Dutch Minister of Justice: “The Netherlands is becoming a narco-state”

Dutch Minister of Justice: “The Netherlands is becoming a narco-state”, Totalrehash.com

Following the release of a report on organized crime in Amsterdam, Ferd Grapperhaus, the country’s Minister of Justice and Security said that drug-related criime must be dealt with or the Netherlands risks becoming a “narco-state”.

According to a report from Algemeen Dagblad, the drug economy in Amsterdam, which serves as the center for the multi billionaire euro cocaine trade, has become utterly unmanageable.  Police officers worry that the battle against the world of organized drug crime has been lost.

Although the Netherlands lacks the public resources to strengthen the police force, Grapperhaus said that he’s currently searching for ways to allocate funds to combat the problem because if nothing is done then soon the country risks devolving into a narco-state, De Telegraaf reports.

“Then there would be a minister with sunglasses and no longer someone who provides democratic accountability,” said Minister Grapperhaus.

“I have already made 100 million available to combat the problem,” he added.

According to Grapperhaus, the kind of crime where the upper and the underworld get mixed up must be stopped.

“It’s nice to watch the Godfather with a beer and a bowl of popcorn, but it’s not nice to experience this in your own city,” he said.

Despite the widespread nature of the problem, Grapperhaus doesn’t believe that it’s unsolvable. “No matter how nasty it is… I have every confidence in the Amsterdam city council,” he said.

“Together with the Minister of Finance, I have developed an approach to take away criminal money, additional investments have already been made in the police and further investments must be made in the near future. We can really make some short hits, ” the minister continued..

While speaking about the country’s drug problem, Amsterdam’s Mayor Femke Halsema said, “Tackling the drug economy and the crime that accompanies it requires endurance, joint dedication and long-term effort.”

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Dutch Minister of Justice: “The Netherlands is becoming a narco-state”, Totalrehash.com