Cyclist filmed in terrifying ‘zombie-killer’ knife attack on motorist in broad daylight in South London

This is the terrifying moment a cyclist pulled an enormous 'zombie-killer' knife on a driver in broad daylight in south London.

The terrifying dash cam footage shows a blue Volkswagen drive out into London Road, Croydon, forcing a cyclist to swerve to avoid being hit.


With the car stuck in a line of traffic and unable to move, the enraged cyclist pulls a massive blade out and launches a frenzied attack.

Brandishing the knife, he kicks the vehicle and slashes at the windows while the driver cowers inside.

Police said no arrests have been made after the shocking incident

After the cyclist moves to the other side of the car and smashes one of the windows, the driver is forced to jump out and run for his life.

No arrests have been made after the incident on Wednesday evening, Scotland Yard said.

A spokeswoman said: “Police were called on Wednesday, May 30 at around 5pm to reports of males smashing a car window in London Road, Croydon.

The driver was eventually forced to flee on foot

“Officers attended and established that the driver of the car was approached by a male in possession of a knife who smashed his window.

“The victim, a 19-year-old man in an attempt to escape collided with another vehicle, exiting on foot.

“He was followed by the suspect. The victim later returned to his car after the suspect made-off. No reported injuries.”


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