Do we live inside a Simulation? Is God a Computer Programmer?

The question of who we are has been asked by philosophers and mankind in general for countless ages. What is the nature of realty? Are we simulated software programs’ does MATTER (atoms – molecules, cells etc.) really matter? In this videos I share my thoughts and ideas with those who search for answers to such questions.

After 7 years (since 2011), and having posted some 300 videos on Bible History, Prophecy, Doctrine, Current Events, Conspiracies, and Flat Earth, YT / Google deleted my channel without any reason. This was a clear act of Censorship and it left nearly 20,000 subscribers scrambling for teachings that they had come to appreciate and value. I am now backing up all my videos on Vimeo, also on YT, and will upload all to my new website. Please download and save these videos, and also share them on your own channel, and on Facebook, and all over the internet. When one channel is deleted, it should not matter for the information should be found on millions of channels. My Website:

My Vimeo Channel:

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