Chinese National With Two Passports, Four Phones And Malware Arrested At Mar-a-Lago

A Chinese national with four cell phones, two passports, electronic devices and a thumb-drive containing malware was arrested at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club on Saturday after she was able to penetrate security, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

32-year-old Yujing Zhang approached a Secret Service agent outside the Palm Beach club early Saturday afternoon, claiming to be a member who wanted to use the pool according to court documents.

After showing her passports to try and prove she was a member who simply wanted to use the pool, agents determined that she wasn’t on the membership list – however admitted her anyway after some confusion over whether she was the daughter of a member, citing a “language barrier.”

Once she got inside, Zhang changed her story – telling a front desk receptionist that she was there to attend the United Nations Chinese American Association event scheduled for that evening. The only problem; the event did not exist, so agents were quickly summoned.

Agent Samuel Ivanovich wrote in court documents that Zhang told him that she was there for the Chinese American event and had come early to familiarize herself with the club and take photos, again contradicting what she had said at the checkpoint. She showed him an invitation in Chinese that he could not read.

He said Zhang was taken off the grounds and told she could not be there. Ivanovich said she became argumentative, so she was taken to the local Secret Service office for questioning.

There, he said, it became clear Zhang speaks and reads English well. He said Zhang said she had traveled from Shanghai to attend the non-existent Mar-a-Lago event on the invitation of an acquaintance named "Charles," whom she only knew through a Chinese social media app. Ivanovich said she then denied telling the checkpoint agents she was a member wanting to swim. -Sun Sentinel

Zhang was carrying four cell phones, an external hard drive, a thumb drive containing malware and a laptop computer. She did not have a swimsuit.

She is charged with making false statements to federal agents and illegally entering a restricted area, according to the complaint, and remains in custody pending a hearing next week.

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