Gambler: Large portions of Cosmopolitan and Bellagio casinos were sectioned off with black curtains to clean blood the day after the massacre

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

A man who gambled inside the Cosmopolitan and Bellagio the day after the October 1 massacre says that large portions of the casino floors were sectioned off with big black curtains as deep cleaning crews went to work with industrial carpet cleaning machines to remove blood stains.

The man told End Times News Report that “there were active shooters” that night at the two casinos which are located over a mile away from the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

“I went to the Bellagio and I also went to the Cosmopolitan to go gamble and entire sections of the casinos, large portions of the casinos, were sectioned off, he explained. “They put up these large black curtains so you cant see.”

“There were cleaning crews,” he said. “A whole bunch of carpet cleaning ladies and these carpet cleaning machines […] obviously to clean blood.”

Additionally, it’s important to point out how another person interviewed by End Times News report, known only as “Source 6,” who was in the Delano Hotel’s Skyfall Lounge on the night of the shooting, maintains that there was distinctively audible gunfire coming from further north on the strip, as reported by others like Geo Rios, Rene Downs, and others.

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