the obvious reasons.


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