Electric Cars and The “Green Energy” MYTH

Electric Cars and The “Green Energy” MYTH, Totalrehash.com

Think electric cars are “green” energy? In truth, they merely EXPORT more pollution from the cities, alongside the human sewage that cities also dump on rural farmland.

Cities POLLUTE the world, and so do electric cars.

Podcast Transcript: “People who live in cities think of electric cars as being clean, but really they just export pollution to rural areas outside the cities. What powers an electric car? Well, you might think batteries, but let’s take it one step further here. What powers the batteries? Where does that electricity come from? Predominantly it comes from coal-fired power plants – which are located outside the cities. Those coal plants of course emit some amount of mercury and heavy metals, and they emit carbon dioxide of course, and particulate pollutants which then settle on farmlands, forests and rural areas. So, if you have a city where – let’s say you don’t even have combustion engines any longer for regular vehicles – all you’re doing is you’re taking that pollution that used to exist in the city, coming out of the tailpipes and now you’re pushing that pollution out into the countryside. That’s not the first time that cities have done that. They also do the same thing with sewage

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Electric Cars and The “Green Energy” MYTH, Totalrehash.com