HELL HOUSE: Dancing With the Devil In Oakland

I knew that if I dug deep enough, I would find Satan at the heart of the tragic fire which took the lives of dozens of people in Oakland, CA.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  What I will show you about the “Warehouse” in Oakland will express more than I could ever write.

As you will see, Shiva – the god of destruction in Hinduism, was greatly revered by the lost souls who gathered and even lived at the warehouse.

One of the pictures of the “Oakland Ghost Ship” as it was called, clearly shows a woman in a ritualistic dance, with fire above her.  There were no smoke alarms nor was there a sprinkler system in place at this satanic gathering house. One could speculate that the inferno began during one of these dances.


The rest of this article will just be photos of Oakland Ghost Ship before the fire.  –source







If you can stand it – there are more photos of the satanic house here

Oakland Ghost Ship photos

My heart breaks for the souls lost in the fire. Most of them will experience eternal hellfire if they had not been saved.

Share Christ with everyone!  The devil knows that his time is short. I believe that we will be seeing more of this horrific death and violence – people are selling their souls to Satan.

We clearly see his reward to them.



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