Google Is An Accomplice to the Vegas Massacre-The Worst Is Yet to Come


“What’s Coming Is No Longer, It Is Already Here”

Steve Quayle on The Common Sense Show in March of 2016

When one helps a murder cover their tracks and escape, that person is an accomplice to murder in the eyes of the law. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google are accomplices to murder to what happened in Vegas and they are partners to what is coming and what is coming is horrific and horribly evil.

The Buildup to What Is Coming

For over three years, I have been calling for America to get prepared for a TET offensive of terrorism in our country. Today, in the Fall of 2017, all the pieces are in place for these events to begin, and begun, they have. Vegas was just the beginning.

The Central American Invasion

Ever since the illegal immigrant invasion of 2014, emanating from Central America, and it was discovered that DHS was admitting MS-13 into the interior to the United States (eg Minneapolis), did I start calling for America to be prepared for a TET offensive in our country in which a massive wave of terrorism would follow the admittance of this 5th column force of political assassins, who act on behalf of his the drug cartels, who in turn are aligned with ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Following this proclamation of the admittance of MS-13, then I discovered that these would-be domestic terrorists were being trained in bases outside of San Salvador. This was followed by Judicial Watch’s revelation that there was untouched ISIS base camp 8 miles from El Paso, three miles on the other side of the border with Mexico. This is in turn was followed by a July 4, 2015 proclamation by disgraced FBI Director that ISIS had cartels in all 50 states. an needs to be followed up a little closer. The NVA did an arms buildup for 7 months prior to TET. Today’s terrorists have had over a three year head start. I

In advance of the one day multiple and synchronized attacks known as the TET offensive, arms were stockpiled for over six months. In America’s case the pieces have been put in place for years. As Trevor Louden, author of the fine investigative work, The Enemies Within, and even those within our government have attested to, there are of 80 members of Congress, who are directly affiliated with front groups for the Communist Party and/or the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest terrorist group on the face of the Earth .

Myself, and others have exposed the extensive terror network of Muslim Brotherhood operatives who hold high positions within the Department of Homeland Security, who, just coincidentally, were holding a live shooting incident training the very weekend of the Vegas massacre, are complicit in what happened. How coincidental? A quick question for you CNN watchers, how many coincidences does it take  to make a conspiracy? Does anyone think we are going to get relief from a compromised DJS that is either tied to terrorist groups (eg Antifa, Muslim Brotherhood, etc), or who is on the take? The poster child for members of our Legislative branch who are on the take would be Senator Diane Feinstein who entered the Senate as barely a millionaire and who is now a billionaire.  Or how about Representative, Maxine (everyone is a racist) Waters, who owns a 5 million dollar house, the largest and most expensive in her ghetto district. And this all happens with our “elected” officials who live on a $170,000 annual salary. Why isn’t someone asking Al Franken(stein) why the American Communist party went door-to-door in his last election and campaigned for his seat?

Do These “Representatives of the People Sound Like They Have Your Best Interests At Heart?

From my comfortable perch in the rural deserts outside of Phoenix, AZ., I have been identifying the domestic terror threat to the United States and its citizens for over 4 years and the FBI cannot?. Ask yourself a question, do you believe that any of the members of Congress, and yes, there are exceptions (eg Congressman Paul Gosar-R-AZ), are defending America from enemies both foreign and domestic? In fact, for most members of Congress there is no United States. The taxpayers money is a resource to be plundered for personal gain and who gives a damn how many Americans are killed in false flag agendas, such as the Las Vegas massacre, so that these members of Congress can keep taking from the gravy train that you and me provide.

In total, 59 people were killed 10 days ago. So what? Who cares? Certainly our government does not care as the FBI continues to spew a cover story that a 10 year old would not believe. Certainly, Congress, as a body, does not care how many of die in order to further some political agenda. And of course our major corporations do not care how many of die either. Google, for example, is censoring on Youtube like I have never seen. No version of the Vegas truth is permitted on our social media dominated by unchallenged monopolies. Yesterday, Google demonetized 26 of my videos. To show how complete the morons and domestic terrorists from Google are, they demonetized How to Choose the Right College for Your Kid; and Secrets of Successful Aging. They say the videos are not “advertiser friendly”. One of the videos had 978 likes for 4 dislikes. What advertiser would not like to advertise in a venue with that kind of popularity? Corporate America does not care what I post for a video as long as the corporate whores can make a profit. But YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter care because they are part of the cover up mechanism that is trying to keep people from realizing what is coming and what is coming is something so evil and so massive that the tragic events of October 1st will look like a charity event. This will be the topic of the next part of the series, what is coming. And a final note to these social media giants who have made their fortunes on the backs of the very Americans that they censor, I have a message for you.

When One Hides the Truth About EVIL, That Makes You EVIL. Social Media Is An Accomplice to the EVIL That Took Place In Las Vegas
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