How Elites Use Sports To Rule Us

Jason Christoff does an excellent job in this video explaining how the elites use sports to control us!   All of us have been controlled at one time or another using sports.  With me, it was during the 90s mostly when I was ruled by Dallas Cowboys football.  Then I started waking up to the real problems facing us and sports became less and less important.  Now I don’t care about it at all.  I was thrilled when the NFL players starting taking a knee at the national anthem since it began waking up patriotic Americans who began boycotting football.  People began seeing how the NFL was being used to control how we think.  This was a great start!

When our sports “team” wins we’ve been programmed to think that it’s us who are winning!  But in reality we’re just having artificial emotions injected into us.   Many of us have been beaten down so much we don’t get the feeling of “winning” any other way than watching a stupid sports team.   When I see men who seem to only care about football and not the current state of the Union, it’s actually quite sad to me.  It’s not bad to enjoy watching a game now and then but you need to be aware of what’s going on here and not let it rule your life.  Be aware of the political messaging they are pushing at you and point it out to others to wake them up too!  These sports are just a way to keep you drugged up and thinking you are in control.

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