Happy Toothpaste Recipe That Will Put Dentists Out of Business!

Honey, himalayan salt, baking soda, boron. (Feel free to swallow it, unlike conventional fluoride toothpaste, recommended by dentists, that could literally kill a small child if they ingest too much… it is hard to believe in this day, that dentists still recommend people brush their teeth with rat poison… fluoride, placing that industry itself into it’s own special hazard to public health and wellbeing.)

You can try equal amounts of the first three ingredients, followed by sprinkle of boron… then again, most people are deficient in boron their entire lives, soooooo…. 😉

By the way… the boron will make your teeth so hard (in tandem with alkalinity and minerals of the honey)….no more brittle teeth… your dentist might not be able to afford the lavish lifestyle for much longer… darn eh?)

Maybe you have heard baking soda is too abrasive for teeth… It is the alkalinity that is needed to protect enamel… brushing teeth is basically a gentle job, it is not like scrubbing floors to get them clean, it is more akin to wiping the counter. One Pleiadian Commander said he never brushes his teeth ever… only rinses. 😉

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Honey: Chock full of minerals… and will help create a HEALTHY BIOFILM… something chemicals do not do. Realize that any toothpaste that does not put in a natural biofilm on the teeth, is not going to help you to naturally rebuild the enamel.

Himalayan salt: One of the great mineral salt sources for human health… spend the extra money and get the extra minerals.

Baking soda: Look at it this way… an acidic mouth means softer teeth, that will dissolve the teeth slowly but surely… an alkaline mouth means harder teeth.

Boron: From what I hear, the workers at the largest boron mine, remain healthy… no cancer, which is unusual for industrial mining. Also, have ever heard of someone dying from boron poisoning? Have you ever heard of boron building up in toixic amounts in the body? It doesn’t…. however simply just use a tiny bit if this is of concern, and continue to do research, so that you are comfy with what you are doing. 😉

How I do this?: I dip my tooth brush in honey… then I add sprinkle a premix of himalayan salt, baking soda, and boron… easy and it is fresh everytime.

What about coconut oil? While great for oilpulling, I do not like my toothbrush having an oily film on it, which doesn’t feel clean…. so leave the oil for the oilpulling.


Boron helps keep your teeth and gums healthy through reducing inflammation and improving bone and tissue repair. There’s an interesting study that came out in 2013 that found boron would helps the tooth building cells in such a way it’s believed thatboron could be used in bone and tooth tissue engineering.

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