EVACUATION ORDER! State Dept. Tells ALL AMERICANS to Evacuate Venezuela ASAP

The U.S. Department of state is telling all US citizens living and traveling in Venezuela to Evacuate the country as soon as possible.

Developments in Venezuela point to total societal collapse of the country

Vast numbers of US Military Planes and ships are converging on Venezuela or offloading troops and supplies to troops now positioned in Colombia, Guyana, and/or Brazil.

US Embassy staff were told to evacuate Venezuela earlier today (Tuesday) as their presence "puts constraints on policy options" for the USA.

Tonight, the State Department also issued a LEVEL 4 TRAVEL ADVISORY, warning all Americans NOT TO TRAVEL TO VENEZUELA:

Last week, major oil companies began preparing to move staff, equipment, and supplies to Venezuela. They also began hiring people INSIDE Venezuela for future employment.

Intel Circuits are chattering with the following about why Venezuela is so important to the U.S.:

Basically America invades Venezuela, takes the oil, then Israel and the U.S. hit Iran.

"With Venezuela in U.S. possession, the U.S. doesn't have to worry about Iran shutting down the Strait of Hormuz (Persian Gulf) and choking the world oil supply. America will have the largest oil field in the world to make up for it."


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