Don’t Watch TV Warns CIA Agent!

Alan Watts goes over what he learned from a CIA agent regarding television and why you must stay away from it! Everything you see on the TV and in movies is to make you think a certain way. Billions of dollars is spent to convince you of what they want you to believe. They tell you that 9/11 was done by a bunch of guys in a cave when it was done by our own government. They were blaming Osama Bin Laden the first day it happened but did you know the FBI never once listed him as being responsible for the crime? Have you noticed how the homosexual agenda is pushed on almost every show now? This is no accident either. Dr Dunegan was told in 1969 by Dr. Day who was a high ranking doctor in the new world order system many shocking statements.

Dunegan was told they could actually cure 98% of all cancers at the time but those cures would not be released because there were “too many people in the world”. He was also told they would be pushing the homosexual lifestyle in movies and television so many more people would get into the lifestyle and not have babies!

Anybody who watches ESPN knows they always have a very anti-gun stance. The NFL won’t even let a gun manufacturer advertise on the Super Bowl for any price! It’s all about mind control of the masses! We’re all under mind control to some extent.

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