Germany: aftermath to the mass rape of Silvester 2016/2017

An analyses of the reactions the sex attacks on Silvester (German New Year) at the end of 2016, going into 2017.

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In the years before Silvester 2015, the celebration of the new year was quite peaceful in the smaller cities. Women went in skirts and with no doubts about sexual assaults to parties and the police did not have to administer warnings of possible of breech of female safety. Berlin however, because of the high influx of Turks and Arabs the risk was higher to women celebrating the New Year. The year before, 2014 saw al-taharrush (Görlitzer Park) incident.

So what happened this time? (2016 going into 2017)

The media and various anti-German groups were thrilled over the decision to open the boarders. Merkel had acted politically and had an eye on all the left and green party voters.

The common refugee wasn’t regarded as a threat or a criminal, they were a “gift for Germany”. The public propaganda FOR refugees had more importance than any other news in Germany. Stories about “good” refugees ruled the headlines. And anyone who dared to speak against the so called “Willkommenskultur” (welcoming culture) got the “Nazi-sticker” on the chest. One opinion – the refugee is good – and nothing else.

Then the new year arrived. Just because of some comments on Facebook, the public got other news about Silvester. More and more writers reported sexual assaults and the state media (ARD, ZDF) did over one week the first reports. Of course not spot on, still some unclear meaning and just suggestions. “Maybe there was something (to do with the refugee crisis) but is not important” was the general reaction of the German media and politicians who seemed to show more love for the refugees than their own population.

 How did different groups of people react?
The police

On the night of  Silvester 2016, hundreds of police officers stood next to the attacks …. and just watched. No intervention, just nothing. Disregarding the oath they swore on and the when they became a police officer.

The Politicians

Only the new party AFD spoke against the sexual assaults. All other parties silenced themselves, because they had more fear of a rising right-party movement as the actual happenings.  Every single movement out of the native German population were denounced as “Nazi” or ”Right wing extremest”

This name calling in Germany is equivalent to termination of work and social life.

The female population

The female German  victims branded the German man to blame for the crimes committed by the refugees. In friendship, German women held demonstrations for the refugees some days after the attacks.

 The German Muslims

Well, the well-known reaction with the discrimination of course and then … nothing. No respect for the Germans and no teaching manners of the “brothers”. It just was a quiet amusement for them.


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