Christians Don’t Do Yoga or Orgone!

In this video I cover many things Christians should stay away from including Yoga, Orgone and much more.  I know there will be many people reading this that consider themselves Christians who practice Yoga and have no idea the demonic nature of it.  Yoga was created by Hindus who worship over 1,000 false gods or demons.  This is a fact that cannot be denied if you do your research on the roots of Yoga.  There have been cases where people have been demonically possessed when they did a certain pose!   I know many of you who do yoga do not worship satan and are by in large very good people.  You have simply been deceived as I was about many things.  Here’s a direct quote from a yoga website.

The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. A male who practices yoga is called a yogi, a female practitioner, a yogini.

So what are people who practice Yoga “yoking” to?  Well, the people who created Yoga worshipped over 1,000 demons so it’s not hard to guess what you’re being yoked to.  It sure isn’t Jesus that’s for sure!

If the demons have too much influence over you, you will get mad at me for attacking Yoga instead of simply doing the research yourself.  It’s so easy for Christians to go from being a Yoga master to a Pilates master.  Pilates was not created to worship and please demons!  There’s nothing wrong with stretching and great flexibility but you simply cannot disconnect the demonic Hindu false god worship roots from Yoga.  It’s simply impossible to separate the demonic from Yoga because it was created by people who literally worshipped demons!   Sending me a nasty email about it won’t change the fact that God told you to stay away from the practices of the heathens.   Yoga was created by heathens.  If I reach just one person reading this and who gets away from Yoga then I’ve done my job.

Orgone is another thing being pushed now heavily by new agers.  I know all about orgone because I got into it when I was in my “new age” phase in my 30s.  It’s being pushed hard by new agers in the truth movement.  New agers believe the Bible is full of lies but they have no idea that all their “beliefs” actually came from satanists who created the entire new age philosophy.  Orgone doesn’t protect you from demons or aliens or cell phone towers, only God does this!   When you put orgone around your house you are actually attracting demons to you, the same as I was doing when I collected UFO and Alien books and videos.  Even if it was true (which it isn’t) that putting a few orgone disks around your house would change the weather why would you even want to do this when the weather is in God’s hands not yours.

During my new age phase,  I even traveled out of my body one time.   At the time I thought it was pretty cool but looking back, my life went down a dark road starting at about the same time I got into new age stuff.  I write this article not to offend any of you who are into Yoga or other things I cover.  I do it so maybe some of you will look into what I’m saying more and think about it.  Pray to God to show you the truth and he will!

When I dedicated my life to Jesus and threw away all the things I talk about in this video.  By the way, if you’re a football nut and you’re paying hundreds of dollars per year by getting the NFL Ticket but you give nothing to God then you’ve put football above God and you’ve made football your God.   Be aware that all information from psychics come from the demons.  Are they right sometimes?  Yes, but its only to draw you in so they can screw up your life later when you do something they tell you instead of praying about it.  There’s not one psychic in the world who is even close to 100%.

My challenge to everybody reading this!  Ask God to let you feel the Holy Spirit if I’m right!

Pray for God to give you the answers on whether I am right or not.   Then play the video below and see if you feel the Holy Spirit!  Email me at if you do!

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Get healed in the name of Jesus!

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