Easiest Plants to Grow and Maintain in Your Home Garden (Video)

Thinking of starting your own home garden, and wondering what are some quick, easy, low-maintenance plants you can start off with? Well, here are three (or so) suggestions on easy, low maintenance options to get you started.

Salad Leaves

There are a few reasons why every gardener should grow salad greens. Starting with the most obvious fact – they’re delicious! Almost every type of individual salad leaf complements the others, so you run very little risk of growing something you won’t enjoy.

Another reason your garden should include salad leaves is because of how quickly they grow. Salad leaves can go from planted to ready to harvest in as little as three weeks. Most leaves will obviously grow faster during the summer months in direct sunlight, but the plants are easy to transfer indoors for the winter months so you can enjoy fresh greens all year around.

These plants are also diverse. You aren’t going to be just growing lettuce in your garden, there are many different types of greens that get included in the Salad Leaf family, such as: arugula, bok choy, chicory, endive, escarole, spinach (Popeye approved), and of course kale.

Luckily you aren’t going to have to go all over looking for the individual seeds and know exactly how to mix these separate species together. Most outlets will have pre-mixed bags of Salad Leaves ready for you.

Of course Salad Leaves aren’t just easy and low maintenance they’re also good for you. The leaves described above contain essential amounts of calcium, fiber, iron, potassium, and B vitamins. Some of these greens, including Kale and Spinach, have even been shown to increase testosterone levels in men.  It’s easy to see why Salad Greens should makes the list.


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