Cure Cancer in 24 Hours – Period – Now Get the Word Out (Video)

If you watch this video and hear this life saving truth. Try it. It is the blushwood tree. If you know anyone that has cancer get this video to them immediately.

Our government is trying to keep you in the dark, there is a cure for cancer. But it is free and they want you to give them all your fortunes. They do not want you well, they want you broke.

Scientists have managed to destroy cancerous tumours by using an experimental drug derived from the seeds of a fruit found in north Queensland rainforests.

The drug, called EBC-46, was produced by extracting a compound from the berry of the blushwood tree, a plant only found in specific areas of the Atherton Tablelands.

A single injection of the drug directly into melanoma models in the laboratory, as well as into cancers of the head, neck and colon in animals, destroyed the tumours long-term in more than 70% of cases, the study’s lead author, Dr Glen Boyle, said.

“In preclinical trials we injected it into our models and within five minutes, you see a purpling of the area that looks like a bruise,” Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute said.


David Vose

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